Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Diary,

Well, it seems that just when I turn another corner and think I know what is on the other side I get another wonderful surprise. One of my goals in this lifetime is to learn how to connect mind, body and spirit so that I can navigate with a little more ease.

It seems that a lot has been coming through in my twilight and in dream time bringing together the lessons that I learn in this life and how they connect to the growth of my soul. I love learning from my teachers on the other side as they teach with movies and sound showing me the lessons and explaining how things work. It is such a beautiful experience.

I am still seeing the white mist move through the house or right in front of me when I am sitting at the computer. And yes, it is in brad daylight. I don't have to have the lights off to see, hear and feel..

In the last few months I have been working with two organisations and still seeing my clients the Fort Worth "Acupuncture Clinic" a couple of days during the week.

Still no contact with my father and grandmother but my Mom has assured me that they are with her in CA. I am happy that they were with me as I needed them in my time of transition this last year. I must say that I never would have planned my life this way but I am very happy with the way it is.

The week has been tremendous with old friends calling and wanting to catch up all week. I must admit that I am enjoying catching up. So many things happening for the greater good.