Sunday, March 20, 2011


What is it like to feel your spirit? It is amazing! I have had the opportunity on several occasions to feel what it is like to be in the spirit energy and yes it was by accident.

Once when I was 18 and was afraid when I was on a plane in Jamaica that was about to take off and I heard very clearly, " Ana, this is what it feels like when you die so you wont be afraid when it is your time". With that I felt like someone placed a warm tingly blanket over me and this massive amounts of unconditional love move all through my body and out through the pours of my skin.

It all happened so quickly that there was no chance to question and it felt like nothing on this earth to be connected to that massive amount of love. Then as quickly it went away and I sat there in bliss through the whole flight.....

It happened again when I was knitting in my living room and then realized that I was several feet above my body in this massive amount of love... There were other times that it happened when I was very sick but the last time I was doing a relaxing meditation and found myself exiting out of my heart Chakra. It was then when I had made an amazing discovery that it feels really good to be in spirit energy and that it lives on without the body.

I was talking to someone who had recently lost someone and was trying to explain why I have come to feel the way I do about the transition soul makes in death. And then I realized that it was because of the many times I left my body in full consciousness and experienced what it is like to be in that energy form.

I am not saying that death is so much better as I believe that life is an education and a beautiful reward. I know in my own heart that life is the true test and growth of the soul. But it is also a wonderful gift when we remember who we really are which is completely unconditional Love.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Dear Diary,

Wow, this morning I was working in the house and unloading dishes around 8am from the dishwasher when I looked up to some lady peaking around the corner looking at me. I stopped in my tracks watching her watching me work when she desolved in thin air.

It was not more then ten minutes later that I was in the bathroom hanging a bath towel up when I noticed someone walking past the doorway to the bedroom. I caught sight of the arm and the hand and the side of the body walking past. She seems to be a little younger than me in her mid thirties. Not sure why she is so bold to show herself like that in full view. She looks like a hologram so it is a little startling. I know there is no one else in the house and the kids are still asleep in their beds.

Something else I noticed is that my father has not been coming around as much as he used to. He has been with me for the past two years but in the last month I have been feeling a since of him leaving. I seem to have this knowing in my heart that he is leaving and will not come back to visit as much. He is moving on with his own soul evolution on the other side and letting go of much in this lifetime. It is done what he needed to do on this earth.

I am glad that he was with me to help me get though my own grief and move on with my life with an understanding of being comfortable with the transition we all make when we leave our bodies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Dear Diary,

I don't even know where to begin. I have been having a lot going on in the physical world but also in the spirit world to. Last night I was out with my husband and a dear friend and her little grandson watching him play when one of his past lives flashed before my eyes. It is like watching a full movie and I caught myself looking at the top of his head and out past his physical body seeing the beautiful white light that was stuffed into this tiny body.

Wow, such a huge soul in a little body and far way form the time, place and activities of the other life. Later that evening I asked my guides in twilight about the little boy and they shared a little to share with my friend that would help him.

This morning I was busy working when I received a phone call from my friend. We chatted and after awhile she asked what I saw. It took me a minute to remember and then it came flooding back... I told her what I saw and shred what the guide had told me which she thanked me for. As I sat there thinking about our conversation I realized that this happens all the time but I don't speak up and share what I get or see. I just file it away or forget. Something I need to work on..

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I heard a sizzle as I reached for the Chi to style my hair. My thumb had touched the hot part of the Chi and I dropped it. As the pain of the burn raced through my body telling me that something had happened I heard "Quick go get the Lavender Oil!"

I rushed over to where I keep the oils and quickly dowsed my thumb with Lavender and told myself that I did not burn myself. This is an old trick my father used to try to teach me to fool the body and heal quicker... Within minutes the pain went from a throb to a light feeling of pain. Thirty minutes later there was no sign of pain and today as I examine my thumb there is no sign of the burn.

Last night was one of my veggie nights on the couch in the living room. As I sat there watching an old movie. I noticed some white smoke moving across the living room. I really didn't think anything about it except that I had the feeling of getting up and going to work. When my brain kicked in I realized that I had some free time to myself and that did not make since at the time and I dismissed it.

Later on I had these memories of this wood framed house and the rooms that were in it. I was all into it until my brain kicked in and said, "wait a minute! I have never been in a house like that!" I dismissed it and continued my movie, when I had the urge to go into the kitchen as my dinner was waiting for me which was a French fish dish. I started to move when I realized that no one was in the kitchen I had no clue what the dish was? "OH!" I had someone in the room with me sharing some of their memories with me!"

I told my husband what had happened and if something happened then he would know what was going on. Nothing else happened until this morning when I was having my tea with my husband in the living room and my eyes got this misty cloudy white smoke in them and everything looked fuzzy... "No", I am not doing that", I said and I got up and decided to write in my diary...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dear Diary,

I seem to be watching a lot of shifting going on around me. As I watch I also am experiencing my own shift within. It seems that so many are moving through old baggage that they thought was long gone only to find it hitting them in the face as the cells of the body are still holding on to old patterns.

For many it is a wake up call as these mental emotions manifests in their physical being bringing on health issues that bubble up to the surface. I am watching as people are looking at what needs to be changed in their lives and some are letting go with instant results as other struggle with the mere fact letting go of it.

As I watch people struggle and I examine my own life I see that just wanting to let go of something is not as easy as it might seem. It is a release that you know for sure that a much higher power is going to catch you and so much boils down to the simple truth of "Trust".

It is what is on the other side that many of us forget and that is the an amazing amount of unconditional love and no fear in the past, present and future. I often find my thoughts moving over a situation that I had no control of or something that I wish had not happened but when I am aware of these thoughts and the emotions that stir within my own body I acknowledge it as a experiences and let the thought drift away with the emotions that were attached only to later recall it without the strong emotions.

I am not saying that if there was a lesson that I didn't remember it. I am saying that it was remembered without the judgement and the note not to do that again. Kind of like touching a hot stove....This allowed me to stop punishing myself and others because of a past experience. Forgiveness + letting go= Love & Healing of the soul!