Sunday, December 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

Dear Diary,

Well it has been awhile since I last wrote. I took a few years off to write a book about my life and all the amazing teachers who have come to help me learn how to use my gift of communicating. I still have so much to learn.

A few nights ago I was hanging out with my family in the living room watching a movie when I noticed a lot of spirit activity. There was lots of white and dark smoke flashing about the room and then someone trying to appear. I knew that someone was really trying to get my attention. Finally I told them that I wanted this precious time with my kids while they were here for the holidays so any help from me would have to come later when I could focus. The activity seemed to slow down but was still there hanging in the air waiting for me to excuse myself for bed.

On the way to my bedroom I could feel someone following and even saw flashes of dark smoke like substance appearing then disappearing when I started to focus in on the movement. It was when I was slipping into my the sheets that I saw a full figure standing at the foot of my bed waiting for my attention. I told the spirit that I was going to say my prayers and put up my protection grids up before I would start to communicate. The foggy image moved from the foot of the bed to hovering over me which I must admit made me a little nervous from it being so aggressive. I started with my prayer and set up my protection grids opening my eyes only to check now and then if the spirit was still waiting. Sure enough it was still there. I had over the past month changed the way I set up my protection grid and by the time I finished I opened my eyes to check on the spirit I noticed that it had gone.  Quickly I did a full scan of the room and found no trace of the spirit wanting desperately for my attention. With nothing to do I fell into a deep sleep without any disturbances.

Yesterday when I was again hanging out with the kids I had this clear thought that the way I had changed my protection grids I had banished any communication with any spirit who wanted to communicate with me. I felt terrible and sad that I had let someone down who wanted to communicate with me. I then understood that I needed to go back to the way my teacher had taught me how to set up my protection grid allowing me to be protected and still be able to use my gift to communicate and maybe even help the spirit move on to the other side.

Last night as I went to bed I remembered to set up my protection grids just exactly the way my teacher had taught me. I had been noticing a lot of activity in our home since I had changed the grids realizing as time went on I was not able to hear or help those on the other side. You must understand that no matter where I am or what I am doing I always have some sort of contact wither I want it or not. The protection grids allow me to have peace when I am being contacted and some control of how I am contacted.

I was not contacted until this morning when I was coming out of my sleep wondering if I should start the coffee machine before my husband got up. As I was contemplating a very vivid image of a young teenage girl was shown to me. It was like looking at a photograph. I saw in the picture a slender girl with long blond hair facing sideways looking to the left. She was up against a draped solid blue background wearing a short teal dress. Then I heard very clearly that the young lady was missing and there was another one missing as well.  That was all that I was shown and all that I got as my own mind began to take over with thoughts of what I should do with this information. When my husband woke up I told him about what I had seen and heard but was not sure what to do. My hope is that the spirit will contact me again with more information or at least let me know who it is that was in the photograph.