Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

It was strange last night as the first set of dreams were about people being executed in a war. Judging by their clothes it was in Europe in the second World War. I was upset with myself as I awoke realizing I had watched without any emotion in the dream. I got up and walked in the bathroom with the scene playing over in my mind as my heart was breaking over the people dying in the dream. What had I done yesterday to have triggered such a dream?

I climbed back into bed next to my snoring husband and went back to sleep. I had my usual dreams of traveling and adventure with no one dying or anyone being hurt. It was the cat that woke me up this morning climbing on me and purring wanting me to pet her. My husband was still sound asleep when I checked to see if he was awake.

As I was petting the cat half asleep and half awake I had this wave of energy move over me and it was so strong as I saw a young man in an old fashioned army suite standing there with an army rifle. I could feel what he was feeling and saw him in the war going into houses and killing people. I felt him being numb to the horror of all that was happening around him. Suddenly a wave shot up through by body from my lower back separating me from his numbness sending shock and sadness of the whole experience throughout my whole body as I shook myself loose from his grip.

Then it dawns on me! Oh, it's a ghost!!! The young man was sharing his story with me but why? He did not ask for help or seem to have any remorse over what had happened.

One thing you must understand is that most of the time you can tell what is yours and what is not yours by the energy shift. To better explain this it is like getting into a hot shower and then getting into a cold shower. Your body feels the difference. It is the same with energy only different. You know when you are taking a cold shower vs a hot one. Then there are times when it becomes warm as the two temperatures merge together and you get a feel for both so you must find yours. Does not last for very long but enough to get a taste of what the other feels like...

I don't know why this young man came to me and showed me a piece of his life. If I had been more on track I would have asked if he needed help to cross but was a little out of sorts from what he shared.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Dear Diary,

I has been a fast week as the Thanksgiving Holiday was upon us. I must say that I slept very well since we crossed the man in the bedroom. I have had no nightmares since.

I did have a dream last night where I was shown a picture of a place and recognized it as a place I have visited in another dream. I woke up and could recall the dream in the picture that I had had several months before. I thought it odd to see the picture and recall it as if I had been there and then remembered all the details.... Who would have thunk?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

My poor husband has been having terrible anxiety attacks in the the middle of the night and wakes up in a sweat this past week. I finely asked my guides what to do and they told me to switch sides of the bed so they could not find him. I thought that was kind of funny but I told my husband we needed to switch sides of the bed. He agreed and so we went to sleep on the different sides.

I woke up and looked at the clock with my heart racing. It was 2AM and I was upset as my dreams in the Twilight were telling me that I was not good enough and that I could not get anything done. I was upset and arguing as I knew in my heart that was a lie and not true but the feeling of being inadequate were over whelming.

I moved through it with my own heart and was soon back to sleep resting until the early morning. The next night I kind of remembered the incident but did not really put much into it but a nightmare. Again I awoke in the middle of the night with this feeling of powerlessness and fighting with myself in my dream that I was not good enough and that what ever I touched would be doomed. I wake up and again looked at the clock realzing that it was not real as I got my barrings straight understanding I was in dream state.

I recognized that what I was experiencing was a lie but the emotions that were attached to the lie were so intense it took a few hours to move past the feelings. Last night before I went to sleep I looked at my husband and stated that we have a ghost and that I was going to put my intentions in for the night to go ghost hunting. I don't know why I said that but I felt it very strongly in my guts.

I kissed him goodnight and fell asleep not to wake up until the morning. This morning I was fine with no feelings of emotions of helplessness at all. I came into the office and opened up my diary to write when it came to me as clear as day. It was just before I left a few months ago to visit my family in NYC that I awoke and saw a man standing over my husband on his side of the be looking down at him. There was no question of who it was sharing his life experience with us and now I knew who to cross.

As it was I had to run to a Reiki appointment and did not have time to write but as I was working on my client I asked them if we could work on crossing over the ghost while we were doing Reikil. I got a yes and so we went into the field in between worlds to find the ghost. I found him and recognized him immediately. I asked him his name which he gave me and we talked about him and why he was attracted to my husband energy field. I got his story and it was very sad. I asked the 4 Arch Angels to come in and they held the light and offered to take him into the light.

He did not want to go and claimed that he was unworthy of going into the beautiful light. We talked and asked if anyone on the other side would come through. They did as he seemed to have a wife who came to call for him. He still was unsure and it took a great deal of encouragement from the other side as he slowly walked into the light with lots of love.

I have to admit it makes me cry and I thanked the angels and the other side for doing all the work. They are so amazing. I am glad that this is cleared and will be gracing in lots of good energy to replace all the sadness that left....

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has truly been an emotional week with things happing in my personal life with the family. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by lately and yet not fast enough to move through things.

I walked into the Acupuncture Clinic on Thursday and saw a man standing by the window look at me walking in. I guess I must have blinked because the man was gone in an instant. I laughed to myself and realized that I had seen a ghost and thought no more about it. It was later that day that Qui gong teacher there was working with a class and told the class that she saw someone by the window but realized that there was no one there. I heard her a and spoke up telling her what I saw which was the same thing. You know it is always nice to hear from others that they see the same thing.

Last night I was watching a program in the living room with the kids when movement out of the corner of my eye caught something. I was right on time when I looked over to see some beige smoke moving though the doorway. Smiling to myself I knew someone was moving through....

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been an amazing week again. I was asked by a friend to help her clear a house. She had trouble sleeping and one night saw a dark smoky shadow on the ceiling. She said that she remembered the description from our time together talking about the spirit world.

I agreed to help and set a date and time which was yesterday morning. It happened that I was visiting with a friend who is also gifted in this area and asked if she would like to help as my daughter was away at school and it would be fun to be a team. She agreed and we set it all up to meet.

As I was leaving the house yesterday I got a phone call from the friend who was going to help and her voice was strained. She had arrived and was wondering if I was on the way. I had just received a call from my other friend who was telling me that she was delayed but her boyfriend was still there. As I drove up to the house it seemed strange but I was not sure why.

My friend met me and told me that we must talk before we went in the house. She shared with me of a vision and what she saw in the house before we arrived. As we went into the house we soon discovered that there were three portals opened. We also found the dark entity that we were hunting that split into two parts as it realized what we were doing.

We began to close the portals and seal the house until we came to the last portal herding them into the last room that the portal was open with that we sealed the room and created a vortex that sucked the entities into it as the portal was closed and sealed. Then we went from room to room helping the ghost that were traped to cross. Again this is spirit rescue not banishment from the house. We talked to each of the ghosts and with the help of the Angels they each and everyone crossed. There were nine in all.

Last but not least we went through the house blessing the home. When you remove any energy form something then you always want to grace in positive energy. A hole will always fill in and so you need to make sure that it is full of Blessings or love. Again, I can't stress prayer....

It seems that not a day goes by without me walking through a ghost or a ghost passing between me and someone talking. We all just coexist on the earth.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been kind of funny that I have not heard much form my father who passed on. Pennies haven't been showing up like before and made me wondered why the change. I was on the phone with my Mom in NY and she said asked if I had seen or heard from him. "No," it had been a week since I have had the pennies show up. "Well", she said, "That's because he has been showing up around here. He has been leaving pennies here and letting me know that he is around."

"Oh, that makes a lot of since why I did not feel him around. He is busy visiting." Today, I have not noticed him around the house but the house seems to be full of others coming and going I wonder if people really know that the other side is right here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a fun day as I got to work with people in their Akashic Records. The funny thing about working in the Akashic Records is that the longer that you are in them it raises your energy vibration. This is wonderful and you seem to have this beautiful feeling of floating.

I was working late so before I drove home I grounded myself. It was when I returned home late last night from the consultation that I noticed a lot of people in the house that I could see through. I knew that we had ghost coming and going but still catches me off guard. There were so many in the house walking around paying no attention to me.

I went to bed knowing that the room was full but this morning when I awoke it seemed that the energy had tapered down a bit and I was back down to my usual earthly vib. Which meant that I still saw flashes and smoke moving in the room but not the full bodied people that I saw the night before.

"No", there is no drugs involved. It is a matter of changing the body's vibration with prayer and moving into a higher energy to read the records but the energy of that state brings the earth and spirit world together.