Friday, August 29, 2014


Dear Diary,

I met my Akashic Records teacher for lunch yesterday and enjoyed visiting with her. It is always nice to catch up and talk about the things that are happening in our own lives. Today I met with another friend who wants to take up the project of putting a directory together on a much larger scale to help people find resources in the DFW area. I was glad that she was excited about doing the project and had some amazing ideas of how to put it all together.

As for other things going on my dreams have been very vivid and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night aware that there seems to be a lot of work that I am involved in on the other side. This has been going on for the last few nights. I have had no visitors when I wake up so it makes it easy to fall back to sleep and continue my work that I am participating in.

A friend emailed me and let me know that I was in her dreams last night. She wanted to know if I was okay. I had been thinking of her so I was glad that she contacted me on this side as I have been forgetting to take time to call or text her. I made sure I got emailed her back today to catch up.

Another friend called me the other day asking me to get into her records. I told her I would and I opened up her book with her on the phone. The reading went well. I never know what is going to be asked or how the record keepers are going to respond. I learn a lot when I am in other people's records. I only open the records up with their permission and with them with me. I don't open the records up unless I have permission and they are present. Then I closet the records when we are finished not to be opened up unless requested by the person wanting to ask questions in their records.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Dear Diary,

Today was different then my usual day as I got to go with my friend Robin to help hand out donation checks to the different food pantries in the area. You may already know of her as "Robin on the Roof". She is my friend who had the dream to sit on the roof of a building to bring awareness of hunger in the world. Last year she went viral on Facebook and has started to really work on trying to help the food pantries stock up for families and many who need the services. Her campaign is not only for the local pantries and food banks but is world wide. She has been doing this for the last five years and each year she ups the poundage to get her off the roof when she goes up in June.

Today was about educating some of the volunteers as we went to visit the different food pantries and local food banks. It helps so much to see first hand where the food and money is going to. Each of the locations that we went to were different from each other as to the organizing the food and volunteers. I was surprised of the how many people who were in need that were struggling to make ends meet even with jobs. Then there are the elderly who are alone or trying to make it on limited incomes.

I watched an elderly couple turned away who were asked to come back in two weeks because they could only use the food bank a few times a month because of the limits of food being handed out. My heart broke for them as I saw them walk away. To make it clear some of the food banks are funded by the government and then there are other food banks and pantries that are run by the churches who may or may not have the food to support the families and the communities that they help. We were at one food pantry at a church who said that they didn't refuse anyone who was in need of food. That was good to hear!  They even were feeding a kitten that someone dropped off.

I did talk to Robin about organizing a webpage on her Robin on the Roof website to post a list of all the food banks in the DFW area with the amount of times you can go per month. My thought was that a person who is in need of the services only has to go to one website to find all the information online. I know that libraries offer free use of computers and anyone can plug in if they want to help another person who is in need. I also talked to her about posting the free clinics etc... I think we can do this... I am going to talk to my husband about building it on her website for her tonight.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Dear Diary,

We got my son moved in at school this weekend. He seems to be excited about going back. During the move I noticed that there seemed to be a lot of activity in our home and where he is living at his school. As we were moving in his things smokey images were darting around the room as we were going in and out.

When we were home yesterday morning I saw a large image of an animals spirit in the house. It started to show itself as soon as we moved one of the big chairs from upstairs that my son wanted to take it to college with him. At first I was not really paying much attention to what I was seeing but I kept seeing it lurking behind one of the couches in the living room downstairs where we were going back and forth to the other rooms in the house. Each time I saw it I had forgotten that it was there running into it again only to remember that it was hanging out there in the house. My mind was busy with the move. Sometime when you move things around the house that haven't been moved in awhile seems to stir things up a bit.

At first I would only catch a quick glimpse of it as it took my brain a few seconds to catch up to what I was seeing. Once I realized what I was seeing the image would disappear. I described it to my husband as looking like a mirage that you see on a very hot road during the day. It looked at first like a clear vapor in the form of a rather large cat. I am not talking about a domestic animal like our pets but a large animal like a panther or a jaguar. The only thing that I can think of now is that the room where the chair was kept was the cat's sanctuary from my son's big dog. The spirit animal must have been hanging out with our cats upstairs away from all the dogs downstairs.

Then this morning as I was having breakfast with my daughter she began to tell me about a spirit of a women who had been showing herself to her at different times during the day and night. She went on to say how the spirit seemed to be somewhat aggressive in wanting my daughter to acknowledge her. it seemed that when my daughter was in the living room or entering her room the women spirit kept standing close to her getting into her personal space catching her attention then would vanish only to show up later. I asked my daughter how long this had been going on and she said that it had been happening at least a week. My daughter does know how to work with spirits so if the spirit decides to contact her to talk or show her something then the spirit is in good hands.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

Oh I can't believe it is already Friday. We have had no calls for our foster dog. We took her for a walk the other night with our other dogs and she didn't know how to walk on a leash. It was strange for us as the vet told us that she is a least a year old.

This morning I woke up realizing that we need to step up our efforts in finding her pet parents if not we may be adopting her ourselves. As I was laying there in the quiet of the morning. I asked if my guides were with me. I lay there in the dark with my eyes closed wondering if I should get up when a golden white light lit up my third eye making me think that someone turned on the light in the room. I opened my eyes to check but it was still very dark. Again I closed my eyes and a bright light lit up inside head and I knew that I my question was being answered. They were there with me in the room.

The rest of the day was busy with family and again getting the little dog settled in. I got a little time with my son to sit and watch a movie this afternoon and as we were sitting there a spirit walked across the living room. I laughed and mentioned it out loud as we continued on with our movie. Thirty minutes later another spirit crossed directly in front of me. It was hard to miss and again I was tickled to see the spirits moving around the house again. I guess things are starting to settle down a little and the spirits are starting to feel more comfortable showing themselves again.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Dear Diary,

It has been another busy two days. We were at the vet yesterday with my daughter's cat who was spiting up blood. It seems that the new cat food that we put her on is not good for her age group. Blue Buffalo has too much protein for older pets to handle in their systems. We are not over the hump yet we had to take her again this morning to the vet for further observation.

Our new rescue that we are fostering is also having a hard time as far as us learning about her potty habits. I feel like I am starting all over with a little puppy. She is a year old and a Chiweenie which seems to be new breed in the little dog world. I hope we are able to find her pet parents soon as she is also stealing our hearts.

With all that is going on around the house it seems that I have not paid any attention to the spirits at all. I do feel them around me knowing that they are there. As the children and the animals seem to need our full attention lately I haven't checked in or noticed them moving or appearing anywhere. I still have not heard from the spirit of the women who was killed but I am guessing the other spirits are helping her or her own guides have helped her cross. In the meantime once things settled down a bit I know the spirits will start to show themselves again.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Dear Diary,

 This has been a great birthday weekend as it has been busy with lots of family and friends. I have to admit I need today to catch up on some rest from all the weekend activities. One of the most unusual things that happened that was not related to by birthday was that one of my dear friends needed our help yesterday as her house was flooding from the big rainstorm that hit us that morning. My husband, son and I rushed over not sure what we were in for but were able to pitch in helping to sweep the water away from the door. As my son put out a hose that siphoned the water out to the street which gave the french drain a chance to handle all the water that was overflowing on the porch. With our crazy Texas rainstorms we never know if we are going to have a few sprinkles or a flood!

I had so much going on with all the physical happenings around the house with everyone stopping by or helping to celebrate that I didn't notice a lot of spirit activity. Only last night did I make sure to check in to see if there were any spirits in the room before I went to sleep. I wanted to make sure I was available if that women's spirit wanted to contact me. It was very quite in the whole house and not a spirit around. I finally called for one of my guides which even took awhile to connect. They all seemed to be busy with what they were all doing on the other side. I realized that I was not needed so I went to sleep and slept soundly until my husband woke me up this morning saying goodbye as he was leaving to work.

I heard the garage door going up and then down when he left so I rolled over trying to go back to sleep. That is when I got a quick flash of two spirits standing by the window watching my husband leave. Then then turned around toward me and pointed at me giving me the impression that he was returning for something. Sure enough I heard the garage door open as he hurried in looking for something in the house that he forgot. After a minute he left repeating the same routine with the garage door. I laid there a little while knowing that I couldn't go back to sleep so I got up starting my morning being greeting by some very happy and hungry pets.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Dear Diary,

This morning I woke up realizing that I have had little time to work with the spirits lately. I have had too much going on in the physical world as it has been busy around here these last few days. It all started when my daughter text me a picture of a little dog that her Sorority sister rescued during Rush near their collage campus on Wednesday night. The story is that they rescued the little one from a very busy road. They took her back to their apartment but were afraid of being fined the $500.00 pet deposit for having a pet. I agreed to foster the little dog with all my animals what is one more.

Thursday night my daughter hand delivered the little dog to us at 11 pm at night since the girls get off of Rush duty after 10. To my surprise she was one of those new designer dogs. I figured that since she was one of those she may have a chip so the next morning we hauled her down to our vet only to discover that not only did she not have a chip but she was pregnant. After the shock wore off the vet then told us that she thought the dog was a little over a year old. Breaking the news to my husband only opened up a few choice words when I told him at work over the phone. I just let him rant to get it out of his system and being the vary good sport that he is he agreed we could foster her until we found her owners or a new home that would care for her and her puppies.

Friday I spent walking the area and asking people if they had lost a dog where she was found. It reached over a hundred degrees so I had to give up after a few hours. Today is my birthday and my husband and I spent our morning putting up signs around the collage neighborhood hoping that we would find the little one's pet parents.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I know that I have agreed to help in someway with the spirits who were trying to help the women who was killed. I don't know what to expect or how they will want to contact me. I just know that I must remember to ask my guides to help me be centered enough to help sometime tomorrow evening when I get some alone time to myself.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Dear Diary,

Oh my it has been an interesting night. I got up in the middle of the night around three am. I was awakened by someone talking to me. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if it was real but I was very glad to be awake.  Everyone in the house was sound asleep and so I decided to get up and get a drink of water. I went back to bed and laid there watching the clock not feeling tired at all. I didn't want to read or get up to go watch TV in the other room. I decided to lay there and see if I would just fall asleep.

What I didn't mention was that the night before I had a visitor who was having trouble communicating with me. I knew that someone was in the room with my husband and I when I went to bed but ignored him because I was tired. The man kept coming over to the bed wanting to let me know he was there and after I relaxed I was able to open up my senses to finally hear the man's voice speaking a few sentences.  After that I got nothing and told him we could work later when I got some rest. I didn't hear from him again until last night.

Back to last night I remembered the energy from the man and felt his presences around me. I asked him if he needed to talk but got an answer back that there were several in the room with us. Hmmm.... I thought as I wondered if we are going to do another crossing. That is when I heard very clearly a women saying that she had been murdered. When I heard this my mind immediately stepped in remembering that the last time I had heard from a victim of a violent crime it had been in the spring. As I tried to clear my thoughts I wanted to let it be open again for any communication and that is when I heard the man talking to the women about what had happened to her. I asked if there was anyone else in the room who wanted to speak but found a low buzz of voices talking to each other.

Since I didn't seem to be getting anywhere I called in my guide and asked if we were going to be doing a crossing. My guide answered that we would in four days. I thought that was very strange as crossing just seem to happen and I was not used to them being put off for any number of days. Still awake I reached down and petted the dog who was snoring next to the bed. Okay, no one was talking to me so I turned over and waited for sleep with the sound of conversations in the background.

This morning there was no one in the room and I ended up sleeping late from being up the night before. My mom called later when I was up and as were visiting I mentioned to her about what my guide had said. She paused for a few moments and then said that when someone dies a violent death that they often stay close to the body but mostly they are in a great deal of shock from the trauma of the transition. "Oh yeah," I do remember this and apparently she didn't stay close to her body but seemed to be finding some comfort from the other spirits in the house who were wanting to help her. I thought about this and realized that four days must mean that the murder had just happened. There is no way to know where and when this occurred unless the spirit of the women wants to talk to me. It could have happened anywhere... My mom reminded me that I might want to ask the guides and angels if they had any information. Thinking this over I agreed to ask when I got some alone time to focus.

I have to admit that I am used to working with spirits who have been long past that stage or have been trapped or even lost. I have crossed spirits at funerals but they have had time to be around the family and wanted to cross. My little experience with the victims of violent crimes has been that they have contacted me but mostly they have shone me their death or wanted me to know how they have died. One spirit shared that she had been missing for twenty years and showed me that she was in a large metal box somewhere in the ocean. Another spirit showed me how he was hung in his prison cell and the information he shared was about his lawyer. The list goes on. I never know what is going to happen when I am contacted...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

I was on the phone with someone in my family yesterday and they were telling me that they had noticed white smokey images flashing around the baby. I explained that when someone is born with the psychic senses open they tend to attract a lot of attention from the other side. It was not something to be worried about as the baby's guides and angels would stand watch until the child was ready to handle the energy as it would be part of a soul contact to bring into this lifetime the skills to work on both sides.

Last night was wonderful I got to slept through the whole night. My dreams were deeply vivid and I remember a lot of detail from them this morning. My dreams were very active and communicated in a great deal of symbolism. Later when I have time to myself I will go look up some of the symbols that stand out and decipher what they were tying to tell me.

The really exciting part of the dream was when I was in the middle of dreaming a very loving energy appeared out of nowhere emanating a massive amount of unconditional love towards me. The energy was so strong that I felt this love throughout my whole dream body which moved vibrating into my whole being. This then knocked me into a conscious state as I recognized that this energy was not apart of the dream. I also knew in that moment that it was someone who loved me deeply stopping by to let me know that they were there. As the awareness spread through me that I was also dreaming it pulled me into a state where I continued to experience the rest of the dream on a conscious level. That in itself is a game changer when dreaming and the whole way that one moves through the dream.I was very excited this morning when I was waking up that something amazing had happened and I was aware of it.

Today is my day to work on paintings and the children's book for adults that I actually wrote in 2010 that has been sitting on my desk. It needs to be finished and
I am working now on the illustrations.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday "Colors"

Dear Diary,

While it has been awhile since I have written it is because there has been a lot going on in the physical world around me. I haven't had a lot of time lately to focus my attention on the spirits and what they are doing as I am focused on my family and friends and what they are doing in their lives. The energy changed a great deal around the house at the end of last week as I was invited to several lunches with friends. The reason for the change in the energy is that my attention and energy becomes channeled into some of the topics that we talk about which I find very refreshing and exhilarating as it gets me to move out of whatever grove I am in.

The topic that came up and one that I have not spent a great deal of time with lately as I have been working on other aspects of my own life is the colors in one's aura and a person's base color. What I mean by base color is that when a person is born they have a purpose and a special light that shows up in their aura field broadcasting to others what their mission in this lifetime is. On a subconscious level we all pick up on the missions of others and ourselves as we move in and out of each other's fields. On a more conscious level we may not know that we are picking up the energy in other's energy but feel, know or intuitively get the message. It is when it is spelled out directly in front of us that we may agree that we already knew that or that we had a feeling that was what we already knew.

I have to admit to myself that with the kids home for the summer and with everything going on around with the additional pets and family events I have left this aspect of knowledge behind. When a friend asked me the week before to recommend books I gave her a list that I like to share with my Reiki students to help them with their spiritual growth. One of the keys to learning about energy is that you discover that everyone can see energy and it is not a gift unique to special individuals. If practiced it can be something that you can call on at anytime by just softening your gaze. What scares most people is that once they train their eyes to see the different colors of energy they can also tap into seeing the spirits and beings on the other side. This can cause some anxiety for some who are only wanting to learn about the colors and seeing auras.

My friend invited me to lunch again last week and was excited as she found a color test in the book and asked if I had taken it. I had to admit that it was not one that I had sat down to take as I use the book as a reference when I am working with others when I am in their energy fields so I only use the references for the different colors when I am guided. The test in the book that that my friend was referring to was to help a person find their special calling in life. She then invited me over after lunch to take the test from the book as she had printed it out and it would be easier to take on a flat sheet of paper. Since I was free for another hour I went to her house answering questions for twenty minutes. Then we scored it using the instructions from the book and looked up the references from the final score. It was as I already knew and felt very attuned to being my very mission and purpose in this lifetime. I was pleased with what I read as it validated with what I am doing and I had learned a new way to use the book.

The book I am referring to is Life Colors, "What the colors in your aura reveal." by Pamala Oslie

# Your unique personality,
# Your key to successful relationships,
# Your talents for money and career.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Dear Diary,

Well, in the last few days I have noticed a few dark smoky images flitting across the rooms in the house or when I am out and about doing my errands. They always seem to take me by surprise as I am not usually looking for them when they come across my peripheral vision then move in front of me disappearing as my brain tries to catch up to make a note of what I am seeing.

The night before last a few hours before bedtime I started to see images of different faces and people flashing in my minds eye every time I blinked or closed my eyes for a second. This tipped me off to ask if there was anyone in the room just to check the energy. Lately I have been so busy with my family, friends and pets that the only time I seem to remember to check is just before I go to bed. When I asked I got a firm "yes." Then I decided to open my sight softening my eyes to adjust to the energy in the room. It was when I did this that I began to see that there were many spirits in the room wanting to cross over. Quickly I called in my spirit guide asking for the help from the angels who do the crossings and they came immediately. This time the numbers seemed doubled as there were forty or more in the room wanting to cross. The crossing began and somewhere in the middle of it all I lost consciousness and fell into a deep sleep. I awoke the next morning remembering the activities from the night before but found that the room and the energy was all clear.

Last night I again thought to check and once again got the answer "yes" that there were spirits in the room. This time I was just to exhausted to even work with the guides and angels so I asked if we could work on another night. I don't even remember the answer as I fell swiftly to sleep. Now as I record this I am thinking that I need to talk to my guide and see if we can set some guidelines if this is what we are going to be doing for awhile.

This afternoon I was visiting with a dear friend at her home and as we were talking a spirit of a man walked right behind her and disappeared into thin air out of the blue. By the time he vanished I was able to spit out the words letting my friend know what had happened. Luckily she has known me for years and didn't seem surprised to what I was telling her about what I saw. He didn't seem at all interested in us but was just passing through like a stranger passing by on the street. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday "Healing Sounds of the Universe"

Dear Diary,

I had an interesting conversation with my mom this weekend. She called and was so excited as she had seen on her Facebook a story about a man who had created a CD  from the sounds from each of the planets. The recording came from NASA.

This sparked a memory of when I was working at the Acupuncture Clinic and the acupuncturist there was using forks that were attuned to each of the sounds of the planets. The process she used was called Acutonics. What I found remarkable was when the tuning forks were used on acupuncture points and meridians of the body they accelerated the whole healing process. It was incredible to watch.

It was later explained to me that the energy or atoms that creates our physical bodies can get out of sync as the planets are doing their dance across the universe. When the energy changes around us creating different vibrations and music it can cause us to sometimes get stuck in our own emotional or physical blocks. This creates limitations that throw the physical and emotional bodies out of balance that may become more susceptible to panic attacks, illness and a multitude of symptoms.

At first I was a bit skeptical about the tuning forks. "Come on......Tuning forks that are attuned to the planets?" Well I was surprised when I ended up having an allergic reaction one morning when my throat started to close up. I reached for the Benadryl as it was convenient only to find myself in a drunken stupor from the medicine a few minutes later. My throat stopped closing up but it was still very swollen making it a little hard to breath. There I was with a swollen throat and now drunk. The good news was that the acupuncturist treated me within the hour with her tuning forks for ten minutes and my throat almost immediately completely opened up. The drowsiness and drunk feeling went away within the ten minutes which would have knocked me out for most of the day. I got up feeling like a new person from my whole experience and even went out to lunch with some friends that afternoon. It was remarkable! After that I was a believer and even took some classes learning more about the tuning forks and the planets.

Side Note:
To learn more about the tuning forks here is the Acutonics website and a YouTube video with music from the planet Jupiter.

Acutonics website for tuning forks attuned to the planets.

Here is an example of what the planet Jupter sounds like from a recording from NASA on Youtube

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday " A Bit of Humor"

Dear Diary,

"Ouch!," I hollered at my husband as I was bending over to pick up something in the living room. It took me by surprise. He answered me immediately, "What are you talking about?" "You pinched me!," I said a little annoyed. "No, I didn't!," he said, "I was working on my laptop and it is physically impossible for me to do that from where I am sitting." "Oh?," I said looking at him realizing that he was right as there was no way he could have done that with everything in his lap. Then it hit me. If it wasn't him and there was no one else in the room then it most have been a spirit. Great! Thanks a lot to whoever is in the room, I thought as it was a full pinch. 

This only happened a few days ago and was not the first time that a spirit has physically touched me or pinched me. I have had pranksters in the past wanting to have fun when I was in their territory. Now I am home and someone has a huge since of humor. On one occasion I went to met up with some friends for a drumming circle and had taken my big sweater with a hood on the back. It was late fall and was a little on the chilly side or at least chilly for us Texans. We were all settled in a circle with our drums when someone pulled on my hood that was resting on my back. I turned around knowing that everyone in the room was in the circle where I could see them but wondering if someone slipped in without me knowing. Sure enough there was no one behind me or in the room who wasn't in the circle. I decided to ignore it but again someone tugged on my sweater's hood. Only by reflex did I look around finding no one there.

I decided once again to ignore whoever was there having fun with me and concentrate on my drumming in the circle. This time there was no denying it as my sweater was fully yanked on. When this happened I couldn't help myself and broke out in a full belly laugh as I knew someone on the other side wanted to play. I acknowledged the playful spirit as we continued to drum all the while keeping up with the other drummers. That is when I heard laughing from behind me as I felt pure joy beaming at me and then I was left to my own.

"Yes," the answer is yes, if you want to know if spirits have a since of humor. They do and just because they don't have a body doesn't mean that they get all serous if they weren't serious in life. They keep whatever personalities they had before they died. The only time it changes is if they get soured by being stuck too long in the in between world of ours and the light which can take it's own toll.