Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

Today has been a busy day working with our Community Wellness network which is helping bring Healers and Teachers together in a network in our area. It has been a busy day working on flyer and the Internet.

It is rather funny that I have been walking though mist and seeing pennies on the floor or on my chair today so I know that my Dad is trying to make sure that I know he is around.

I have been working in the Akashic Records which is an amazing energy that is linked to an energy vibration that allows the opening of what is known as the book of Life that is mentioned in the Bible. The energy is a beautiful energy to link to and learn a great deal with one's own path and walk upon this earth.

I am finding that when I am in that vibration I seem to notice the other energies in the house a lot more. Working with the records has opened my eyes to a greater respect of all things and all of creation.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dear Diary,

Well, it has been an interesting week. I have been working in the Akashic Records and learning that how I am navigate in them is different than how I used to a few months ago. I have been studying with a teacher here who was brought into my life and has showed me a different way of reading the records. It is a lot like working with dreams only with your eyes open and you are awake.

I don't know if most people realize that they can learn how to work in their own records and retrieve information that they need to get answers that will help them move through the peaks and valleys of this life time. The records are a high vibrational library that everything is kept and like a library it can be looked at read by linking on that energy vibration.

Like everything else it is only learning the process and practice. It is not something that only a few can do and many people find it funny when they do learn how to do it that they have already been doing the Akashic Records in their dreams. We all have and like a real library we can be kicked out if we do not follow all the rules.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

What I finding when I am in this higher energy that it is a higher vibration I am able to connect more to the activity in our own home. This is simply done by raising the chakras in the body and thinking about something happy. With practice it only takes a moment and the intention.

I find that many people are afraid of ghost but the truth is that we are 50% spirit/50% matter meaning that a ghost is a person without the body. They experience fear, love and anger as the rest of us do but understanding the frustration of them being lost or afraid to cross is what we have to understand. Sometimes it is the heart energy which survives death and many have stayed behind to care for their loved ones only to be traped and lost for years.

In our own home we have been going through a change with one of the children moving off to college. With that I find that some of the ghost who are moving through seem to notice the energy shift in our home.

My husband and I were talking the other day and I looked up for a second and standing right behind him was a man looking at us and listening to our conversation. As I gazed directly at him it seemed startle him and he vanished. It made me laugh!

What is funny is that I have watched the animals move around someone standing in the kitchen. The pets don't seem threatened by them only moving out of the way...What is really funny is that most people think that you have to go to haunted place or house to find ghost but they are every where.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I last wrote... a lot has been happening in my life lately and it seems that I have needed the time to sort through it. I have been studying the Akashic records with Jodi Lovoi a teacher here in the local area and had decided to open them and live in them for a few days as to help me get used to the higer vibration and help me access them during the day faster as practice.

Tuesday night I had gone about the day enjoying my connection with the higher energy and was excited about going to bed hoping that I would do some dream work. What I did not expect was to wake up at 2am and have things running through my head without stoping. I tried to go back to sleep but could not shut down all the information that was coming in.

I have some friends who have a small business and I must have been thinking of them some time before I fell asleep because all the information that came in was how to promote their business. Looking at the clock I rolled over and tried sleeping but it kept coming in loud and clear and I knew if I did not get up and shoot them an email I would not have any rest. The email turned into several emails as every time I tried to lay down more information would come in. I spent most of the night writing.

The next day I tried to sleep but could not settle down. That evening I was participating in giving the Oneness Blessing at our Blessing Circle. Also, we were having a meeting which we are starting that involves the Healers and Teachers in the Fort Worth area.

I was running a little behind and arrived just in time to help with the set up. People were already walking in the door. I noticed that it was doubled in the attendance and we were one Blessing giver short. Not to worry Spirit was guiding us. We finished in the right amount of time to start the meeting for those wanting to participate.

Then it hit me. I could not catch my bearings. My brain had left the building and when I took my awareness to that space it was blank. Now I have had that experience before when we were doing the Blessing but it wore off the next day. Before I went to sleep I closed the Akashic Records and slept like a door knob. The next day was Friday and with Steve and the children away at school I was working home alone accompanied by all of our pets.

It started subtlety but I began to notice that there were people in the house. When I say people I mean ghost like figures but not like I usually see and experience them. It was like the house was full of people walking around doing their own thing. I caught myself saying excuse me as I bumped into a few. It took me a minute for my mind to register fully what was happening. Then as I became more aware of what was happening I started to watch as people were moving about.

They all seemed unaware that I was watching them or didn't care. The day wore on in that fashion with them doing their thing and I finely doing mine. I noticed that animals acted like it was normal and would change their path to avoid bumping into them. Hmmmmmm......Then it dawned on me that having the Records open and doing the Blessing must have done something in raising my vibration to a level that I could see the other world so clearly.

It was like our worlds were right on top of each other. Sure I have caught glimpses of ghost or Spirits but never had I seen so many and experienced their world for the duration of a full day. It had always been with an effort of changing my vibration or them coming to me for help. Wow! I spent the rest of the day with this happening all around me but it started to wear off as I climbed into bed. It was not as noticeable the next day

But on Friday the information kept flowing in and I wrote a few more emails to my friends on promoting their business. My teacher explained that when you work or live in that higher vibration it takes a little while for your body to adjust to being back into the wave length we all are used to. Interesting experience ......

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a strange couple of days. It has been raining but the energy seems to be off. Instead of feeling like welcoming in the rain there is a since of being stagnate. Yesterday, in the early afternoon I needed a break and found myself extremely tired. All I could think of was taking a bath an indulgences I often don't have the time to do.

I drew the bath and dropped some sea salt and baking soda in the water to help draw out the weighted energy I was feeling. It also makes the skin really soft. The water was nice and hot and felt good as it soaked deep into the bones. As I relaxed I found myself drifting off into a nice twilight. Meaning that I was in both the world of dreams and yet still aware of this world.

That is when it happened. I saw a young man of twenty and he was talking to me and trying desperately to show me something. Images were flashing on a screen like memories. I do remember thinking that these were not my memories and that they were separate from my own experiences. Emotions and a whole life flashed before me as I watched and then I saw him again standing in front of me as if saying goodbye and he vanished.

I started to come out of what seemed like a dreamlike state but as I did I was aware that the story that I had just seen was leaving me and that soon when I awoke I would not remember it. As I started to come back into this world I was a little startled that I was in the bathtub. It took a moment for me to find my bearings and move my body again in the water yet there was a since of a great weight lifted from my soul.

I was in a stunned state for a little while longer trying to recall the memory of what had just happened. All I can recall is what I have just written. I have no recollection of the story that I saw and I do know that at the time it was very important. It seemed very real when I was viewing it but what happened I don't know....

Later that evening I went to bed and slept. I dreamed a dream and woke up this morning chanting a name. But it was to my annoyance as it was someone I had parted with in this life time knowing I would see them one day on the other side in better circumstances. As I heard the name from my own lips I recalled the dream watching it come back in full detail.

It was later today that the meaning of the dream came and the message about this person who is still among the living had thought about me and had wished me well. The dream was about an understanding that sometimes things in this world don't always work out the way we plan but it is a new beginning in the Spirit world. I knew to that I was being sent love and blessings my way as I continued my path on this earth with no ill will being sent by this person.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Diary,

What an amazing weekend with lots of enjoying family and friends. I could not have asked for a better weekend. Today on Labor Day I was enjoying my family when my Daughter wanted to watch a movie.

I was also in the mood and started to select a movie out of our little movie library when I heard something drop on the wooden floor behind me. As I looked behind me I saw a penny and the funny part was that there was nothing behind me that it could have fallen from except empty space. Talk about pennies from heaven.

I knew in an instant that my Father was again saying hi. I could feel his presence and knew that this is his way of saying hello when he is around. I called my Mom later and let her know that dad was there enjoying the day with us. She laughed as she was happy that I had that connection.

The day was really uneventful and restful. I have enjoyed early mornings having coffee with my husband and afternoons reading in our garden in the back yard. It is so beautiful to watch all the garden spirits bringing it to life.

It was around 6:15pm when I heard in my thoughts.... "you have a class!" and so I did. I quickly rushed off making it in plenty of time and enjoyed the rest of the evening listening and watching taking note of the colors and energy that surrounded the students and teachers often catching a glimps of a spirit guide or a loved one surrounding them.

Sometimes I wonder if people really know how much they are supported and loved on the other side. We are never alone and always surrounded in love.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

The week is flying by again. I learned something new. I discovered that the song "Bullet Proof" plays in my mind when I am picking up energy around me that is not good for me. It seems to be a reminder to watch myself and to protect myself from negative vibs that I am susceptible. I love it that my angels are watching out for me in the world.

Energy is really something that I don't think a lot of people think about and yet we do send out signals all the time. The other day I was driving to visit a friend in Ft. Worth and something triggered my emotions that made me angry. I sat there at the red light getting mad and realized what I was doing. I could feel the heat and energy moving through my body and out of my skin into the air.

Then I heard, "pull it back and send it out of my feet into the earth." I did as I was told and felt the anger release..Next the thought came for me to feel love and to send it out instead. Amazingly, I could do this and again experienced the emotion moving through my body and out of my skin only this time it was a beautiful feeling....the whole experience took the time for the light to turn green.

Wow, if I could change my feelings in a moment and send out love instead of anger on to the world how powerful is that? Then the thought came that we live in anger and fear and those emotions are sent out and become part of the air and energy that is around people, animals, plants and the earth. No wonder we are all so angry but we have the power to change it all. As I drove on down the road. I realized that I was my own personal power. It felt great!!!