Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday "Last Entry in Diary"

Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry in this Diary. It is bittersweet as I have enjoyed writing about the various ghosts and people in my life. I have to also add that the spirits make life interesting and they are certainly here with us and around us where ever we go. I know that even after I stop recording my encounters with them they will continue to amuse and keep me on my toes. However lately I am finding myself with less time to write and record as my attention has been drawn to finishing the editing of the book and to moving on into teaching again.

One thing I do want to say is that in starting the Diary of a Spirit Talker my biggest hope was to not only keep a record but to open up my life to let others see what it is like being sensitive to the other side. A large portion of that was also to let others know that we always have a choice whether we want to communicate even if we see spirits. Also with being sensitive we have to lean how to master our selves and learn who we are because the signals we send out attracts that energy and ghosts to us.

This weekend we got quite a lot of activity in the house. Not the same spirits that I have seen in the past but they are always coming and going. We had everything from white and dark smokey images to a clear mirage of someone walking through the dining room. This particular weekend I was preparing for a new class so I didn't pay too much attention to them. The ghosts seemed to feel the same way about me and so we (my family) just leave them alone living in harmony unless someone needs our help and we get the message that we need to intercede.

So with this last entry I say my goodbyes.

            Love & Blessings,

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday "A Question"

Dear Diary,

It didn't take long for the energy to change in the house. These past few days we have had visitors (ghosts) who seem to be enjoying our company in the house. Last night we were watching a movie in the living room and we had several visitors come in and out of the room as if they were checking on us. Mostly they appeared as the white and dark smoky images that I have recorded in the past in this diary.  These spirits wouldn't make a long appearance but just enough for me to notice them in the room with us.  I didn't feel any aggression only curiosity from them.

The most common question that people will ask is if the ghosts that I see is someone that I know from this lifetime. From my own experience I do have family and friends pop in once in awhile but mostly the spirits that I encounter are those passing through attracted to the light in the energy fields, like a moth to a flame. From what I understand the attraction depends on whatever is resonating in the energy fields which is what gives them pause to stop. Since the human emotions come in a wide range of emotional energy it can be hard to govern what is broadcast in the energy fields to the other side. One way of thinking of this is that for the spirits, it is a lot like being at a party and meeting someone you have something in common with. In those occasions you just feel naturally drawn to make their acquaintance.

The connection works both ways as the ghosts can pick up on the energy and make the connection or if you are looking for someone on the other side you can make the connection. On the most part I am not usually looking for spirits unless it is a Spirit Rescue. On the other hand since I am a sensitive that is why there is a variety of spirits passing through our home or wherever I go. I used to think places were haunted until I learned that it doesn't matter where I go because just like living they are everywhere.

 Photographs by Steve

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday "Light Cleaning"

Dear Diary,

I have had very few sightings in our home since I last wrote. After pushing gold and white light through out the house it has been quiet. Kind of nice for a change. I do enjoy our visitors but it is also nice to have some time to ourselves. After the last visitor that was over-enthused with us we decided to cleanse the house and it always takes a little while for the energy to change before we start to have visitors again.

I used to use oils and white sage but have found that light energy works just as well. The idea is that anyone or anything that doesn't resonate with the higher energy in the house doesn't want to stick around. Also I have found when using light the energy penetrates everything that is in the house changing the frequency of it as a whole. Very powerful and yet simple to do.

The way it is done is to imagine and hold the image of an energy ball of a white and golden light about the size of a baseball in the heart of the home. Once this is done then allow it to grow and as it grows, it fills all the rooms including the land above and beneath it. Keep the light growing until you have covered your entire home and everything inside so that it is saturated in the light. Then program it by stating the intention that it is to hold that energy for however long you choose. I usually do about 72 hours and then as it dissipates it leaves everything clean.

You will know when you need to do it again because the traffic from the other side will start up again. This was something that one of my guides taught me years ago when I would forget to buy the oils or didn't have any white sage handy.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, August 3, 2015


Dear Diary,

We had another quiet weekend. Not a lot of visitors from the other side, however we had one particular ghosts who seemed to be a little fixated on one of us. That didn't last very long as the light was called in and the ghost left on his own. It can get a little strange around the house if a spirit is more than interested in you. Not a good combination. Especially when you find them hanging over you when you are trying to sleep.

Sunday was a little different as I was invited to a Meet-up by my fire walker friend Daniel. Mary Burke-Kelly another friend of mine was giving a talk on Acutonics so I wanted to be there to support her. I asked my friend Jenny to join me thinking she would enjoy the presentation. To my delight she agreed to go and so we trekked to Dallas to relish the day. The Meet-up ended up being a good turnout and Mary did an excellent job talking about sound vibration. Of course seeing her again made it even better.

Side note: Acutonics is the practice of using tuning forks that are calibrate to the different planets. The tuning forks are placed on acupuncture meridians points on the body. It is acupuncture only without the needles as it uses sound vibration to speed up the healing process. For those who don't like needles this is the way to go! Of course there is a lot information about them and that can be accessed through the Acutonic's website. 

Photographs by Ana

Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday "Changes"

Dear Diary,

My main focus these last few days has been working on the curriculum for a Light Language circle that starts a week from Monday along with the new edits from our editor for the book that I was hoping to publish this summer. As for the book it looks like it will be a while as we are moving through another round of edits before it is ready for publishing. Between the two it has been a welcomed relief after all the activity from last week. I know now that I just needed something to keep me occupied and out of trouble.

Lately I am still seeing the dark smoky images of a few ghosts moving through the house during the day but nothing to really make a note of. I have also noticed that the energy has changed again because I am seeing more people who have passed instead of animals. In fact I haven't seen any animal spirits in the last few days. Hmmmm...... Also, now that I am thinking about it I am remembering that tonight is the full moon so I suspect that the energy in the house will shift. Not sure what to expect after that. 

What I do want to make a note of is that during the last few nights I have been contacted by ghosts just as I was about to close my eyes after getting into bed. At that time I wasn't asleep only in a restful state where they could get my attention. These spirits came to me briefly flashing an image of what they looked like in life and then asking about crossing over into the light. My guides came as soon as they as they made contact and I would call in the arch angels to help them move on.

 This is a beautiful experience as golden and white light would open up so that the ghosts could step into the energy allowing the angels to take the lost souls by the hand and lead them into the light. I asked once why it was necessary for me to be a part of the process and the guides said that they needed someone in the physical world as an anchor. The guides also explained that lost souls would be attracted to someone that they felt they could trust and would help them make the transition into the light where they were intended to go.

The one thing about doing this kind of work at night is that I wake up with dark circles under my eyes but I feel good about what transpired.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Dear Diary,

I got a phone call from my mom asking me how I was doing and I let her know that the process that Jodi lead me through in her class helped me tremendously. However I did notice that I when I was driving out to see one of my Reiki clients this morning my throat started to tighten up. I knew it was my throat Chakra when it happened. At that time I just happened to be playing a CD that had tones to help clear and balance each of the Chakras, so it came to no surprise when I glanced down and saw that it was on the 5th Chakra which is the throat. Recognizing what was going on I allowed the tones to vibrate through that area and worked on re-balancing it.

By the time I reached my client I knew that what didn't get back in alignment would be taken care of once I opened up the Reiki energy. The Reiki energy is very healing and works on both the practitioner and he client at the same time. The session ended up going well and my client was able to relax. At one time she even started to smile.

On my way back home I decided to listen to music. A few minutes into the drive I turned on to the highway and that is when I looked over at the next lane. At first I just saw the large semi with a load of cars stacked on it. Then I felt my heart leap into my throat. What caught my attention was the sight of a man sitting in one of the parked cars on the truck as if he was trying to drive it off just as plane as day. The car happened to be facing the traffic head on and with him in the driver's seat it seemed really out of place. That is when I sped up to get closer look thinking that I may have been seeing a reflection of some sort. My brain didn't want to process what I thought I was seeing as it all seemed so dangerous. Curious I finally got to a point where I was right up next to the truck and could see into the car, Sure enough he was still there only then did I realize that I could also see right through him. Hmmmmm..... He was a ghost!

I slowed down watching the truck moving over lanes to take the exit on the right. I couldn't help but laugh! All I knew was that someone was going to get a big surprise when they bought that car!

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday "The Weekend Class"

Dear Diary,

It was a busy weekend. Jodi Lovoi a dear friend of mine invited me to attend her weekend Akashic Class. I was delighted as I always enjoy being around people and the lovely energy of the environment. Saturday was fun as we went through the curriculum of the class and later had dinner discussing the day. That night I went home to be very satisfied and happy but awoke at 3 am with my heart pounding. Then my angel guide stepped in as I felt the energy move across my energy field. At that very moment I understood that the ghost animals in the house and were needing to be crossed over into the light. Immediately after this awareness hit me my angels guides began the process of crossing animals that were ready to go.

Golden white light filled my head startling me so that I couldn't help but open my eyes to check to see if my husband had gotten up and turned on the light. Once I saw that the room was dark I closed my eyes again letting the light absorb me as the angels opened up the energy. They swept through the house clearing it finding the lost souls of animals that were hiding. The whole event went rather fast as the angels were scooping them up or calling to them and then sending them on into the light. I was then aware of the animal ghost that I had seen running through the house last week that hit the back door only to bounce off and run the other direction was one of them.

After it was all over the blinding light faded out and I was again in the dark. Laying there thinking I began to feel guilty that I wasn't attuned to the ghosts animals that needed my help. The light and the angels didn't place that on me I placed that on myself. As I laid there I couldn't shake it off so I got up to write some emails to get my mind settled on something else. Around 4:30 am I was able to go back to bed falling asleep.

Sunday I went back for the second half of the class and was able to release the block with the help of my friend in her Akashic Records class. Before that I was feeling so guilt ridden that she lead me through a process to find the root of my energy block that went beyond the animals in the house. It worked! After we finished I felt light and free again. It was also during the class that that my dad came to visit who had passed away in 2009. I was able to talk to him and ended up chatting with him while the students in the room where working in their records. My friend happened to look over at me smiling then asking me who I was talking to. I laughed and shared what we were talking about. My dad hung around for a little while then said his goodbyes and left.

When the class was over I still felt very light and free from all the guilt that I had placed on myself. I also felt clear again and extremely grateful that my friend had invited me to her class for the weekend. Last night I slept without interruption. It was great!

Photographs by Angelique