Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday "The Light Body"

Dear Diary,

 Lately I have been working on holding more light energy in my body to bring my energy frequencies up. The only real time that I get to practice is right after everyone goes to bed and turns off the lights. The exercise was taught to me in a very vivid dream years ago by my angel guides. I use it when I feel the need to build my light body up. By building the light body up helps to keep the physical body healthy and in better shape.

Also an encounter with the darker side a few nights ago made me conscious of doing maintenance on my energy bodies. I had woken up in the middle of the night hearing some scratching on the walls. When I opened my eyes I was met with a massive dark shadow hanging out next to my side of the bed very close to the wall. The shape was a lot darker than the room it's self and I knew immediately that we had a visitor. I could feel the feeling of terror creeping up my upper body from my solar plexus as the sight of it startled me.

As I caught my breath I was gently reminded that I had nothing to fear as it was on a different wave frequency unless I gave myself into my fear which would make it to be able to see me. That in its self was very comforting and I was able to banish the fear recognizing I was not in any danger of being stocked by the dark energy in the room. I then rolled over and went back to sleep knowing that I and everyone in the household was safe as we were all covered in prayer and golden white light.

The dark entity didn't see us and had come into the house through a dimensional doorway. My guess is that it had gotten stuck and was trying to find it's way out. Doorways open up everywhere at anytime for one reason or another. The good news was that it wasn't attracted to us. I knew it would eventually find it's way back unless it found something of interest to keep it in the house. Lucky for us that our energy fields were not low enough for it to see us or care to stay with us.

 However the next night after the encounter I decided it was a good time to check for any tears or rips in our energy bodies and also the frequencies.  To do this I close my eyes and move my awareness up to my third eye. When I do this I then focus in channeling in gold and white light until I see the light filter in my head. Then I move up to the crown and the soul star chakra. When all three are connected everything lights up as if looking directly into the sun. It is as if someone has turned on a very bright light in the room. In the past I have often flung open my eyes checking to see if anyone had turned on the lights but always found the room dark until I closed my eyes again seeing the bright light. If I don't see any light then I know that the light body is drained and not connected. If this is so then I work on bringing in light in the body over the next few night or weeks depending how long it takes.

Note... (Good to know) If our homes are clear and we are in a higher frequency we can often bring others that we are in contact with up with us. The same works the other way around. Of course there is always free will...

Photos by my sister Angelique

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday "A Gift"

Dear Diary,

I was having lunch with a dear friend the other day and we came upon the subject of possession. That is a subject that a lot of people seem to be afraid of when I have talked to them about spirits in the past. The one thing I want to point out is that you can't be possessed unless you allow it in some way. Some people get this confused with spirit attachments where you can be bothered by a spirit in your energy field due to a tear or rip in the aura. There are cases of even being born with a spirit attachment but that is different than actually being possessed, even though some may classify it as the same.

When people are born or spontaneously become super sensitive to the spirit world around them for whatever reason, they find that there is The choice is really up to you. I like to use the analogy of finding oneself on a horse and having to make the decision of either being in control of where you go or allowing the horse to do what it wants. Something to remember is that you have the reigns and the upper hand being the rider. A part of that same analogy is whether you decide to become an expert rider, amateur, live with it, or know just enough to be dangerous. Again it is your choice of where you go in learning about your gift. What we need to remember is that there is always learning curve in everything we do.

I use the word "gift" as it is often thought of as a curse by some but when you are given the opportunity to really understand that there is a higher purpose for the gift and learn how it works then you don't have to be afraid of it. Fear is often the most common emotional energy that comes up when someone without knowledge of how the gift works comes into contact with a spirit. Fear is a lower emotional energy. The only problem with this is that the lower emotional energy is what attracts and can encourage the darker spirits to pick on or attack the individuals that are sensitive to their presence. The lower emotional energies such as anger, fear, sorrow, pity, depression, hopelessness etc... all attract this kind of spirit as that type of energy source is what the dark spirit lives on and resonates with. The expression that, "Misery loves company," is a good way to remember this...

When someone is in the higher realms of emotional energy such as love, happiness, cheerfulness etc... the darker energies can't get into the energy field to attack or even try to possess them. This is because the darker spirits are vibrating on a lower energy frequency and the higher energies make that person either invisible to them or interferes with their energy fields that they resonate with. That is until the person dips into a lower energy frequency as listed above etc... and the person suddenly becomes visible again and more attractive to the darker spirit. The trouble with being human is that we all experience all of the emotions at various times in our life experiences. We are human beings after all.....

The good news is that by learning about one's gift it is possible to learn techniques and other ways to protect or change the energy energy fields that attract the dark spirits. There are teachers and others who have forged the way in helping others in understanding what is happening to them.

Below are two books that I have in my own library that I often refer back to as references. I do want to mention that these books resonate with my own experiences with the spirit world and with what I have experienced as a spirit rescuer in the past, which may or may not resonate with others who have their own experiences. It is important to know that it is up to each individual to discern what works for them when learning about their gift.

Healing Lost Soul, Releasing Unwanted Spirits from you energy body, by William J Baldwin, PH.D.
Another Doors Opens, by Jefffery A. Wands

Both photos by Ana's sister Angelique
    Taos, NM and Hawaii.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Dear Diary,

I wanted to make a note that there really hasn't been a lot of activity over the weekend. However Saturday morning as I was putting on my make-up I did have two spirits visit me. The were making themselves known by appearing as white smokey images that would come in and out of my vision when I was looking in the mirror. When my husband came into the room they vanished and I didn't see them the rest of the weekend. It has been really quiet...

Photo by Ana's sister Angelique.  Alterations by Steve Noyce

Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday "The Hand"

Dear Diary,

I do want to make a note that we haven't noticed or smelled the foul smell since I did the house clearing. The house has been clear of the odor both up stairs and down stairs. What I have noticed is that there seems to be a lot more spirit activity downstairs. One of the dogs is now barking at the spirits but the others don't seem to mind that they are there.

Last night I decided to retire early so that I could read a book that I had been wanting to finish. I said goodnight to my husband and daughter who were watching something on television. I got into bed and got comfortable snuggling up in my blankets. As I was reading I kept being interrupted by seeing flashes out of the corner of my eye of someone walking past the bedroom doorway. I knew it wasn't anyone else in the house as it kept happening and I each time I got a better look at it. What I was seeing was a dark smokey image that was high enough to touch the ceiling in the other room. After making an assessment I finally began to ignore it trying to really concentrate on my book.

My daughter came in later to say goodnight seeing that my light was still on. As she walked into the bedroom a hand attached to a bony arm appeared out of nowhere from the doorway reaching out trying to touch her hair. Then it disappeared. The whole incident startled me a bit because it caught me off guard and I immediately told her what I saw. When I said it out loud it just seemed to be funny and we began to giggle hauling off laughing in big belly laughs. You see my daughter has naturally curly hair and people are always coming up to her and asking it they can touch it. What struck our funny bone was that it didn't seem to make any difference, either in the physical world or spirit world because everyone seems to be interested in her hair.

After we calmed down and said goodnight I didn't notice any more activity. I never finished my book as I was too exhausted from laughing so hard so I turned of the lights and went into a deep sleep. Waking up this morning took a while because I had some rather interesting dreams making it hard to ground myself as my eyes fluttered open. I do however plan to take some time in interpreting the dreams later on this morning so I have them recorded in my dream journal.  

 Photos by Steve Noyce, Rome, Italy 2008

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Dear Diary,

It has been a very quiet these past few days. The only activity lately in the house has been when I am in the living room reading or hanging out with the family. There seem to be a least three spirits that like to come and move around the room making their presence known. They always show up as whiffs of white smokey images. They are very playful and like to tease anyone in the room by darting past them when a person in the room turns around or changes their gaze. It is really comical to watch as I know they are just messing around.

Sometimes when I catch glimpses of the spirits my reaction is to check if the other person is aware of them moving around the room. For the most part the person or persons are unaware that the spirits are engaging with them. Lately, when it comes to my daughter and husband they seem to be resigned in knowing that they are there but not really interested in the spirits. We all just continue our conversations or whatever we are doing without commenting on them.

I do miss some of my friends who are clairvoyant and make comments to me about the spirits in the room. It is just hard to get together a lot when everyone is working during the day and busy with their own lives. As I write this I am thinking I need to try to set something up and have friends over for dinner more often.

On another subject... I have not heard from the young mother or her daughter. I did check in with my guides and they assured me that they were staying very close to their family who are in mourning.

Photographs by Ana- 1st picture taken in CA. 2nd picture from the Japanese gardens in Ft. Worth

Monday, January 19, 2015


Dear Diary,

My sister and niece are on their way home today. It has been a really nice visit. My son is also back at school so its quiet at home. After everyone being here it takes a little getting used to. Last night I did notice some activity around the house in the living room when I was visiting with my husband but the spirits seemed to just be passing through. We did however have a spirit follow us to our bedroom. I am guessing out of curiosity. Every now and then they are interested in us and seem to want to see what we are doing in our day to day lives. Before we turned out the lights I saw the white smokey image shooting across the room at various times making their presence known.

Saturday my sister handed me her cell phone with a news report of a mother and her 13 month daughter who had died in a field 200 yards from their car that had crashed. The reason she brought this to my attention was that the police were unsure what was the true cause of their death. My sister wanted to know if I knew anything about it. I had not heard of it. As I watched my heart went out to the mother and daughter and their families.

Spirits contact me when they find me. I don't really go out and look for them on purpose but this weekend I couldn't help myself feeling deep compassion extending a hand to the other side if they wanted to contact me. I sent a message out to the other side but have not received any response. It works like a phone call and they may or may not pick up. It is their choice but at least I sent it out. In the meantime I am including them in my prayers.

Photo by Ana Noyce at the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth, TX

Friday, January 16, 2015


Dear Diary,

We have not had a lot of spirit activity in the house since the clearing. Last night I saw a few white smoky images skirting across the living room but they were gone within seconds of acknowledging what I was seeing. I woke up with my husband snoring at one AM last night but didn't have any visitors in the room except for the two cats who discovered I was up and wanted to be petted. It was really quiet, with no activity in the house even at that time in the morning.

I do want to make a note that there has been no foul smell in the house since the clearing. It was perfect timing as my little sister and niece are coming from California to visit over the weekend. We are all excited to have company again. This will be the last get-together before my son heads back to school next week.

Photo by Ana in Italy

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday "House Clearing"

Dear Diary,

I woke up yesterday morning and before everyone was up in the house I decided to clear the energy in our home. I asked if my guides were with me even though I
felt them around me. They answered clearly that they were there and we started opening up the energy fields in the heart of the house releasing any energies that were not there for the highest of good.

We then placed a ball of white light in the center of the room expanding it throughout the room. The light pushed out anything that it came into contact with that was not on the same energy frequency. This light frequency expanded over all the rooms, land and roof of the home. Then a golden light was then placed to replace the energy in the home that was removed with healing energy. Last was the blue light that was expanded as it sealed and protected the home from all energies that were not on the higher frequency that our home now held. A prayer was said to bless the house. In the end it was good work in clearing and starting a new on a clean slate.

Now any spirits that do not resonate with the higher energy will not have access to us or anyone in or visiting our home until the energy frequencies change again. As human beings we bring in all of our emotional energies etc... into the home and slowly it readjusts the home's frequency over time. That is why it is good to do a house clearing at the beginning of each season.

The day before the clearing I saw white smoky images of spirits skirting around the house with some urgency as if they knew what was about to happen. Since the house clearing all seems to be quiet for now. I have not seen anything yesterday or this morning but it will take some time to see how it affected our spirit visitors as we move through the adjustment.

Photo by Ana in California 

Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear Diary,

Saturday afternoon my husband and I were meeting his parents at Starbucks for coffee to catch up on the goings on for the new year. Just before leaving the house I ran upstairs to say goodbye to our son who was playing video games. As soon as I opened the door the foul smell hit me in the face taking my breath away. I quickly walked around the upstairs investigating the smell that seemed to have overtaken that part of the house. It was all through the air of the upstairs so I mentioned it to my son who was consumed in his game that he was playing. He said he noticed it at first but had gotten used to the smell so he couldn't smell it anymore.

It was so pungent that I quickly opened up all the doors and put the fans on hoping to air the upstairs out a little. My husband was waiting for me downstairs and we were late so I didn't have enough time to really check for any visitors. I recognized the smell as the same one we had experienced all over the house at various times upstairs and downstairs over the weeks. I knew we had a visitor again but needed more time to find the source. I ran downstairs saying goodbye to my daughter who was on the couch nursing a cold wondering if I had made a mistake thinking it might have been my son who attracted the spirit.

After coffee with the in-laws I forgot about the smell until I went upstairs to use the treadmill and noticed that the smell had completely gone. There was no trace of it anywhere. A few weeks before I had smelled everyone in the house including all the animals, furniture etc... making sure to eliminate the physical sources before looking at the spirit world. Even though I was sure it was the spirit world before my investigation the children had insisted wanting to make sure nothing had physically died in the house. Sunday the smell was completely gone as it has done before but seems to come back with a vengeance at various times. Today is the day to clear the house and shift the energy.

 On a different note last night I was awakened by the dogs moving around in their sleep. After laying there for a while I decided to make a trip to the bathroom. It was when I got back into bed and hadn't yet closed my eyes that I noticed a women, from what it looked like slipping out of a doorway in the upper corner of my bedroom. My brain made a conscious note that there wasn't a physical door from where she was coming out of in that part of the room. Both the door and she appeared out of thin air. Fascinated I watched her move into the room as the door closed behind her. She stood in the room with what seemed to be an awareness of me as her eyes were fixated on me laying on the bed. I was not afraid but felt that for some reason she knew who I was in the house. Then after a while she turned to the right disappearing from my sight. Curious, I checked for her energy in the room but there was no trace of her anywhere. She was gone. Finally I relaxed closing my eyes, willing myself to fall asleep.  

My good news is that we miss calculated my son leaving for school. He will be home for another week which makes me happy!

Photo by Ana, stairs from a trip in CA

Friday, January 9, 2015


Dear Diary,

Well I did talk to my daughter about clearing the house. We shall see if she heard me or not. I am not going to push it. I have decided that if she doesn't clear it by the end of the weekend I will go a head and step in and finish the job. This spirit needs either our help or needs to find another place to reside. Either way something has to be done.

Next week our week changes a bit as my son goes back to school. I have work that has been put on hold with all our company so after the weekend it is time to get back to looking at publishers and start writing again. Lately I have been really inspired to write a new book on frequencies and doorways. Just the thought of it makes my fingers tingling as I know I need to take the time to write it down before it all slips away.

Photo by Ana

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Dear Diary,

I went to meet with a Reiki client and do some errands in Dallas yesterday. When I returned home my daughter let me know that the foul smell was very prevalent that morning while I was gone. Both she and my son noticed the smell and searched the house for the cause. It was gone by the time I got home so I forgot about it until last night when the dogs woke us up wanting to go outside.

My husband and I were up with the dogs as they took care of their business and then asked to come back inside. It took awhile for them to settle down and when they all went to sleep my brain started to race with the things that needed to be done on my to-do list for the next day. As I laid there I realized that it was only two am in the morning and I needed to get some rest. When I closed my eyes I immediately saw a man standing there in a relaxed position with his hands clasped. His energy was very familiar and I wasn't afraid of him knowing that I knew him. As he stood there in my energy field I felt very comforted by his energy there in the room with me. My mind raced to find a memory of him from my past as I knew I knew him.

He just continued to stand there and seemed to be waiting on me as my memory brought up a name, "Mr. Glass!" He had died suddenly from a heart-attack when I was ten and was the first person that I ever lost that was close to me. As soon as the memories of him started to flow in I found myself smiling and calling out to him. He smiled back and then shot out in a flash of light and was gone. I searched the room for his energy and for any image of him but there was nothing there. He had left, just stopping by to check on me.

 I felt good about the visit but still very awake I decided to check to see if my guides were with me. They were both there when I checked in. I decided to take advantage of not sleeping and knowing that they were there to clear the house of the spirit that was attached to the foul smell. I started the process of clearing the house when I was suddenly aware of why the spirit was there visiting. It was very clear as I understood that this was not my mess to clean up. This was something I needed to talk to my daughter about. She was the one who needed to clear the house. This spirit seemed to have some sort of attachment to her. I didn't know if he followed her home or if he saw her light. I didn't feel the need to know any details. All I knew was that she was the one who needed to take care of it. I detached myself from the clearing process, rolled over and fell asleep.  

Photos by Ana in California 

Monday, January 5, 2015


Dear Diary,

Well, it has been a busy weekend. We had a wedding to attend and my son had a birthday. I am still recovering a little after all the celebration this weekend but happy that Monday is going to be quiet. We have not noticed the foul smell in the house in the last week. Over the holidays we were busy visiting everyone and enjoying our company so I was grateful that the smell seemed to dissipate. Even this weekend I have not seen our dark visitor so I was hoping that he had moved on.

The one thing that was really strange was that my son's big Labrador wouldn't come into the living room last night when we were watching a movie. He acted as though he was afraid of something and no matter how much coaxing we gave him to come into the room he wouldn't stay with us. He would turn around and run off jumping on the bed in the master bedroom refusing to get off. He seemed to be really frightened. We finally just left him alone knowing that he had some reason for not coming into the room. I didn't see or detect anything out of the ordinary.

Last night I woke up around one AM with severe muscle spasms in my neck. My thought is that I must have strained the muscles in my sleep. My dreams were very strange showing me people in my life undergoing paying karmic debts. I have to admit Karma is not something I have really believed in but after last night's vivid dreams. I am seriously thinking about changing my mind.

This morning I am taking my time to allow myself to recover even though my daughter has a long list of things to do today and I believe I am involved somehow.

Note: Picture of Hunter with a waffle in his mouth. 

Friday, January 2, 2015


Dear Diary,

Well, a lot of our family on my husband's side left this morning back to California. The holidays are over and it is time to get back to all of our busy lives. Last night I noticed when I woke up that a dark smokey spirit was hanging out next to the bathroom in the master bedroom. I was too tired to engage in a conversation just making a note of him and going back to sleep. I guess the spirits were letting me know that they were around and knew our guests were heading home.