Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was coming home from having lunch out with a friend and decided to take the scenic route home. As I turned off from the highway onto the side road, over to the left ahead of me, I saw a jockey riding a sorrel race horse. There was no doubt in my mind what I was seeing. The jockey was in a red and white uniform and the horse had his ankles taped up. They were walking briskly beside the road minding their own business heading in the same direction I that I was driving in.

 The thought that immediately struck me was how odd it was for them to be there, of all places. I was in Mansfield and I didn't think there was a race track anywhere near. As I passed by them they disappeared from sight. I looked back in my rear view mirror searching for them on the road but they were gone. The whole incident took me a little by surprise as they looked so real. As I made my way back to the house I thought about what I saw and wondered about their story. I spent the rest of the day spending time with my daughter and playing with the pets who wanted our attention. There seemed to be a lot of activity in the house when we were in the living room but the ghosts pretty much kept to themselves.

The strange thing is that for the past week I keep feeling that I need to look up a book that I read many years ago called The People of the Lie, by  M. Scott. Peck, M. D. It has been years since I read it so I don't remember exactly what it was about. I just keep feeling a nudge to read it again. Years ago a dear friend suggested it as a good read when I was learning about ghosts. All I remember is that it spooked me when I read it back then. Last night as I was looking through the book I have to say it still didn't help to spark my memory but there may be something useful that I need to refresh on down the road so I am attempting to reread it.

Photograph #1 by Steve Noyce, Scotland, UK
Photograph #2 by Ana

Monday, April 27, 2015


Dear Diary,

Saturday morning when I woke up it had rained the night before. I knew I was having some trouble grounding back in my own body because when I looked around the air looked as if it was all moving like tiny pixels trying to come together. This has happened before but it has been a while. Realizing what I was seeing I immediately looked at the floor and everything was moving as if made out of tiny dots in different vibrational sequences depending on where I landed my gaze.

I shifted my focus to my mind and willed myself to see everything solid. When I did this it was like the world came back together and I no longer could see everything moving. Just to be clear, I wasn't drinking or taking anything. This started happening fifteen years ago after I found myself astral traveling spontaneously. After talking to a spiritual teacher I found it can be a side affect from not being grounded in the physical body. Sometimes it just take a little while for the brain to make the adjustment after being hit with all the energy that floods it when the spirit body comes back into the physical form, affecting the eyes.

As for ghosts... we are still having different visitors coming in and out of the house. I didn't see anyone that I recognized from last week. The ghosts that were here for the weekend seemed to really keep to themselves or to be passing through. I found them to not be interested in the humans in the house or wanting to make any contact.

Photograph by Steve Noyce

Friday, April 24, 2015


Dear Diary,

I was asked  the other day about how I communicate with my angel guides. I had to pause for a moment and then I heard my angel guides say, "Count to ten silently". I communicated the message and then I was able to better explain how I hear the them.  When talking to the angel guides it is a lot like listening to your own voice in your mind but it isn't your voice that you hear. When they talk you hear their voice inside your thoughts. As you communicate more and more you recognize their voices just like you would know someone who is very close to you. I say voices as there can be more then a few of them. It is all done telepathically.

Then my angel guides gave me a mental image in my mind of a person stepping in a room and another person standing in the room with their back turned towards them. When I saw this I was able to explain out loud that when we know someone in our lives who is close to us, we know what their energy feels like when they are around us. For instances, if a loved one came in a room and you were facing the other direction you could pick up on their energy knowing that they stepped into the room with you. Without looking you would know who it was. That is if you are not distracted by or focused on something where you were unaware of their presence.

Our angel guides are always with us and we are never without them. It is our choice to interact with them or to even communicate with them. Angel guides are different than ghosts. One thing for me is that they feel different when I feel their presences. I always know who is with me as I feel their energy in my energy field. Ghosts have a different feel and you can feel their emotions of anger, fear, neediness etc... Whereas an angel guide is connected to the light so when they are around I don't feel any emotional attachment or judgement from what I do in my life or in their own existence.

They are there for support if we ask for it and if it is something they can answer, they will. If is not something to be known at that time or if it is important for us to have an experience to learn from then they won't answer.

Photograph by Ana

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was invited to an award ceremony to see one of my friends receive a humanitarian award for the outreach program that she had created to help bring awareness to the hunger in the United States. I felt blessed to be among the many friends and family that gathered to see her receive the award. She is an amazing woman and is truly dedicated to the cause of helping others.

As for the ghosts this time, when I was out I made sure my energy fields were closed and opened up a protection grid around me and my own family so that we wouldn't have anyone following us home.
At the house before the ceremony there were a few ghosts mingling around. That morning there were two of them in the living room when I was picking up the house. They showed themselves as dark smoky images moving around the living room staying very close to each other.

I also bumped into another ghost who was milling around in the bedroom and when I did I felt a very feminine presence. She wasn't particularly interested in me or anyone else. She was just doing her own thing so I left her alone. Last night I had someone in the bathroom with me when I was getting ready for bed but they seemed to be more interested in the mirror. I say this because they lingered there for a few moments while I was washing my face. I have to admit that I didn't notice the gender as they showed up in a white misty form and I was too tired to make any connection.

From my own experience it seems to take a lot of energy for them to make a full appearance as they were in life. That is if you see them with your physical eyes. It is however a lot less effort for them when they show themselves inside your third eye as they can leave impression of images that you see like reviewing a daydream or movie inside your head. What I am describing is with my physical eyes. I slept well with the protection grids up so no one tried to make contact while I was sleeping.  The only ones who can move through them are the angel guides but they are very respectful of our personal space.

Photographs by Angelique

Monday, April 20, 2015


Dear Diary,

The weekend was quiet and to be honest I didn't have very many visitors after the ghost exited through the mirror on Friday. Later during the day I had some time to myself to think back on my visitor and then realized he started to show up after I visited my father-in-law in the hospital. I had spent all Thursday afternoon with my in-laws there and now I know that I brought home an attachment.

What I don't think most people know is that we can pick up hitch-hikers anywhere at anytime depending on our energy and if the ghost is attracted to it. Earlier that morning I had seen a Reiki client and afterwards made my way to the hospital to sit with my in-laws. My energy field was open. I didn't close it after the session because I was enjoying the energy. Something not to forget when going out in public, but I had an hour drive and forgot with my concern for my family. With my energy fields open I attracted a ghost to me and he decided to follow me home. Lucky for me he was nice and as soon as he realized that it wasn't going to be a free ride the next morning he exited.

Ghosts can be fickle that way... The rest of the weekend was occupied with visiting my friend who was showing her art at an Art Festival and skirting all the big thunderstorms. This time I made sure that my energy fields were closed. The other thing that has happened is that I have been having some very vivid dreams lately about bears for the last three nights. All the dreams have different scenarios and I had different reactions to each encounter with the bear. This is all happening as I am right in the course of publishing a book and the dreams seem to have some sort of connection to that process.

Spirit animals on the other side will often show themselves in our dreams as they sometimes represent themselves as symbols of what is going on in our lives. I find that a spirit animal will show himself more than a few times when we are going through a transition or something needs to be looked at to help us move through whatever cycle we are passing through. In my own case bear is showing up for me to pay attention in learning a lesson.

For a little more information on Spirit animals here is a website to check out...

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

Friday, April 17, 2015


Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning wondering what the date was when I head the answer very clearly in a strong male voice that I didn't recognize that it was the 17th. As I was not quite awake I thought through the days and realized that that was correct and there was someone in the room with me keeping me on track. The only thing was that my husband had already left for work and I was most certainly sure that it wasn't my angel guide because I could feel a different energy around me. I quickly checked to see if it was my dad who likes to drop in from time to time but it wasn't him either.

After finally convincing myself to get up and make coffee my daughter came in and we visited while making breakfast enjoying each other's company. Later on my way to the bathroom I saw a shadow emerging from the door and moving through the room slipping into the mirror. "Oh fun," I thought to myself, "I have a visitor". This one seems to be well aware of the date and what is going on with the household. I had to wonder if he would make himself known well enough so that we could talk. I have to admit that I always wonder what their story was when they were living and why they decided to stay behind.

Photograph by Ana

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday "Our Loved Ones"

Dear Diary,

We have been busy the last few day's celebrating my husband's birthday. I have to say that it has been wonderful being with our family and friends as they all mean so much to us in our lives. As I looked around the room when my husband was blowing out his candles I was somewhat reminded of the ghosts that I encounter.

You see as social beings even when we are lost on the other side we morn those whom we love when we are separated from them. It is because of the loss of those relationships that ghosts will seek some sort of interaction if they become conscious of the living. What happens is that in some cases the living are conscious while other times the are completely unaware that the ghosts are trying to interact or make some kind of contact with them.

What I have found when a ghost continues to make contact is that they are trying to have some kind of connection to the physical life that they once had when they were alive. The trouble with a long term relationship of that kind with a ghost is that so many of them seem to be in someway emotionally wounded or in some kind of pain when stuck. As they continue to follow a pattern that they are long familiar with, the monotony of repeating it all over again keeps them stuck.

 While ghosts are intelligent they are still needing to be lead into the light where they can be reunited with those that love them and have already moved into the light who can help them with their own healing or any other baggage that saddled them during their lifetime. It is our loved ones that come to help move us into the light along with the angels and once a ghost moves on to higher ground they can still come and visit. The only difference is that no longer need to repeat those old patterns that they believed would sustain them when they were alive. As you might put it... It's a game changer.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Monday "Portals"

Dear Diary,

I was talking to a friend the other day about portals. Although I have written about portals I wanted to make a note that portals can show up anywhere at anytime. Portals are doorways that lead to the other side into different dimensions. They can open into the vast universe where you see or experience the stars and planets as if you were in outer space. Other doorways open up into other worlds that are similar or very different then ours. It all depends to which dimensional universe that the portal is attached to. Sounds like a science fiction novel but it happens a lot more then people think.

What is important to remember is that beings from other dimensions including ghosts have access to these gateways to slip into or move into other spaces that open up in our third dimensional world. That is why I don't like closing ghosts into doorways as it can get complicated to which portal they came in through. When walking through a home if you are clairvoyant you can often see these dimensional doorways open up. If your gift is clairsentience which means clear sensing you can feel the magnetic pull or even the energy moving in a swirling pattern within a certain space which indicates that there is a portal or doorway located in that area.

One thing to remember is that portals will open and close at all different times depending on the portal and can move to other places. Reasons can very from astrological, people playing with magic, or they just happen spontaneously for whatever reason. Most people are completely unaware of these gateways as they are unaware of the ghosts and angels that are in their midst. For some it can be disconcerting when they see or experience an open gateway and are not sure what they are experiencing.

To find out more about portals here is another blog

that you may find helpful.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday "Spirit Rescuing"

Dear Diary,

I have recently been working on some spirit rescues and I wanted to make a note of some of the things that I have learned by doing this kind of work. The reason for the name spirit rescue is because it is really about rescuing the spirit that is trapped or feels the need to be connected to the physical side of existence. When I first started to learn how to clear houses and to work with the spirits I had a teacher that taught that we could pull the disembodied spirit into an open portal then close and seal the portal shut. What I found by doing this type of clearing is that while it brought resolution to the household it didn't help the spirit that was being trapped or tormented by being stuck. By doing this we caused a lot more anger in the spirit when they found another door to return or when they were caught somewhere else still lost.

The other thing I learned was that when you go into a home it is important to talk to the spirit to help them get ready for moving into the light. Again remembering that the spirit has free will and for them to move into a higher frequency they have to be the ones to choose to go where they can be cared for and loved. Many for whatever reason may be afraid or for some reason want to stay connected to this side and so they continue to be stuck in what you may call purgatory. It is all of our destiny to move on into the light once we break from the physical body to continue our own evaluation of existence and connection with our Creator.

I found by doing this kind of work that I feel very passionately that it is wrong to manipulate or shut these disembodied spirits behind a closed portal where they do not make the connection to the other side to go on in their own evolution. The other thing to remember is that spirits are intelligent and can think for themselves. Like the living they can be friendly, curious, fearful, uninterested, vengeful, loving, controlling, funny, playful, obsessive, compassionate, angry, upset, jealous, possessive, or just be passing through.

When working as a spirit rescuer the main focus is to help the lost spirits to reach the light.  An introduction and acquaintance must be reached before being able to help encourage the spirit to move on. I always like to call in the angels as they can often convince a lost spirit to go back with them into the light. On a few occasions loved ones from the other side can be asked to help coax the spirit to walk into the light with them.

If a spirit has been between worlds for awhile they lose a lot of their connection to the higher frequencies in the light. This makes it a little more difficult for them to resonate with it so that they can find their path back into the light. I discovered that by helping to raise the energy in the house to a higher vibration will help raise the energy of the spirit so that when the angels and loved ones come they are not afraid of them and will go peacefully as they begin to resonate with higher energy. Essential rose oil is amazing in helping to raise the vibration in a home or even if you wear it helps raise your own vibration so when a spirit is close to you they start to attune themselves to that higher frequency. Also peppermint oil will help clear out negative energy in the house to help raise the energy.

If you are being attacked black tourmaline which is a gemstone will help with protection or the essential oil white angelica will also help. Protection prayers or using white or blue light through your chakras and surrounding yourself in it is another way to help with protection.

Books that are useful in helping to learn more about "Spirit Rescue" are:

Spirit Rescue: A simple Guide to Talking with Ghosts and Freeing Earthbound Souls, by Wilma Davidson
Healing Lost Souls: Releasing Unwanted Spirits from your energy body, William J. Baldwin, PH. D.

Photographs by Ana - Scotland and London, England

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Dear Diary,

I am playing catch up today after getting back from being with our family over the weekend for Easter. I forget how my mom's house has that one ghost that likes to show himself when I am there. The first night I didn't notice him as I was enjoying catching up with my mom and was tried from the two hour difference in the time zone. Amazing how two hours can make a difference in the evening when you are trying to stay awake.

The next morning when I woke up I could smell the coffee and hear my husband and mom visiting in the dinning room. Wanting to join them I walked through her den and when I did I was greeted by a huge dark image of a man standing there next to her computer. It didn't frighten me as I immediately recognized the energy that was emanating off of him and realized that I was being greeted. I stopped and greeted him then made my way towards the voices in the other room only to look back seeing that he was still watching me. He seemed to be comfortable with us and was just letting us know that he was there.

Later when I went back to the guest room he had gone. I didn't see him the rest of our stay and forgot all about him as I was busy enjoying family time with the rest of our family.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Malibu, CA

Monday, April 6, 2015


Dear Diary,

I have been enjoying visiting family out in CA this weekend for the holiday. On a few occasions I have been taking a little time to myself to do some writing so I can keep up with my own journals. That is when one of my younger nieces found me in my cubbyhole and started to try sounding out what I was writing as she is learning how to read. Since I was writing about ghosts the word surprised her a little when she came upon it. Like all children she was curious and asked me why I was writing about ghosts so I told her that I try to keep a record of when I see them and what they are doing when I see them.

 She then asked me if ghosts were bad. I explained to her that ghosts are a lot like people that we come across in our lives and there are some that we need to be extra cautious of and others that are very nice. The other side is a reflection of this side and we don't have to be afraid of them but we can be aware of them. I also reminded her that just like people there are ghosts everywhere and not confined to one place. She then decided to let me know that she had seen a ghosts and told me how and where she had her own encounter.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Malibu, CA

Friday, April 3, 2015


Dear Diary,

Oh my goodness! I am having so much fun being with my family as we are all enjoying getting together for the Easter holiday. It has not been as noticeable as far as ghosts popping in and out but I am still seeing that they are participating with the day activities. The ghosts are attracted to our energy as we are enjoying being together and they don't seem to want to be left out.

They are really good about not making themselves obvious and sometimes I have to look twice to even notice they are there. Instead of showing up as white, smokey images or even as transparent images they are now showing themselves as a wall of colored energy moving behind different people in our family. After a while they seem to get tired and leave so it only happens for a little while.

The other thing I have been enjoying is watching the beautiful colors around everyone as we gather in a group to visit and share. I am most certainly looking forward to the weekend and celebrating the holiday.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Malibu, CA

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a good day to catch up on my house work and since I had noticed a bunch of leaves gathering at the front door I decided to sweep off the front porch. The dogs were excited and watched me for awhile then got bored and went off somewhere in the house to take their afternoon naps. I went back inside to the kitchen to find a bag to put the leaves in and on my way back through the living room I ran into a rather large man standing there by the couch.

My first reaction was to freeze as an electrical current shot through my spine alerting me that someone was not supposed to be there. Startled I realized that it wasn't a person who had entered the house but a ghost. The man had a round belly and was tall somewhere around six foot something. As I made the realization that I was seeing a ghost he faded from my sight. Sighing in relief I went on back outside to clean up the leaves and then come in to do the rest of my house work not giving it a second thought until last night.

My family were busy upstairs occupying themselves and I was downstairs doing dishes in the kitchen when I heard my cat complaining making a ruckus in the living room. I dried off my hands and poked my head around the corner to see what all the commotion was about when again I saw my visitor standing in the same place taking a long survey of the living room. I let my cat know that it was okay and went back to my dishes. She stopped complaining and found me in the kitchen soon after as she headed off into another room still upset.

Later when I was getting ready for bed and was brushing my teeth I thought I heard something in the bedroom. As I rounded the corner into the bedroom from the bathroom I run into the same ghost. This time I startled him and he disappeared not to be seen for the rest of the evening. I slept well all night and was not bothered by any disturbances from any nightly visitors. It wasn't until this morning that it downed on me who my visitor was. I realized that he was the ghost who likes to hang out on the front porch and plays around with the light. Yesterday he had made his way into the house when I was cleaning the porch. I must have disturbed him by sweeping and he went in to get away from me.

I have not seen a trace of him this morning so I must have really scared him by running into him last night. You know ghosts are just like us and sometimes the living can be just as scary for them as they can be for us. I have decided that if he comes back I will see if he wants to talk about crossing over.

Photograph by Ana