Friday, February 27, 2015


Dear Dairy,

I was surprised with all the snow we got today. It started out like any other day but by mid morning the back yard was covered completely like a winter wonderland.  Being house bound we as a family have taken advantage to catch up on some of the movies that are out and some that were Oscar nominees and winners.

There is still a lot of activity in the house these last few days. The ghosts visiting in the house haven't been playing around with the lights like they were the other night but have certainly been making their presence known to me by skirting by or moving through me while I am in the big arm chair in the living room.

 Over the last several years I have had encounters with ghosts who have died violently. In the past they have shared what had happened to them or let me know that they were still missing and there were people looking for them.  The information I got were bits and pieces before they would move on so I didn't have enough information to help them.  For example a ghost who was a woman showed me her body in the bottom of the ocean crumpled in a trunk and then told me that she had been missing for twenty years. That was all I got before I realized what I was getting and then lost the connection with her.

 So last night I had one of those experiences only this time I was dreaming. It was a normal dream as one might call it except in the middle of the dream a man came in and asked for help while pointing out two pictures of his killer in a book of mug shots. I got a good look at the front and profile of the killer. Again that was all I got... I was conscious in the dream realizing that that part of the dream was not a dream and that I was really making a connection to someone on the other side. I woke up immediately coming out of the dream with the vivid picture in my mind but then realized that I had no other information to follow up. When I tried to restore the link to the ghost I couldn't get through.

As I sat there in bed wondering about what had happened I understood that my energy must have been jumbled so the ghost had to wait to talk to me when I was sleeping to get through. I did feel a little blindsided but I want to make sure that I get more information the next time this happens. It feels like it is time to start to work out there in the field again. Also I
need to be better prepared and focused on the name of the victim and ask questions to get an address etc...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday "The Light Switch"

Dear Diary,

   Well, we have had some ghost activity these last few days. I have seen several white smokey images move across the living room while we were house bound because of the snow. One image moved through me when I was in the bedroom reading sitting propped up on the bed. I felt her as she passed through me and knew I wasn't in her way. She was just saying hello.

Last night we had different shadows moving in the dinning room that can be seen from the living room. I made a note of it but since I was busy with the family I didn't really think much about it. The only time it really started to grab my attention was when I sat down in the living room and noticed the shadows moving in and out of the dinning room into the entrance hall. The only reason this caught my attention is that every once in awhile for a split second the light would flicker like someone had walked in through the door and had shielded the light from the hall. I brought it to my husband's attention but the ghosts never did it when he was looking directly at it.

The other thing that happened was as soon as it gets dark we like to turn on the porch light. As I sat there watching the ghosts playing with the light in the entrance the light from the outside went out. From where I was sitting I could see the entrance and the light from the outside door shinning in from the window. My thought at the time was that the light had burned out so I asked my husband  who was sitting on the couch from across the room if he would change the light after his TV show was over.

As I sat there I thought I might want to check the light switch as I started to wonder more about all the activity in the dinning room and entrance way. Finally I couldn't stand my curiosity anymore and anxiously went over to the front door to check the light switch. Sure enough the light switch was off and when I switched it on, the light on the front porch lit up. It was very dark outside and hadn't been on before I switched it on...

Smiling to myself, I knew that I had seen the porch light on before it went off, I knew I should have known that they were playing with me. I walked back into the living room and let my husband know who was engrossed in his show that the light was working and not to worry about it. He smiled back at me and continued to watch his show.

Photographs by Ana:  California and Las Vegas

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday "Catching Up"

Dear Diary,

I woke up to the sound of sleet hitting the window this morning. The animals were huddled up in their blankets keeping warm refusing to get up to go out for their morning romp in the back yard. I was glad that everyone in the house had decided to stay home as the roads are icy. Yesterday our family who was visiting flew back to LA just missing the bad weather. It was a good visit as we had a wonderful time even though we were all tired from trying to fit in every moment we could together.

 I was exhausted last night turning in early only to awaken at 2:30 am by my husband who was up looking up weather reports for this morning on his phone. I got up and went into the kitchen for a drink of water and then fell back into bed. As soon as I closed my eyes I began to see flashes of many different people coming in and out of my third eye vision. Tired I asked for the images to stop trying to go back to sleep. They stopped almost immediately until I realized that I was picking up images of the ghosts in the house who were showing themselves to me.

Feeling guilty, I said I was sorry and gave permission for anyone to communicate with me. That is when I heard a man repeating the same phrase over and over that I recognized from the activities of the day before letting me know that he was there with me when I was with my family. I then asked him to be more clear when suddenly a women interrupted him. She started out saying random words but defiantly had her own voice. Then another women with a lower voice started to talk and as soon as she chimed in another man who I hadn't heard before interrupted her. I still was very much awake and knew they were gathered in my bedroom.

I opened my eyes still listening to them talk seeing that my husband had gone back to sleep. I closed my eyes only to see their images flashing in my mind again. The images were so vivid that I could see the details of their clothes while listening to them speak. Not everyone was from our decade two of the women had clothes from the 1940's. One of them looked like a show girl in a tight flashy ball gown where as the other was more conservative, almost business like. The men  seemed to be more from our time and were dressed differently. One of the men was in his early twenties in blue jeans and a button down long sleeve shirt. The other man was in late 50's wearing khakis and a nice knit sweater.

After awhile of listening to them and seeming not to get anywhere I decided to send out waves of love towards them letting them know I had to go back to sleep. I had the feeling that they had waited for my family to leave so that they could talk and be seen. It had been almost a week and they were wanting their time.  Once I did that they left me alone and I slept through the rest of the night until woke up this morning.

Side note: Ghosts can be seen several different ways.  They can be seen by a clairvoyant through the minds eyes as the ghosts imprint their images in the their mind. They can also be seen with the physical eyes of the clairvoyant.

Photographs by my sister Angelique - Taos, NM 

Friday, February 20, 2015


Dear Diary,

I was awakened this morning by the Siamese cat, head bumping my hand wanting me to pet her. When I looked at the clock it was almost seven am, late for us who usually like to start the day early. We have had family in town so we have been really busy with them trying to get our time in to be together before they leave and head back to California. I am not used to all the activities during the day and was still groggy from the deep sleep after being woke up at three in the morning. I am not sure what roused me from my sleep but as soon as I sat up in bed to check the time I remembered to scan the room.

This time when I did I saw a shadow in the shape of a big man (ghost) standing in the open doorway of the room staring at us watching us sleep. The light from the nightlight in the other room shinned around his silhouette. I wasn't frightened as I could feel there was no malice towards us only a heavy since of curiosity that we were there. I smiled at him and let him know he was welcomed and quickly went over a few house rules. He could stay as long as he didn't create any disharmony in the house. I don't mind the ghosts stopping by or being here but I want them to remember to be respectful of the living. Usually I don't have a problem but every once in a while something happens and things can get a little out of hand.

I want to say that I do miss them when I don't have some sort of contact as they have become a part of my life since I was very small. For me not to have some kind of interaction with ghosts or the other side is like waking up one day and there were no cars in the world. It's just strange not to have them around so I was happy to have a visitor since it had been quiet during this time of the new moon.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday "Update"

Dear Dairy,

Surprisingly there was no ghost activity in the house over the last few days. (At least to my knowledge...) I am not sure if it has anything to do with my serious allergy attack causing me to have to take some allergy medicines that might be muting my senses. I did however wake up last night at three AM and was wide awake. Since I was awake I went through the house just checking on everyone scanning the house but didn't see or notice anything.  That seemed to be a little surprising as tonight is the dark night of the moon or new moon. Usually there is some or even more activity with the moon cycles.

After getting back into bed I decided to check on my energy fields to see if I was really off track because of the allergy medicine. The lamp light by the bed was on so I focused on the objects in the room to see if I could see the energy around things or anything moving. When I did that I was able to pick up on the auras of the pets and my sleeping husband with no problem. I even was able to see a doorway opening up and then closing in the room. (portal) Even as a child I have always been able to see them.

I guess what unnerved me last night was that I didn't see any ghosts. This morning when I woke up I checked again but the house is clear. I know my intuitive senses are okay as I heard my angel guides yesterday when I was going to check up on some information on some business that needed to be taken care of. As I opened my email to send a message I asked if I needed to follow up just in case I was missing something. I immediately got the clear answer that what I was looking for would show up in an email the next day. I deleted the email I was writing and closed my computer down since I didn't have to do anything. Sure enough it was right on the mark as it proved to pan out when I opened my email this morning confirming what I got yesterday.

One thing that I did notice last night as I was trying to go to sleep was that I was highly aware that I could feel energy waves moving through my whole body. It has been a long while since I have felt those waves. It is a lot like being on a boat in the ocean and feeling the water move the boat as it rocks you to sleep. The only difference is that the waves were moving from the inside of my body in consistent energy waves every second. Eventually I was able to drift off to sleep.

Side note... My head wasn't spinning or feeling dizzy. It didn't affect my head or my thoughts at the time. The movement was more centered around my solar plexus but moving out through the whole body.

As for the ghosts?...  Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

Monday, February 16, 2015


Dear Diary,

 Not a lot of activity this weekend. We were busy with celebrating Valentine's day which is a very special day to let our friends and family know how much we appreciate them. I was a little surprised that the ghosts in the house didn't want to hang out like they usually do but sometimes they tend to keep to themselves when the house is busy.

I have been feeling something these last few days and as I was thinking about it I decided to look up the moon cycle to see what may be happening on a larger scale. From what I could see on the moon calendar this morning is that it looks like this Wednesday is going to be the dark of the moon or what some call the new moon. Hmmmmm... sometimes it gets calm before a storm. I feel something happening but can't put my finger on it as of yet. It may be nothing but good to be ready just in case.

Photo by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

Friday, February 13, 2015


Dear Diary,

This morning on my way to write in my diary I walked through someone in the bedroom. When I walked through the ghost I got the impression it was a woman as she was hanging around the foot of the bed near the television. I had the TV on to have some noise in the house and I am guessing she was interested in what was on.

As I was walking through her she seemed to be startled and a little shaken because she lingered longer than I thought she would once I moved through her. I even had time to walk to my chair before she disappeared. I do want to say in my own defense is that I didn't notice her until I was already walking through her so I didn't mean to be rude.

Yesterday we had a few visitors from the other side come and go but they haven't been as visible and making themselves known as they have been before. They seemed to be more interested in doing their own thing and not really trying to interact with us. It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend when we have a full house as Valentine's day is tomorrow.`

Photos by Steve Noyce

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday "Angels"

Dear Diary,

Yesterday a dear friend of mine invited me to breakfast at a local restaurant close to our neighborhood. I always enjoy visiting with my closest friends as we are just ourselves when we are together. As we talked I couldn't help softening my gaze and scanning the room to see who was there from the other side among the people who had come to eat at the restaurant. When I did this a women having breakfast with her friends caught my attention and then as I watched her a beautiful angel started to appear behind her standing within her aura field. The love that came from the angel for the women was breath taking. Then I moved my eyes to see if there was anyone else that would make themselves known and my eyes settled on a man at another table where a ghost of a tall slender young women stood next to him with her hand on his shoulder watching him visit with his friends.

Then I remembered I was sitting with my friend and allowed myself to sit there in the moment to visit as she took time out of her day to spend time with me. Of course I shared what I saw. My friend is clairaudient which is to hear the other side. I favor clairvoyance which is to see the other side. I am also clairaudient but don't use it as much unless I am working or making a conscious effort to communicate.

As we sat there we caught up on our lives and then our conversation turned to angels when she showed me a picture that someone took that she thought might look like an angel. I have to say that in my own experiences I have had a few occasions where my own angel guides appeared to me. I have a good relationship with my angel guides and I do communicate with them when they come into my energy field.

Looking back it was only eight years ago that I started to see my angel guides and other angels around people. As we continued to talk I tried to describe to her what I see when they show themselves. Angels look as if they are a brilliant golden white light in the outline of a human form. They have rays of light that radiate from them that some may describe as wings. Their form is extremely bright, as bright as the sun but you can look at them without hurting your eyes.

They also beam unconditional love and you feel their love if you are accepting of the love. Like all things in the universe unconditional love is not forced as it is a choice to accept it or be fearful of it. I know that sounds silly but when people are in a vibrational frequency of fear it is hard for them to feel love that is right in front of them. When I am with them it is like being with my dearest friends as I feel very comfortable in their presence.

It was a delightful morning!

1st Photo by my sister Angelique- not a picture of an angel but the light is similar.
2nd Photo by Ana - Taos, New Mexico 

Monday, February 9, 2015


Dear Diary,

It was a great weekend. I got a lot done in the garden and enjoyed being with our family. Even with all that has been going on in the house I have noticed that we are starting to have a little more activity again. Saturday afternoon I was sitting on the couch in the living room when a white mist caught my attention as it rolled off of the floor moving towards me and then right through me. I felt a nice tingly feeling and I knew that someone was just saying hello. What did surprise me was a few minutes later I felt something on my right hand. When I looked down I could see a white mist rolling off the contour of my hand. It was an eerie sight and I have to admit that it startled me so much that I froze. I couldn't help staring at it as it continued to move and then dissipated into the air. That has never happened before.

Yes, I have had ghosts pull on my hair and on my clothes. I've been touched, pinched and even jabbed. I have had a few who like to hover over me and sometimes I have been pinned down by them where I couldn't move. No, this was different and to my knowledge I have not ever been aware of them following any outline on my body. It was weird!... The feeling I got was not fear just taken aback a little because I had not ever experienced that before.

I did acknowledge the ghost by saying hello but got no response. The ghost seemed to just be stopping by making his presence known to me. Later I would catch glimpses of the same ghost moving in and out of the rooms when I was walking through the house at various times. Sunday we decided to go out to brunch with the family and the ghost made a slight appearance. It appeared as a soft white mist moving through the door when I opened it to go into the ladies room. Last night I didn't notice the ghost around and in fact slept like a log. This morning there is still no sign of the ghost. Who knows, maybe the ghost decided to find someone else at the restaurant to hang out with. Ghosts can be fickle that way...

Photo by Steve Noyce

Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday "Spirit Rescue"

Dear Diary,

I was asked the other day what is Spirit Rescue?  Let me explain a little about the work... When I started to work with one of my friends to help cross over ghosts I learned so much in working with the spirit world and how to help others on both sides. When you work with Spirit Rescue it is not only helping the ghosts move on but also learning about their personal life stories. It is like working with helping people who are lost. The only difference is that you are communicating on a different level using telepathy, energy, and impressions, etc... Ghosts will also imprint their memories into your mind and they become as real as if you had the experience yourself.  The more you work with the spirit world it is a lot like working in this world as your name and energy gets out there and others will look you up to get help. You also become more attuned to the spirit world making it a lot easier to connect on the spot.

I have had people ask why ghosts don't cross into the light and the answer to that is always free will. Even if a person has a deep faith in their religion there are always human aspects that keep them tied to a loved one or to their past existences when they were living. I have even talked to some ghosts who didn't have a clue that they were dead. In some cases there were ghosts who were afraid of other ghosts and like in their physical lives gave up their power to the other ghosts not feeling that they had the power to choose to cross into the light. Violent deaths or fear of the light will also hinder a ghost crossing. Injustices and judgment are others to name a few.

There are also ghosts who still want to take revenge or feel like they are not worthy of the light. Some may even be anger or enjoy still inflicting pain on others. For whatever reason they become lost, trapped or even stuck in the existence of living in the dimensional world between the physical world and what many call heaven. Purgatory is a word that seems to fit the description of this world in- between but it can also be a personal hell when not connected to the light that we are all created out of. This is where the spirit rescuer comes in and as a mediator places themselves in the line of service to help counsel the spirits on the other side to help them move on into the light where they are awaited by their loved ones and spirits that will help heal and work with those who are still disoriented. The part of the Spirit Rescuer is to use their natural spiritual gifts as they work with their angel guides to help the ghosts cross over.

Spirit Rescue is not limited to ghosts that were people, there is animal ghost rescue etc...

Side Note: Books that are good in helping explain some of the process of Spirit Rescue.  But of course these do not take the place of a reputable Spirit Rescuer teacher and being out there in the field.

1.Spirit Rescue, A simple guide to talking with ghosts and freeing earthbound spirits. by William Davidson

2. Healing Lost Souls, Releasing Unwanted Spirits from your energy body. By William J. Baldwin, PH.D

3. Spirit Healing, Native American magic and medicine. by Mary Dean Atwood, Illustrated by Bert Sebourn

Painting by Robin Evans

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Dear Diary,

I was surprised that there wasn't a lot of things happening in the house with ghosts even though last night was a full moon. I did however have a few interactions with a ghost who wanted me to know what was on his mind. It was nothing big just letting me know that he was there.

I also had a lot more interaction with my angel guides who answered some of the questions that I had as I was clearing out some old energy patterns and working on a some personal lessons that needed to be addressed in my own life. In the past people have often asked how I can tell the difference between my angel guides and ghosts. My question to them is how they can tell the difference between a family member and stranger. The same is true with my guides and ghosts as I know my angel guides personally.

I know what my angel guides energy feels like when they are with me in a room. I know how they sound when they speak to me. I also know what they look like when they make an appearance. They are not always with me as they come and go doing whatever they do when on the other side. I do know that I can ask or call on them for help anytime I need them. They also check in on me sometimes when I am aware of it and sometimes when I am not as I am focused on something else until one of them says something and then I am aware of their presence.

Ghosts are different and there are so many of them coming in and out of the house or anywhere we go. The best analogy I can think of for being around ghosts is like going to a public place where there are lots of people. You know the people are there and they are going about their own business until you talk to someone or they introduce themselves to you etc... Otherwise they are just there. When I hear a ghost talk to me it is like meeting people who have their own voice and sound like they would as a person. It is no different then meeting a live person only they don't have a body.

In my case I am strongest as a clairvoyant but I am also clairaudient. The difference is that a ghost will have to make more of an effort to find my energy frequency to talk to me. If I want to talk to them I have to make some effort in concentrating so that I can communicate with them. It is a lot like switching from one language to another where you have to be aware of changing over from the language you are used to speaking everyday. For me it takes a little more focus to keep up the conversation with them if I engage with them in a discussion. (It is also a little like the difference between hearing and listening)

When it comes to me seeing ghosts I am already attuned to them on a seeing level so it is hardly any effort for me to see them unless they don't want me to see them and then I have to go into the third eye or work with my angel guides opening up my energy fields to find them. This only happens when I am doing Spirit Rescue or needing to communicate with them, otherwise I leave them alone.

First Photo by Ana's sister Angelique - Vatican City
Second Photo by Steve Noyce - Rome, Italy

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday "This Weekend"

Dear Diary,

Well, we have had a lot of activity in the house this past weekend. I didn't have any trouble with the dark entity that dropped in last week but I had lots of other ghosts who made themselves known.  There was so much activity in the house that I even stepped on someone or something. It happened Saturday around mid-morning when I was walking into the bathroom. For some reason my gaze caught something laying on the floor but I was already walking into the room before it registered what I was seeing. As I looked down towards my foot I was able to catch a glimpse of something that looked like a small dark smokey image laying on the floor trying to move out from under my foot. As soon as I saw it I knew that it wasn't one of my pets but something from the other side. After I lifted my foot it quickly dissolved into thin air. The way I would describe the feeling of stepping on it was almost like stepping a sponge made out of dense air.

Friday I got sometime to myself as everyone else in the house wanted to watch a movie in the living room. I got into bed to read and was really enjoying my book when I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked up I could see shadows moving in the bathroom. I had forgotten to turn the lights off after brushing my teeth so the big light was on making it easy to see into the room. That is when I caught sight of someone floating in up towards the ceiling moving quickly past the doorway in the bathroom. At first I wasn't sure what it was until it happened two other times, one right after the other. I knew then that there were ghosts doing whatever it is they do. The incident didn't bother me as they seemed to be occupied with each other so I went back to concentrating on my book.

I had another encounter in the kitchen Saturday evening when I was in the bedroom folding the laundry. I caught sight of a shadow moving out of the corner of my eye and turned my gaze towards the doorway just in time to see what looked like the same kind of smokey images moving in the doorway up close towards the ceiling. Again all I did was to make a mental note of it as it felt like the ghosts were playing around with each other so I went back to folding clothes.

Last night, which was Sunday, I went into the kitchen to turn off the lights to get ready for bed and as I touched the light switch I just so happened to look up towards the dinning room only to see two light hazy images of two people standing there looking directly at me on each side of the dining table. What caught my attention was their ominous presence. I then hastily turned off the light. Even though the light was off I could still make out their images from the light that shown from the other room that was still on. The ghosts were still looking at me making me feel a bit uncomfortable as if I were bothering them. I then felt a heavy sense of being self conscious and went back into the bedroom feeling like I had somehow intruded on them.  It took me a few moments to shake it off.

 This morning however I did decide to check the moon calendar to see if there was something going on that maybe I should know about, only to find that we are having a full moon this Tuesday. Wow, the ghosts are starting to get really brazen around here. My personal philosophy is if they are not draining anyone, being obnoxious, needing help, or being a threat to us or themselves they are welcome to move through our home until they find the next doorway to exit. If they need my help or are causing problems then I will take the action to step in otherwise it is day-to-day living with ghosts. It hasn't ever mattered where we have lived or visited in the past. It is always the same and in my own life experiences I have not found anywhere where there aren't ghosts. They turn up eventually...

Both photos by Steve Noyce;  India 2010