Thursday, February 27, 2014


Dear Diary,

Well, I have been really sick for the last few days. Yesterday I slept most of the day only to get out of bed when I had to.  While I was watching TV keeping myself company I noticed whiffs of smoke moving around the bedroom close to the bed then disappearing. When I closed my eyes images of people's faces were coming in and out of focus in my mind's eye. After that I started to see a life boat and someone falling out of the boat. I quickly opened my eyes wondering what that was all about but when I went back to see if I could catch anything it was gone. Still to sick to pursue it I closed my eyes, and went to sleep.

Today I am feeling much better, and have been able to be up, and about the house. The only thing is that I have noticed that something has changed. This morning as I was coming out of the kitchen with a cup of tea I saw a solid image of a women sitting at my desk facing the window. Surprised I had to do a double take, and when I did she was gone.  Later in the afternoon I was in the kitchen heating up some chicken soup, and had just picked it up to move to the kitchen table when I bumped into a tall man walking around the corner from the living room. Startled I gasped almost spilling my soup, and in a flash he was gone. Again he was not a whiff of smoke but in full view almost solid.

Even while I was typing I saw a black cat sitting on the table next to my desk. The cat was not one of my pets and quite solid sitting there watching me write. As my brain seems to be slow in registering to what I am seeing it faded away. Seems to be strange?

I almost forgot to mention. They had layoffs yesterday at my husband's work. The good news is that he still has a job. The sad news is that there were people that the company let go.  I am grateful for the dreams letting us know that things were about to change in our lives.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday "The Dream"

Dear Diary,

I felt the earth tremble this morning waking me up out of a deep sleep. Then as I was coming into consciousness of the physical world I had this feeling that we had an intruder in the house. As I started to open my eyes I saw my husband getting dressed for work when he noticed me. Immediately he began to tell me that we had a tornado that passed by our home taking out the neighbor's tree. Then he went on to say that the town next to us had tornadoes which came our way coming close to our home. Still trying to wake up I listened to what he was telling me thinking well that must be what I felt when the earth moved this morning.

He went on to tell me that we had an intruder in the house while we slept, and he was looking everywhere, but couldn't find anyone. Then he said that he even checked the pantry, the wash room, and the dinning room. That is when I realized that what he was telling me must be a dream. I asked him straight out if he was dreaming, and he said, "yes". That made sense, but I had picked up those images when I was waking up. I could still feel the earth vibrating in my bones when I was waking up. "How strange", I thought.

After he left I got up making a cup of coffee, and went on about my morning. Later on he called me, and told me that his company had just announced that they were merging with another company. His company was having a meeting this morning at 11am to talk about it with all the employees. As he spoke his dream came into focus as I could see that it meant that there may be chaos around us, and people whom we know will be up rooted. The intruder in the dream was another sign of something changing in our lives without us inviting it.  Hmmm.... It was neither good, or bad. It was change that is heading our way, and to get ready for it.... 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday "Haunted by the Living"

Dear Diary,

Another good question came up this weekend and I want to address it.  The question was if living people can haunt you. The answer is "yes". From my own experience I have been haunted by the living. Many years ago I had a friend whom I loved very dearly but it came to a point where the relationship became toxic and we had to part ways.  This is one of those relationships where you have to cut all communication so that each of you can move on and heal learning from the experience without judgement.

A few weeks after the break up. I woke up to my friend's voice screaming my name. Startled I sat up in bed hearing my friend crying out asking where I was.  I shook off the whole experience  feeling a bit unnerved as it did feel like they were just in the other room of the house yelling at me. A few days later my friend called me on my cell and wanted to know where I was. We did talk but it was confirmation that it was best that we both move on.

A month later I had a little get together at my home. One of the people who was attending looked up  toward the back door and asked who that was standing there in the living room. I followed her gaze to see a blurred image of the person whom I used to call my friend. Everyone in the room saw the image and asked who that was as it faded from our sight. I bust into tears explaining the whole situation and what was happening to me.

That was not the first visit or the last for a long while until I found a teacher who explained and validated for me that living people can haunt just like the spirits. She told me that the way to handle this was to work with the other person's higher self in complete unconditional love allowing the person to let go to bring healing to all. After working with my teacher to heal that relationship on the astral level we were able to work it out. Now, only once in a great while out of the blue we still make a connection but it is nothing like it was. When it happens it all comes in as a knowing with knowledge of the other person not a full visit.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Dear Diary,

Okay last night was amazing.  I have been working on trying to problem solve in a situation that has fallen into my lap. I must admit that I have been getting a little anxious about getting it done. Last night when I received an email that was not what I was hoping to hear I had to take some time to rethink the next step in the best interest of the situation.

 That is when I decided to sleep on it and was just to tired to think. I went to bed falling quickly into sleep. I got up again around 1 am realizing that the air was a little think with energy. It felt a lot like a room packed with people in it. As I came to full consciousness I turned on the light noticing that the room had really changed as the air seemed almost think enough to see it. Okay now I wasn't just feeling it I was also seeing it. I let myself explore the energy that surrounded our bedroom, and it all seemed to be very loving, and supportive. I did a quick check on my husband who was fast asleep. All seemed good.

That is when the inspiration for the response to the email that I had received earlier came to me.  I was in a space of unconditional love, and the words started to flow clearly within my mind. Quickly I got out of bed, and went to the computer typing out an email feeling loved, and supported by everyone in the room.  I knew that I wasn't alone. There were others on the other side trying to help solve the problem that I was facing. It was beautiful!  After that I thanked everyone in the room for their help, and climbed back in bed falling asleep until this morning when the cat jumped on me waking me up to feed her.

Yesterday I spent time with my daughter who I told her about what I had seen on the ceiling. Her first question to me was what kind of energy was in when I saw that. Then she asked if they wanted anything. I told her "no" since I didn't ask. This morning I realized that last night I was in an energy that needed help. I didn't have to ask for help as my energy of being frustrated in trying to solve the problem was sent out in my subconscious mind, and from my energy field. That is why the room was filled with others who wanted to help me find an answer. Again, I am reminded what my guides said to me the other day about being mindful of what I was attracting in my life at this time.

Analyzing the whole experience I also am very grateful for another confirmation that I am supported on both this side, and the other side of the curtain. I do see now what the guides were talking about.

I do want to make a note...... that during the day I have noticed that I get so involved with my physical life as I do errands, or meet with people that I am less aware of what is going on with the other side. Sometimes when I am not as distracted I will often run into ghosts, or beings that are out, and about so it is not something that is only going on at the house. It is just that when I am at home there seems to be less distractions, and I am more in tune with what is happening on both sides. This includes the evenings, and when I wake up at night.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have not had a lot of activity in the house lately as I have been really focusing on things that have been happening in our family.  I still saw the usual flashes and silhouettes of people walking around in our dining room when I was sitting in the living room.

Last night I did get a little nervous when I got a flash for a few seconds of someone crawling on the ceiling of the entry way of our home. That was really usually for me as I see ghosts hovering, or standing so it was odd for me to see them upside down crawling on the ceiling. It did remind me of something that was out of a horror movie. They were going towards the door leading outside so I kept my fear in check so not to attract attention while doing a double check making a quick connection with my energy field. I wanted to make sure they were friendly. There was no cause for alarm as they didn't have any interest in us at all so I let it be.

Today I was in the living room visiting with my daughter when someone passed right between us. It was so subtle that I almost didn't catch it. The whiff of smoke emerged between us, and disappeared almost before I realized what had happened. I have gotten used to ghosts moving around the house but my eyes still catch the movement taking my brain longer to process it.  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Dear Diary,

This morning as I was driving to see one of my Reiki clients I was nearly hit by a man merging to get off the highway. I dodged around him with my small Mini Cooper making a clean pass without a mishap.  As I moved on down the highway traffic came to a stand still. Five minutes later I was sitting there with the rest of the cars waiting for the traffic to move. For some reason I just happened to look up in my rear view mirror just in time to see a women changing lanes coming over into my lane. What startled me was that she didn't seem to notice that the cars had stopped. As I sat there with cars all around me with no place to go I realized I had to get her attention. Quickly I glanced in my side mirror, and in that split second she saw me stopping just in time to see my car. We sat there for a second looking at each other in the mirror feeling that connection as we both acknowledged a narrow miss.

Soon after this event traffic started to move, and within a few seconds we were all sailing down the road as cars began to thin out with the mix-masters. I was relieved, and started to pray asking for protection. I also used my Reiki Symbols blessing the car. Two close misses had got my heart racing. As I got closer to see my client a bird flew up from the side of the road just missing my car. It was close enough  that I saw it's white, and gold belly as it flew towards my windshield, and up over the car. By that time I had had it!  The universe was trying to tell me something, and I needed to know what it was as things were being flung at me. Once I was able to see my client, and start home I opened my Akashic Records, and asked the record keepers what was going on. They said, "I happened to be in a space where I could attract things in my life, and for me to pay attention to what I was attracting."

What I didn't mention earlier was that my husband has had a neck ache for the last few day which the guides said was due to stress. We tried working it out of his body, but it wouldn't release. This morning he woke up with it gone, and I woke up with the neck ache. We transferred the energy, and I took on his stress. He felt great, and I hurt.

During the Reiki session the Reiki energy not only helped my client, but took the stress, and neck pain away from me. I also used positive affirmations looking for unconditional love, and joy within myself. When I found it an overwhelming feeling of love burst out of my heart dissolving any stress that I seemed to carry. I felt like a child playing peek-a-boo when someone takes the blanket off of you. Pure joy, and delight shot through me making me feel all giddy. Later on while I was out driving again things that I would have considered to be annoying only brought laughter that spread through the cabin of the car. The day continued to be full of joy  as I loved being with all of the special people in my life that I came in contact with.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Diary,

So much has happened since I last wrote. Saturday morning I woke up to song birds singing by my window. It was such a beautiful song that I decided that my day was going to be filled with laughter. The morning was a joy spending time with my family, but in the afternoon I received a phone call from my mom that my family in California had a little bit of an emergency. Everyone is okay, but for a while we were all in that state anxiousness. I did find that prayer and Reiki are very powerful in those times since I couldn't be there in person, but I could still help in my own way.

Sunday was amazing as I was honored to teach a Reiki Class. Again finding that connection with the Reiki energy from Source, and sharing that with the students is always such an amazing process. When I explain Reiki I let people know that it is a prayer without words.  

I have to admit that it was fun during the class as flashes of lights moved around the room letting me know that the curious from the other side were wanting to see what was going on while the class was being taught. I didn't focus my attention on the ghosts because my attention was on my students, but when the students left the ghosts made their presence known. Smoke passing through the living room, and moving in, and out of the dining room. When I finely went to bed last night I had people drop in as I was falling asleep telling me things that were going on during the day. I was too tried to really listen, and found myself asleep waking up this morning refreshed.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Dear Diary,

Wow, a lot has happened since just yesterday. Yesterday morning I was dealing with an animal abuse situation which pushed my buttons. I don't condone any cruelty to any animals, or human being. The whole situation knocked me into having to deal with my own anger. Because of it all I ended up feeling numb for a few hours until I could talk it out with my Aunt, and one of my dearest friends so that I could deal with my anger. By the time I looked at the clock I realized it was getting late, and the medium circle that I started to attend once a month was going to start within an hour. I also realized that I had not made a reservation so I called the store The Power of the Rainbow that was hosting the circle, and let them know I was coming. The connection was really bad on the phone as it kept going in, and out finally Tray the owner said to just come on, and we would take care of the paperwork when I got there.

The medium circle is lead by David Scott a local medium in Arlington, TX. I have to admit I really enjoy the circle, and the way that he works with his students. David started the group by giving a short lecture which covered dealing with our own fears. Then he reminded us that if we are to do this work we have to be really open to unconditional love, and clear out our heart chakra. I knew in that moment I was thinking, "Great....." I was not feeling the warm fuzzes with my heart after the morning's event.

During the whole class I could feel, and see flashes of people coming into the circle from the other world. I was trying my best to clear out my emotions, and feel the love. I did come to some place were I felt I belonged, and love spread through me for a few moments, but there was no joy. I couldn't find the joy. I think somewhere I felt let down by the cruelty in the world, and it was still hiding out in my heart. I felt blocked, heavy, and stuck in my own emotions.

Another women in the group later on voiced that she was experiencing a heaviness, and a blockage that wouldn't allow her to get messages. Several people spoke up to help her who had been practicing for years. I think what really hit me last night was what one women said was that,"One of the main things that people should know is if they are working on being a communicator they have to deal with their own Crap". She went on to explain that when you are communicating with spirit you need to know what is them, and what is you. She also mentioned that, "Many people who are learning to do this work will also find that their crap will come up, and they have to work on healing it. It is just part of it, and what will eventually lead to a good communicator."

David also said, "that the heart Chakra is the bridge into the other world, and if you are not connected with that unconditional love then you will experience a breakdown in the connection." Again I went internally into myself, and looked at my own blockage. I could see, and feel the people in the room on both sides, but was not able to communicate with my heart. When I checked in again I realized I was numb. I had shut down, and I had felt that if my heart was closed then I would not feel the pain that I felt this morning. This was strange as I was in a room with so many people who were full of love, but I was still shut down. Wow, I still have so much to learn, and I need to work on my heart energy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

 I have been obsessed with painting for the last two days. Even with this distraction I have realized that my father has not crossed over. Last night in my dreams I received the message very clearly that my father has not crossed into the light. This morning I called my mother, and asked her if she would talk to my dad, and ask him to cross. I know it is time for him to go, and I also know that my mother who is his soul mate is the one who can talk to him about going on into the light.

From his point of view I can see that he has been very concerned about things that are going on in our lives, and not letting go of us. I checked in with my own emotions, and was sure that I was happy for him. I personally have no reason to hold him in this plane of existence for him not to cross. I asked my mom to ask my little sister, and see if she is
good in letting him go.

I do believe that my mother can convince him to move into the light. I can feel his energy draining, and know that even though his intentions are good it is not good for him to hang on.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Dear Diary,

I noticed lots of flickering of lights in the house when walking from room to room yesterday. We were to busy catching up with things that needed to be taken care of to pay a lot of attention to it. When we finally took a break last night I felt someone move through the living room while I was sitting visiting with my husband.  The presence was made known as the energy shifted in the room. When this happened it got my attention, and for a second I saw a cloud of while smoke. Before I could ask who was there my husband had turned on the Television to watch a sitcom that he had recorded. Distracted I followed him in watching the show, and after that turned in for the night.

 There were no interruptions with my sleep. I did however talk to my mom this morning, and she reminded me that yesterday was my father's birthday. He would have been 90. What I didn't mention is that he used to make gypsy wagons that hitched up to horses as one of his art projects. One summer when I was 16 I spent the summer with him, and we went on a trip with the wagon on the road in Arizona. We camped out for a month. Speaking of which I wonder if he knew that I liked Stevie Nicks?  I did have my tape player with my headphones, but I don't remember if I told him about the tapes that I listened to when I had free time to myself. He was an artist, and a builder who kept busy with projects if he was not working with the animals that he had.

 I do know that there were a few times I did wonder if it was him the other nights but didn't get the conformation except maybe the song Gypsy.  It has been awhile since he has contacted me.

I have asked for confirmation if it is him, and I will expand my energy to see if I can find if it is him, or someone else that is in the house. Now my curiosity is up!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday "Ghosts Visiting the Movie Theater"

Dear Diary,

I finally slept through the night!  I woke up this morning around 6 am which is good for me, but welcomed. I was coming out of my sleep thinking about the day, and wondering if there was anything that I needed to document in my diary. I couldn't think of anything out of the ordinary when I heard my guide say, "Think back on yesterday very carefully".  "Okay," since that sounded like good advice I went over the day's events.

Let's see, I was making coffee, and feeding pets in the kitchen when I saw a man standing in the doorway of the dinning room. He was there for a second watching me, and when I noticed him he vanished.  The rest of the day was with friends, and family. "Oh," My husband, and I were invited by some friends to see the movie "47 Ronin" at the dollar theater which I had never heard of, but was happy to be invited. As the four of us were sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start two ghosts shuffled past us moving from the right to the left. Amused all I could do was smile to myself thinking, "How funny we forget that everyone likes movies." The movie was not what I expected, but was a nice surprise as we were entertained.

After the movie as we were waiting on the bathrooms my best friend's boyfriend who knows I see ghosts asked how I liked the ghosts. The question jogged my memory of the two ghosts who I had seen earlier which made me excited thinking he had seen them. I immediately responded, "Oh, you saw the two ghosts move past us as we were sitting there!" As I watched him stare back at me in shock with a frozen expression on his face I realized that he was talking about something else. Then I remembered the small scene in the movie where the warriors went to find swords to fight with, and had to go through a forest with ghosts to get to the supernatural world. "Yes," I quickly responded. "I liked that scene!" trying to smile as my husband changed the topic to the more intense subject of the death of the Samurai. As I stood there shaking the feeling of awkwardness off I made a quick mental note that I sometimes forget that seeing, and talking to ghosts is not something that everyone is used to even when they know that you do.

The other part of the day that I want to make a note of is that I did look up the lyrics of the song "Gypsy" by Stevie Nicks. It was interesting to me, but I still didn't understand why it was playing in my head the other night. I decided to look up what the song meant, and the inspiration behind the song. I have to say that the story behind the account of the inspiration brought tears to my eyes. Later in the day I tried to bring back the feelings into my body that were so prevalent during the experience. I couldn't reach the emotions to experience them again within my physical body all that was left, and all that I could find was the memory of having the experience.

I asked my guides if there was something I needed to learn from that experience, and have not gotten an answer. Sometimes they don't give me answers until it is time for me to know, or if it is something that I need to learn for myself. The only conclusions I can think of is that either someone was trying to share the experience with me, or that I was getting a message from the song that I haven't understood yet. I did complain to the guides, and any ghosts around me that it is better when they come to share if they would just talk using words. I quickly got the answer that, "Sometimes ghosts can only communicate with feelings, images, symbols, signs and songs if that is how they know how to communicate, or if I am blocked for some reason." This made me ask,  "Am I blocked?" I got no answer... Well, then I guess we shall see what comes up.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Dear Diary,

 Last night I was in one of my dreams when I was awoken by someone playing the Stevie Nicks song "Gypsy" really loud.  As I came to full consciousness I realized that the song was playing in my head. I could hear the words, music, and voice as the song continued playing over, and over. Frustrated that I was awake, as the song kept on playing I decided to check the time by turning on the light. Before I could turn on the light I caught myself thinking that I already knew the time to be 3 am. Sure enough when the light came on the clock read 3 am.

I want to note that I haven't heard that song in ages. I was a Stevie Nicks fan when I was sixteen, but that has been awhile. I have heard the song on the radio, off, and on over the years, but it has still been a while so there was no need for that song to get stuck in my head last night.

As I struggled to free myself of the song "Gypsy" it continued to play without stopping. Trying to find an explanation I went over the day remembering what had happened searching for an answer.  My son had come to visit, and hung out with me in the morning. We didn't have too much unusual going on. We watched a movie, "The Fifth Estate" although I did see someone in the dining room walking by the door from the living room where we were sitting. The lights flickered in the kitchen when I was cleaning up from breakfast. During the movie we paused it for a few moments in which the whole system crashed. My son tried everything, but couldn't get it to work so we moved to another room to finish watching. As soon as I closed the door when my son left I turned around to face the living room, and definitely saw a person walking out of the living room into the office. For me a usual day of things going on.

Twenty minutes later I am still laying there wanting to go back asleep listening to my husband breath as it seemed to anchor me to this world. Then as I lay there I got this scratchy grieving feeling in the middle of my back that spread up my spine expanded into my lungs and then settled in my throat. I felt like you do when you want to cry but are too choked up to do so. One of our pets noticed me, and jumped on the bed curling up next to me trying to comfort me. I was touched, but was caught up in the emotions I was experiencing. Then this overwhelming anxiousness took over as a feeling like I was being warned about something that was going to happen in the future, and there was nothing I could do about it. Fully awake I couldn't shake the feeling no matter how much I tried although the song was only lightly playing in the background. I would say I stayed that way for another twenty minutes, and then it left me completely except I could still hear the song.

Laying there numb I finally fell back to sleep waking up this morning with only a remembrance of the song, and the feeling that something is going to happen.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Dear Diary,

 Something woke me up again in the middle of the night. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't go back to sleep. As I lay there my mind started racing, so I decided to get up. I stumbled over to my desk finding some paper work that needed to be filed. When I looked at the clock it read 3 am. Feeling tired I decided to go back to bed hoping to fall asleep. I got back into bed, and turned off the lights. Just as I closed my eyes I saw a flash of white light that looked like a lightening bolt light up my eyelids. Startled I opened my eyes looking for lightning, or any source that it might have come from. After not finding any cause I shrugged it off as a fluke, or that I was just tired.

 I closed my eyes again only this time when I did it was like someone had turned on the lights in the room. A mix of white, and yellow light peaked through my closed eyelids making me think that the lights were on. I opened my eyes only to find the room completely dark. There was no light shining, or anything on that could have been that bright. Chuckling to myself I realized that someone was messing with me. I rolled over closing my eyes still wanting to fall asleep, but not wanting to engage with whomever, or whatever was there. Then I heard something fall on the floor which made me open my eyes again. This time when I did I saw the outline of my covers coated with a glow of white light. I wasn't startled only amazed as I watched the glow slowly fade away. I didn't know what it was, but still felt like I wasn't alone. I glanced over at my sleeping husband who was sound asleep.

Not knowing what to do I sat up in bed, and turned on the lamp sitting on my night stand. Light lit up the room allowing me to see all the furniture in our bedroom. While I sat there surveying the room a white mist rolled over my right shoulder, and across my lap. As it did I felt some of it move through my body as it passed by me, and disappeared before my eyes.  For some reason I wasn't scared only feeling like it, whatever it was was only playing with me. I sat there for a moment soaking in what had just happened then turned off the light. I laid there for awhile before finally falling asleep.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday "Contact"

Dear Diary,

 My little sister came into town this past weekend, and we started reminiscing about things in our lives. One of the stories that came up was something that happened to me a few years ago when I was really starting to learn about the spiritual world again. As I told her the story we started to laughing as it all happened quite innocently.

It was after our dad passed away, and during that time I had been getting reacquainted with shamanism. I was trying to reconnect with our dad, and started to get into drumming. One day I got a newsletter from a local store that they were hosting a drumming circle. I was excited, and was really feeling the need to get out of the house. I called one of my Reiki friends asking if they wanted to go, but they had other plans that evening so I decided to go on my own.  

I remember looking at the clock waiting then driving out excited to meet other people who had the same interest. I parked close, picked up my drum which was carefully laid in blankets in the back seat, and walked into the store. I was then greeted with the normal scene of people mulling around looking at the beautiful stones, and minerals that were for sale as they waited for the event to start.

Feeling a little awkward I walked up to the store owner, and asked about the drumming circle. Looking at my drum inquisitively he cocked his head to the side explaining that the drumming circle was scheduled for the following evening. I felt this rush of energy serge through my bones of embarrassment as I smiled back at him, and asked politely what was going on that evening. Taking my cue he said that it was a spirit gallery. By then people in the room had over heard our conversation, and were starting to snicker as it was funny.  My ego kicked in, and I raised my head proudly telling him that I would stay. Inside I was blaming my dyslexia, but the honest truth was it was just too humiliating to walk out the door.

My drum accompanied me into the other room where the spirit gallery was being held. The chairs were all set up in a circle, and people were beginning to find their seats. I quickly found a chair trying my best to become invisible feeling a little annoyed with myself for staying. At the time I didn't feel like I needed to be there since I talked to ghosts all the time. As I was sitting there thinking about how to slip out of the room unnoticed the owner of the shop came in introducing the medium. His name was David Scott, and what caught my attention was that he had been trained in the United Kingdom at the Arthur Findlay collage. That really piqued my curiosity so I decided to stay.

 David was soft spoken yet there was a gentle strength in his voice. He took command of the room quickly clearing, and opening it up to spirit with a guided meditation. The energy in the room seemed to settle down calming any anxiety that people were carrying. I noticed that my own feelings had relaxed as he went into the readings. It was the second reading that he was beginning when the information hit me like an arrow. There was no doubt it was my father. The information that he brought into the reading where things that I had forgotten, and left behind in my early childhood. That was the time that my father, and I were the closest. I was reminded of sleeping out under the stars with our bedrolls as he told me stories about the constellations, and about the universe weaving stories frrm other cultures of how it all worked. Then I realized that I had not spoken up, or raised my hand that the message was clearly for me as he went into more detail of that experience. I waved my hand grateful to hear evidence that my father was in the room. Usually I make contact with those I love, but hadn't been able to communicate with my dad. I was at loss for words. It was a powerful reading for me that I never expected.

 At the end of it he had a message for my mother who was living in California which I didn't understand at all. As soon as the gallery ended I left deciding to call my mom on the way home since we have a time difference knowing she was still up. I related the message to her, and she burst into tears. She told me that just the other day she was thinking about that one thing. I was shocked! Somewhere in the back of my mind I was reminded that "there are no coincidences in the universe". 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wed. "Body Jumping"

Dear Diary,

  I was visiting with someone very dear to me, and they confided about something that I wanted to address. It was that the person had had some experiences where they noticed that their consciousness would sometimes leave their body, and they would find themselves looking through the eyes of another person. They were very much aware that they were not in their own body, but someone else's experiencing what the other person was experiencing. When I heard this I knew right away what they were talking about because it has also happened to me. I call this body jumping.  There are other teachers who call it something else, but that is the best term that I can describe it as. It has nothing to do with possession. That would be a complete misconception.

What I understand from this experience is that yes, it is very real. It is also apart of astral traveling which can be on purpose, or not on purpose. The only difference is that instead of being just separate from your physical body you end up merging into someone else's. The person who I am going to call the host may know you are there, or they may not know that you are inside of them. Now this may sound strange, but the shaman, and medicine men have been doing this for ages.

It is merging one consciousness with another. The medicine men, or shaman did this when they went into trance, and would jump into an animal such as a buffalo to find where the herds were grazing. Then after gathering the information form the surroundings they would then come back, and tell the tribe. Then the whole tribe would gather up all their belongings, and move to where the herds were grazing. It was all about survival. This gift has also been used to merge into the clouds to bring rain.

Several years ago it started to happen to me randomly, and I began to search for answers for why it was happening. What I thought was going on was that it was all about compassion, but what I discovered was that it is also about matching patterns. Somehow when this happens we match an energy pattern, and when we astral jump we end up being attracted to the energy. It is like a magnet which draws the two energy patterns together causing the merge. The shaman, and medicine men have control over this, and can direct it to where they need to go. As for those of us who stumble on to it can find it quite alarming, or even confusing.  

The warning that a shaman gave me was that when we merge into someone, or something else we match their energetic pattern. What we need to be careful is not to bring home a disease. A pattern of a disease could be playing as a energetic program within a person we are merging with. As we merge with the energy that program can be written within our energy fields, and when we return to our own physical bodies we can bring that program to play within ourselves. The thing to remember if you are one of those who has this gift is to know how to protect, clear, and cleanse. This is important before, and after a merge.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday "Sensitive"

Dear Diary,

I just wanted to make sure that I made a note of something that I observed yesterday.  I was visiting with a friend on the phone who was in a lot of emotional pain and as they were talking I noticed that all of my skin was reacting to the energy that was being thrown around. They were not unhappy with me they were just venting. I felt as if someone had poured ice cold water on me and my skin was stinging from the cold. As she got more upset the pain began to throb. I took a second to make a note of it and decided that the pain was not coming from inside of me but from the outside so I opened up my heart with love and pushed unconditional love out through my pores. It took a minute then the pain started to subside and finally left me.   To my relief I could finish the phone call and allow my friend to vent without taking on anything that wasn't mine.

Later on I was out with someone else and something triggered a painful memory with the person I was with from their past. Once again I found that my skin started to throb in pain. As soon as I was starting to do something about it my friend tossed the memory away and as quickly as that the pain left me. In the past I have experienced deep compassion to where I felt pain inside of my heart when someone else was suffering or angry. As an Empath I have learned how to protect myself from carrying other people's emotions but this is new.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday "Intentions"

Dear Diary,

  Saturday night I decided to go ahead and open the protection grids to start the process of spirit rescue, but when I did there was no response. After sweeping the room, and the whole house by expanding my energy looking for ghosts I discovered that I couldn't find anyone. Finally after feeling the house was empty I asked my guides if they were there. They answered immediately that, "Yes they were all there". Then I asked, "If there were any ghosts around?" The guides replied that, "Yes, they were there also". That was a bit confusing so I asked, "Where was everybody?' The answer I got was that, "They were all hiding". Of course that made me ask, "why?" The guides then answered that, "They were all afraid of being crossed over".

Great! I couldn't believe it. If I am meant to help ghosts cross then why were they hiding from me. Then the answer came. "Ghosts who are lost on the other side often don't know that they need to cross, or afraid of judgment if they do. Some are so confused they just want help, but unsure what it is that they need." Now it made sense why when I set the intention to help them cross they scattered, and hid. Somewhere inside of me I already knew this, and remembered that it is again all about free will. I just wanted to do it the easy way. I gave up falling asleep and somewhere letting it all go.

Last night after enjoying the day with my family I was just to tired to set an intention, or try to do any work on the other side. I fell asleep around 8:30 pm exhausted, and slept until 5 am.  What woke me from my sleep was I could feel someone standing by the bed just staring down at me while I slept. When I opened my eyes it was a ghost of a teenage boy who noticed me, and must have decided I was interesting enough to stare at. An older gentleman who was also a ghost came in, and shooed the teenager away then departed.  I lay there for awhile getting my bearings feeling a little crept out, but grateful that the other ghost had stepped in.  At least there are manners on the other side. That made me think that I need to consult with the guides and see if I my own manners are in check.