Monday, March 30, 2015


Dear Diary,

Every since I made that statement about coming out of retirement to really start doing Spirit Rescue again ghosts in the house have been really scarce. The funny thing about ghosts is that they have free will and they can't be crossed into the light unless they choose to go. It does seem to make them nervous if you talk about crossing and they are not feeling the need to go on. That is why it can take a lot of coaxing and compassion to help them make the transition to move into the light.

What I have found is not all ghosts want to make that journey as they have become disconnected from the light. With Spirit Rescue it may take a few times to get them to move on unless they are really ready to go on. When communicating with them I do my best to let them know that just because they go into the light doesn't mean that they can't still make contact with the physical world. It really doesn't mean that they are cut off. They just won't need the energy from the physical world to sustain their existence as they reconnect into the light.

I have contacted two of my dear friends who do this work and I will see after the holidays how to reconnect back into this line of work again. For now I am getting ready for Easter and lots of time with my family as we are all preparing for the holidays.

Photograph by Ana - CA

Friday, March 27, 2015


Dear Diary,

Well, some interesting things have developed over the last few days. Last week, after editing my book and getting it ready to go to the press, I have been thinking a lot more about what I will do since a lot of my time and effort went into this project. Now I have the extra time to get back out and start working with Spirit Rescue again. The funny thing is that now that I have been really thinking about working with rescue again, the ghosts in the house have been making themselves very scarce these past few days. I know that they are around as I will catch a glimpse of them here and there but they don't make themselves as obvious as in the past.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asking me about ghosts and what attracts them to certain people. I explained that many can see ghosts but it is the energy or something that the ghost recognizes that makes them feel comfortable around certain individuals. Sometimes not everyone sees or communicates with the same ghosts as the ghost will attune themselves or their energy fits automatically to that person that they communicate with.

When working with Spirit Rescue you have to learn how to find the frequency that the ghost is resonating on and find that level of frequency to communicate with them. It takes a lot of practice to develop that technique and skill. This is one time that patience is definitely a virtue.

Photograph by Ana - Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Dear Diary,

These past few days have been a mix of energy in the house. There hasn't been a lot of activity in the house until last night after talking with someone on the phone about ghosts. Afterwords the energy activity picked up quite a bit as I tried watching a movie later on but kept having ghosts playfully swooping in front of my face. They weren't trying to talk to me they just wanted to make their presence known. I couldn't help chuckling to myself and continued to watch the movie that I promised to see with my family. Eventually towards the end they stopped.

After the movie I got ready for bed and then turned in for the night. I have to say that they let me rest peacefully as they didn't try to get my attention during and before I went to sleep. I did get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and even then they didn't try to make their presence known. This morning when I got up I noticed some activity but not a lot going on in the house. It seems they have settled down since having their fun last night. 

Monday, March 23, 2015


Dear Diary,

Since I have been recovering from the flu this past weekend I have not really done a lot with my work at home. I spent most of the time taking naps and taking it easy. When I was awake I did notice that there were a few whiffs of white smoky blobs moving around the house but didn't have any interaction with them as they seemed to keep to themselves.

 I also saw the shadow man again last night in the front of the house. He is the one who likes to hang out by the front door. He seems to be fascinated with the light on the porch and likes to move in and out of the light. When he does you can still see the light shining around his dark form. He only shows himself from the waist up so I always know it isn't a person in the light as the light still shines above and below him.

The other thing that happened was this morning when I was somewhere in between waking up and still asleep I went into twilight. When I did I was able to see some visions of several archetypes and how they all mesh in the different personalities in people that I know. As I lay there I could also see how relationships fit together and what they all had in creating the dynamics of those relationship. When I came out of it I was excited and plan to take some extra time this next week to investigate further what I saw so clearly in twilight.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Marfa, TX

Friday, March 20, 2015


Dear Diary,

Yesterday afternoon the flu hit me with a vengeance. I am only just now feeling a little like writing. I did notice that a few days before the animals in the house kept looking at my aura as if they were concerned and could see something there. I did wonder at the time if they were seeing something that was out of the ordinary. Most of the time they are just happy to see me.

As far as ghosts I have seen just the usual activity in the house. I did try to make contact with the woman yesterday morning who came to comfort me the other day but didn't have any luck with making a connection. She might have moved on to somewhere else. But still I have to wonder in the back of my mind if she might have known I was coming down with the flu and had placed her hand next to me feeling some kind of compassion for me. That is not the first time I have had ghosts come and try to comfort me.

I am feeling very tired so I am heading back to bed.

Photo by Ana - Cambridge, England

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Dear Diary,

It has been busy around the house lately as we have been dog sitting for our son this week. His dog is just now coming out of the puppy stage but I still have to always keep my eye on him. I was told by a friend that Labradors take at least two years to calm down. I believe her. He just has so much energy!  Lately I have found that our other pets like to spend their days upstairs away from all the excitement.

I do think it is funny that when we are babysitting the big dog the ghosts seem to always keep a low profile in the house. I have to admit I was a little surprised when I was sitting on the couch last night watching a movie with my daughter when someone laid a hand on the back of the couch next to me. My first thought was "Oh how nice someone is comforting me by letting me know that they are there." Then my next thought was, "Oh wait, there isn't anyone there! It's a ghost!" as I watched the hand fade away before my eyes I could see that it was a bony hand of a women with long painted pink finger nails. That is not the first time that I have seen that hand. I saw it only a few months ago in the doorway of the bedroom reaching out to touch my daughter's hair when she came to say goodnight.

Hmmm... Usually they don't stick around that long. I guess I need to check the house today and see what is up with the long time visitor...

Photo by Steve Noyce - Cambridge, England

Monday, March 16, 2015


Dear Diary,

We had a lot of activity in the house last night. I finally asked the ghosts to start to show themselves. I remember when I was working with one of my teachers to be careful what you ask for because ghosts are intelligent. They have a consciousnesses in which they can interact with us. That is why it is not a good idea for people who are being haunted to threaten or challenge a ghost as they may take you up on it.

After I sent out the invitation the rest the evening I started to see wisps of white smokey images darting around the house coming into my vision for a second before disappearing and reappearing in other parts of the rooms. All the lights were on so they were making their presence known in the light. When I was in the bedroom I caught sight of shadows moving past the doorway in the master bathroom. Tickled, I asked if anyone wanted to talk but got no answer. They just seemed to be satisfied showing themselves move around the room. Eventually I went to bed and didn't have any interruptions during my sleep for the rest of the night.

Photos by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM
Photo 1 - Outside an Inn

Friday, March 13, 2015


Dear Diary,

I have been really busy trying to take care of my sick family and catch up on house work. Since I've been home it has been really quite around the house as far as ghosts are concerned, so much I wondered if they had become shy since I had been gone for awhile. I almost forgot about them with all the distractions of the physical world around me.

Then last night I decided to go upstairs to pick up and straighten some of the rooms. My little cat had followed me curious what I was up to. She did some complaining and talking as we climbed the stairs letting me know how unhappy she was that I had left. My husband and daughter were downstairs watching TV and it seemed to be the perfect time to slip away. My cat and I parted ways once we reached the top of the stairs. She went on to do whatever she does when she is up there. Later I was in one of the rooms when I saw her walk by the doorway going about her own business. I couldn't help smiling happy for some company, thinking how nice it was to be home when I suddenly caught sight of someone walking past the door following my cat. It kind of startled me as I knew we were the only ones upstairs.

After taking a moment allowing my brain to analyze what I was seeing I walked out of the room and saw my cat sitting by the bathroom door looking at me as if she was wondering what just happened. Curious I walked downstairs and could hear both my husband and daughter laughing at the show they were watching. I knew then that it was a ghost that had followed my cat.

A few hours later when I got into bed I was tired so I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes. It was then that all these images of people who kept popping up and I could hear all kinds of conversations around me. A few minutes later my husband climbed into bed saying goodnight and when he did I opened my eyes to respond. When I did that it broke the connection I had. It was like closing a door to a busy cafetiere where lots of people are talking. We said goodnight and I closed my eyes to relax when I started seeing images again flashing in front of my face of different people all talking at once trying to get close.

That was about the time our daughter walked into the bedroom to say goodnight so I opened my eyes only to have the same thing happen that happened the last time. It was quite as long as I had my eyes open and wasn't relaxed. As soon as I closed my eyes and relaxed it was loud and busy. When our daughter left I told my husband what was happening and we agreed that I needed my sleep but had to bypass the stage in-between to move on to get some rest. Somehow I was slipping into Twilight which was too busy and I was too tired to communicate. Finally I closed my eyes with the intention to sleep and to skip the twilight stage. This time it worked and as I went into twilight I was able to quickly move on into the dream state waking up this morning rested.

1st photo by Steve in San Francisco, 2nd photo by Ana in England at Stonehenge

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Dear Diary,

Home again, home again, jiggity jog! Well I flew back home on Tuesday evening. My husband picked me up from the airport and we met my daughter for dinner. As soon as we got home he went to bed and was up all night with stomach flu. We knew it was the stomach flu as one of his carpool buddies had been home last week with the same symptoms. He stayed home and slept most of the day. Later as I was catching up with house work my daughter texted from work and said wasn't feeling well. She came home and fell into bed with fever. She was shivering with lots of ache and pains. Sounds like the flu!

I have been running all day trying to catch up with house work and taking care of everyone at home. It has been a busy day!

Photo by Ana in Arlington, TX

Monday, March 9, 2015


Dear Diary,

Mom and I were visiting last night at her home and as we were talking I started to notice the white smokey images moving in between us as we talked. It looked a lot like what I see back in my own living room at home so I tried to ignore them.

I didn't say anything and continued talking until someone walked out of mom's bedroom. My mind quickly registered it was a ghost as no was was there with us at her home. It happened so fast and then the image was gone. This time it wasn't a white smokey image but a little more defined. I couldn't help myself only to blurt out that someone had just walked out of the bedroom. We continued on with our conversation without commenting any more on the subject.

Mom and I both know that there are ghosts at her place and it seems they are starting to become a bit more bold. I just had to speak my truth and so making the comment seemed to help let me air what I was seeing. The ghosts continued to come in and out of the room every once in a while as white smokey images and I began to ignore them again. Eventually we both retired from the long day leaving them to do what ghosts do. Whatever that is when we are not there in the living room with them.

Photo by Ana in LA 

Friday, March 6, 2015


Dear Diary,

I have really enjoyed visiting and catching up with my family. I can't say that there is anything better in the world than being with loved ones.

I did have a visitor last night when I crawled into bed. It happened as soon as I closed my eyes and was settling down to fall asleep. As I laid there in the dark I felt someone in the room with me so I opened my eyes. What I was feeling was a slight shift as if someone was moving close to me. I knew instantly that it was a ghost as I could see the outline of something above me in the room and since it wasn't anything to worry about I closed my eyes again wanting to drift off to sleep.

That is when I felt once again the slight shift of energy around me and then saw a clear image of a young woman with dark hair cut in a bob a few inches above me on all fours. Surprised I popped my eyes open feeling a bit claustrophobic. I would describe it as if someone is up close and personal in your personal space. I could still feel someone there even with my eyes open but wanting to verify what I was seeing I closed my eyes clearing my thoughts waiting to see if I got anything. Immediately I could see her above me on all fours still looking down at me. A strong sense swept over me letting me know that she was just being curious which put me at ease. From past experience I know that ghosts can be just as curious about us as we are about them.

 Feeling no threat we continued to just observe each other and after awhile I turned over and went to sleep. I knew she would get bored if I didn't continue to engage with her and eventually leave. This morning when I woke up I didn't see or feel her so I quickly scanned the room opening my energy fields up to see if I could pick up anything only to find the room clear. Then I heard rustling in the kitchen and decided to get up looking for some company and coffee.

Photograph by Steve Noyce

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Dear Diary,

I woke up the other morning realizing I was not in my own bed. I remembered then that I was at my mom's in California. I rolled over checking the clock seeing that it was three in the morning so I laid there wondering what to do. It was still too early to call my husband back in Texas and talk before everyone was up. After realizing this I decide to go back to sleep.

a few hours later I woke up again around five am laying there wondering what to do when a young Spanish man out of the blue started to talk to me telling me that he had been killed at a convenience store that he worked at. As he talked an older man in his late 70's started to talk about his wife who had died and how much he missed her. (Both were ghosts) While he talked a women who looked to be in her late 50's wearing a blue jean dress that was belted in the waist started to show me her hair that was salt and pepper pulled up in a bun. As she showed me her hair a young man dressed in a tan suit that looked like something out of the mid 70's walked up stopping for only a moment then went on not saying a word. He seemed to be in his mid 20's with an Afro.

Around that time I heard the coffee pot turn on and I knew my mom was up making coffee. I quickly opened my eyes still hearing people talking in the background as I jumped up to grab my robe. Making my way out the door the ghosts didn't seem to want to follow. Mom was in the kitchen. Sure enough when she saw me she offered me some rolls from the bakery and I took them gratefully as we visited waiting on the coffee. She asked how I slept and I told her that she had a lot of visitors in her home and they were happy to have the company.

Photograph by Ana taken in LA 

Monday, March 2, 2015


Dear Diary,

As I sat there on the plane waiting with all the other passengers for the wings to be deiced on the runway before taking off I remembered something. A few weeks ago I had said a prayer that I was ready to start to get out of my comfort zone and have an adventure. I was already scheduled to go out to LA to see my family but somewhere in the back of my mind that request echoed while we waited. My first thought was, "Oh no, this was not what I meant!" I was thinking of going on some spiritual adventure so that I could grow and stretch myself spiritually.

Already it had been an interesting drive to the airport to Dallas to catch my plane as Texas had one of it's snows that turned into ice. The roads were quite desolate during our drive to the airport. My husband was not taking any chances taking his time watching for any ice on the bridges. Our oldest daughter accompanied us on the drive and by the time we made it she was very carsick. I felt bad as I said good bye to the both of them watching them drive off knowing it would be a really long drive home.

After the plane was in the air I was able to distract myself on the flight and found it to be a pleasant experience. My mom met me when I got off the plane and we went out for dinner as the flight and all our luggage was delayed because the weather in Texas. Mom caught me up on what was going on with all the family in LA and our dining experience was lovely. It wasn't until we got to her home and again was catching up that I started to notice some heavy activity happening over her left shoulder. It was interesting to watch as someone (ghost) was trying to materialize and make their presence known. As we continued to visit I watched the activity even wanting to help in some why to show itself. The poor thing never was able to get all it's energy together to make an appearance.

It wasn't until yesterday morning that I told her about what had happened when something reminded me about it. She did say that she had had someone hanging out with her but we're not sure who it is or where they came from.