Friday, February 25, 2011


A few days ago I had this feeling of extreme sadness that overwhelmed me and stopped me in my tracks. What ever I did I could not shake this feeling of loss. I called my Mom on the phone the next morning and she confessed that she was also experiencing this feeling of great sadness. I hung up with her and tried to give it no thought as I went about my day but it kept coming back.

It was a few hours later that it came in very loud and clear... Two years ago my father passed away. I had completely forgotten since I have a close connection with him on this side. But somehow my body had remembered the grief that I experienced that week of his death when I had no connection during his transition in the after life. So when the time frame came back around my body replayed those old emotions like an alarm clock. When I realized where the sadness was coming from I called Mom..

Once we both were able to link the sadness and the deep feeling of loss to his death it broke the sadness that we both carried in our hearts. We told my Dad that we were happy that he was watching over us. Both of us were able to move on with our day without any pain of loss in our hearts after we talked... In the end it turned out to be a lovely experience and I was blessed to be able to share with my parents one on this side and one on the other side...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Yesterday was amazing, as I got to work with someone and do a Reiki attunement. Later I got to work with some of my friends doing a Blessing. The amount of energy that ran through my body seemed to clear anything that had been stuck in the last week. I loved it as I woke up this morning very clear in my thoughts and nothing left on my heart. It was like waking up new!

When you run energy through your energy centers located in your body it helps clean out a lot of baggage that can cause you to get stuck or may manifest in the body a physical illness. It is kind of like getting an oil change in your car only it relines the mind with the body and the body with the spirit. When this is in line you are able to feel more present in the moment... Lovely!

Monday night when I was in the bathroom taking a bath I noticed these green, yellow and purple colors in a misty state trying to take shape in the door way. I watched it for sometime trying to make it out. It finely vanished but I kept my eye on the door way thinking I would see something but to my disappointment it didn't come back.

Last night on my way to bed I walked through someone standing in my room on my side of the bed. It is funny that I see them but by the time I realize what it is I am already moving out the other side. Then my brain comes on saying,"You just passed through someone!".... I know!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dear Diary,

Well you can't imagine what has been going on.. This week there has been a lot to process. Our groups are growing and doing well. I love the beautiful people who come into my life and share their talents and gifts. And even though we have had a lot of ice and snow for our Texas region I was still able to keep in touch.

Last night was a little strange.. I dreamed of my father and he seemed to have a message for me. I woke up with my heart pounding in my chest and realized that it was dreaming. I allowed myself to center and move the pounding from my heart to move out of my body. I went back to sleep with the same message playing over and over.

I must say I did not like what I was getting so when my husband woke up I played it by him. He was very clear on what I was getting and I knew he was right. I needed to rethink some things and take care of some things in my life or my life would be a little more difficult. Nothing big but a good lesson for me to learn. I learned in the past when I didn't listen I would always get burned so to speak.

I was coming up to make some choices and it seems that my father had some idea of my past habits and knew that I needed to focus on a few things in my own life. It felt good that my father on the other side was helping and my husband on this side was supporting me. Now all I need to do is grow in the loving space that they held for me as they cheered me on.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dear Diary,

It has been a little strange around the house. My family and I were snowed in a few days this week and so we watched a few movies on the TV. Yesterday as we settled in and I was sipping my hot tea when a huge blob of white smoke moved through me and past me as I sat in my favourite chair. I told my family that someone had just passed through me but I did think it was strange that they deliberately did it.

The night before I was taking a bath and again this same white smoke which is different from steam because it has the white color lifted off of me and moved to the ceiling. Nice I thought.... How long has that been attached to me? With the energy shifting it seems that they are getting a lot more bolder. I have been really busy with working on the new Wellness Community to pay the attention I need to.

Just a note... It is like telling the difference between smoke from fire and steam it is different when it is a ghost....and you know the difference it is not the same.. if that helps?

Twilighting in the morning is still happening and I am really grateful to have that insight and thoughts on things that I need to work on in my own life. At this time there is lots of releasing of old thinking, patterns and energy. The new energy is amazing as it clears the way for new things to open up in our lives...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dear Diary,

I have noticed that in the last three days since we have been having our ice storm I have felt these waves of energy moving through my whole body. At around 2pm I can hardly keep my eyes open and have to lay down and take a nap. It is during this that I feel this wave of electrical current move down through my crown and all through my chakras.

It is not painful but quite pleasant and with it has a rocking sensation like floating on a wave pool. I noticed that I am out for about 20 minutes and then wake up feeling refreshed. This has also been happening when I am drifting off to sleep at night and I can't help but surrender to the motion and lovely sensation pulsing all through my body.

Last night I had wanted to wait for my son to come in who was studying with a study group and so I kept fighting to stay awake but the wave kept trying to take me off. Finely my husband came in from being out with friends and said he would wait up and I allowed myself to drift off in the motion.

Tuesday night a dear friend called and said that she had heard that we were going through a transition with the last eclipse and equinox. She said that on this time around the first of February there is a celebration called 'Candlemas. I wonder if this energy has anything to do with that as it was about the time that this sensation of energy started to happen. I had something like this happen around 2007 when I started to wake up and see....