Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

I know it has been a full week since I last wrote. A lot has happened and I have been very busy attending to the different areas of my life trying to sort things out. One of the most strangest thing that happened is that I received a visit one night from a very angry entity that was truly focused on me.

Last Wed I went to bed at 9:30pm Texas time totally exhausted from the days activities. As I fell into bed and began to relax I noticed a dark shadow on the ceiling and this amazing amount of anger directed towards me where I was laying. And no I was not asleep or even in twilight. I was fully awake and eyes open.

My husband had not come to bed and was in the other room with our youngest watching a movie. My oldest child was away at college. The anger in the room was so intense and moved closer towards me. I felt this shiver run through me of cold fear as I lay there feeling exposed. Then a thought came to me to call out to my drum that I use in journeying. It was hanging on the wall a few feet away from the bed but I could not reach it and dared not move.

Then I heard a slow steady drum beat drumming in my ears. At first I could not believe what I was hearing and soon began to realise that I could hear it somewhere in my head. As it began to get louder I could feel the vibration moving across my body and covering my whole being.
I relaxed and forgot about the visitor and falling sound asleep only to wake up at 3am in which I checked to see if it was still there. It was gone and I was safe.

The next morning I was visiting with my Mom and she was asked me what was going on with me the other night. She said that my niece who is two and just learned how to say my name looked at her at 7:30pm California time and said, "Call Ana"! Mom said that she doesn't talk like that and it was very strange.... As we talked I told her the story and we checked out time and it matched up to the time that I had my visit.

I spent the week trying to find the energy and trace it to its source but had no luck until it finely came in a thought.... I say this as it just appears in my mind and when this happens it is always on the button. Someone I knew was trying to cleanse a home and wanted me to scan the house with the owner's permission in my mind's eye since they lived in another state and I could not be there in person. I reported my information to the person who was cleansing and forgot about it.

It was later that I found out that the person did not finish the job completely and there were a few lose ends. This being my visitor who was angry and followed my energy trail back to me. I informed them about the visit. There is still work to be done..... In a few days I will do the cleansing myself......

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was in the living room watching a movie and looked up and saw two people in my entryway next to the front door. They seemed to be interested in what I was watching and when they realized that I was watching them they faded away. Sometimes when they are that clear it takes me a moment to really understand they are a ghost. I was not afraid and when the thought hit.... Oh there is someone in the house they had already gone making an instant thought saying they were just ghost.

Today, while my husband was shaving and I was talking to him about our plans for the day. I glanced over toward our bedroom and saw the full shape and body of a man. He was looking at me and listening to what I was talking about. As soon as my gaze began to fix on his image he was gone. They are really coming in a lot stronger then they used to and I was wondering what was causing them to be so bold.

They seem to be just curious except the man on the stairs who seemed to be upset when one of the children moved away to school. He lets us know he is around by making noises or slaming doors on the other side of the house. They are not draining us or I would have sent them away. But I am thinking it might be time to send them on into the light...I guess I will have to have a conversation with them.

I got two calls for "Spirit Rescue" this week..... We are moving... on with this work....

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much going on this week that I need to really take time to refresh myself and renew who I really am again. The other day I got up and was leaving to visit someone. I had the title of a book in my mind that I had on my bookshelf in our library.

The funny thing is that I had not thought of the book since my friend died in February as we were reading the same book and sharing. I had shelved it and forgot about it. So there it was waiting for me high on my shelf "Second part of "Journey of the Soul". I thought maybe the reason I had it on my mind was that I should give it as a gift to my friend I was visiting that day.

After thumbing through it I soon discovered that there was a lot of good reading in it still. So I opted not to give it away. Later in the evening I went to a Seminar with my husband and was sitting there thinking if I had made the right decision to be there. I then asked my guides for a sign any sign would do even a small one. I got distracted and moved on with the lecture but later on I glanced at the bookshelf. In the corner of the shelf I saw the "Journey of the Soul" book and thought," Oh.... they are reading the same book. "Good for them!" And went on listening....

It took a few minutes to realise that I had just gotten conformation from my guides that I was exactly where I was supposed to be... Wow!!! I love that connection and affirmation.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday morning I was awoken by a loud slam of a door which was odd since our oldest was away at college and our youngest spent the night away. I must say that I did remember the incident when I was taking a class a few weeks ago and we heard knocking at our bedroom door. It must be the same ghost and unhappy that the children are not around as much. Changes for everyone even our ghosts that live in the house.

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone wanting to know what it meant when they were woken up with someone poking them in the back in bed. They were also hearing someone talking while they were trying to sleep and it was keeping them up. I laughed and told them, "you have ghosts". "Really," they said, "what do you do about them"? So I told them about our Spirit Rescue Team.

So they were wanting to book ASAP as the ghost were keeping them up. The funny thing is that we get referrals all the time by word of mouth... It is a common thing to have ghosts in the home or to have some kind of energy that makes people uncomfortable. If that is the case then there is hope and we can help change the energy into a more positive and loving nature. We can talk to the ghost and cross then ones that are ready to cross...

Even now as I write I can hear someone walking around and everyone is still asleep... Even the animals are sleeping. The living in our home are used to all the going on around in the house. I don't mind them passing through as long as they don't drain us or try to scare us. If they do then we have them leave. The energy in our home has not been dark and they do not seem to stay very long as we seem to be a stopping place for them to move through as they journey to the other side.

Some will ask for help and others just seem curious about what we are doing and then leave. This ghost seems to be hanging around interested in what is happening with the kids and us. I may have to have a chat and see what is going on. Well, it is early so I am going back to be to catch a few more hrs of sleep before the day starts...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been almost a week since I wrote as it was the week that my oldest has moved into her dorms at College. I thought I was alright until I drove out of the parking lot and realized that our lives had changed again forever. In that instant, I broke down and cried for the last few days.

It was good as I went to sleep that my guides came and reminded me that I had a loss and was once again in grieving mode. Lucky for me that when I went to the Wellness Expo saw a few of my own Teachers who said the same thing... It was beautiful to know that I was well supported on both sides. The Expo was in Fort Worth for the weekend and I had a small space on the literature table and was able to attend.

After the Expo we meet at the Acupuncture clinic to talk about organizing a healing and spiritual community in Fort Worth. I was thrilled at the way that everyone had an idea but was happy to work as a team. We named the Community and set another date to meet and put together a website.

Today has been busy with kids working on an old car with our son and helping our daughter get settled in her dorm. later I am picking up my literature at the Expo and visiting a dear friend. Still so much to do and I better get back to work before I am missed!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dear Diary,

It is so nice to get the heads up from Spirit that the day may not turn out as you planned and therefore you are able to change plans in the moment and go with the flow. This happened this Sunday with me when I was going to meet up with a few friends and they did not show up.

Lucky for me it was something I had anticipated as I had a heads up. The day went on to plan B and I was able to continue my plans without worrying if it was going to work out. I did get a text later on and discovered that something did occur that could not be helped and they would contact me later. I was so happy to hear that they were OK and in a much better place of understanding.

The other thing that I see is that we go around wearing a mask and it is only because people are not ready for us to be who we really are. Even now I have a few friends who if I told them that I can see the other side that they would think I was not all right. The funny part is that it is quite normal among my circle of friends and close family as we are very open with our gifts.

I sometimes forget being in such a safe and loving environment that most of the world does not see and is cut off from the beauty of being apart of both worlds. You can see the fear in their eyes and posted in their energy. It is too bad that many do not know that everyone has this ability. It is not for anyone special but for everyone and anyone.

Some come into awaking into their spiritual gifts thinking that they are bad or something is wrong with them but the truth is they are waking up to the truth in who they really are and once the fear is gone they find happiness in the connection. I wish I could open the eyes of the ones who are in soooo much pain but I find that the road blocks are like the ones I myself have placed in my own path and had to over come the obsticls so that I could see.

It is a never a ending process and a life long lesson...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday Post

Well, I got a full report from my Daughter when she returned from LA after visiting family and doing a clearing. What seemed to be the tipping point is when she spent the night at the house in LA and was attacked in her dreams. Upon waking up she felt that it was very necessary to cleanse the house and as soon as possible.

She worked with the person who lived there and they did the Spirit Rescue finding 5 open portals. This meant that a lot of energy was coming in and out of the house. The negative entities were swept back in and the portals were closed leaving the ghost that were trapped. Next, they went and talked to the ghost helping the ones cross who wanted to go.

I got a report the day after the clearing from the person who lived there and it seems that all is well and very peaceful since the clearing and Spirit Rescue. My daughter and I were in agreement that we were attacked weeks before she left because of the major portals that were open and they knew what was going to happen.

One thing that I don't think that most people know is that there seems to be really no secrets in the world of Spirit. Pretty much all your laundry is out there for them to see or hear about.... They always seem to know when we are coming..

Yesterday a dear friend asked if we could clear her home here in Arlington, TX. Our Spirit Rescue team here will be doing that tomorrow. Sometimes we invite people to come and observe if they want to come as it helps people know what we do and how it is done.

I got another email yesterday asking if we could clear another person's home and I will talk to the team tomorrow about setting that up.. We are here to help both sides of the veil. All I know is there seems to be lots to do!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear Diary,

I got to spend the weekend at a wonderful workshop so I did not have time to check in. Early Sat morning before I left to get on the road I was getting dressed and found one of Steve's shirts in my closet and thought in 20 years he has never done this...only that he must have not been thinking and hung it up in my closet by mistake. A small voice went through my mind... A ghost? Naaaaa......

I must admit I was in a hurry and hung it on his closet door for him to hang up later in the day and ran off to meet my class. The funny part is that later in the evening when I returned home and was getting ready for bed his shirt was still hanging on his door. So I just hung it up for him wondering why he did not hang it up....

That evening we were talking and decided to close and lock our door so we would not be disturbed even though our daughter is in California and our son was working late. Our children have a habit of knocking very loudly on the door if they find it closed and locked. I made a slight joke to Steve that you never know when they would come in and bang on the door....

As we were joking around about it someone knocked very loudly three times on the door. I laughed and called out to our answer. Steve and I combed the house looking for him but no one but us was in the house... His car was not even in the drive way. Hmmmm.... this time Steve herd it to and could not say It was just me! Our son called an hour later asking to stay with a friend and was not coming home for the night....

The next morning I got up to get dressed and found another one of Steve's shirts in my closet only this time I went and got him and asked if he put it in my closet. Our son was still over at his friend's home. "No", I did not!" Steve replied and I told him about the other day... My son was driving up and I asked him about it which he thought I was nuts!

Hmmmmm..... We have a prankster in the house....

Monday I spent with a dear friend who is planning to sit on the roof of a little Methodist church on Sat Aug 27 and will not come down until she raises 10,000 lbs of food and awareness for the hunger in our area.... It looks to be quite an event and I was honoured to sit at one of the planning meetings... It is just soooo hot in this Texas heat in Aug... on a roof.... My prayers are with her....