Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday Again!

Dear Diary,

It has been an inspiring week and has gone by so fast. A dear friend has been approved this week to go up on a roof of a church and sit until they raise 10 tons of food and awareness for the hunger in our area. It sounds extreme but when you become aware that so many do not know where the food pantries are located in our area. Many have no clue who to ask or afraid to ask then you understand the purpose of the intention.

A little church with no more than a 100 members answered the calling. They are raising the whole community to help bring this event to fruition which will be on Aug 27th 2010. I am in Awe..... at the big heart that burst forth for this effort in humanity...

Also, another dear friend and I went this past Tuesday to visit "A Day Away Retreat" in Boyd TX. We met with this beautiful young couple who's hospitality was incredibility uplifting leaving you with a since of beauty and loving energy both during and days that followed our visit.

This is now certainly the place where we plan to do a Healing Retreat in early Nov. They have done such a wonderful job with the house and the beautiful acres surrounding it. The retreat also has peaceful pond along with horses and Alpacas. I felt very much like I was back home again in Taos, NM...

I put my daughter on the plane today to visit family for the summer as we were walking into the airport to check her in. I felt this strong presence and knew imminently without a doubt that the Arch Angel Michael was with us. My daughter has the gift of working with the angels and I was assured that the plane would be held in their care so I was not to worry. There was no question in my mind who was around us and they showed me in a small vision of them lifting the plane up and carrying it to her destination.

As I kissed her goodbye and watched her go into security I realized that the presence had gone but knew without a doubt she was in good hands. There are really no words to describe the strength of the presence and the reassurance I felt...but that did not keep me from texting her about buying a sandwich for lunch on the plane and when she got off if the family was able to find her....

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am always amazed how fast the week flys by! It is such a beautiful time to be living on the earth. Last night I was walking into my bedroom and walked through a mist and could feel the shift of energy move through me. You would think that I would be used to it but it still makes me stop and think about what had just happened.

For the past few days I have been busy working on classes and getting things ready for advertising and prep work. It is amazing how much time that takes but I can't imagine doing anything else. It is such a wonderful feeling to be doing something that you feel so called to do.

Yesterday, I was visiting someone and we were in a store when a women walked up and started to talk to us. My heart gripped up my chest and my skin started felt like it was burning...I had to stop and recenter myself and think while she was talking to us what was happening. I realized that she was carrying something that did not agree with my energy. That was OK because that is where she is but I did Not need to bring it home with me... The energy seemed to throw me off balance and I pushed it into the earth knowing it was not mine.

Later that day I meet some ladies at a Beauty shop and I felt like someone had just put on a warm healing blanket on me. It was wonderful! I indulged myself in their energy and enjoyed every minute that I was in their company. Yes, I allowed myself to take some home with me as they were giving this beautiful energy away. What a amazing world we live in!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dear Diary,

It seems funny to me that when I was cleaning the hall bathroom in the house as I came out into the hall I saw a man standing at the top of the stairs. He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I knew he was a ghost and I am not sure what he thought of me but when I turned the corner I realized what had just happened and backed up but he was not there any more.

My impression was that he was just passing through. No strings attached....He has not come to visit in my dreams asking for help nor has he talked to anyone in the house who sees. Yesterday, I was in the living room and looked up and saw a face of a women looking from the dining room into the living room. She seemed to be just a curious as we are of them. Again, no one I recognised and felt she was just passing through.

I have been told that the house sits on top of springs and the energy from us attracts the spirits to the house. Mostly just passing through but we do get request for help from some. Part of my job is to be aware and not to bring fear into the home because that attracts the wrong type of energy or ghost. Then if I am contacted I help or find someone else who can help. Just like we do with people who are living in this world of matter.

Nothing is different but the energy from the ghost is just a little higher in vibration than here in our world of slower vibration. As a dear friend said once, "People are People"....Some days I am in tune with their world and others I am focused on my own. What I have been learning about is to notice when my body or energy makes the switch. Often I am caught off guard and being aware and in the moment is the real challenge.

Yesterday, I remembered that I might have an appointment for a hair cut this week. A month ago I knew that my beautician's mom was in the hospital and that she was not doing well. I had not talked to her since my last appointment so I did not know what had happened. When I called to check up on the appointment I heard a small voice inside my head say that, "she is dealing with the death of her mom so you will have to wait and be patient".

Knowing this I went about my day and had forgotten about the appointment when I received a phone call from my beautician that her mom had passed away at 6pm yesterday asking if we could reschedule.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Evening

Dear Diary,

Friday morning I awoke in a fit of dreams about a workshop that I was going to teach with one of my own teachers on Saturday. I felt a little anxiety about the workshop as I was not sure that I was prepared. I wanted the students to have more then just information that they could read out of a book. I wanted them to have something that would prepare them as they grow.

The more that I tried to prepare, the more frustrated I got...finally I gave up and went through the day without caring about trying to get ready. It was not until later in the evening that I remembered I had a class and started to panic as I grabbed up books and materials for the students. As I was running around the house a small voice inside said, "relax I got it covered". Peace flooded in and all around me so I went to bed.

My dreams were fun and I had no worries. Upon awaking, I remembered I had a Workshop and worse with one of my teachers without real preparation. I again heard the small voice say, "relax, I got it covered". Again, the peace..... the workshop was starting in the early morning so I had just enough time to get dressed, but as I was leaving I heard, "did you forget this? What about that and maybe it would be good to take this." After a few years of getting in trouble when I didn't listen, I now listen!

I was early as it was 8:30am and the workshop started at 9am, so it gave me time to go over my material that I had gathered and put together. One of the things I put in the packet was an advanced meditation...and I did not know why I put it in. As I was about to tear it out the hostess showed up and we started to talk. The students who came to the workshop on Saturday were not 101 students but very advanced. Not what I had in mind to teach...

As I did the opening for the Workshop my mind was racing! "What are you going to teach!" These students are so much more advanced. Then it was my turn to speak for the next two hours... As I opened my mouth with no clue what to say...Peace moved through my whole being and the words tumbled off the tongue. It was the inner workings of energy and a little quantum physics integrated with the chakra system. When I would pause, thoughts and pictures would enter into my mind.

There was no time for me to question as the thoughts moved on through, using my own experiences to explain them. It was when someone talked about a cretin meditation they had heard of that I remembered the packet and it was the same meditation that I had thought about tearing out of the packets...."Wow" The students seemed to be engaged and learning.... I was learning that sometimes all we have to do is show up and trust....

This morning I woke up and again everyone was asleep so I lay there and went into twilight. What came were little flashes like movie clips of my past from childhood until now when I thought I was all alone. What I saw in each clip was that I wasn't alone. I was loved and surrounded even when I didn't realize it. As I came out of twilight moving more into the world of matter. I still felt a strong presence around me and a feeling of great love.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thurs; the dreams...

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning chanting a chant that my Qi Gong Master teacher taught me a while ago, to protect myself when I am under spiritual attack. Not only was I doing that, but in my dreams a song kept playing in my thoughts called "Bullet Proof". The only phrase that played over and over was the part about being bullet proof. It about made me crazy when I was brushing my teeth as the lyric kept on. How strange, I thought and remembered my Teacher giving me instructions again in my dream.

It was not until I was having coffee and eating my oatmeal that my daughter walked into the kitchen and greeted me with a narration of her dream. She had had what most would call a nightmare but her description was in detail with the characteristics of a Vivid dream. She described a dark entity that took on a shape of a woman and had two faces.... It went on and I won't go into detail but will say that it ended up waking her from the dream in cold fear.

She quickly started to call in the light and protect herself, the whole house and everyone that is in our home. She told me that she had woken up at 3am which is the active time of night for the other side. As she continued to talk about her dream I started to make the connection to my own dream and the protection I was doing in the dream.....

Hmmm.... as it stated to come together.....I am thinking this has to do with the little job that she is going to do in California. Last night I was talking to my teacher who leads our "Spirit Rescue" team and got home really late from the "Developing Circle". Everyone had gone to bed so I was not able to talk to my daughter about a technique for her to use in clearing the home.

I know in the past when we are going to clear a home with strong activity and often a dark entity or entities, it seems that the other side always seems to know that we are coming. Sometimes, I have had the experience of lots of activity in our own home and even visits in dreams or in waking hours that are not pleasant. It always seems to be a warning or an effort to keep us away if the entity is not of the positive character. So I am guessing the dreams are related.

This was not what we were expecting as it was only to be a house clearing and crossing the ghosts over now we are sure that we are dealing with something much darker....My instinct as a mom tell me not to let her do it, but there is something that tells me that she needs to do this and she will be successful. Besides there will be lots of help on both sides.... Mmmmmmm......It will be interesting to see what comes in twilight........

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much has been going on in the last two days.... the night before last, I had a dream about opening the doors under my sink and all the things that we store under the sink was falling out onto the floor. I was in a hurry so I threw everything back in and shut the doors. When I woke up I thought about the dream and remembered this incident.

As I was in a session with my Reiki Client, this dream kept coming back to me so I pushed it away and continued with the session. Later, in the car, this thought again came back and I realized that the things that I kept stashed under the sink were things that I needed to clear out. Then I remembered that the Solar energy that came in Sunday was helping people to clear out and move into a different space; a changing of the guard. (Changing the old guard with the new.)

Tuesday seemed to be all about looking at the things that I didn't want to deal with by acknowledging them and letting go. I also knew that this was not going to go away until I did this, so I sat down into a meditation.

Symbols are one of the languages of the soul, so I went back in a dream like state and opened the doors under the sink. I pulled out things to take a better look at them and there seemed to be a memory attached to the things that I brought out. There were old things I had stashed away that were of no use to me any more that needed to be tossed. I acknowledged them, allowing the memory and emotion to come with it as it moved through me, and when it was finished playing out, thanked it for teaching me and put it in the trash bag.

In my meditation I hulled out two large trash bags out to the curb, closed the garage doors and came back to clean and put new paper down in the cabinet for new memories to have a clean home. When I was finished I closed the doors and came out of my meditation.

I love this energy that has come into the earth that is helping us all move into a higher realm of living and healing. One of the important things that we need to do when working with the other side is to deal with our own things in our life that pull at us.

When it is time to let go you will get a nudge from your soul. This helps to make things so much clearer. It's nice to know what is yours and what is not. This way you are not projecting your emotional baggage on to others or your mind taking over making things up when you are working.... Very important to pay attention and deal with if you are to work with "Spirit Rescue".

By doing this you don't lose your memory, but you don't have the emotional baggage attached so if you come upon a situation that is close to something you have experienced you can look at it without becoming undone... But this is not something you do once and are good. You have to always be working on releasing and healing or the work gets cloged up so to speak..

I got a phone call from someone in California and they seemed to have ghosts, only the ghosts were interfering with the lives of the living. When that happens it is time to look at the situation and see about a "Spirit Rescue". I can't go this time but my daughter is able to go so there is a little prep work before she leaves that we need to work on.... It will be interesting...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Evening

Mid-morning today, my daughter asked me to go to see a movie, so I went with her for a girls morning out. Since we were at the movie we had to turn our phones on silent. About the time the previews came on I felt like my heart was aching. I was feeling really sad and realized that I had run out of the house without doing my ritual of protecting myself. I do this every day since I am empathic and pick up other people's emotions and have to sort out who's is who's.

As I quickly did my little ritual, I had the distinct feeling that someone was thinking of me and looked down in my purse where I saw a light glowing. I knew then that someone was trying to call me and I needed to answer. Excusing myself I quickly went out into the hallway to call back the number but found a message. It was from a friend who wanted to share some very distressing news. I quickly texted them back and as soon as I responded the heart ache went away.

I could feel some relief as they knew where I was and they were OK.... going back into the movie I was able to enjoy the time I had with my daughter.


Dear Diary,

I forgot to mention that I went to the Doctor for a yearly check up and he was extremely busy, so my time there was a little longer than usual. I found myself in my cotton gown sitting in a cold room feeling a bit exposed wishing that the appointment would be over soon. That was just not my luck. The longer I waited the more anxious I got.

As I sat there waiting, I tried to move my mind away from my situation as I was getting nervous. Then it dawned on me to see if I could take the time to meditate. That worked wonderfully as I sat there in silence. In the stillness of the room, my spirit guide came in with a thought, "Why not Reiki the room with beautiful energy for the ladies who might be in my same situation during the day". Why not?!

So I came out of the meditation and started to Reiki the room filling the room with loving energy. I got so carried away that I Reikied all the tools and cotton balls in the room. By the time the Dr. came in I was feeling great about the energy in the room and being able to connect in my meditation that I greeted him with a big smile.

Everything checked out A-OK and I was out of there quickly. I spent the rest of the morning still feeling the Reiki energy and I seemed to greet everyone with a smile, and even caught others smiling back. I must say that I am not fond of Doctor appointments but this one seemed to have a lesson there waiting for me......

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

I am finding dimes all around the house as a gentle reminder of my Grandmother who passed away two years ago this month. As my father leaves pennys my Grandmother leaves dimes. This morning my Mom called and shared a dream that she had about my Grandmother which made me smile.

It was my Grandmother who taught me so many wonderful things that I still enjoy in my life so it is always fun to find the dimes as a remembrance of her. It is funny the way the other side can get in touch with us either trough dreams or little gifts that they leave. Do we really know how much we are really loved?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday evening.....

I must say that since Friday I have felt this beautiful energy that moves through the bones and out past the skin as it pours out into the energy field surrounding the body. It is a massage of waves pulsing out of the ground. I catch myself being distracted by this lovely energy when I pause through out the day.

So beautiful is this energy that it seems to open up the heart and I find myself sending love out randomly to anyone or anything. The magnitude of the colors in the day are a feast for the soul. My kids laugh at me as I am talking to them and suddenly become distracted by the brilliance of light and color in and around everything that I see.

Dreams and morning twilight are begining to become a classroom as I am in that state for there is much to see and learn. Then during the day what was once fragments are now becoming whole pictures with interaction within relationships. There seems to be no judgement only observation and appreciation of fellow travelers following their own path.

Beauty is all around even in the vibration of the air. Today I could feel how magnificent it is to just be and caught myself smiling at so many who crossed my path... Isn't life truly amazing...

Friday, July 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

There seemed to be a lot of activity going on in the house with shadows and light moving in and out of sight. One of my children got a visit from a ghost who appeared in their dream. What was funny was that the ghost told them that they had come to get a look at us. Apparently they were enjoying the conversation and wanted to be contacted to..

On my end... I have been waking up the last few days in and between dreams knowing that I am busy in them but not remembering them when I am fully awake. This morning however I was able to recall my dream when I was in twilight. When I did I found that I had been a taught a method of understanding something that I had been puzzling me the day before when I was working on my studies. The lesson made everything much more clearer to understand when I looked at it from that perspective.

One thing that I can say to is that upon waking up I understood that the vibration of the earth had changed to a much higher frequency. Something happened over night.... Even upon being fully awake with coffee I can feel the energy moving right down inside the bones expanding through the body and out through the skin as it surrounds my energy field. It is a wonderful feeling of peace and tingling all over the body and soul......