Friday, December 31, 2010


This morning I got up and visited with my husband drinking my cup of hot tea and just enjoying the morning. We sat in bed and he began to work on his laptop and I decided to watch a little TV and enjoy the rest of my tea and found a movie that I had been trying to finish this whole holiday season called "Love Happens"

I got in on the last 10 min which is where I left off a few days ago. What was interesting is that it is about a Grief speaker helping people and it was ending with him discovering something in himself. What touched me was the relationship between him and his father in law. Just before I noticed my eyes were wet and my heart opened up to the touching scene and this warm energy shot through the core of my being with this amazing feeling of it moving out through my skin.

The emotion was so beautiful and the heat that moved through my body and out into my outer energy field was loving and healing at the same time. I took a moment to stop and be aware of what was happening to me. This is something we all experience but mostly we are unaware as our emotions are so powerful that they move outside of ourselves and effect others.

Smiling to myself I felt good about how we all feel when we hear music, watch a move or experience a piece of art. It is powerful as it moves the energy around us and brings it alive.... Now the trick is to be able to focus all of that powerful energy in a loving and healing way toward others to help bring healing in our world...... The connection is through the heart!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear Diary,

I am finding that I am learning a lot when I am working in my dreams. I do have to ask for information just before sleeping and then I get the answer either in my dream or when I wake up. Lately I have been busy with family during this holiday season. It has been a joyous occasion with everyone in town.

I am finding a lot of pennies today and feel like my dad is close by watching all that is going on. The other night was the eclipse and I was planning to sleep through it unless I awoke and then I would go outside to see it. Sure enough the eclipse started at 2:30am our time and my dream ended and I woke up at 2:40am. I did not want to get out of bed but I kept hearing that I needed to see this and it would be quick.

I drug myself out of bed and asked my husband if he would like to see it to. He did and so did our daughter who was visiting for Christmas. Wow.... it was worth it and I am glad that I woke up to see it. My son slept through it as he told us to go away....

Talking to my friends they were woken up around the same time and they also decided to go out and look at it. Something going on?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

I can't believe it has been a full week since I last wrote. I have been dreaming again this week. This last dream was about me getting away from things and walking by a lake with lots of people around. I don't remember exactly where it was but I saw some shops and went in one to look around. The lady who greeted me I knew her from another dream that I had and we talked about he store which had an unusual name called the "Buddha's Thumb".

I remember talking to her and discussing about the last time I met her in another dream. She laughed and we went on to talk. That morning when I awoke I told my husband about the dream and described her long gray hair and facial features. The dream was so vivid that I thought it would have be nice to meet someone like her in my waking world.

Later in the day I was working on some beading projects and ran out of the findings to finish the pieces that I was working on. I went to the "Artful Bead" in Fort Worth TX and there sitting at the table talking to some of my friends was the lady in my dream. My mouth was gapping and I babbled "I dreamed about you! What were you doing in my dreams" She replied, "Astral Projecting!" I laughed and said, "I don't know you so how could you do that"? She agreed and I sat down to visit.

She was making some beautiful purses with beading and looked like medicine bags. We talked and in the middle of one of the sentences she said, "deja Vu!" and said, Yes, I am sewing and you are working with the rocks and OH... what you just said, triggered my memory.... I dreamed about you and meeting you here and having this conversation!" "I remember now!"

I asked her about her life and our lives seem to run parallel in many ways. With Holidays coming in this next week I told her that we need to get together and talk after the holidays and families return home. We have much to discuss!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear Diary,

I have been busy working with getting the new Healing Circles off the ground this past few weeks. I guess since I last wrote I have not experienced a whole lot since I have been so focused on the circles.

I did notice a few things however that happened a few nights ago when I was working in my records and forgot to close them. I fell asleep but before I drifted off I was wondering about my reaction to some people in my life and how that effected the way I responded to them. As I was just on the edge of sleep I began to see some past events in my life that I remembered that were really uncomfortable and I realzied it was because of this few incidents in my life that I reacted the same since.

I also recognized that I no longer believed the belief that was attached to the event and even felt like it was a lie. Someone in my dream state was showing me these events and explaining how I miss interpreted the situation since I was very young but I carried these feelings and events through my adulthood. I remembered saying, "That is why I act like that?" "That is where I got that!!" "I release this!"

It was amazing as I began to understand that it was only a belief and that I did not have to believe the things that might hurt my relationships with others in this life. Then I guess I fell asleep and when I awoke I felt a change in myself and a new feeling of letting go to some very old beliefs. It was later in the day that I realized that I had not closed the records and that the event was for my highest good. Beautiful to know that help is aways near by.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

It was strange last night as the first set of dreams were about people being executed in a war. Judging by their clothes it was in Europe in the second World War. I was upset with myself as I awoke realizing I had watched without any emotion in the dream. I got up and walked in the bathroom with the scene playing over in my mind as my heart was breaking over the people dying in the dream. What had I done yesterday to have triggered such a dream?

I climbed back into bed next to my snoring husband and went back to sleep. I had my usual dreams of traveling and adventure with no one dying or anyone being hurt. It was the cat that woke me up this morning climbing on me and purring wanting me to pet her. My husband was still sound asleep when I checked to see if he was awake.

As I was petting the cat half asleep and half awake I had this wave of energy move over me and it was so strong as I saw a young man in an old fashioned army suite standing there with an army rifle. I could feel what he was feeling and saw him in the war going into houses and killing people. I felt him being numb to the horror of all that was happening around him. Suddenly a wave shot up through by body from my lower back separating me from his numbness sending shock and sadness of the whole experience throughout my whole body as I shook myself loose from his grip.

Then it dawns on me! Oh, it's a ghost!!! The young man was sharing his story with me but why? He did not ask for help or seem to have any remorse over what had happened.

One thing you must understand is that most of the time you can tell what is yours and what is not yours by the energy shift. To better explain this it is like getting into a hot shower and then getting into a cold shower. Your body feels the difference. It is the same with energy only different. You know when you are taking a cold shower vs a hot one. Then there are times when it becomes warm as the two temperatures merge together and you get a feel for both so you must find yours. Does not last for very long but enough to get a taste of what the other feels like...

I don't know why this young man came to me and showed me a piece of his life. If I had been more on track I would have asked if he needed help to cross but was a little out of sorts from what he shared.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

I has been a fast week as the Thanksgiving Holiday was upon us. I must say that I slept very well since we crossed the man in the bedroom. I have had no nightmares since.

I did have a dream last night where I was shown a picture of a place and recognized it as a place I have visited in another dream. I woke up and could recall the dream in the picture that I had had several months before. I thought it odd to see the picture and recall it as if I had been there and then remembered all the details.... Who would have thunk?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

My poor husband has been having terrible anxiety attacks in the the middle of the night and wakes up in a sweat this past week. I finely asked my guides what to do and they told me to switch sides of the bed so they could not find him. I thought that was kind of funny but I told my husband we needed to switch sides of the bed. He agreed and so we went to sleep on the different sides.

I woke up and looked at the clock with my heart racing. It was 2AM and I was upset as my dreams in the Twilight were telling me that I was not good enough and that I could not get anything done. I was upset and arguing as I knew in my heart that was a lie and not true but the feeling of being inadequate were over whelming.

I moved through it with my own heart and was soon back to sleep resting until the early morning. The next night I kind of remembered the incident but did not really put much into it but a nightmare. Again I awoke in the middle of the night with this feeling of powerlessness and fighting with myself in my dream that I was not good enough and that what ever I touched would be doomed. I wake up and again looked at the clock realzing that it was not real as I got my barrings straight understanding I was in dream state.

I recognized that what I was experiencing was a lie but the emotions that were attached to the lie were so intense it took a few hours to move past the feelings. Last night before I went to sleep I looked at my husband and stated that we have a ghost and that I was going to put my intentions in for the night to go ghost hunting. I don't know why I said that but I felt it very strongly in my guts.

I kissed him goodnight and fell asleep not to wake up until the morning. This morning I was fine with no feelings of emotions of helplessness at all. I came into the office and opened up my diary to write when it came to me as clear as day. It was just before I left a few months ago to visit my family in NYC that I awoke and saw a man standing over my husband on his side of the be looking down at him. There was no question of who it was sharing his life experience with us and now I knew who to cross.

As it was I had to run to a Reiki appointment and did not have time to write but as I was working on my client I asked them if we could work on crossing over the ghost while we were doing Reikil. I got a yes and so we went into the field in between worlds to find the ghost. I found him and recognized him immediately. I asked him his name which he gave me and we talked about him and why he was attracted to my husband energy field. I got his story and it was very sad. I asked the 4 Arch Angels to come in and they held the light and offered to take him into the light.

He did not want to go and claimed that he was unworthy of going into the beautiful light. We talked and asked if anyone on the other side would come through. They did as he seemed to have a wife who came to call for him. He still was unsure and it took a great deal of encouragement from the other side as he slowly walked into the light with lots of love.

I have to admit it makes me cry and I thanked the angels and the other side for doing all the work. They are so amazing. I am glad that this is cleared and will be gracing in lots of good energy to replace all the sadness that left....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has truly been an emotional week with things happing in my personal life with the family. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by lately and yet not fast enough to move through things.

I walked into the Acupuncture Clinic on Thursday and saw a man standing by the window look at me walking in. I guess I must have blinked because the man was gone in an instant. I laughed to myself and realized that I had seen a ghost and thought no more about it. It was later that day that Qui gong teacher there was working with a class and told the class that she saw someone by the window but realized that there was no one there. I heard her a and spoke up telling her what I saw which was the same thing. You know it is always nice to hear from others that they see the same thing.

Last night I was watching a program in the living room with the kids when movement out of the corner of my eye caught something. I was right on time when I looked over to see some beige smoke moving though the doorway. Smiling to myself I knew someone was moving through....

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been an amazing week again. I was asked by a friend to help her clear a house. She had trouble sleeping and one night saw a dark smoky shadow on the ceiling. She said that she remembered the description from our time together talking about the spirit world.

I agreed to help and set a date and time which was yesterday morning. It happened that I was visiting with a friend who is also gifted in this area and asked if she would like to help as my daughter was away at school and it would be fun to be a team. She agreed and we set it all up to meet.

As I was leaving the house yesterday I got a phone call from the friend who was going to help and her voice was strained. She had arrived and was wondering if I was on the way. I had just received a call from my other friend who was telling me that she was delayed but her boyfriend was still there. As I drove up to the house it seemed strange but I was not sure why.

My friend met me and told me that we must talk before we went in the house. She shared with me of a vision and what she saw in the house before we arrived. As we went into the house we soon discovered that there were three portals opened. We also found the dark entity that we were hunting that split into two parts as it realized what we were doing.

We began to close the portals and seal the house until we came to the last portal herding them into the last room that the portal was open with that we sealed the room and created a vortex that sucked the entities into it as the portal was closed and sealed. Then we went from room to room helping the ghost that were traped to cross. Again this is spirit rescue not banishment from the house. We talked to each of the ghosts and with the help of the Angels they each and everyone crossed. There were nine in all.

Last but not least we went through the house blessing the home. When you remove any energy form something then you always want to grace in positive energy. A hole will always fill in and so you need to make sure that it is full of Blessings or love. Again, I can't stress prayer....

It seems that not a day goes by without me walking through a ghost or a ghost passing between me and someone talking. We all just coexist on the earth.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been kind of funny that I have not heard much form my father who passed on. Pennies haven't been showing up like before and made me wondered why the change. I was on the phone with my Mom in NY and she said asked if I had seen or heard from him. "No," it had been a week since I have had the pennies show up. "Well", she said, "That's because he has been showing up around here. He has been leaving pennies here and letting me know that he is around."

"Oh, that makes a lot of since why I did not feel him around. He is busy visiting." Today, I have not noticed him around the house but the house seems to be full of others coming and going I wonder if people really know that the other side is right here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a fun day as I got to work with people in their Akashic Records. The funny thing about working in the Akashic Records is that the longer that you are in them it raises your energy vibration. This is wonderful and you seem to have this beautiful feeling of floating.

I was working late so before I drove home I grounded myself. It was when I returned home late last night from the consultation that I noticed a lot of people in the house that I could see through. I knew that we had ghost coming and going but still catches me off guard. There were so many in the house walking around paying no attention to me.

I went to bed knowing that the room was full but this morning when I awoke it seemed that the energy had tapered down a bit and I was back down to my usual earthly vib. Which meant that I still saw flashes and smoke moving in the room but not the full bodied people that I saw the night before.

"No", there is no drugs involved. It is a matter of changing the body's vibration with prayer and moving into a higher energy to read the records but the energy of that state brings the earth and spirit world together.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

I must say that it has been an amazing week. Monday I found myself complaining out loud that I did not have two pennies to rub together. As I was in my rant I picked up a folder off my desk and there underneath were two pennies. With the clear thought, "There Now You Have Two Pennies to Rub Together!" Then the joke hit me and I started to laugh!!! Only from the Spirit World knowing that they all have a healthy since of humor. I realized that I was being a bit dramatic and that they had called my bluff...

The week has been very busy with Akashic Readings and I have really enjoyed and learned a whole lot form each experience. One day this week it got to be a little hectic not with the readings but with working with the house and errands. I walked out to the car to go to the grocery store for the second time and in my car seat sitting on the driver's seat was a shiny new penny. "Thanks Dad!
I know you are watching." I took a breath and the rest of the day went smooth...

We have had flashes, smoke and movement moving through the house all week. I am realzing that tomorrow is Halloween but since we have lots of activity all year round I don't know if it gets busy around this time. I am aware that they don't seem to be as interested in what we are doing lately and go about their own business. I am thinking that they are used to seeing us and know that we see them but don't intrude unless they come to us for help. I say that but now since my daughter has left for college it is only me that seems to notice that they are around.

Lots to do this weekend with the everyone home for the weekend and Halloween. I love the costumes and candy and hope we have lots of trick or treators this year.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

So sorry, I have not written. I have been so busy with two Expos this past week and weekend. What was kind of strange is that I am thinking of spliting our Developing Circle which was created for those who are waking up to their ability of seeing and talking to ghost. I thought I could find another teacher quickly to help with creating another circle but there seems not be that many who are trained in the ability to teach how to clear and do Spirit Rescue.

I am looking in our DFW area for someone who can help work with people who have questions about their situation or their abilities and experiences. It was just something that I guess I take for granted. Anyway, I am putting my intention of finding someone to teach since I seem to have my hands full at the moment.

Last night I was talking to someone face to face and beige cloud of smoke moved between us. I noticed that the person I was talking to had not noticed that we had a visitor. The ghost was not interested in what we were talking about and moved on like passing through a crowd at a party. Funny how that happens.

So much happing all around us and most people don't seem to have any idea that the Ghosts and Spirits are all around us all the time. It is exciting when people wake up and realize that there is a whole other world around us right here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been a week since I last wrote.. I left last Thursday to go to NYC to visit family and only just got back late last night.

As I was sitting on the air plane to leave for NY I realized that I had not heard from my father who passed away a year and a half ago. He usually checks in with me during the week. He always leaves me a penny somewhere and I know he is around if I don't sense his presences.

I got on the plane and started to think about it and then complain that I had not heard a thing from him or even gotten my penny from him in the past few days so I had no idea where he had been. I spent at least 5 minutes complaining and we started to take off which I was distracted and thought no more of it.

It was when I got to NYC and pulled out a small bag that I had brought to give to my sister that a penny fell out and bounced on the counter in the kitchen. A penny which I knew was not there when packed my bag. All of a sudden I got the giggles and my sister told my Mom that Dad had just left a penny as I told them how upset I was with him on the plane.

My Mother thinking I was hungry took me down the block to find something to eat after my trip and I walked through someone (ghost) standing on the street. I was so distracted with the sights in the city that it took me a moment to realize what had just happened. Looking back I apologised as we walked on finding a small place to grab something to eat.. They seemed to be in a hurry to and moved on in a beige color of smoke crossing the street in a sea of people.

The next day I was walking into the living room of their apartment and passed the stairs leading to the bedrooms when I saw two people standing in the middle of the stairs watching me pass. I stoped and looked back and sure enough they were there a man and woman about middle aged just standing there. Since I could see through them there was no question. They didn't seem bothered that I could see them and so I walked on minding my own business...

I forgot about them and later on in the day I again saw them and then caught them watching only this time at the top of the stairs and I could only see their heads. This went on as I would see only a head or heads depending on who wanted to be seen at the time whenever I passed. And so the rest of my stay went like that as I never knew when I would see them or one of them or even all of them (body) on the stairs. I did not climb the stairs unless I had to. Most of the time I forgot they were there until they showed up.. After awhile you just get used to it and ignore it....

They never left the stairs and never said a thing to me. They just seemed to be watching all the going on from their point in the house. It was fine... They didn't seem to bother anyone so I left them alone and they left us alone...

The flight back was quite and no sign of ghosts as I read on the plane and talked to the women next to me. Only one time did I check in with my guides and angels. There was an electrical problem with the plane which they had to fix before we left. At one point in the flight I thought I heard something and asked and got the reply, "No, it is not your time so relax....."

Today I was visiting with my daughter on the phone and was telling her about her grandfather leaving the penny in NY when I moved a book and spotted a penny lying under it in the corner of the room. I smiled and said, "Thank you Dad!" Relating what had just happened over the phone...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear Diary,

As I was getting out of bed this morning I managed to glance over toward my husband still snoozing away. That is when I saw a man standing on his side of the bed looking down at my sleeping husband.In a flash he was gone but not before my brain could register a little of what he looked like.

When it is early in the morning like that and I am just coming out of that sleepy state it is hard to fully register what is happening in that moment. He was gone so fast for me to even freak out that someone was standing by the bed.

I could see that he was wearing blue jeans and didn't have a shirt on. I noticed that he had a nice tan but was not able to make out his facial features. What made me wonder was why was he staring down at my husband who has no since of seeing the other side except that he might have wanted to communicate with him. But Why?

As my husband woke up I told him what I saw... I asked if he could think of someone with that description who might have passed wanting to get in touch with him before moving on. I wanted to know what the man wanted. Since the man did not come to me and let me know I had no clue to who he might be.

Of course this becomes a great guessing game and the only person we could both come up with was his Uncle whom he had not seen in 20 years but that is not something we could prove since he walked away from the family and changed his name. I guess we will have to wait and see if he shows up again and lets us know what he wants.

No wonder the cat was not sleeping on the bed with us this morning. I had to search for her and she is one that loves to come and visit me when she notices that I am opening my eyes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dear Diary,

Saturday evening I was on my way home from a class when I pulled into someone's driveway to turn the car around and thought I was about to hit a tall man who appeared out of no where. At least that is what I thought until that part of the brain said in a flash that there was no one there. It took my breath away and as I calmed down I realized that it was a ghost.

I went on with the evening meeting friends and having dinner out thinking no more of it since there was really no need. It wasn't until I was turning in my own drive way that again the man appeared in front of my car with me screaming thinking I was about to hit someone. Again realizing that there was no one there. Walking into the house I found everyone asleep so I just went to bed not thinking any more about it.

It was when I was watching a movie Sunday morning with my daughter in the living room that I saw the tall man walk by my chair right in front of me. I can be a little slow sometimes when I realized that this was not going to go away. Talking to the man I asked what he wanted and got no response. Typical, with some ghost so I finished the movie and stared to move toward leaving to drive to meet the class that was scheduled in Keller, TX.

Just before I was leaving I heard my guide say, you might want to get on the road now as there will be traffic around that part of the 820 hwy. Did I listen? No, I was taking my time and sure enough on the drive to the class I was sitting in traffic. Need to listen more!

On the drive sitting in traffic I had plenty of time to think about the class when I heard... "He wants to give you a message". "Oh! Now when I am driving?" "Yes" I heard form my beautiful spirit guide or Angel." "OK!" Apparently the ghost was not going to talk to me but to my guide so my guide related the message to me. He says, "he is sorry that he couldn't do anything to help, but he tried." "Who is the message for since I am going to a class and there are a several people in it?" I had already thought of one person.

The name that my Guide told me was not the one I had in mind and to make it a little more strange it was not for that person but for their daughter. That meant I had to give the message the person in my class who would have to relate it to her daughter. Complicated? No, just the way it sometimes works.

"OK", I said and asked, "What does the message mean and why was he standing in front of my car when I was turning into the different driveways? Did he die in a car accident"? Was there a crash" "Tell me what was going on?" All I heard was, "He is gone." Great! I thought as the traffic started to move and I turned on the radio to tune out the other world. I could hear the Angels laughing and enjoying the music as we listened to the joyous beat in the car as we moved out of the traffic on to open road.

Driving up to where the class was held I turned off the radio and heard, Big sighs and Oh..... in disappointment. Of course this struck me as funny and I had to ask, " Aren't you guys supposed to be in Church?" the answer was what I already knew that they are not bound like we are to time and space and can be in many places as once. They also love music and celebrating. "Ok, works for me".

Walking into class I was meet at the door by the lady who the message was for which I thought was odd but I told her I had to talk to her and told her the story. She smiled and said that the morning before her daughter was involved in a small car accident and was OK and knew about the ghost. Oh, I thought since the ghost appeared to me in the late afternoon in front of my car. Makes since to me and she seemed happy with the message for her daughter.

At that moment I heard from my guide saying, "You need to move the car now" I rushed outside and moved the car....

Friday, October 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much can happen in just a few days.. I have been busy getting ready to to my Akashic Record readings which is setting up forms, scheduling, and updating the website to explain about the Records and what to expect. On top of that I have been sending out emails letting people know about our Healing Circles which were built for seekers and students.

This month at our Healing Circle my Akasich Records teacher Jodi Lovoi was speaking and we ran out of chairs. The healing that went on on such a large group level was truly amazing!!! It was very powerful.

The next day I met a new friend to do a Reiki Session at "the Acupuncture Clinic". On my way out Pam Durham my friend who owns the clinic got a phone call from someone who was in a lot of pain. It was a random call and she was booked for the day to do acupuncutre so she asked if I would speak to them. I did and we talked about Reiki. It is hard to explain to someone about Reiki when they are in sever pain over the phone.

She said she wanted to look around and see what she could find and would call if she needed the Reiki. We hung up and I was telling my friend what happened when I realized that I had picked up her vibration in my heart through her voice and could send her Reiki for the pain. I could send it to her if she wanted it. The Reiki energy was there but she didn't have to accept the healing energy. All I knew is that I wanted to help.

I sat down and went into my heart Chakra sending out the Reiki using my symbols and sending the healing energy to help her with the pain. It was easy as I just homed in on her vibration. As I was sending Reiki I started to feel major pain in my body from what I knew was hers. I had had the same thing happen to me 15 years ago and recognised it right off. Amazing how just like child birth we forget pain like that. My body and I remembered it right off.

I knew in my training that if I allowed my body to stay in that pain I would go into stress and double over. I started to focus moving the energy out of my body and draining it out of my feet into the earth which sucked the pain it right out. I knew when I was doing this that she had accepted the Reiki on a subconscious level as I was feeling the sensation in my body from her pain.

I sent the Reiki until I lost the vibration in my heart and then stoped. I grounded myself back into my body and went on with my day. Later I was surprised to work on someone for a soul retrieval which I stumbled on to and the two of us had a session... Busy day! Exhausted, I went to bed at 8pm after sending out my consent forms for the people that I am reading their Akashic Records next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010


It was a busy week last week. I was invited to do a Wellness Expo with one of my dear Friends and mentor. We set up and did the Expo all on Friday starting early in the morning. Wonderful visiting with people and talking about the different modalities of healing.

Saturday was the Art Goggle in Fort Worth, TX and so were invited to do a Shamonic Drumming Circle which went very well as people joined in on the drumming and enjoying the beats. That started at 4pm and lasted until 10pm that night. Amazing evening as I realized all the drumming was drawing people to the circle as they walked from the end of the street to hear the beat. There is something in us that makes us want to feel and be apart of the rhythm.

I tried to keep my eyes to myself and only a few times noticed a ghost standing behind a few people also enjoying the fun. Once as I was helping tear down our table I saw and felt someone standing really close to me like then were looking over my shoulder. When I glanced to let them know I was stepping back and to watch out as I might run into them did I realize that it was a ghost only watching me break down the table.You would think that by now that I would be used to it but it still sometimes takes me by surprise every now and then.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a visit from a dear friend and as we were talking wisps of colored smoke would pass between us. I knew they were listening to what we had to say and rightfully so as we were talking about their world.

Today, I am looking forward to catching up from the weekend. I had a few sign ups for my Akashic Records readings and that will begin next week so I need to sort and get organised so that I can email to confirm the readings. Life keeps opening up to so many amazing growing experiences. It is so exciting to be apart of such a loving and supportive community of Healers and Teachers. I am so Blessed!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today has been a busy day working with our Community Wellness network which is helping bring Healers and Teachers together in a network in our area. It has been a busy day working on flyer and the Internet.

It is rather funny that I have been walking though mist and seeing pennies on the floor or on my chair today so I know that my Dad is trying to make sure that I know he is around.

I have been working in the Akashic Records which is an amazing energy that is linked to an energy vibration that allows the opening of what is known as the book of Life that is mentioned in the Bible. The energy is a beautiful energy to link to and learn a great deal with one's own path and walk upon this earth.

I am finding that when I am in that vibration I seem to notice the other energies in the house a lot more. Working with the records has opened my eyes to a greater respect of all things and all of creation.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dear Diary,

Well, it has been an interesting week. I have been working in the Akashic Records and learning that how I am navigate in them is different than how I used to a few months ago. I have been studying with a teacher here who was brought into my life and has showed me a different way of reading the records. It is a lot like working with dreams only with your eyes open and you are awake.

I don't know if most people realize that they can learn how to work in their own records and retrieve information that they need to get answers that will help them move through the peaks and valleys of this life time. The records are a high vibrational library that everything is kept and like a library it can be looked at read by linking on that energy vibration.

Like everything else it is only learning the process and practice. It is not something that only a few can do and many people find it funny when they do learn how to do it that they have already been doing the Akashic Records in their dreams. We all have and like a real library we can be kicked out if we do not follow all the rules.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

What I finding when I am in this higher energy that it is a higher vibration I am able to connect more to the activity in our own home. This is simply done by raising the chakras in the body and thinking about something happy. With practice it only takes a moment and the intention.

I find that many people are afraid of ghost but the truth is that we are 50% spirit/50% matter meaning that a ghost is a person without the body. They experience fear, love and anger as the rest of us do but understanding the frustration of them being lost or afraid to cross is what we have to understand. Sometimes it is the heart energy which survives death and many have stayed behind to care for their loved ones only to be traped and lost for years.

In our own home we have been going through a change with one of the children moving off to college. With that I find that some of the ghost who are moving through seem to notice the energy shift in our home.

My husband and I were talking the other day and I looked up for a second and standing right behind him was a man looking at us and listening to our conversation. As I gazed directly at him it seemed startle him and he vanished. It made me laugh!

What is funny is that I have watched the animals move around someone standing in the kitchen. The pets don't seem threatened by them only moving out of the way...What is really funny is that most people think that you have to go to haunted place or house to find ghost but they are every where.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I last wrote... a lot has been happening in my life lately and it seems that I have needed the time to sort through it. I have been studying the Akashic records with Jodi Lovoi a teacher here in the local area and had decided to open them and live in them for a few days as to help me get used to the higer vibration and help me access them during the day faster as practice.

Tuesday night I had gone about the day enjoying my connection with the higher energy and was excited about going to bed hoping that I would do some dream work. What I did not expect was to wake up at 2am and have things running through my head without stoping. I tried to go back to sleep but could not shut down all the information that was coming in.

I have some friends who have a small business and I must have been thinking of them some time before I fell asleep because all the information that came in was how to promote their business. Looking at the clock I rolled over and tried sleeping but it kept coming in loud and clear and I knew if I did not get up and shoot them an email I would not have any rest. The email turned into several emails as every time I tried to lay down more information would come in. I spent most of the night writing.

The next day I tried to sleep but could not settle down. That evening I was participating in giving the Oneness Blessing at our Blessing Circle. Also, we were having a meeting which we are starting that involves the Healers and Teachers in the Fort Worth area.

I was running a little behind and arrived just in time to help with the set up. People were already walking in the door. I noticed that it was doubled in the attendance and we were one Blessing giver short. Not to worry Spirit was guiding us. We finished in the right amount of time to start the meeting for those wanting to participate.

Then it hit me. I could not catch my bearings. My brain had left the building and when I took my awareness to that space it was blank. Now I have had that experience before when we were doing the Blessing but it wore off the next day. Before I went to sleep I closed the Akashic Records and slept like a door knob. The next day was Friday and with Steve and the children away at school I was working home alone accompanied by all of our pets.

It started subtlety but I began to notice that there were people in the house. When I say people I mean ghost like figures but not like I usually see and experience them. It was like the house was full of people walking around doing their own thing. I caught myself saying excuse me as I bumped into a few. It took me a minute for my mind to register fully what was happening. Then as I became more aware of what was happening I started to watch as people were moving about.

They all seemed unaware that I was watching them or didn't care. The day wore on in that fashion with them doing their thing and I finely doing mine. I noticed that animals acted like it was normal and would change their path to avoid bumping into them. Hmmmmmm......Then it dawned on me that having the Records open and doing the Blessing must have done something in raising my vibration to a level that I could see the other world so clearly.

It was like our worlds were right on top of each other. Sure I have caught glimpses of ghost or Spirits but never had I seen so many and experienced their world for the duration of a full day. It had always been with an effort of changing my vibration or them coming to me for help. Wow! I spent the rest of the day with this happening all around me but it started to wear off as I climbed into bed. It was not as noticeable the next day

But on Friday the information kept flowing in and I wrote a few more emails to my friends on promoting their business. My teacher explained that when you work or live in that higher vibration it takes a little while for your body to adjust to being back into the wave length we all are used to. Interesting experience ......

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a strange couple of days. It has been raining but the energy seems to be off. Instead of feeling like welcoming in the rain there is a since of being stagnate. Yesterday, in the early afternoon I needed a break and found myself extremely tired. All I could think of was taking a bath an indulgences I often don't have the time to do.

I drew the bath and dropped some sea salt and baking soda in the water to help draw out the weighted energy I was feeling. It also makes the skin really soft. The water was nice and hot and felt good as it soaked deep into the bones. As I relaxed I found myself drifting off into a nice twilight. Meaning that I was in both the world of dreams and yet still aware of this world.

That is when it happened. I saw a young man of twenty and he was talking to me and trying desperately to show me something. Images were flashing on a screen like memories. I do remember thinking that these were not my memories and that they were separate from my own experiences. Emotions and a whole life flashed before me as I watched and then I saw him again standing in front of me as if saying goodbye and he vanished.

I started to come out of what seemed like a dreamlike state but as I did I was aware that the story that I had just seen was leaving me and that soon when I awoke I would not remember it. As I started to come back into this world I was a little startled that I was in the bathtub. It took a moment for me to find my bearings and move my body again in the water yet there was a since of a great weight lifted from my soul.

I was in a stunned state for a little while longer trying to recall the memory of what had just happened. All I can recall is what I have just written. I have no recollection of the story that I saw and I do know that at the time it was very important. It seemed very real when I was viewing it but what happened I don't know....

Later that evening I went to bed and slept. I dreamed a dream and woke up this morning chanting a name. But it was to my annoyance as it was someone I had parted with in this life time knowing I would see them one day on the other side in better circumstances. As I heard the name from my own lips I recalled the dream watching it come back in full detail.

It was later today that the meaning of the dream came and the message about this person who is still among the living had thought about me and had wished me well. The dream was about an understanding that sometimes things in this world don't always work out the way we plan but it is a new beginning in the Spirit world. I knew to that I was being sent love and blessings my way as I continued my path on this earth with no ill will being sent by this person.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Diary,

What an amazing weekend with lots of enjoying family and friends. I could not have asked for a better weekend. Today on Labor Day I was enjoying my family when my Daughter wanted to watch a movie.

I was also in the mood and started to select a movie out of our little movie library when I heard something drop on the wooden floor behind me. As I looked behind me I saw a penny and the funny part was that there was nothing behind me that it could have fallen from except empty space. Talk about pennies from heaven.

I knew in an instant that my Father was again saying hi. I could feel his presence and knew that this is his way of saying hello when he is around. I called my Mom later and let her know that dad was there enjoying the day with us. She laughed as she was happy that I had that connection.

The day was really uneventful and restful. I have enjoyed early mornings having coffee with my husband and afternoons reading in our garden in the back yard. It is so beautiful to watch all the garden spirits bringing it to life.

It was around 6:15pm when I heard in my thoughts.... "you have a class!" and so I did. I quickly rushed off making it in plenty of time and enjoyed the rest of the evening listening and watching taking note of the colors and energy that surrounded the students and teachers often catching a glimps of a spirit guide or a loved one surrounding them.

Sometimes I wonder if people really know how much they are supported and loved on the other side. We are never alone and always surrounded in love.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

The week is flying by again. I learned something new. I discovered that the song "Bullet Proof" plays in my mind when I am picking up energy around me that is not good for me. It seems to be a reminder to watch myself and to protect myself from negative vibs that I am susceptible. I love it that my angels are watching out for me in the world.

Energy is really something that I don't think a lot of people think about and yet we do send out signals all the time. The other day I was driving to visit a friend in Ft. Worth and something triggered my emotions that made me angry. I sat there at the red light getting mad and realized what I was doing. I could feel the heat and energy moving through my body and out of my skin into the air.

Then I heard, "pull it back and send it out of my feet into the earth." I did as I was told and felt the anger release..Next the thought came for me to feel love and to send it out instead. Amazingly, I could do this and again experienced the emotion moving through my body and out of my skin only this time it was a beautiful feeling....the whole experience took the time for the light to turn green.

Wow, if I could change my feelings in a moment and send out love instead of anger on to the world how powerful is that? Then the thought came that we live in anger and fear and those emotions are sent out and become part of the air and energy that is around people, animals, plants and the earth. No wonder we are all so angry but we have the power to change it all. As I drove on down the road. I realized that I was my own personal power. It felt great!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

I know it has been a full week since I last wrote. A lot has happened and I have been very busy attending to the different areas of my life trying to sort things out. One of the most strangest thing that happened is that I received a visit one night from a very angry entity that was truly focused on me.

Last Wed I went to bed at 9:30pm Texas time totally exhausted from the days activities. As I fell into bed and began to relax I noticed a dark shadow on the ceiling and this amazing amount of anger directed towards me where I was laying. And no I was not asleep or even in twilight. I was fully awake and eyes open.

My husband had not come to bed and was in the other room with our youngest watching a movie. My oldest child was away at college. The anger in the room was so intense and moved closer towards me. I felt this shiver run through me of cold fear as I lay there feeling exposed. Then a thought came to me to call out to my drum that I use in journeying. It was hanging on the wall a few feet away from the bed but I could not reach it and dared not move.

Then I heard a slow steady drum beat drumming in my ears. At first I could not believe what I was hearing and soon began to realise that I could hear it somewhere in my head. As it began to get louder I could feel the vibration moving across my body and covering my whole being.
I relaxed and forgot about the visitor and falling sound asleep only to wake up at 3am in which I checked to see if it was still there. It was gone and I was safe.

The next morning I was visiting with my Mom and she was asked me what was going on with me the other night. She said that my niece who is two and just learned how to say my name looked at her at 7:30pm California time and said, "Call Ana"! Mom said that she doesn't talk like that and it was very strange.... As we talked I told her the story and we checked out time and it matched up to the time that I had my visit.

I spent the week trying to find the energy and trace it to its source but had no luck until it finely came in a thought.... I say this as it just appears in my mind and when this happens it is always on the button. Someone I knew was trying to cleanse a home and wanted me to scan the house with the owner's permission in my mind's eye since they lived in another state and I could not be there in person. I reported my information to the person who was cleansing and forgot about it.

It was later that I found out that the person did not finish the job completely and there were a few lose ends. This being my visitor who was angry and followed my energy trail back to me. I informed them about the visit. There is still work to be done..... In a few days I will do the cleansing myself......

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was in the living room watching a movie and looked up and saw two people in my entryway next to the front door. They seemed to be interested in what I was watching and when they realized that I was watching them they faded away. Sometimes when they are that clear it takes me a moment to really understand they are a ghost. I was not afraid and when the thought hit.... Oh there is someone in the house they had already gone making an instant thought saying they were just ghost.

Today, while my husband was shaving and I was talking to him about our plans for the day. I glanced over toward our bedroom and saw the full shape and body of a man. He was looking at me and listening to what I was talking about. As soon as my gaze began to fix on his image he was gone. They are really coming in a lot stronger then they used to and I was wondering what was causing them to be so bold.

They seem to be just curious except the man on the stairs who seemed to be upset when one of the children moved away to school. He lets us know he is around by making noises or slaming doors on the other side of the house. They are not draining us or I would have sent them away. But I am thinking it might be time to send them on into the light...I guess I will have to have a conversation with them.

I got two calls for "Spirit Rescue" this week..... We are moving... on with this work....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much going on this week that I need to really take time to refresh myself and renew who I really am again. The other day I got up and was leaving to visit someone. I had the title of a book in my mind that I had on my bookshelf in our library.

The funny thing is that I had not thought of the book since my friend died in February as we were reading the same book and sharing. I had shelved it and forgot about it. So there it was waiting for me high on my shelf "Second part of "Journey of the Soul". I thought maybe the reason I had it on my mind was that I should give it as a gift to my friend I was visiting that day.

After thumbing through it I soon discovered that there was a lot of good reading in it still. So I opted not to give it away. Later in the evening I went to a Seminar with my husband and was sitting there thinking if I had made the right decision to be there. I then asked my guides for a sign any sign would do even a small one. I got distracted and moved on with the lecture but later on I glanced at the bookshelf. In the corner of the shelf I saw the "Journey of the Soul" book and thought," Oh.... they are reading the same book. "Good for them!" And went on listening....

It took a few minutes to realise that I had just gotten conformation from my guides that I was exactly where I was supposed to be... Wow!!! I love that connection and affirmation.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday morning I was awoken by a loud slam of a door which was odd since our oldest was away at college and our youngest spent the night away. I must say that I did remember the incident when I was taking a class a few weeks ago and we heard knocking at our bedroom door. It must be the same ghost and unhappy that the children are not around as much. Changes for everyone even our ghosts that live in the house.

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone wanting to know what it meant when they were woken up with someone poking them in the back in bed. They were also hearing someone talking while they were trying to sleep and it was keeping them up. I laughed and told them, "you have ghosts". "Really," they said, "what do you do about them"? So I told them about our Spirit Rescue Team.

So they were wanting to book ASAP as the ghost were keeping them up. The funny thing is that we get referrals all the time by word of mouth... It is a common thing to have ghosts in the home or to have some kind of energy that makes people uncomfortable. If that is the case then there is hope and we can help change the energy into a more positive and loving nature. We can talk to the ghost and cross then ones that are ready to cross...

Even now as I write I can hear someone walking around and everyone is still asleep... Even the animals are sleeping. The living in our home are used to all the going on around in the house. I don't mind them passing through as long as they don't drain us or try to scare us. If they do then we have them leave. The energy in our home has not been dark and they do not seem to stay very long as we seem to be a stopping place for them to move through as they journey to the other side.

Some will ask for help and others just seem curious about what we are doing and then leave. This ghost seems to be hanging around interested in what is happening with the kids and us. I may have to have a chat and see what is going on. Well, it is early so I am going back to be to catch a few more hrs of sleep before the day starts...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been almost a week since I wrote as it was the week that my oldest has moved into her dorms at College. I thought I was alright until I drove out of the parking lot and realized that our lives had changed again forever. In that instant, I broke down and cried for the last few days.

It was good as I went to sleep that my guides came and reminded me that I had a loss and was once again in grieving mode. Lucky for me that when I went to the Wellness Expo saw a few of my own Teachers who said the same thing... It was beautiful to know that I was well supported on both sides. The Expo was in Fort Worth for the weekend and I had a small space on the literature table and was able to attend.

After the Expo we meet at the Acupuncture clinic to talk about organizing a healing and spiritual community in Fort Worth. I was thrilled at the way that everyone had an idea but was happy to work as a team. We named the Community and set another date to meet and put together a website.

Today has been busy with kids working on an old car with our son and helping our daughter get settled in her dorm. later I am picking up my literature at the Expo and visiting a dear friend. Still so much to do and I better get back to work before I am missed!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dear Diary,

It is so nice to get the heads up from Spirit that the day may not turn out as you planned and therefore you are able to change plans in the moment and go with the flow. This happened this Sunday with me when I was going to meet up with a few friends and they did not show up.

Lucky for me it was something I had anticipated as I had a heads up. The day went on to plan B and I was able to continue my plans without worrying if it was going to work out. I did get a text later on and discovered that something did occur that could not be helped and they would contact me later. I was so happy to hear that they were OK and in a much better place of understanding.

The other thing that I see is that we go around wearing a mask and it is only because people are not ready for us to be who we really are. Even now I have a few friends who if I told them that I can see the other side that they would think I was not all right. The funny part is that it is quite normal among my circle of friends and close family as we are very open with our gifts.

I sometimes forget being in such a safe and loving environment that most of the world does not see and is cut off from the beauty of being apart of both worlds. You can see the fear in their eyes and posted in their energy. It is too bad that many do not know that everyone has this ability. It is not for anyone special but for everyone and anyone.

Some come into awaking into their spiritual gifts thinking that they are bad or something is wrong with them but the truth is they are waking up to the truth in who they really are and once the fear is gone they find happiness in the connection. I wish I could open the eyes of the ones who are in soooo much pain but I find that the road blocks are like the ones I myself have placed in my own path and had to over come the obsticls so that I could see.

It is a never a ending process and a life long lesson...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday Post

Well, I got a full report from my Daughter when she returned from LA after visiting family and doing a clearing. What seemed to be the tipping point is when she spent the night at the house in LA and was attacked in her dreams. Upon waking up she felt that it was very necessary to cleanse the house and as soon as possible.

She worked with the person who lived there and they did the Spirit Rescue finding 5 open portals. This meant that a lot of energy was coming in and out of the house. The negative entities were swept back in and the portals were closed leaving the ghost that were trapped. Next, they went and talked to the ghost helping the ones cross who wanted to go.

I got a report the day after the clearing from the person who lived there and it seems that all is well and very peaceful since the clearing and Spirit Rescue. My daughter and I were in agreement that we were attacked weeks before she left because of the major portals that were open and they knew what was going to happen.

One thing that I don't think that most people know is that there seems to be really no secrets in the world of Spirit. Pretty much all your laundry is out there for them to see or hear about.... They always seem to know when we are coming..

Yesterday a dear friend asked if we could clear her home here in Arlington, TX. Our Spirit Rescue team here will be doing that tomorrow. Sometimes we invite people to come and observe if they want to come as it helps people know what we do and how it is done.

I got another email yesterday asking if we could clear another person's home and I will talk to the team tomorrow about setting that up.. We are here to help both sides of the veil. All I know is there seems to be lots to do!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Diary,

I got to spend the weekend at a wonderful workshop so I did not have time to check in. Early Sat morning before I left to get on the road I was getting dressed and found one of Steve's shirts in my closet and thought in 20 years he has never done this...only that he must have not been thinking and hung it up in my closet by mistake. A small voice went through my mind... A ghost? Naaaaa......

I must admit I was in a hurry and hung it on his closet door for him to hang up later in the day and ran off to meet my class. The funny part is that later in the evening when I returned home and was getting ready for bed his shirt was still hanging on his door. So I just hung it up for him wondering why he did not hang it up....

That evening we were talking and decided to close and lock our door so we would not be disturbed even though our daughter is in California and our son was working late. Our children have a habit of knocking very loudly on the door if they find it closed and locked. I made a slight joke to Steve that you never know when they would come in and bang on the door....

As we were joking around about it someone knocked very loudly three times on the door. I laughed and called out to our answer. Steve and I combed the house looking for him but no one but us was in the house... His car was not even in the drive way. Hmmmm.... this time Steve herd it to and could not say It was just me! Our son called an hour later asking to stay with a friend and was not coming home for the night....

The next morning I got up to get dressed and found another one of Steve's shirts in my closet only this time I went and got him and asked if he put it in my closet. Our son was still over at his friend's home. "No", I did not!" Steve replied and I told him about the other day... My son was driving up and I asked him about it which he thought I was nuts!

Hmmmmm..... We have a prankster in the house....

Monday I spent with a dear friend who is planning to sit on the roof of a little Methodist church on Sat Aug 27 and will not come down until she raises 10,000 lbs of food and awareness for the hunger in our area.... It looks to be quite an event and I was honoured to sit at one of the planning meetings... It is just soooo hot in this Texas heat in Aug... on a roof.... My prayers are with her....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Again!

Dear Diary,

It has been an inspiring week and has gone by so fast. A dear friend has been approved this week to go up on a roof of a church and sit until they raise 10 tons of food and awareness for the hunger in our area. It sounds extreme but when you become aware that so many do not know where the food pantries are located in our area. Many have no clue who to ask or afraid to ask then you understand the purpose of the intention.

A little church with no more than a 100 members answered the calling. They are raising the whole community to help bring this event to fruition which will be on Aug 27th 2010. I am in Awe..... at the big heart that burst forth for this effort in humanity...

Also, another dear friend and I went this past Tuesday to visit "A Day Away Retreat" in Boyd TX. We met with this beautiful young couple who's hospitality was incredibility uplifting leaving you with a since of beauty and loving energy both during and days that followed our visit.

This is now certainly the place where we plan to do a Healing Retreat in early Nov. They have done such a wonderful job with the house and the beautiful acres surrounding it. The retreat also has peaceful pond along with horses and Alpacas. I felt very much like I was back home again in Taos, NM...

I put my daughter on the plane today to visit family for the summer as we were walking into the airport to check her in. I felt this strong presence and knew imminently without a doubt that the Arch Angel Michael was with us. My daughter has the gift of working with the angels and I was assured that the plane would be held in their care so I was not to worry. There was no question in my mind who was around us and they showed me in a small vision of them lifting the plane up and carrying it to her destination.

As I kissed her goodbye and watched her go into security I realized that the presence had gone but knew without a doubt she was in good hands. There are really no words to describe the strength of the presence and the reassurance I felt...but that did not keep me from texting her about buying a sandwich for lunch on the plane and when she got off if the family was able to find her....

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am always amazed how fast the week flys by! It is such a beautiful time to be living on the earth. Last night I was walking into my bedroom and walked through a mist and could feel the shift of energy move through me. You would think that I would be used to it but it still makes me stop and think about what had just happened.

For the past few days I have been busy working on classes and getting things ready for advertising and prep work. It is amazing how much time that takes but I can't imagine doing anything else. It is such a wonderful feeling to be doing something that you feel so called to do.

Yesterday, I was visiting someone and we were in a store when a women walked up and started to talk to us. My heart gripped up my chest and my skin started felt like it was burning...I had to stop and recenter myself and think while she was talking to us what was happening. I realized that she was carrying something that did not agree with my energy. That was OK because that is where she is but I did Not need to bring it home with me... The energy seemed to throw me off balance and I pushed it into the earth knowing it was not mine.

Later that day I meet some ladies at a Beauty shop and I felt like someone had just put on a warm healing blanket on me. It was wonderful! I indulged myself in their energy and enjoyed every minute that I was in their company. Yes, I allowed myself to take some home with me as they were giving this beautiful energy away. What a amazing world we live in!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

It seems funny to me that when I was cleaning the hall bathroom in the house as I came out into the hall I saw a man standing at the top of the stairs. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I knew he was a ghost and I am not sure what he thought of me but when I turned the corner I realized what had just happened and backed up but he was not there any more.

My impression was that he was just passing through. No strings attached....He has not come to visit in my dreams asking for help nor has he talked to anyone in the house who sees. Yesterday, I was in the living room and looked up and saw a face of a women looking from the dining room into the living room. She seemed to be just a curious as we are of them. Again, no one I recognised and felt she was just passing through.

I have been told that the house sits on top of springs and the energy from us attracts the spirits to the house. Mostly just passing through but we do get request for help from some. Part of my job is to be aware and not to bring fear into the home because that attracts the wrong type of energy or ghost. Then if I am contacted I help or find someone else who can help. Just like we do with people who are living in this world of matter.

Nothing is different but the energy from the ghost is just a little higher in vibration than here in our world of slower vibration. As a dear friend said once, "People are People"....Some days I am in tune with their world and others I am focused on my own. What I have been learning about is to notice when my body or energy makes the switch. Often I am caught off guard and being aware and in the moment is the real challenge.

Yesterday, I remembered that I might have an appointment for a hair cut this week. A month ago I knew that my beautician's mom was in the hospital and that she was not doing well. I had not talked to her since my last appointment so I did not know what had happened. When I called to check up on the appointment I heard a small voice inside my head say that, "she is dealing with the death of her mom so you will have to wait and be patient".

Knowing this I went about my day and had forgotten about the appointment when I received a phone call from my beautician that her mom had passed away at 6pm yesterday asking if we could reschedule.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Evening

Dear Diary,

Friday morning I awoke in a fit of dreams about a workshop that I was going to teach with one of my own teachers on Saturday. I felt a little anxiety about the workshop as I was not sure that I was prepared. I wanted the students to have more then just information that they could read out of a book. I wanted them to have something that would prepare them as they grow.

The more that I tried to prepare, the more frustrated I got...finally I gave up and went through the day without caring about trying to get ready. It was not until later in the evening that I remembered I had a class and started to panic as I grabbed up books and materials for the students. As I was running around the house a small voice inside said, "relax I got it covered". Peace flooded in and all around me so I went to bed.

My dreams were fun and I had no worries. Upon awaking, I remembered I had a Workshop and worse with one of my teachers without real preparation. I again heard the small voice say, "relax, I got it covered". Again, the peace..... the workshop was starting in the early morning so I had just enough time to get dressed, but as I was leaving I heard, "did you forget this? What about that and maybe it would be good to take this." After a few years of getting in trouble when I didn't listen, I now listen!

I was early as it was 8:30am and the workshop started at 9am, so it gave me time to go over my material that I had gathered and put together. One of the things I put in the packet was an advanced meditation...and I did not know why I put it in. As I was about to tear it out the hostess showed up and we started to talk. The students who came to the workshop on Saturday were not 101 students but very advanced. Not what I had in mind to teach...

As I did the opening for the Workshop my mind was racing! "What are you going to teach!" These students are so much more advanced. Then it was my turn to speak for the next two hours... As I opened my mouth with no clue what to say...Peace moved through my whole being and the words tumbled off the tongue. It was the inner workings of energy and a little quantum physics integrated with the chakra system. When I would pause, thoughts and pictures would enter into my mind.

There was no time for me to question as the thoughts moved on through, using my own experiences to explain them. It was when someone talked about a cretin meditation they had heard of that I remembered the packet and it was the same meditation that I had thought about tearing out of the packets...."Wow" The students seemed to be engaged and learning.... I was learning that sometimes all we have to do is show up and trust....

This morning I woke up and again everyone was asleep so I lay there and went into twilight. What came were little flashes like movie clips of my past from childhood until now when I thought I was all alone. What I saw in each clip was that I wasn't alone. I was loved and surrounded even when I didn't realize it. As I came out of twilight moving more into the world of matter. I still felt a strong presence around me and a feeling of great love.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thurs; the dreams...

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning chanting a chant that my Qi Gong Master teacher taught me a while ago, to protect myself when I am under spiritual attack. Not only was I doing that, but in my dreams a song kept playing in my thoughts called "Bullet Proof". The only phrase that played over and over was the part about being bullet proof. It about made me crazy when I was brushing my teeth as the lyric kept on. How strange, I thought and remembered my Teacher giving me instructions again in my dream.

It was not until I was having coffee and eating my oatmeal that my daughter walked into the kitchen and greeted me with a narration of her dream. She had had what most would call a nightmare but her description was in detail with the characteristics of a Vivid dream. She described a dark entity that took on a shape of a woman and had two faces.... It went on and I won't go into detail but will say that it ended up waking her from the dream in cold fear.

She quickly started to call in the light and protect herself, the whole house and everyone that is in our home. She told me that she had woken up at 3am which is the active time of night for the other side. As she continued to talk about her dream I started to make the connection to my own dream and the protection I was doing in the dream.....

Hmmm.... as it stated to come together.....I am thinking this has to do with the little job that she is going to do in California. Last night I was talking to my teacher who leads our "Spirit Rescue" team and got home really late from the "Developing Circle". Everyone had gone to bed so I was not able to talk to my daughter about a technique for her to use in clearing the home.

I know in the past when we are going to clear a home with strong activity and often a dark entity or entities, it seems that the other side always seems to know that we are coming. Sometimes, I have had the experience of lots of activity in our own home and even visits in dreams or in waking hours that are not pleasant. It always seems to be a warning or an effort to keep us away if the entity is not of the positive character. So I am guessing the dreams are related.

This was not what we were expecting as it was only to be a house clearing and crossing the ghosts over now we are sure that we are dealing with something much darker....My instinct as a mom tell me not to let her do it, but there is something that tells me that she needs to do this and she will be successful. Besides there will be lots of help on both sides.... Mmmmmmm......It will be interesting to see what comes in twilight........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much has been going on in the last two days.... the night before last, I had a dream about opening the doors under my sink and all the things that we store under the sink was falling out onto the floor. I was in a hurry so I threw everything back in and shut the doors. When I woke up I thought about the dream and remembered this incident.

As I was in a session with my Reiki Client, this dream kept coming back to me so I pushed it away and continued with the session. Later, in the car, this thought again came back and I realized that the things that I kept stashed under the sink were things that I needed to clear out. Then I remembered that the Solar energy that came in Sunday was helping people to clear out and move into a different space; a changing of the guard. (Changing the old guard with the new.)

Tuesday seemed to be all about looking at the things that I didn't want to deal with by acknowledging them and letting go. I also knew that this was not going to go away until I did this, so I sat down into a meditation.

Symbols are one of the languages of the soul, so I went back in a dream like state and opened the doors under the sink. I pulled out things to take a better look at them and there seemed to be a memory attached to the things that I brought out. There were old things I had stashed away that were of no use to me any more that needed to be tossed. I acknowledged them, allowing the memory and emotion to come with it as it moved through me, and when it was finished playing out, thanked it for teaching me and put it in the trash bag.

In my meditation I hulled out two large trash bags out to the curb, closed the garage doors and came back to clean and put new paper down in the cabinet for new memories to have a clean home. When I was finished I closed the doors and came out of my meditation.

I love this energy that has come into the earth that is helping us all move into a higher realm of living and healing. One of the important things that we need to do when working with the other side is to deal with our own things in our life that pull at us.

When it is time to let go you will get a nudge from your soul. This helps to make things so much clearer. It's nice to know what is yours and what is not. This way you are not projecting your emotional baggage on to others or your mind taking over making things up when you are working.... Very important to pay attention and deal with if you are to work with "Spirit Rescue".

By doing this you don't lose your memory, but you don't have the emotional baggage attached so if you come upon a situation that is close to something you have experienced you can look at it without becoming undone... But this is not something you do once and are good. You have to always be working on releasing and healing or the work gets cloged up so to speak..

I got a phone call from someone in California and they seemed to have ghosts, only the ghosts were interfering with the lives of the living. When that happens it is time to look at the situation and see about a "Spirit Rescue". I can't go this time but my daughter is able to go so there is a little prep work before she leaves that we need to work on.... It will be interesting...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Evening

Mid-morning today, my daughter asked me to go to see a movie, so I went with her for a girls morning out. Since we were at the movie we had to turn our phones on silent. About the time the previews came on I felt like my heart was aching. I was feeling really sad and realized that I had run out of the house without doing my ritual of protecting myself. I do this every day since I am empathic and pick up other people's emotions and have to sort out who's is who's.

As I quickly did my little ritual, I had the distinct feeling that someone was thinking of me and looked down in my purse where I saw a light glowing. I knew then that someone was trying to call me and I needed to answer. Excusing myself I quickly went out into the hallway to call back the number but found a message. It was from a friend who wanted to share some very distressing news. I quickly texted them back and as soon as I responded the heart ache went away.

I could feel some relief as they knew where I was and they were OK.... going back into the movie I was able to enjoy the time I had with my daughter.


Dear Diary,

I forgot to mention that I went to the Doctor for a yearly check up and he was extremely busy, so my time there was a little longer than usual. I found myself in my cotton gown sitting in a cold room feeling a bit exposed wishing that the appointment would be over soon. That was just not my luck. The longer I waited the more anxious I got.

As I sat there waiting, I tried to move my mind away from my situation as I was getting nervous. Then it dawned on me to see if I could take the time to meditate. That worked wonderfully as I sat there in silence. In the stillness of the room, my spirit guide came in with a thought, "Why not Reiki the room with beautiful energy for the ladies who might be in my same situation during the day". Why not?!

So I came out of the meditation and started to Reiki the room filling the room with loving energy. I got so carried away that I Reikied all the tools and cotton balls in the room. By the time the Dr. came in I was feeling great about the energy in the room and being able to connect in my meditation that I greeted him with a big smile.

Everything checked out A-OK and I was out of there quickly. I spent the rest of the morning still feeling the Reiki energy and I seemed to greet everyone with a smile, and even caught others smiling back. I must say that I am not fond of Doctor appointments but this one seemed to have a lesson there waiting for me......

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

I am finding dimes all around the house as a gentle reminder of my Grandmother who passed away two years ago this month. As my father leaves pennys my Grandmother leaves dimes. This morning my Mom called and shared a dream that she had about my Grandmother which made me smile.

It was my Grandmother who taught me so many wonderful things that I still enjoy in my life so it is always fun to find the dimes as a remembrance of her. It is funny the way the other side can get in touch with us either trough dreams or little gifts that they leave. Do we really know how much we are really loved?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday evening.....

I must say that since Friday I have felt this beautiful energy that moves through the bones and out past the skin as it pours out into the energy field surrounding the body. It is a massage of waves pulsing out of the ground. I catch myself being distracted by this lovely energy when I pause through out the day.

So beautiful is this energy that it seems to open up the heart and I find myself sending love out randomly to anyone or anything. The magnitude of the colors in the day are a feast for the soul. My kids laugh at me as I am talking to them and suddenly become distracted by the brilliance of light and color in and around everything that I see.

Dreams and morning twilight are begining to become a classroom as I am in that state for there is much to see and learn. Then during the day what was once fragments are now becoming whole pictures with interaction within relationships. There seems to be no judgement only observation and appreciation of fellow travelers following their own path.

Beauty is all around even in the vibration of the air. Today I could feel how magnificent it is to just be and caught myself smiling at so many who crossed my path... Isn't life truly amazing...

Friday, July 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

There seemed to be a lot of activity going on in the house with shadows and light moving in and out of sight. One of my children got a visit from a ghost who appeared in their dream. What was funny was that the ghost told them that they had come to get a look at us. Apparently they were enjoying the conversation and wanted to be contacted to..

On my end... I have been waking up the last few days in and between dreams knowing that I am busy in them but not remembering them when I am fully awake. This morning however I was able to recall my dream when I was in twilight. When I did I found that I had been a taught a method of understanding something that I had been puzzling me the day before when I was working on my studies. The lesson made everything much more clearer to understand when I looked at it from that perspective.

One thing that I can say to is that upon waking up I understood that the vibration of the earth had changed to a much higher frequency. Something happened over night.... Even upon being fully awake with coffee I can feel the energy moving right down inside the bones expanding through the body and out through the skin as it surrounds my energy field. It is a wonderful feeling of peace and tingling all over the body and soul......

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

Wow, yesterday I took a tirp to see a Reiki Client in Terrell which is an hour drive from where we live. I left at 8am and moved through some of the traffic with ease but the best part was that it was raining and the sky lit up. The clouds rolled in like something you see in a movie with an ocean and I was able to get a front row seat on the highway.

I had a nice hot cup of coffee and turned on some beautiful music and enjoyed the show. As I road on down the highway. I could see the most beautiful greens, blues, whites, purples and gray colors as the morning made everything look in a fairy land.

My heart started to swell with the emotion from the colors and this love burst out which spilled over into my soul covering me and filling me up. I felt so full almost like eating too much at a meal after Thanksgiving. The energy that moved through me opened my eyes so that I could see the energy surrounding everything. It was so beautiful that I caught myself crying releasing some of what I held within.

My time with my client was wonderful and the drive was a repeat of the morning drive. Wow, there is sooooo much love out there and such an amazing world.

This morning when I got up for coffee. I sat in the living room and felt this wonderful tingling sensation all over me. I could even feel it outside of me and around me. Wow, I thought how cool is this that I can feel this. Then I caught a glimps of the white smoke as I looked down toward my lap as it disappeared moving through me. Oh..... I was shearing energy with someone in the room. I should have known... I thought.

It stayed for a little longer then left.... I don't know who it was and realized that it had happened only Sat then again today... I wonder if I brought someone home?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday evening..

Dear Diary,

Interesting weekend, I must say.... Sat I went with my family to visit another person in our family and we were sitting in the living room when I noticed that someone passed though me. I was sitting in the big easy chair just visiting when I got this weird feeling of something going through me and caught the last of it with my eyes as I realized what was happening. I thought I knew who it was but when I recalled the incident I did not recognise the energy.

Saturday was the lunar eclipse and I thought it might be good to ask for clarity on a relationship in my life which has been making me question so I asked for clarity before I went to sleep. Nothing came in my dream until my husband woke up and I woke up. As I was going back to sleep I got a movie of past events of my life and conversations that I would have never put two and two together. When I added two and two it equalled four and I had my answer.

Sunday I went back to the little church that I talked to the Pastor last Sunday. This time one of my teachers came for a visit. What was fun was that she saw the light and colors around the Pastor. She also saw the angels where the choir sits. I had seen this to and was excited that she had the same experience. I know that I have wondered why with only ten in the choir why it sounded like a hundred voices..."Da"! You can feel the emotion move through the room......It is just different. Hard to explain and must be experienced.

In a church of only a hundred and four something is happening there you can feel it in the church as it seems to be in the air.... Two years ago there were only thirty to fifty people and was dying. Now?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Diary,

Tuesday I got to go on an overnight trip with a good friend to pick up her daughter in Oklahoma who was flying in from a mission trip from Costa Rika. We drove up there enjoying our visit and picked her up sometime after nine that night. It was fun listening to her stories and later I fell into a hard sleep leaving her up talking to her mother bubbling with enthusiasm over the trip.

The hotel bed was comfortable and sleep came fast but the dream that came caught me a little off guard. I dreamed about my home and my family. I dreamed about the five pets and how amazing my life was then as I was becoming comfortable with my life in my dream I dreamed that one of my pets died. Now that does not sound too bad as it could have been my husband or children but the loss of my pet was so sad. I kept looking for the cat that passed away and the loss was huge.

If you know that I can see and talk to ghost and even have pets who have passed on hang out in the house then this reaction might seem a little strange. When I woke up I called and asked my daughter how the cat was and she said just fine. Even upon return the cat was just as snippy as ever.

It was not until this morning after a goodnight sleep that the thought entered into my head that I had not lost the cat but had lost something close to me. I still don't know what it is and I am making note of this time as I have in the past and waiting for something to up later that will mark date knowing that I was warned.

Also, to make note this Sat is a lunar eclipse time to be letting old things go so that we can move on.....

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Diray,

Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to meet with a local Pastor and visit being able to talk about what I do. It was quite amazing to me as to how welcome I was received. I must admit I had some doubts and fears brought on by my own past experiences with churches and it was because of this I wanted to back out but listening to the sermon that morning I heard some things that encouraged me to speak...

A teacher once told me that to be enlightened is not to have a life without conflict but to be aware when you have the conflict and to learn during the experience. I am by no way enlightened but I do try to allow myself to experience what I am feeling and to learn form it. It turns out that the only conflict was in me as the Pastor was very receptive. He even shared some personal experiences of his own.

Today was quite ordinary well, I guess you have to define what ordinary is... There was someone in the dining room poping their head out for a few seconds just enough to see what is going on in our living room. I was standing behind the couch and was facing that direction so that I got to see them. My family were all sitting in the living room and I am now to where I don't mention it unless it is really unusual.

This reminds me of the pennies that I find from my father. He passed away a year ago February. After his death I received a message for my mother which I had no clue what it meant. I called my mother in California and relayed the message and she started to cry. She had wondered about something after his death and he had come to let her know it was OK. The message had to do with something about pennies.

After that she begin to find pennies as a sign when she felt him around her and when she told me what it meant I soon started to find pennies. That had never happened before and they would show up in the strangest places. My Father is still leaving pennies for me and they pop up at just the right moment. They always seem to be on time for a special event or when I need to hold my tongue as I can hear my dad telling me how powerful words are. There are those occasions that I do find pennies and know it is a penny from Heaven and he is just saying Hi.

It has been nice to know that we are thought of on the other side......

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was honoured to meet this man who confessed that they had found peace through forgiveness. What struck me about this person was the question they asked. Has anyone in your life ever told you that you had to kill someone? Now that may sound strange but he was drafted at the age of 19 in a war. I realized then that one of the biggest sacrifices in some of our young soldiers is a wounding of their soul as they had to forget all they were taught and go out and kill.

Sometimes to look at something from a different perspective changes the way we see things. As he talked he said that the anger of being made to kill and anger at himself from killing was so great. But the beauty of it all was the peace that he found in forgiveness and his relationship with the Creator. Through his connection he was able to forgive himself first and then worked his way through the pain and anger. When you listened to the story you could hear a peace that he carried and an even greater wisdom.

One of my friends from the circle daughter was in Hospice these past few weeks. She passed away this Wed. My husband was at a memorial for his Uncle and I went to the funeral for my friend's daughter today. In all of this the relationships we have with one another are so precious.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tuesday was interesting as I spent the day doing errands with my daughter. She shared with me when we were driving around that she had seen light orbs in my bedroom a few days ago. She had seen them at the foot of my bed as she walked into the room then they exited out of the room into the kitchen and disappeared.

Orbs or lights have been seen by both of us in the kitchen so that was not uncommon. What was strange is that they were in my bedroom at the foot of the bed and flashing and left when she came in the room. The orbs are not at all scary or have any feel of being negative in our perceptions so we just live with them in the house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday evening....

Really busy weekend and very interesting.... We were invited to a home of a person who was experiencing a lot of activity and was in the past being physically attacked. Not only did they have ghost but the dark entities which the person called a demon. Actually there were two in the home along with other entities on different levels.

The owner of the home had brought in people to clear the home but it only stirred up activity and caused a great deal of back lash on the owner. One group did manage to close the portal and then banish the demon out of the home but what we gathered was that it was still trapped on this side of the portal and only banished from the house.

The concern of the home owner was that any tampering of the house would cause an opening into the home allowing it to reek havoc on the home owner in revenge so we were asked to only observe. We did however find a lot of activity in the home without it but there was also still a large presence of evil lurking in the home.

That evening we moved around the home observing and all of us felt a presence of being watched and it was not happy. It did seem to clear off within an hour of us noticing it and then it felt like it never existed. Our host was very gracious in allowing us to tour the home and we kept our word not to do anything and to only observe. I must say it was hard not to help. I don't know how our host lives like that because you felt like you were on guard all the time.

The home owner did explain that this was nothing to what they had endured with the other presence in the home. They felt that even with all the activity it was liveable.

I had no trouble on the drive back home and felt confident in knowing that I know how to protect myself before I go on any rescue and how to cleanse myself. Getting out of the car and walking into the house I noticed what looked like energy trying to appear. I was so tired from the visit and acknowledged the ghost or tag-a-long but told them to stay outside the house. I was too tired to talk to them. It was 1:30am...

The next day after sleeping in I realized that I should have helped the ghost who followed me home to cross or at least listened to see what they had to say. I am making a note that the ghost was not attached to me but to my car and that is how it followed me home so I am not sure without communicating with the ghost if it was in the home, outside or just in the neighbourhood.

Today I had jury duty and was one in forty called for a trial for questioning. The lady Lawyer had a man following her around in the energy form. You could see the head and shoulders of a man just outside of her own energy field. His broad shoulders and bulky build gave him away but when when she mentioned a story about her father who had passed. He got brighter....... I am guessing it was her father...

Out of the forty 28 of us were released to go home and I was happy to go home and join my family. I worked with my Qi Gong teacher in the early evening and enjoyed the relaxing meditation of being familiar with our energy forms.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we had to be at the University for our second day of orientation at seven in the morning so we we left the house early. On the car ride over I took the time to Reiki and put protection around myself since Steve was driving and I didn't want any more house guest. As we drove I could feel this tingling in and around my body as the vibration moved to a higher level for protection.

We got to the University in time and was able to meet with our group for breakfast and continued our day with our classes on how the university runs. It was about 11 during the next class session that I noticed that one of the professors who got up to speak a very soft spoken fellow had something special with the white light that surrounded his body. A blue turquoise light in neon traced around his body and lit up mixing with the white light in his energy field. Then a yellow light shown out of the crown of his head mixing in with blue and shown three feet above his head.

I took a tipple take and was entranced with the beauty of light shining all around this man. As I looked at him and at the light there was nothing to indicate that this man was any different from anyone else in the room except for the light that emanated from his whole being. It was beautiful. I knew then that this was someone very special and that the students who had him as their Professor were lucky to be taught by him.

As I sat there watching the man speak I noticed to the right of the room a white smoke slowly moving across the room a few inches above the heads of the audience making its way toward the speaker but it dissipated a few rows toward the front. It looked like when someone blows a large puff of smoke from a cigarette only no one was smoking since it is not allowed in the buildings. Also the size of it covered several people at a time as it moved across the room.

In my experience when I have seen this I knew it to indicate the presence of a ghost but there was more than one in this case. They dismissed us for lunch and we were later met as a large group in the auditorium for more speakers and to hear from the University administrators. Each speaker had the light emanating from them but nothing like the Professer before the lunch break. As I looked around the room I could see a golden white light and make out the outline of a head and shoulders of a small child with its arms wrapped around a woman a few rows in front of me.

A few rows on my left were two couples sitting in two different rows but close to each other. And since it was a parent orientation to the university I guessed they were sitting with their spouses but the man in one couple and the women in the other couple seemed to be very connected with a wall of energy that they shared even though the way that they were sitting they looked like they didn't know each other. I realized then that it was none of my business and averted my eyes....I have gotten into trouble in the past by seeing someone else's business so I moved on trying to concentrate listening to the speaker and grounding myself back into a more physical reality.

The day continued on with seeing the other side interact with the living and I watched in fascination trying not to stare and be rude. Lucky for us we got out early and were able to enjoy the rest of our evening. I have not heard from the chain smoker in the car that came home with us the other day so I am guessing he decided to move on. Today should be quiet so I am resting from all the activity from the last two days and need to catch up on my house work.