Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday "Water"

Dear Diary,

I got to have lunch with one of my friends and as we were talking the subject of the influence of running water and spirits came up. For most people running water is just that water but for someone who understands the movement of energy it is more than just water on the move.

One of the constant reminders from my teachers have been that energy is not good or bad it is only energy. What changes energy are the intentions which gives it a direction to flow. As we all know running water is a great conductor of energy. The other thing to remember is that our thoughts and emotional feelings are pure energy and can be converted into an energy that affects the environment around us. Now we have a formula which can impact our lives with a direction of an intention weather we are aware of our intentions or not.

So lets say you live by a bubbling brook and you happen to be in love with someone. The point here is that loving energy is then swept up creating a conductor or amplifier of the love energy that is being felt. The love is then sent as loving vibrations into the air and attracts others who are on those same vibration. Beautiful when you know how it works. This also means that it will attract both the people and spirits who love basking in that vibration.

Now this also works the same way if a person is living in the house next to a brook and is experiencing fear. The emotional fear then gets amplified in the water and sends out signals attracting the lower vibrations of those who resonate with that kind of energy. This is why it is important to be mindful of such energy and learn how to clear the land and work on releasing the fear that is being amplified by a person's emotions.

Prayer is extremely powerful in changing the vibrations as it sets the intentions and asks for help from the Creator to change the energy that is being broadcasted. Essential oils can be used such as Rose oil for clearing energy fields and bringing your vibrational frequency back up into the higher energy fields. Love is always a great way to change vibration and if you feel like it is hard to achieve then think of a loved one in your life. While you are feeling this energy from your loved one you can then send the energy through the body to change the frequency or send it out into the land and air around you.

I do want to make a note that some people use running water to clear old energy from things and that is good way to cleanse things to. But remember it is also all about the intentions as energy is just energy.
The thing that I think we miss with our busy lives is just by being aware of our own energy and our environment as we have the choice to make changes in our lives and help send out positive energy in the world around us.     

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday "A Frantic Call"

Dear Diary,

I got a frantic phone call yesterday morning from a dear friend who was having a lot of spirit activity in her home the night before. She had so much activity that it was hard for her to sleep. Most of the night she said that she could hear different spirits talking and could see images moving around the room. When she ignored the spirits they went as far as turning on the stereo with the speakers blaring full blast in the living room to get her attention. The first time the spirits did this she got up and turned the stereo off. She said she was just about to fall asleep when they did it again. Annoyed she got up to turn it off only this time looking around the house. When she didn't see anyone in the house she went on back to bed. Again the stereo came back on full blast and this time she said she told them in a firm voice to turn off the stereo because she was not getting up to do it again. The funny part was that they did and it wasn't turned on the rest of the night. They did however continued to talk which kept her up.

As I talked with her she was excited but worried they might continue to do this every night which would interfere with her sleep and her work schedule. Her question to me was why were the spirits in her home and why were they trying to get her attention. I have to admit that I was really enjoying her story but I wasn't getting a lot of intimation about the spirits in her home when we talked. I told her that I wondered where the spirits got all the extra energy to turn on the stereo in physical realm. That was a concern. Sometimes spirits will borrow energy from a host which can drain a person's energy field as they use the energy to survive in the in-between realms which is connected to our physical world and the light. When I checked her energy she was fine and there were no holes in her aura so where were they getting the extra energy to physically manipulate the stereo?........ She wanted me to come to her home and I agreed after an appointment I already had scheduled.  

After I hung up I immediately got another phone call only this time it was from my mom. We talked about the rain storm the day before and I told her we had lost electricity as lighting hit the transformer behind our home. As we talked I told her about my friend that we both know bringing up the question about the extra energy that the spirits had to turn on her stereo. That is when my mom piped up saying that it was the energy from the storm that contributed to their strength to turn it on. Of course when she said that I remembered that source of energy can used to manifest things in the physical world. Energy is energy and when it is disbursed in a concentrated form it is more likely to be soaked up. My friend lives only a mile away from me so the storm also affected her to. I couldn't believe that I had forgotten that.

Later after my afternoon appointment I went into a quick check finding that the spirits were coming in and out of her home and that the storm had given them more strength to be more vocal. She is also gifted in hearing the other side and this was not the first time she has called me. What came in loud and clear was that the spirits were giving her a hint that she could be using her gift to help those who need her help on the other side.

I talked to her about using her gift but she was not interested at this time in her life to pursue communication with the other side. I her made a formula using essential oils in a spray to use until she decided to use her gift so that she could clear some of the rooms in her house. That way she could set boundaries for the spirits in her home when she needed to.  I also explained to her that I use essential oils rather than white sage to clear energy because smoke bothers me. I have used essential oils and they work just as effectively as the white sage only without the smoke. I told her also that later when I had time I would go in remotely and see if they would cross over into the light. Of course that is up to spirits to cross over into the light as free will plays a huge part of it all, "Both on this side and the other side!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday " The Universal Energy Grid"

Dear Diary,

In 2007 I was attending a shaman class and was still trying to fit a things together. My father had taught me a lot when I was very young but that relationship all changed when I grew up enough wanting to fit in more with my friends and what they were all doing. After that I didn't want or try to learn anything from my dad as he was different from everyone else. Later in my life that all changed and I found myself back following my spiritual roots relearning what was taught to me by my father.

I had just come out of full denial when I found this amazing teacher who I was drawn to rediscover what I had forgotten. One day he brought up past lives. Now that was something I had left far behind so there was a lot of doubt when he asked the class to go on a journey into the matrix to find the universal energy grid which he described as a golden web of light. I remember vaguely that my father had talked about it when I was growing up and that to find it would be on a drum journey where the spirit body could project out of the physical body to follow the energy that sustained the grid.  Once there there were the many possibilities of time travel which allowed the spirit body to trace the lines of the many past lives that one had experienced.

I have to admit that I was very skeptical that day. I went ahead and followed his lead into the journey where I was met by my spirit helper and was immediately taken to the grid of light. That was the easy part as I soon found myself following a thread of golden light that was pointed out to me by my guide. When I went to trace the light with my energy I seemed to merge into the thread. It was like a vacuum which sucked me into the light that immediately transported me into another place. I found myself in a man's body racing across the frozen ground on a dog sled. I was dressed from head to toe in furs feeling the wind sting my face and tearing at my clothes. It was amazing as the adrenalin hit my body as I sped across the white landscape in the sled. I was very aware in that moment that I was somewhere in Siberia.

Then as soon as I was starting to enjoy the rush of the speed and the dogs, I was thrown out into another time and place. I say that because I found myself somewhere high up in the mountains. As I looked at my clothes I realized from the yellow saffron color that I was a monk. I knew as a knowing took over that I was in Tibet. I was also able to peer down the mountain side while I was striking a large cylinder with a big log which made a gong like sound. It was very peaceful and as I stood there taking it all in I felt the gentleness of the breeze sweep across my face and robes. In that moment I was able to allow myself to calm down from the sled adventure while moving into that time and space. As I settled into the calm I was once again thrown out of my body into another body that was standing on the top of an Aztec pyramid.  There was no doubt in my mind where I was or what I was doing. Looking at my clothes I found myself to be a man only this time I was dressed in head dress with long feathers and a loin cloth that was decorated. I was decorated and was standing over toward the edge looking down at a huge crowd who were waiting for a religious ceremony to began. An enormous amount of fear and disgust hit me like a rock which seemed to catapulted me out of the body landing again in another body only this time I was back my physical body laying on the floor with the drum beating somewhere off in the room.

 It was all amazing and yet somewhat chilling when I came out of my trance. It was all so real and yet it took me awhile to catch up with my bearings of being in the body that I am in now.  Others were coming out of their experiences and even talking about all the things they saw and did. I kept quiet still reeling from the over all reality of it. On the whole I found that because it happened to me there was no denying that it didn't happen to me. I realized to that I did know that there was such a thing as time travel and the matrix into the universal energy grid.  

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

Friday we were helping my son move back to the town where he attends college. That morning when we were loading up the cars I found a penny on the kitchen floor. It made me smile as I thought of my dad and quickly put it in my pocket as I was in a hurry to complete my tasks before we left. Later when we arrived and I opened the car door I found another penny on the ground. Again I acknowledged my father and went on about unloading the car. When my husband and I arrived home later in the afternoon I was making my way to the bathroom from the long drive when I found a penny on the floor.  The strong feeling that I got was that my dad was watching over our move knowing that I would be missing my son. It was really nice to know that he was there understanding how I was really feeling.

Last night we rented the movie "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock. I had heard really good things about it and had been wanting to see it so last night was our night to sit down and watch it. I guess what really struck me was how real it looked and how much it reminded me of my own experiences when I am on some shamanic journeys. Many times my guides, spirit helpers and angles have lead me through dimensional doorways and into portals that open up into the universe.

I found myself remembering the feeling of being able to float and move where I wanted to with ease so the movie in front of me seemed somewhat different from those experiences. What I did notice was that in my journeys I didn't have to worry about breathing because when you are in a spirit body there is no need for air. I also didn't worry about floating off into oblivion as I was always accompanied with my spirit helpers and angels who kept me close to them so I was never afraid of being lost.

A conversation that happened a year ago when I was sharing with someone about journeying came racing back as I sat there watching the movie. The fear that was expressed from the person I was talking to was about being afraid of being lost in Oblivion when walking through doorways on the other side. I remember there was no fear when I took those journeys because there is a right way to explore and experience the universe which is still taught through teachers on this side and the other side.  I understand there are consequences when not following the rules as long as we are connected to the physical plane and many have been lost not to come back into the physical body again.

As I watched the movie I was worried about the characters and their welfare being out there in their space suites. I also felt and understood the strong will to continue on to live in this world in the physical body. I realized as I watched the movie that it was nice to see both sides of the human experience discovering that I enjoyed the movie on all levels.....    

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday "Clearing"

Dear Diary,

Well I have to admit that it has certainly been interesting around here lately. Yesterday on my way to see one of my Reiki Clients for an appointment I decided to open up my own Akashic Records to work on a few things that had happened in my life. It was a good drive and I took the time to ask questions about some things that had come to my attention. Vivid images and information flowed in allowing me to feel, understand, and see from a broader perspective what was going on during those times in my life. I was able to not only see from my own side of the fence but also see while comprehending what other people were experiencing and feeling during different encounters that I was curious about. It was amazing! As I went through different times of my life I could grasp what I didn't understand was happening at those times.

Needless to say when I met my client I was able to work on them with a great peace in my heart when I got there. Later on the drive back home I got the bright idea that it would be good for me to go into my own energy fields and clear some of the old baggage that was stuck while my records were open. That is when I hit the wall. When I started to work on this the energy once again started to flow opening doors to some of my past that was painful in my own life. The images were just as real as they had been when I was there experiencing them then. Raw emotions began to fill my heart, body and soul as I felt them explode inside of me expanding out into my energy fields. That was the hard part.

As old wounds began to surface I found that I had the opportunity to look at them from all the different angles while experiencing the feelings that I had attached to the situation also seeing what others who were involved where seeing and experiencing during those times to. I then was able to analyze and explore the situations from all sides allowing myself to make any sense out of it. After I was done looking at it I was then given a choice to hold on to it so that it would be stored back into my energy field, or to let it go clearing it from my energy fields. This would mean that I would most likely not remember as it would leave my field of consciousness, or that if it did come back there would be no emotional attachment to the memory at all. I found that in some cases I wanted to remember what I had experienced and in others I didn't wan to remember or really cared.

This all occurred yesterday afternoon and continued during the rest of the day as I went about my day. Things would pop into my consciousness randomly allowing me to decide if I wanted to analyze and look at it or file it away until something else showed up. Yesterday evening I closed down my records I thanked my record keepers for all the help. Today has been really nice as I seem to feel so much more lighter and free. Amazing how much we carry around with us in our own energy fields...

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Dear Diary,

There is still lots of activity in the house but there hasn't been a lot of communication. I did notice the other day when I was visiting with my Grandfather that my Grandmother was around his house when I stopped for a moment to take time to pet his cat. Her presence was very strong in the house as it gave that old feeling that she was there right in the room with you. I felt very comforted by that feeling as fond childhood memories flooded in instantaneously. It has been awhile since I have felt or seen her in his house that strong. A few years ago I used to see her around him all the time but eventually it stopped so it surprised me a little when I felt her that strong in the house.

 This afternoon I was again reminded of her when I fell asleep taking a nap as she greeted me in my dream. I  was conscious at the time that she had passed away from the physical world while in the dream and I even have to admit that there was a pause of worrying in the beginning wondering if she was going to leave again. That all melted away when I started to talk to her. Then as my fears left me I began to take notice that I interacted with her as if she had never left the physical world. It also felt as though no time had passed away at all. When I woke up I didn't have any feelings of loss only that I had been hanging out with her as if she was always there.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday "Pets"

Dear Diary,

I just wanted to make a note that today is Father's Day. We will be celebrating Father's day today with our children. I love the holidays!

Something I do want to record is that on Friday when I was in the living room walking by the couch the form of a big dog shot out from behind it running past me as I was picking up the room. Now we have a big dog but this was different as this dog was transparent and looked a lot like our dog Sage who passed away last October. I stood there for a moment taking in what I had just seen when I realized what I had seen.

To be honest I have not had a lot of visits from Sage since she died. I have only seen her a few times this past year so it surprised me that she was hanging out in the house. When she passed on she was so happy to be free of her old body as she was 17 when she passed and had had a stroke so it was hard for her to get around.

 Two of my cats when they died used to come and visit us while my husband and I were in bed by jumping on the bed and walking on us. They would also be seen running around the house.  Often I would see the other cats and dogs who were still living playing with them as if the cats were still living. Close friends and some of our family members would see them in the house when they visited asking about the cats wondering about them.

Six months after Allie my cat of 17 years passed away we were invited to go to India in 2010 to attend a wedding. One night I was awakened by a cat jumping on the bed and walking on my body just like my cat used to do while I laying in bed. I was fully awake and remembered checking to make sure. My cat Allie would always come and visit me in the middle of the night to get some extra attention and love as it was our normal routine for many years. Our friends who we stayed with in India didn't have any pets and the windows were all bared with little space for a cat to pass through so there was no way for a cat to get into the room. I enjoyed her company that night and fell back to sleep only to awaken the next morning noticing that she gone. I had no doubt that it was her and that she loved me dearly as she found me even as far away as India.

Yesterday when I was standing in the living room talking to my son a smokey figure of a man casually strolled by behind him. My son never knew he was there and never paused in our conversation as if he knew he had walked by. My only thought was that it is funny that people are not aware of all the activity that is going on around them as life continues on as though nothing had happened.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

Yesterday as my husband and I were on our way to Kenndale, TX to do an errand we decided to take a small country road to enjoy the country landscape.  After driving a mile on the deserted road I noticed two old men in overalls standing by the side talking to each other in big straw hats. As my brain quickly registered the two men standing there they vanished from my sight. It was then that I realized they were not of this world as we drove by.  After a few minutes I piped up asking my husband if he saw the two men and he said that he didn't. Quickly I described what I saw making a mental note and then going on with our drive and everyday activities.

Last night when I was in the living room with my family someone was trying to get my attention by coming into my personal space in quick whiffs of smokey white energy. After several attempts I acknowledged them out loud when my daughter who was trying to watch a TV show asked me to stop talking about it out loud. I obliged and the activity stopped.

This afternoon with the rain pouring down I decided to sit and watch something in the living room taking a break from my usual day of housework and writing. When I sat down and started to enjoy my show someone tried again to get my attention by moving into my space as white smoke appeared and disappeared skirting quickly past me. This time I allowed myself to take notice that someone was there the first time as it happened over and over again. Then it stopped as I caught sight of the back of someone's leg walking into the dining room through the doorway. From what I saw it was very solid as it looked like a khaki pant leg with a man's tan shoe.

The whole event made me smile as I remembered the night before. Now once again the energy is shifting around me as I write from my desk in another room.  My thought is to wait to find out if they want to talk or just want me to acknowledge that they are there. I never know what is in store as we always have spirits moving in and out through our home. I used to call it Grand Central station.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Dear Diary,

 Not a lot of activity around the house today. We are all just trying to get ourselves adjusted from our big trip to California. All the pets were really glad to see us and greeted us with wagging tails and lots of love. The house has been quite but I have been getting messages from my guides that I need to go on a cleanse and reset my body back to a more healthy state. I can't complain as I did enjoy all the rich food and not worrying about calories. 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have been visiting family in California this past week. I have enjoyed all the extra time that I got to visit catching up with what is going on as our families are growing up. Vacation is a great time to stop and enjoy new adventures as we get to see and try new things with those we love.

 I guess the real excitement was that we got to experience our first earthquake. It was nothing like what  I would have thought it would be. We were at my mother's condo and I was in the hall getting a towel as my daughter was heading to the bathroom to shower. My husband was sitting on the couch and mom was in the kitchen. We were all going about our own business when the floor and walls began to shake. The first thought that went through my head was that the neighbors upstairs were stomping around making the building shake but when the shaking stopped it hit me as I walked into the kitchen asking my mother if that was an earthquake. She confirmed it as we all gathered to talk about our experience. My husband who is handy with his phone found that it registered as a 3.8. Very exciting for us Texas people.What was funny was that my husband had the same thoughts about the upstairs neighbor as I did.

The next day we went to the Pompeii exhibit where the museum did a simulated earthquake to give the effect of what it was like. I thought it was nothing like what we had experienced but thought  it was ironic that within twenty four hours we had two earthquake experiences.  One real and one simulated. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Dear Diary,

I was with my family at a museum when someone poked me really hard in the middle of my back as we were leaving the gift shop. I turned around quickly to see who was being playful and saw my daughter walking a few feet behind me. I asked her if she poked me in which she replied that she didn't. As there was no one else close by, I realized that a spirit was playing with me. I didn't have any contact afterwords but knew someone was aware of us visiting the museum.

Today I was privileged to get to be involved with a house blessing, It was a new home which was different. The owners of the house were very excited about moving in and wanted to make sure that the house and the land were clean. Even if a house is new that does not mean that spirits and other entities are not there. You never know who is attached to the land.

The night before, I did a sweep of the house with my guides to clear the home. The next day, I went with the home owner and another person to bless the house. As the home owner was working with the movers, the other home blesser and I started a process to cleanse ourselves from any impurities or fears that we were carrying that could be imprinted in the home. Then we prayed with the homeowner with all our hearts open asking for nothing but blessings and love to fill the home. It was beautiful and I felt tears well up in my eyes. Next, we blessed olive oil and went through the whole house blessing all the doors, windows, and any open areas. Then we went outside blessing the premises and the land. After a while you could feel the energy change with bubbly uplifting feeling as we swept through the whole home.  It felt like what I would describe asa feeling of unconditional love running all through my veins and all over my body.It was amazing and I felt this incredible high of getting to be a part of it. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


Dear Diary,

This morning I got a phone call from my dear friend Robin who is still sitting on the roof. She lacks thousand pounds out of one hundred thousand to get her down. She let me know what an amazing time she is having meeting and talking to people about the different ideas to help people around the world who are in need of food. She was excited about the response and already getting on track for next years event. I was enjoying her energy on the phone as I felt very privileged to listen to her as she told me all about her plans. Visiting with her made my morning perfect as she lifted me up with her enthusiasm.

I also got to hang out with one of my family members who is moving and as we were talking, we decided to go through her house to check on a few of the spirits who like to hang out there. She wanted me to communicate with them to let them know that they were moving and it was okay for them to stay in the house but I was there to help them cross if they wanted to go on to the other side. As we went from room to room I noticed that sometimes I would encounter very active energy, meaning that it would feel tingly or scratchy when I entered the room, but once I got into the room and opened up my fields to locate the spirits, the energy would go flat. This was an indicator to me that they had left the room.This continued as we moved through the rooms  upstairs making it very apparent that they were not wanting to communicate.

I am thinking I will try to communicate later on this week as the movers will stir up the energy in the house which might make them more open to communicating. I want to find out if they are attached to the house or to my family in which they will move with them if they are.  In the mean time, it is all about patience on my end as I will make myself available to talk.