Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday "A Victim from the Past"

Dear Diary,

This morning at 4 am I was waking up thinking about getting up to get a drink of water. As I lay there wrestling with my decision I was interrupted by a woman with short black curly hair. She had an old fashioned dress that looked like something from an old black and white movie. I could see her lean over as she told me that she was French. I asked her what her name was? She then showed me a piece of paper with it written in cursive. Since it is was French the only thing that I caught was the first name Marie.

Then she wanted to show me how she died. I have to admit that I am not into looking at pictures of the holocaust from WWII. From what she showed me she was one of the victims who were lined up to be shot. I wont go into detail but it was enough for me to understand why she ended up being lost in between worlds. She was not a freedom fighter. She had Jewish blood in her ancestry. Another ghost came up to talk. This time it was a man who had stood next to her and was also shot. He was more graphic with the spray of bullets and showed me where he was shot on his body.

I wasn't sure what to do with this information so decided to ask my guides why the ghosts wanted me to see this. One of the guides replied that it was a good time to start doing spirit rescue again. Then they showed me all the spirits wanting to talk at the foot of my bed the other night when I put up the protection grids feeling overwhelmed. I got the message that it was time to help those who were asking for help.

So this morning we meaning the guides, angels and me started the process of helping Marie to cross over into the light. She did go but the man was gone. He didn't cross.  I didn't find him as I looked all around for him.  As I write this something just fell off the counter in the kitchen.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday "Knowing the Future"

Dear Diary,

I wanted to bring up something that happened the other day. I was with one of my friends who is coming into her own spiritual gifts and asked a really good question. She said that she had a friend who had dated a man who was known for being psychic. The only thing was that they really had a very troubled relationship and it seemed to end badly. Her question to me was if the man was psychic then why would he enter into a relationship that was so hurtful if he knew that it was going to be that way?

As she asked the question several things popped into my head. First I told her that since I was not in the man's Akashic Records I couldn't say for sure...... but it could be in his records as a soul contract where he needed to learn something from that particular experience with that certain person.

The other thing that came up was something that I could relate to. I got an image of me eating ice cream. Now for many that doesn't mean much but if you are me then you know I am lactose intolerant. So this image is a warning for me not to go there unless I want to pay the consequences. Those of you who are lactose intolerant know what I mean.

Now there are times when I am tempted to have a taste of some wonderful ice cream and know that it is going to affect me. Even with this knowledge I may enjoy eating a full serving of ice cream even though I don't have my lactose pills with me. This is what you call  "free will". Whatever the reason I do end up paying the piper because of my choice.  Free will is huge...

My guides like to remind me when I do things that I want to beat myself up for not to judge to harshly but to really look at the experience and learn from it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday "Experiencing the Energy Body"

Dear Diary,

Speaking of energy bodies I forgot to write down an experience I had last week. I had some extra time one afternoon so I called my husband at work and asked if he would like to go to lunch. He happened to be free that afternoon so I went over to pick him up. We had a nice lunch and while we were waiting on the food I decided to ask him about a personal project that he had been working on. We talked but when I offered to help he started to shut down. It went down hill from there and he blocked me out completely on the subject. We changed directions with our conversations and went on to enjoy our food. I must admit that I felt a little hurt, but decided it was not good to hold on to any of the emotional energy that I was feeling, I released it soon forgetting about it.

After lunch we had a extra time so we decided to take a drive enjoying each other's company. The time went quickly and he had to return to work. I kissed him goodbye, and switched over to the diver's seat. And that is when it hit me! No sooner than he walked into the building I felt this incredible overwhelming feeling that wasn't mine. As I experienced an energy move into my body I discovered that I was still able to take over the controls. I recognized that I was experiencing what my husband was feeling about the personal project that I had asked him about earlier. With this full knowing my mind began to explore the ideas that I had asked him about before he blocked me. The answers came in quickly in full detail. Within a few minutes I understood from his perspective his reasoning, and logic of what he was thinking, and why he shut me out. It was almost like I was inside of him only I was in my own body driving home.

Within five minutes into the drive the connection began to weaken. I discovered that my own thoughts and feelings began to take full control over the thought process that had merged with mine. By the time I got home it was starting to fade into a memory. But the impression was still strong in my memory that they were his thoughts not mine. I waited for my husband to come home and after a lite dinner I explained telling him what had happened. Then I shared what I had received and experienced. Our conversation validated both of us. For the first time in a long time were on the same page on that particular subject. I knew exactly where he was coming from.

Later when I was exploring what had happened I was reminded that our energy bodies will often linger in a space that we sat in or stood in even after we leave with our physical bodies. So what had happened is that when my husband was driving the car and left to go back to work he also left his energy body with his feelings about his project there in the seat. I happened to get into the divers seat immediately after and when I did ended up sitting in his energy body.

 I was also open and I just happened to be tuned into his energy frequency.  The reason this all occurred was because of a few circumstances. Let me explain.... when I released my feelings I left a clean slate without knowing that I had made a space allowing my energy body to be imprinted on without my own judgments on that particular subject. So when I sat in the seat his energy body was able to merge with my energy body causing me to feel like I was in his head and feel what he was feeling about the project. Once his energy body dissipated I lost the connection. Then my own thoughts, and reasoning took back full control.

This was not done intentionally it just happened and lucky for me my husband was okay with it. This experience did allow us to open a sore subject and communicate better with each other.

Even with his energy merging with mine I was able to drive home safely without incident, or concern.  I want to make a note that I was always in full control of my physical body while this was all happening.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sat. "The Energy Body"

Dear Diary,

This morning as I was waking up I looked over to where my husband was laying. I saw him getting up and walking out the door towards the kitchen. For some reason I reached over to feel his side of the bed and when I did realized that he was still laying in bed. Thinking that was strange since I just saw him leave the room. I shook him a little and asked if he was awake. He answered me letting me know that he was very much awake. I then told him that I just seen him get up and walk through the doorway leading to the kitchen. Then he replied that he thought that was funny as he was laying there thinking about getting up to go to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot. Alright that was a bit weird!

For the rest of the day I decided to spend on doing a watercolor of a lion instead of writing to take a break from the book. It allows me to just get out of words and move into a world of movement and color. I don't know how long it will last but I am going to enjoy it while it last. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday "The Attachment"

Dear Diary,

I awoke this morning listening to my husband getting ready for work and decided not to get up right away. As I lay there I heard someone tell me that they have cancer. I was half listening. It took me a minute to recognizing that someone was trying to talk to me. As I was about to communicate with whoever was there my husband noticed that I was awake and came over to talk. I didn't get back to my ghost as I got up and spent time with my husband before he left.

Yesterday was a little different. I ended up seeing a Reiki client and as we went into session I opened up my records to have a clearer connection to my guides. It was somewhere in the middle of the session that I could smell cigarette smoke. I asked my guides if someone was attached to me or my client and I got the message that they were attached to my client. I called for help to cross the ghost and ended up running right into the attachment. It was a man with some really nice cowboy boots. He was somewhere in his early thirties and didn't really talk a lot. He was leaning up against an old car as he took his time enjoying his cigarette. The smoke curled in the air making it's way towards me causing me to gag. That was when I noticed the portal open up as golden white light poured through it.  An older women with shoulder length hair wearing a dress that looked like something from 1930's walked through the portal. She was looking at him as if she knew him and then started calling to him. I asked my guide who she was and I got the word, "mother".

Relieved, I just watched them. He didn't look up but seemed to know she was there. Then he took another drag on the cigarette, and dropped it on the floor slowly crushing it with his boot. Finally looking up he started to walk her way. As this was going on someone on this side burst through the room where I was doing the Reiki session excusing themselves profusely that they had to drop something off in the room. They threw some baggage on the couch beside me and my client  then stumbled out the door. Immediately I started looking for the connection back into the spirit world but couldn't find it again. I did however noticed that my clothes smelled of cigarette smoke.  I asked my guide if they had gone and got the answer that they had so I cleared myself and my client from the residue. I then used an essential oil to finish the job and worked with a golden ray to plug up the hole with the Reiki where the attachment had gotten in through to my client's aura field. After that I disconnected from my client and went my own way.   

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday "Ghost Activity"

Dear Diary,

I have to say that something woke me up from dreaming last night. When I looked at the clock it was little after 1:30 AM.  I got out of bed noticing that my husband was sound asleep and so were all the pets. Thinking that I might get a drink of water I headed for the kitchen. Nothing unusual as I was taking my time heading back to bed.

As I slipped back into the covers I glanced up and noticed a bunch of heavy activity going on all around the ceiling just at the foot above our bed. "How strange", I thought and watched what looked like a lot of dark and light smokey energy flashing in and out. It reminded me of a swarm of bees only it was energy. I took note that it wasn't dissipating as I watched. This made me wonder what they were all wanting? As soon as I thought that an overwhelming feeling hit me that was not a good idea to ask that in that moment. I understood that there were too many of them and I wasn't in a space to work with all of them. It would be too much.

Quickly I put up a protection grid and as soon as I did I could feel the energy connection close down. I could still see them all there but eventually closed my eyes and fell sleep. This morning there was no sign of any activity. You can always tell when you do a test by expanding your energy out into the room. It was very still in the bedroom. Everyone had gone.       

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 15, 2014

Dear Diary,

This morning while I was visiting with my daughter on the phone I noticed a dark smoke trying to materialize in air to my right. As soon as I turned my full attention to gaze at the dark smoky energy it started to disappear. My immediate thought was someone was there. I finished my conversation on the phone and hung up.  I know that today I need to check in and see what is going on.

As I was doing morning chores around the house I remembered that yes a dark smoke is usually someone who is of a denser energy and that a white smoke is someone who is of a higher level of energy. Most people are afraid of the dark energy but I reminded myself that one of my teachers said to always communicate in unconditional love. That way we as spirit communicators are protected from the lower energies and also able to reach the higher energies. With darker energies unconditional love allows the communicator to move into a space where you can help the denser energies who ask for help and not be feeding it with lower vibrations.

In this case the denser energy may be someone who didn't cross into the light and got stuck somewhere in the worlds in-between. I always see it as a purgatory, but that is just me... But there is the possibility that they could have been very dense when they died. Also it could be someone who believes that they are not good enough to cross into the light etc. Whatever the reason, if a spirit gets caught in-between worlds they become more dense. This is why they may try to communicate with a spirit communicator who can help them finish or find peace to cross over.

It is kind of like working with people on the physical plane. As a communicator if you were full of fear and are approached by a person who is upset and angry it may not go to well. They may even shut down or become more angry or agitated. But if you are in that space of unconditional love you are better able to communicate with that person or help them make different choices that make a difference in their lives. I know there is free well and it also exists on the other side. The point is, if someone asks for help.... what space would you choose to communicate with that person?

Diary side note:
 I am only talking about the energy space of communication at the moment. I do know that prayer and protection is always good.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Dear Diary,

I have to admit that lately I have been really frustrated with having trouble receiving messages when I am awake. I have no problems speaking to my guides and angels, but when it comes to hearing the spirits who really want my help at the house I am not able to communicate as effectively. This means that they resort to communicating with me when I am waking up or relaxing in the tub. I see them all the time but am not hearing them and really not engaging with them.

It wasn't until a few days ago when I was walking through the kitchen and my son made a commit that I barely heard and walked past him. Then I heard him mumbling something and realized that he was talking directly to me. When I asked him what he was saying he said that I was off in my own thoughts and had tuned him out.  I then of course asked him what he said and really paid attention to what he was saying. That all sounds so innocent but since I took time off to write a book I have had all my focus on writing and my family. To be honest I am feeling a little guilty.

Later that day I got an email from a friend about someone I knew who was now teaching about Spirit Communication in our area. The funny thing was he was having a meeting that evening. I know there is no such thing as coincidences and since this dropped into my lap I decided to go. I went because I had to ask why I am blocking the messages on a subconscious level since I started working on the book.

The group was warm and friendly which was nice. The teacher started with a twenty minute lecture which answered my questions of why I was blocked and not able to communicate as easily as before. I never had to ask a question, it was that obvious. Chakras were blocked and I was on a more unconscious level tuning out the other side to be more grounded on this side. With this gift there is a lot more going on but this was my block. Lately I have been feeling the need to get back to communicating and doing Spirit Rescue again.

What I found again was a community that was in my area that I could plug back in with old and new friends who have the same gift.  Did I mention that I knew some of the people at the meeting?

Working with spirit is something that does not go away even when you tune it out. Trust me I tried when I was growing up and was afraid of it. It wasn't until later in my life that I came to an understanding that communication will always come out in some way or form. Spirits will continue to make contact if they know you have some ability to communicate. What makes this whole process smoother is if you really learn how your gift works and are able to help instead of running away or tuning it out.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

January 9, 2013

Interesting thing happened last night as I was sleeping. I was dreaming that someone was showing me things and. I remember at the time that I heard a voice somewhere outside of my dream  making me aware that this was not a normal dream and that I was being contacted by a spirit.  I came out of my sleep waking up and looked at the clock which said it was 3am. Tired I rolled over and went back to sleep processing I was being contacted but went quickly into another dream that had nothing to do with being contacted.

This morning when I awoke I didn't even remember what had happened until I was driving down the road on an errand when something triggered the memory of being contacted. Unfortunately I was not able to bring the dream back to surface.  Later this afternoon I was in the living room when a misty smoke went right by me letting me know that someone was still here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2013

It has been really quite around the house lately. I have been seeing flashes of shadows and movement in the dining and living room that let me know that even though I am not hearing from the ghosts they are still around.

 I had a strange experience the other night when I was watching TV in our living room with my son and husband.  We were watching a show on cable when my husband needed to take a break for a moment to step out of the room. We paused the show and as I was sitting there waiting on him I had someone come right up to my face and look me directly in the eye. I was caught off guard and had to blink but when I did they were gone.  Immediately I told my son who was sitting on the couch what had happened. I try to let my family know when I am seeing or having some sort of contact so they know what is going on.

Later that night as I was climbing into bed I happened to look up only to catch a glimpse of someone's eye as they were fading away.  Again I paused wondering what they wanted and asked if they wanted to talk but got no response.  They have not made any contact with me since so I don't know why they came into my energy field to let me know that they were here.