Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

I must say that it has been an amazing week. Monday I found myself complaining out loud that I did not have two pennies to rub together. As I was in my rant I picked up a folder off my desk and there underneath were two pennies. With the clear thought, "There Now You Have Two Pennies to Rub Together!" Then the joke hit me and I started to laugh!!! Only from the Spirit World knowing that they all have a healthy since of humor. I realized that I was being a bit dramatic and that they had called my bluff...

The week has been very busy with Akashic Readings and I have really enjoyed and learned a whole lot form each experience. One day this week it got to be a little hectic not with the readings but with working with the house and errands. I walked out to the car to go to the grocery store for the second time and in my car seat sitting on the driver's seat was a shiny new penny. "Thanks Dad!
I know you are watching." I took a breath and the rest of the day went smooth...

We have had flashes, smoke and movement moving through the house all week. I am realzing that tomorrow is Halloween but since we have lots of activity all year round I don't know if it gets busy around this time. I am aware that they don't seem to be as interested in what we are doing lately and go about their own business. I am thinking that they are used to seeing us and know that we see them but don't intrude unless they come to us for help. I say that but now since my daughter has left for college it is only me that seems to notice that they are around.

Lots to do this weekend with the everyone home for the weekend and Halloween. I love the costumes and candy and hope we have lots of trick or treators this year.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Dear Diary,

So sorry, I have not written. I have been so busy with two Expos this past week and weekend. What was kind of strange is that I am thinking of spliting our Developing Circle which was created for those who are waking up to their ability of seeing and talking to ghost. I thought I could find another teacher quickly to help with creating another circle but there seems not be that many who are trained in the ability to teach how to clear and do Spirit Rescue.

I am looking in our DFW area for someone who can help work with people who have questions about their situation or their abilities and experiences. It was just something that I guess I take for granted. Anyway, I am putting my intention of finding someone to teach since I seem to have my hands full at the moment.

Last night I was talking to someone face to face and beige cloud of smoke moved between us. I noticed that the person I was talking to had not noticed that we had a visitor. The ghost was not interested in what we were talking about and moved on like passing through a crowd at a party. Funny how that happens.

So much happing all around us and most people don't seem to have any idea that the Ghosts and Spirits are all around us all the time. It is exciting when people wake up and realize that there is a whole other world around us right here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Dear Diary,

It has been a week since I last wrote.. I left last Thursday to go to NYC to visit family and only just got back late last night.

As I was sitting on the air plane to leave for NY I realized that I had not heard from my father who passed away a year and a half ago. He usually checks in with me during the week. He always leaves me a penny somewhere and I know he is around if I don't sense his presences.

I got on the plane and started to think about it and then complain that I had not heard a thing from him or even gotten my penny from him in the past few days so I had no idea where he had been. I spent at least 5 minutes complaining and we started to take off which I was distracted and thought no more of it.

It was when I got to NYC and pulled out a small bag that I had brought to give to my sister that a penny fell out and bounced on the counter in the kitchen. A penny which I knew was not there when packed my bag. All of a sudden I got the giggles and my sister told my Mom that Dad had just left a penny as I told them how upset I was with him on the plane.

My Mother thinking I was hungry took me down the block to find something to eat after my trip and I walked through someone (ghost) standing on the street. I was so distracted with the sights in the city that it took me a moment to realize what had just happened. Looking back I apologised as we walked on finding a small place to grab something to eat.. They seemed to be in a hurry to and moved on in a beige color of smoke crossing the street in a sea of people.

The next day I was walking into the living room of their apartment and passed the stairs leading to the bedrooms when I saw two people standing in the middle of the stairs watching me pass. I stoped and looked back and sure enough they were there a man and woman about middle aged just standing there. Since I could see through them there was no question. They didn't seem bothered that I could see them and so I walked on minding my own business...

I forgot about them and later on in the day I again saw them and then caught them watching only this time at the top of the stairs and I could only see their heads. This went on as I would see only a head or heads depending on who wanted to be seen at the time whenever I passed. And so the rest of my stay went like that as I never knew when I would see them or one of them or even all of them (body) on the stairs. I did not climb the stairs unless I had to. Most of the time I forgot they were there until they showed up.. After awhile you just get used to it and ignore it....

They never left the stairs and never said a thing to me. They just seemed to be watching all the going on from their point in the house. It was fine... They didn't seem to bother anyone so I left them alone and they left us alone...

The flight back was quite and no sign of ghosts as I read on the plane and talked to the women next to me. Only one time did I check in with my guides and angels. There was an electrical problem with the plane which they had to fix before we left. At one point in the flight I thought I heard something and asked and got the reply, "No, it is not your time so relax....."

Today I was visiting with my daughter on the phone and was telling her about her grandfather leaving the penny in NY when I moved a book and spotted a penny lying under it in the corner of the room. I smiled and said, "Thank you Dad!" Relating what had just happened over the phone...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear Diary,

As I was getting out of bed this morning I managed to glance over toward my husband still snoozing away. That is when I saw a man standing on his side of the bed looking down at my sleeping husband.In a flash he was gone but not before my brain could register a little of what he looked like.

When it is early in the morning like that and I am just coming out of that sleepy state it is hard to fully register what is happening in that moment. He was gone so fast for me to even freak out that someone was standing by the bed.

I could see that he was wearing blue jeans and didn't have a shirt on. I noticed that he had a nice tan but was not able to make out his facial features. What made me wonder was why was he staring down at my husband who has no since of seeing the other side except that he might have wanted to communicate with him. But Why?

As my husband woke up I told him what I saw... I asked if he could think of someone with that description who might have passed wanting to get in touch with him before moving on. I wanted to know what the man wanted. Since the man did not come to me and let me know I had no clue to who he might be.

Of course this becomes a great guessing game and the only person we could both come up with was his Uncle whom he had not seen in 20 years but that is not something we could prove since he walked away from the family and changed his name. I guess we will have to wait and see if he shows up again and lets us know what he wants.

No wonder the cat was not sleeping on the bed with us this morning. I had to search for her and she is one that loves to come and visit me when she notices that I am opening my eyes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dear Diary,

Saturday evening I was on my way home from a class when I pulled into someone's driveway to turn the car around and thought I was about to hit a tall man who appeared out of no where. At least that is what I thought until that part of the brain said in a flash that there was no one there. It took my breath away and as I calmed down I realized that it was a ghost.

I went on with the evening meeting friends and having dinner out thinking no more of it since there was really no need. It wasn't until I was turning in my own drive way that again the man appeared in front of my car with me screaming thinking I was about to hit someone. Again realizing that there was no one there. Walking into the house I found everyone asleep so I just went to bed not thinking any more about it.

It was when I was watching a movie Sunday morning with my daughter in the living room that I saw the tall man walk by my chair right in front of me. I can be a little slow sometimes when I realized that this was not going to go away. Talking to the man I asked what he wanted and got no response. Typical, with some ghost so I finished the movie and stared to move toward leaving to drive to meet the class that was scheduled in Keller, TX.

Just before I was leaving I heard my guide say, you might want to get on the road now as there will be traffic around that part of the 820 hwy. Did I listen? No, I was taking my time and sure enough on the drive to the class I was sitting in traffic. Need to listen more!

On the drive sitting in traffic I had plenty of time to think about the class when I heard... "He wants to give you a message". "Oh! Now when I am driving?" "Yes" I heard form my beautiful spirit guide or Angel." "OK!" Apparently the ghost was not going to talk to me but to my guide so my guide related the message to me. He says, "he is sorry that he couldn't do anything to help, but he tried." "Who is the message for since I am going to a class and there are a several people in it?" I had already thought of one person.

The name that my Guide told me was not the one I had in mind and to make it a little more strange it was not for that person but for their daughter. That meant I had to give the message the person in my class who would have to relate it to her daughter. Complicated? No, just the way it sometimes works.

"OK", I said and asked, "What does the message mean and why was he standing in front of my car when I was turning into the different driveways? Did he die in a car accident"? Was there a crash" "Tell me what was going on?" All I heard was, "He is gone." Great! I thought as the traffic started to move and I turned on the radio to tune out the other world. I could hear the Angels laughing and enjoying the music as we listened to the joyous beat in the car as we moved out of the traffic on to open road.

Driving up to where the class was held I turned off the radio and heard, Big sighs and Oh..... in disappointment. Of course this struck me as funny and I had to ask, " Aren't you guys supposed to be in Church?" the answer was what I already knew that they are not bound like we are to time and space and can be in many places as once. They also love music and celebrating. "Ok, works for me".

Walking into class I was meet at the door by the lady who the message was for which I thought was odd but I told her I had to talk to her and told her the story. She smiled and said that the morning before her daughter was involved in a small car accident and was OK and knew about the ghost. Oh, I thought since the ghost appeared to me in the late afternoon in front of my car. Makes since to me and she seemed happy with the message for her daughter.

At that moment I heard from my guide saying, "You need to move the car now" I rushed outside and moved the car....

Friday, October 8, 2010


Dear Diary,

So much can happen in just a few days.. I have been busy getting ready to to my Akashic Record readings which is setting up forms, scheduling, and updating the website to explain about the Records and what to expect. On top of that I have been sending out emails letting people know about our Healing Circles which were built for seekers and students.

This month at our Healing Circle my Akasich Records teacher Jodi Lovoi was speaking and we ran out of chairs. The healing that went on on such a large group level was truly amazing!!! It was very powerful.

The next day I met a new friend to do a Reiki Session at "the Acupuncture Clinic". On my way out Pam Durham my friend who owns the clinic got a phone call from someone who was in a lot of pain. It was a random call and she was booked for the day to do acupuncutre so she asked if I would speak to them. I did and we talked about Reiki. It is hard to explain to someone about Reiki when they are in sever pain over the phone.

She said she wanted to look around and see what she could find and would call if she needed the Reiki. We hung up and I was telling my friend what happened when I realized that I had picked up her vibration in my heart through her voice and could send her Reiki for the pain. I could send it to her if she wanted it. The Reiki energy was there but she didn't have to accept the healing energy. All I knew is that I wanted to help.

I sat down and went into my heart Chakra sending out the Reiki using my symbols and sending the healing energy to help her with the pain. It was easy as I just homed in on her vibration. As I was sending Reiki I started to feel major pain in my body from what I knew was hers. I had had the same thing happen to me 15 years ago and recognised it right off. Amazing how just like child birth we forget pain like that. My body and I remembered it right off.

I knew in my training that if I allowed my body to stay in that pain I would go into stress and double over. I started to focus moving the energy out of my body and draining it out of my feet into the earth which sucked the pain it right out. I knew when I was doing this that she had accepted the Reiki on a subconscious level as I was feeling the sensation in my body from her pain.

I sent the Reiki until I lost the vibration in my heart and then stoped. I grounded myself back into my body and went on with my day. Later I was surprised to work on someone for a soul retrieval which I stumbled on to and the two of us had a session... Busy day! Exhausted, I went to bed at 8pm after sending out my consent forms for the people that I am reading their Akashic Records next week.

Monday, October 4, 2010


It was a busy week last week. I was invited to do a Wellness Expo with one of my dear Friends and mentor. We set up and did the Expo all on Friday starting early in the morning. Wonderful visiting with people and talking about the different modalities of healing.

Saturday was the Art Goggle in Fort Worth, TX and so were invited to do a Shamonic Drumming Circle which went very well as people joined in on the drumming and enjoying the beats. That started at 4pm and lasted until 10pm that night. Amazing evening as I realized all the drumming was drawing people to the circle as they walked from the end of the street to hear the beat. There is something in us that makes us want to feel and be apart of the rhythm.

I tried to keep my eyes to myself and only a few times noticed a ghost standing behind a few people also enjoying the fun. Once as I was helping tear down our table I saw and felt someone standing really close to me like then were looking over my shoulder. When I glanced to let them know I was stepping back and to watch out as I might run into them did I realize that it was a ghost only watching me break down the table.You would think that by now that I would be used to it but it still sometimes takes me by surprise every now and then.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a visit from a dear friend and as we were talking wisps of colored smoke would pass between us. I knew they were listening to what we had to say and rightfully so as we were talking about their world.

Today, I am looking forward to catching up from the weekend. I had a few sign ups for my Akashic Records readings and that will begin next week so I need to sort and get organised so that I can email to confirm the readings. Life keeps opening up to so many amazing growing experiences. It is so exciting to be apart of such a loving and supportive community of Healers and Teachers. I am so Blessed!