Monday, April 28, 2014


Dear Diary,

 It was a really busy weekend!  My time has been really occupied with the family, new puppy, and our other pets in the house. Lately the house has been bustling with lots of human activity, and interaction as all of my attention has been directed to the physical world, and all the possibilities that have been opening up as the children are getting ready to come home for the summer.

I have had a few white smokey sightings in the kitchen yesterday when I was doing the dishes. The spirits whoever they were were paying no mind to me as they were just passing through, and I happened to be there. The spirits seem to come in a check on me every now, and then. Some even find me interesting to interact with, but mostly they are doing their own thing. I don't really think about it a lot as they seem to go about the house either passing through, or hanging out. I do however smile to myself when I do see them. No one lately has tried to stop to chat. To be honest I haven't seen anyone lately materialize wanting to get my attention so the house is really quiet. I am guessing that the new puppy has become an energy in the house that no longer disturbs our visitors, or the ones that he does are just not coming around.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Dear Diary,

Last night before I went to bed I found a penny next to the new puppy's bed. I usually find pennies when my father is around, and it has been a  very long while since I have received one. He was a big dog person, and as I was picking the penny up I got the message that he approved of my son't new dog.

Our lives seem to be changing dramatically not only with the dog, but the children are getting ready to move back home from school. They bring with them all of their menagerie of pets and things to be stored for next year. It looks to be an exciting time here at the house. I am hoping that the house survives all the activity. When I talk to my guides about it they reassure me that the summer is looking to be filled with lots of laughter, and unorganized chaos. They also let me know that it will be one that will be remembered as filled with lots of love, and wonderful memories. I keep reminding myself of that as we get closer to the dates of everyone moving back home.

I have had a few spirits sightings in the house, but what is strange is that there isn't nearly the activity in the house as there used to be. For some reason the spirits seem to be interested in me when I am in the living room working on my beading project. Yesterday I just happened to look up when I saw white smokey form move towards me as it crossed from the other side of the room. As I followed it with my eyes it continued to move in my direction then passed through me. I had no fear as this is something that happens a lot, but I felt it go through me, and out the other side going wherever it intended to go. This not only happened once, but twice as another white smokey form followed the first one right through me. I had to smile to myself as they seemed to me to be making it really clear that they wanted me to know they approved of the dog, and I were being quite.  I continued on with my beading glancing only once to see the dog sleeping soundly on the floor beside me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday "Memories of the Past"

Dear Diary,

Last night as I awoke from my dream I suddenly was aware that my hours were turning into days, and my days into months. Then the thought continued as I began to realize that all of my my months then turned into memories of the passing years of my life. A deep awareness settled over me that my life on this earth like my dreams were much like remembering a dream. It was very apparent that what we experience every night as dreams are like remembering the past in the same way. Sometimes we remember the details, but as time passes on it all seems to fade into a collage of different things that we did, or people we used to know.

As I sat there in bed fully awake at that time it all made me wonder as I tried to remember my dream why this was something that I was experiencing, and understanding. It was then when I asked the question that I was reminded that one day when I was gone from this earth this is how I will remember this lifetime. Then it came to me that I would not lose my consciousness when I passed over onto the other side, but will have a string of memories of what it was like to live in the physical world.

After allowing my brain to fully grasp the knowledge that was being brought in from my soul. I settled down, and went to back to sleep enjoying a full night of dreams, and adventures on the other side.    

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday "Puppy"

Dear Diary,

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day with our kids gathered at the house enjoying the day together. My husband and son are exceptional cooks and they ended up cooking an amazing meal for the rest of us. As it turned out to be a beautiful day, we ended up eating a late lunch out on the patio among the roses, and plants that surround it.  Later we took the dogs for a walk only to take refuge under a tree as we got stuck half way home when it started to hail. The hail was pea sized so we were good and it didn't last long. It did however end up raining hard right after so we had to run and take refuge under someone's pouch until it stopped which wasn't long after it started. The rest of the walk was playing in puddles and enjoying the water glistening on the road, sidewalk and leaves of the trees.

I am learning a lot from our son's new dog.  With our own animals I have gotten so used to their cues that it is all second nature and I don't even think about it when I am with them. Now with a year old Labrador Retriever more puppy than adult I have to be on alert with him all the time as all of our animals are small. He is a hyper giant compared to the others.

These last few days have been working on introducing him to the other animals who are not sure what to think about him being apart of the family. I am finding that I am having to watch my energy around him as he picks up on it reading me and responding before my brain can wrap around his reaction.

On the bright side I do find that I had become lazy with my own energy when I am at home and now I am having to be more aware. Last night I took a break from him and was hanging out upstairs with the cats who refuse to come downstairs watching TV with them when I noticed some white smoke moving around the room. I had to laugh as someone tried to materialize while I was sitting there. I could feel ghosts in the room who seemed to be all hanging out with the cats upstairs. When it was time to go to bed I said goodnight to everyone and left the room thinking how funny it was that even the ghosts who like to visits were taking refuge.  

Friday, April 18, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have been noticing some white smoky mist lately appearing around the house when I am cleaning, or walking by.

Today was a big change for us as we picked up my son's new dog. I am wondering what the changes are going to be around the house as the energy of the house starts to shift with the new addition to the family.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tues "Phobias"

Dear Diary,

I was having a discussions with one of my friends at lunch when she asked me about how she thought it was strange that some people have phobias that pop up at different times in their lives, and after analyzing it there would seem to be no reason why they should even exist. I was excited that she brought the subject up, and knew perfectly well what she meant. After awhile I decided to pose the questions to my guides. When I did this they were more than happy to explain how some of our phobias can be developed at different times in our lives.

First they stated to be clear on this subject that this of course was different from the phobias we develop from traumas in this lifetime. They went on to say that since we are spiritual beings we tend to enjoy having multiple experiences in physical bodies on the third dimensional plane. Sometimes in our different experiences we have traumas, or have a traumatic death that is not only experienced by the body, but also recorded in the soul. When this happens, and if the soul has not healed from the experience after death it is remembered when we come back into another body which is programmed in our cellar structure. The phobia may be triggered later on when we reach the age, or situation that reminds us of what had happened to us. We may discover that we may not remember on a conscious level, but we do recognize, and experience the trauma, or death as if it were going to happen again. Some may call it a deja vu, but it develops into a deep fear, or phobia in our lives as we began to relive the past. This trauma that is remembered by the soul thus seems to pop up out of no where causing us a great deal of confusion of where it came from, and why.

A good example would be someone who out of the blue became afraid of flying even though they had loved flying when they were young only to reach a certain age, and suddenly becomes terrified of dying in a airplane crash. Later on they may discover that they had died at that age in a plane crash, and live in fear everyday after because they don't think they will live from that day forward when they fly. Another example may be someone else who is perfectly fine with tight spaces then suddenly develops a fear of claustrophobia that can't be explained. When traced back to a past-life the person may discover that they died being berried alive, or had some other ordeal that lead to the fear during that life experience.

Now to make it really complicated we also carry DNA that is passed down from our ancestors from one generation to another. These genes are powerful as they have their own survival techniques programmed within them. You have heard of animals adapting to their surroundings, well people are the same when it comes to their environment, and the art of surviving. Each family carries the genetic coding that helps them with survival, and so they also carry the fears, and phobias of the tribe. Think about it if a phobia was not developed in this lifetime you may discover that the phobias that you have may be passed down to you from from one family member to another. Children who are adopted, and who meet their families will also find this strangely to be true.

Again after talking to my guides I realized that we have a lot to learn about us not just on the mental plane, but also on the soul plane as well as the physical aspects that make us who we are in this life journey.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday "Guests in the House"

Dear Diary,

Last night something seemed to stir up the spirits in the house. I am guessing that it is because I have been doing an art show these past few days in a place in Fort Worth that seems to have a lot of activity.  When I came home last night. The house was buzzing with energy and I couldn't help but notice two spirits trying to materialize when I was moving through the house.

 I was in the bedroom, and had just started putting my things up heading towards the bathroom when a white smoky image of a slim young man started to form standing next to the bed on the other side. I was tried, and busy with what I was doing so I acknowledged him as I continued on my task of getting ready to go to bed. I wasn't frightened as he seemed to only be there to let me know that he was there then faded away.  I smiled to myself knowing that someone was trying to get my attention. I have to admit I was too tired to engage conversation so I continued with what I was doing without further thought.

 It wasn't until later when my husband was making a cup of coffee so that he could work on one of his projects, and I was saying good night making my way towards the bedroom to go to bed that another spirit of an older gentleman started to materialize in the other doorway leading to the living room. He stood there with a pot belly, balding head watching me as I made my way out the door. Again, I was happy to see that we had a visitor smiling to him letting him know when I passed that I was acknowledging his presence. I could feel his curiosity of what was going on in the house. I didn't stop to say hello, or chat I just let him know I knew he was there as I made my way to the bedroom to go to bed.  Sleep came very peacefully, sound, and quickly as I placed my head down on the pillow being tired from the days activities from the art festival.. This morning when I awoke they were gone, but a full knowing that they had followed me home from the art show was very strong.   

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday "Multidimensional Beings Dreaming"

Dear Diary,

 I was talking to someone the other day about dreams and they were asking why a lot of people don't remember their dreams. I told them that I had asked this same question years ago to my own spirit guides. What they said was that many people when they leave their bodies to enter the dream world they have complete freedom as the soul already knows the different dimensional paths, and doorways. What happens sometimes is that when we enter back into the physical world we move through what they describe as a membrane created out of energy, and it is through this that we bring back the memories of our dreams, and adventures from the other side. It is when we ourselves create blocks in our lives on the physical side that we often can't bring back the memories of the our dreams into the physical world. This often makes us believe that we can't dream. The truth is that you do dream even if you don't remember.

The other reason that people don't remember their dreams is that as fifty percent spiritual beings we all meet with the spiritual counsel, and our own spirit advisers throughout our physical lives through our dreams. The purpose of these meetings is to review our soul contracts that we have all committed to in our physical lives with ourselves, and others. What happens is that some of this information may be brought back to our subconsciousness, or it may be stored in our energy fields to be used, or remembered when it is time. Often we don't have this information when we wake up only the knowledge that we did dream, but can't remember any details, or even if we dreamed. Again this makes us think that we didn't dream at all.

What fascinates me is that as multidimensional beings we are a lot more complicated than any of us realize. If we take the time to start to tap into our true higher selves we discover with the help of our guides, and angels that there is a whole lot more going on. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday "House Clearings"

Dear Diary,

 This came up the other night when a friend texted me letting me know that she had cleared her house of spirits using sage. The reason she contacted me about it was that she wanted me to check energetically to see if the house had really been cleared. After I received the text I asked her if she used white sage as the green will stir up the spirits in the house sometimes causing them to retaliate. I also let her know that after burning the white sage and after the spirits leave it leaves behind an energetic space that needs to be filled with positive energy.

The method that is used when burning the sage is to follow up with burning sweet grass to bring positive energy back into the house. This of course is all done in unconditional love when you are using the sage method of clearing the house. It is always good to prepare ahead of time by praying, and putting your protection up when you do this type of work before you even start. After that you can then move into the house burning the herbs with the intention of the highest good for the spirits and the home helping them to cross into the light.

 The protection is in case you run into an angry, or dark spirit that doesn't want to corporate then you don't drop into any emotional fears that changes your vibration to the lower energies which they feed on. This one thing can turn the whole house clearing around if you are unprepared and create more harm than good. Something good to know.

 The other thing that needs to be mentioned is that if you do use the sage method or any herbs is that a window or door is often opened in case a spirit decided not to cross into the light but instead decides to leave the house. You can also cut a lemon in sections and leave them on the window seal or doorways. If they turn black then you still have guests in your home. And "yes" it does work!

Just to be clear there are many techniques out there that people use to do house clearings. Myself I prefer to work with my angels, and spirit guides. I usually call them in and go directly to the ghost to talk to them in hopes of helping them cross. Again free will also works on the other side, and they can choose to stay.  My own home is like grand central station as we have spirits coming and going all the time. Most of the time they leave on their own but every once in a while they will ask for help.  As long as the energy keeps moving I don't worry about it to much about it. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday "Clairalience"

Dear Diary,

 When I was ten I remember living in our house on Washburn Ave. in Fort Worth, TX and smelling a sickly sweet smell  sometimes when I opened the closest in my bedroom. The smell was very strong, and I would notice it when I was pulling out my toys, or stuffed animals that I kept there for safe keeping. It was when I sat down to play in my room that the smell would seem to surround me. Often it was so strong that it seemed to almost envelop me.

 Along with this smell I would also feel a heavy presence of something in the room with me. I always knew there were more then one presence that was there with me as I played with my toys trying to ignore the awful smell. Sometimes it was so pungent which would annoy me so much that it would drive me out of the room to escape it. I have to say that I didn't smell it in any of the other rooms of the house and on numerous occasions I tried to locate the source.  After searching the room, and the house I never found it.

It was wasn't until we were studying mummies at school that I learned that decaying bodies have this sickly sweet smell. Later when I was home and the smell came around me I knew at once what it was. There was no question and I was able to validate that I was not making it up. I always felt like I was being watched and felt the other presences in the room that I associated with the smell. For some reason they would come to hang out around me when I was opening the closet. I wasn't ever afraid only I knew I wasn't the only person in the room. I never knew why they came because at that time in my life I didn't know I could ask, or communicate with the other side.

It was much later that I learned about the gift of Clairalience which is gift of physic smell that it all started to make since to me. It has been a long time since I have smelled the sickly sweet smell. I do however now seem to smell more perfume, or cigarettes when I get visits.   

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday "Into the Light"

Dear Diary,

So I have had this question come up a few times. Why do people who die often not go into the light and what is on the other side?

I know that there is a lot more information about ghosts and why they get stuck because of all the television shows that air about ghosts. From common knowledge we know that some spirits often don't cross because of unfinished business, or if they die to suddenly become confused, or disoriented after being separated from the body. Some are even so confused they don't realize that they are dead.

There are also those who still want to care for, or be around loved ones who they feel connected to on the physical plane. An example would be a mother, or father that still wants to care for their families. In many cases people who have been married for years may hang around waiting for their spouse to then cross before crossing over themselves.

Punishment is a huge one.  In my own experience with Spirit Rescue I have come across children who are afraid that they may be punished because they were were told not to wander off, or play on the railroad track afraid that their parents would be angry with them. Also those who commit suicide feel that they will be punished if they cross into the light so they end up trying to exist still hanging on to this world.

Then there are those who were angry, or followed the dark path in life that continue to pray upon those who they find that can still victimize even after their death.  These spirits find pleasure in terrorizing both the living, and the dead who are lost on the other side.

What I have learned in Spirit Rescue is that everyone is welcomed into the light. There is grace, forgiveness, and acceptance in the light with lots of help for those who enter, and want help. Also spirits are able to reunite with loved ones who have crossed into the light who are there to help guide them in the transition. There are also many angels, and light beings that help those who need help.  

Once a spirit enters into the light desire to live, and exist in the physical world leaves as the things that mattered in the physical world no longer matter. The one thing that you should know is that the love for those that were left on physical plane never leaves the one who crosses into the light. That love continues to flourish as it mixes into the unconditional love that creates the light coming from Source. The lower emotions all fall away as there is no space for that energy to exist in unconditional love.

 When one enters the light they still have the capacity to communicate with the physical world only they don't need the energy from the physical world to make the connection. Meaning that they are connected to the light, and Source so there is no need to steal the energy from the living, or physical world to exist.

Being lost and continuing to live in the plane between the light, and the physical world is what I would call a purgatory. This plane of existence is a choice not a punishment or a holding space. Even the ones who are confused are often called by the light, angels, and light beings to cross for their own well being.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday "Spirit Animals"

Dear Diary,

I forgot to mention that I got to go to the Zoo last week when my family was visiting. What I wanted to make a note of is that just as we entered the gate my mom, and me fell behind as we were visiting. We caught up with the rest of our group when they were stopped to look at the flamingos. As we walked up I could see that all of the bright pink flamingos were napping. As my mom, and I stepped up towards the birds the whole flock became startled. I could feel them all about to flee so my immediate response was to quickly pull in all of my energy. As soon as I did they settled down, and began to nap again. It was very strange.

The thought that went through my head was that I had been doing some research for my book about the dark side, and that maybe I picked up some dark energy. I was thinking that the dark energy may have set them off. It was later when I was able to open my records to be really clear about what happened, wondering if I needed to release something in my energy field, that the guides told me what really occurred.

They let me know that when I was doing my research I had my protection grids up, and was accompanied by my spirit animal which is the spotted jaguar. When the big cat energy hit the flamingos they became startled wanting to flee from what they know as a predator. When I was able to pull my energy in it also brought in the cat energy with it. That is why they settled down as quickly as I responded.

 A few days later I was watching a movie that had a tiger walking up to his keeper in the middle of a party. What I thought was interesting was that the people in the party responded the same way the flamingos did.  They were ready to get out of the way when the tiger made an appearance.