Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dear Diary,

Wow, yesterday I took a tirp to see a Reiki Client in Terrell which is an hour drive from where we live. I left at 8am and moved through some of the traffic with ease but the best part was that it was raining and the sky lit up. The clouds rolled in like something you see in a movie with an ocean and I was able to get a front row seat on the highway.

I had a nice hot cup of coffee and turned on some beautiful music and enjoyed the show. As I road on down the highway. I could see the most beautiful greens, blues, whites, purples and gray colors as the morning made everything look in a fairy land.

My heart started to swell with the emotion from the colors and this love burst out which spilled over into my soul covering me and filling me up. I felt so full almost like eating too much at a meal after Thanksgiving. The energy that moved through me opened my eyes so that I could see the energy surrounding everything. It was so beautiful that I caught myself crying releasing some of what I held within.

My time with my client was wonderful and the drive was a repeat of the morning drive. Wow, there is sooooo much love out there and such an amazing world.

This morning when I got up for coffee. I sat in the living room and felt this wonderful tingling sensation all over me. I could even feel it outside of me and around me. Wow, I thought how cool is this that I can feel this. Then I caught a glimps of the white smoke as I looked down toward my lap as it disappeared moving through me. Oh..... I was shearing energy with someone in the room. I should have known... I thought.

It stayed for a little longer then left.... I don't know who it was and realized that it had happened only Sat then again today... I wonder if I brought someone home?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday evening..

Dear Diary,

Interesting weekend, I must say.... Sat I went with my family to visit another person in our family and we were sitting in the living room when I noticed that someone passed though me. I was sitting in the big easy chair just visiting when I got this weird feeling of something going through me and caught the last of it with my eyes as I realized what was happening. I thought I knew who it was but when I recalled the incident I did not recognise the energy.

Saturday was the lunar eclipse and I thought it might be good to ask for clarity on a relationship in my life which has been making me question so I asked for clarity before I went to sleep. Nothing came in my dream until my husband woke up and I woke up. As I was going back to sleep I got a movie of past events of my life and conversations that I would have never put two and two together. When I added two and two it equalled four and I had my answer.

Sunday I went back to the little church that I talked to the Pastor last Sunday. This time one of my teachers came for a visit. What was fun was that she saw the light and colors around the Pastor. She also saw the angels where the choir sits. I had seen this to and was excited that she had the same experience. I know that I have wondered why with only ten in the choir why it sounded like a hundred voices..."Da"! You can feel the emotion move through the room......It is just different. Hard to explain and must be experienced.

In a church of only a hundred and four something is happening there you can feel it in the church as it seems to be in the air.... Two years ago there were only thirty to fifty people and was dying. Now?

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dear Diary,

Tuesday I got to go on an overnight trip with a good friend to pick up her daughter in Oklahoma who was flying in from a mission trip from Costa Rika. We drove up there enjoying our visit and picked her up sometime after nine that night. It was fun listening to her stories and later I fell into a hard sleep leaving her up talking to her mother bubbling with enthusiasm over the trip.

The hotel bed was comfortable and sleep came fast but the dream that came caught me a little off guard. I dreamed about my home and my family. I dreamed about the five pets and how amazing my life was then as I was becoming comfortable with my life in my dream I dreamed that one of my pets died. Now that does not sound too bad as it could have been my husband or children but the loss of my pet was so sad. I kept looking for the cat that passed away and the loss was huge.

If you know that I can see and talk to ghost and even have pets who have passed on hang out in the house then this reaction might seem a little strange. When I woke up I called and asked my daughter how the cat was and she said just fine. Even upon return the cat was just as snippy as ever.

It was not until this morning after a goodnight sleep that the thought entered into my head that I had not lost the cat but had lost something close to me. I still don't know what it is and I am making note of this time as I have in the past and waiting for something to up later that will mark date knowing that I was warned.

Also, to make note this Sat is a lunar eclipse time to be letting old things go so that we can move on.....

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Diray,

Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to meet with a local Pastor and visit being able to talk about what I do. It was quite amazing to me as to how welcome I was received. I must admit I had some doubts and fears brought on by my own past experiences with churches and it was because of this I wanted to back out but listening to the sermon that morning I heard some things that encouraged me to speak...

A teacher once told me that to be enlightened is not to have a life without conflict but to be aware when you have the conflict and to learn during the experience. I am by no way enlightened but I do try to allow myself to experience what I am feeling and to learn form it. It turns out that the only conflict was in me as the Pastor was very receptive. He even shared some personal experiences of his own.

Today was quite ordinary well, I guess you have to define what ordinary is... There was someone in the dining room poping their head out for a few seconds just enough to see what is going on in our living room. I was standing behind the couch and was facing that direction so that I got to see them. My family were all sitting in the living room and I am now to where I don't mention it unless it is really unusual.

This reminds me of the pennies that I find from my father. He passed away a year ago February. After his death I received a message for my mother which I had no clue what it meant. I called my mother in California and relayed the message and she started to cry. She had wondered about something after his death and he had come to let her know it was OK. The message had to do with something about pennies.

After that she begin to find pennies as a sign when she felt him around her and when she told me what it meant I soon started to find pennies. That had never happened before and they would show up in the strangest places. My Father is still leaving pennies for me and they pop up at just the right moment. They always seem to be on time for a special event or when I need to hold my tongue as I can hear my dad telling me how powerful words are. There are those occasions that I do find pennies and know it is a penny from Heaven and he is just saying Hi.

It has been nice to know that we are thought of on the other side......

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was honoured to meet this man who confessed that they had found peace through forgiveness. What struck me about this person was the question they asked. Has anyone in your life ever told you that you had to kill someone? Now that may sound strange but he was drafted at the age of 19 in a war. I realized then that one of the biggest sacrifices in some of our young soldiers is a wounding of their soul as they had to forget all they were taught and go out and kill.

Sometimes to look at something from a different perspective changes the way we see things. As he talked he said that the anger of being made to kill and anger at himself from killing was so great. But the beauty of it all was the peace that he found in forgiveness and his relationship with the Creator. Through his connection he was able to forgive himself first and then worked his way through the pain and anger. When you listened to the story you could hear a peace that he carried and an even greater wisdom.

One of my friends from the circle daughter was in Hospice these past few weeks. She passed away this Wed. My husband was at a memorial for his Uncle and I went to the funeral for my friend's daughter today. In all of this the relationships we have with one another are so precious.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tuesday was interesting as I spent the day doing errands with my daughter. She shared with me when we were driving around that she had seen light orbs in my bedroom a few days ago. She had seen them at the foot of my bed as she walked into the room then they exited out of the room into the kitchen and disappeared.

Orbs or lights have been seen by both of us in the kitchen so that was not uncommon. What was strange is that they were in my bedroom at the foot of the bed and flashing and left when she came in the room. The orbs are not at all scary or have any feel of being negative in our perceptions so we just live with them in the house.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday evening....

Really busy weekend and very interesting.... We were invited to a home of a person who was experiencing a lot of activity and was in the past being physically attacked. Not only did they have ghost but the dark entities which the person called a demon. Actually there were two in the home along with other entities on different levels.

The owner of the home had brought in people to clear the home but it only stirred up activity and caused a great deal of back lash on the owner. One group did manage to close the portal and then banish the demon out of the home but what we gathered was that it was still trapped on this side of the portal and only banished from the house.

The concern of the home owner was that any tampering of the house would cause an opening into the home allowing it to reek havoc on the home owner in revenge so we were asked to only observe. We did however find a lot of activity in the home without it but there was also still a large presence of evil lurking in the home.

That evening we moved around the home observing and all of us felt a presence of being watched and it was not happy. It did seem to clear off within an hour of us noticing it and then it felt like it never existed. Our host was very gracious in allowing us to tour the home and we kept our word not to do anything and to only observe. I must say it was hard not to help. I don't know how our host lives like that because you felt like you were on guard all the time.

The home owner did explain that this was nothing to what they had endured with the other presence in the home. They felt that even with all the activity it was liveable.

I had no trouble on the drive back home and felt confident in knowing that I know how to protect myself before I go on any rescue and how to cleanse myself. Getting out of the car and walking into the house I noticed what looked like energy trying to appear. I was so tired from the visit and acknowledged the ghost or tag-a-long but told them to stay outside the house. I was too tired to talk to them. It was 1:30am...

The next day after sleeping in I realized that I should have helped the ghost who followed me home to cross or at least listened to see what they had to say. I am making a note that the ghost was not attached to me but to my car and that is how it followed me home so I am not sure without communicating with the ghost if it was in the home, outside or just in the neighbourhood.

Today I had jury duty and was one in forty called for a trial for questioning. The lady Lawyer had a man following her around in the energy form. You could see the head and shoulders of a man just outside of her own energy field. His broad shoulders and bulky build gave him away but when when she mentioned a story about her father who had passed. He got brighter....... I am guessing it was her father...

Out of the forty 28 of us were released to go home and I was happy to go home and join my family. I worked with my Qi Gong teacher in the early evening and enjoyed the relaxing meditation of being familiar with our energy forms.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Dear Diary,

Yesterday we had to be at the University for our second day of orientation at seven in the morning so we we left the house early. On the car ride over I took the time to Reiki and put protection around myself since Steve was driving and I didn't want any more house guest. As we drove I could feel this tingling in and around my body as the vibration moved to a higher level for protection.

We got to the University in time and was able to meet with our group for breakfast and continued our day with our classes on how the university runs. It was about 11 during the next class session that I noticed that one of the professors who got up to speak a very soft spoken fellow had something special with the white light that surrounded his body. A blue turquoise light in neon traced around his body and lit up mixing with the white light in his energy field. Then a yellow light shown out of the crown of his head mixing in with blue and shown three feet above his head.

I took a tipple take and was entranced with the beauty of light shining all around this man. As I looked at him and at the light there was nothing to indicate that this man was any different from anyone else in the room except for the light that emanated from his whole being. It was beautiful. I knew then that this was someone very special and that the students who had him as their Professor were lucky to be taught by him.

As I sat there watching the man speak I noticed to the right of the room a white smoke slowly moving across the room a few inches above the heads of the audience making its way toward the speaker but it dissipated a few rows toward the front. It looked like when someone blows a large puff of smoke from a cigarette only no one was smoking since it is not allowed in the buildings. Also the size of it covered several people at a time as it moved across the room.

In my experience when I have seen this I knew it to indicate the presence of a ghost but there was more than one in this case. They dismissed us for lunch and we were later met as a large group in the auditorium for more speakers and to hear from the University administrators. Each speaker had the light emanating from them but nothing like the Professer before the lunch break. As I looked around the room I could see a golden white light and make out the outline of a head and shoulders of a small child with its arms wrapped around a woman a few rows in front of me.

A few rows on my left were two couples sitting in two different rows but close to each other. And since it was a parent orientation to the university I guessed they were sitting with their spouses but the man in one couple and the women in the other couple seemed to be very connected with a wall of energy that they shared even though the way that they were sitting they looked like they didn't know each other. I realized then that it was none of my business and averted my eyes....I have gotten into trouble in the past by seeing someone else's business so I moved on trying to concentrate listening to the speaker and grounding myself back into a more physical reality.

The day continued on with seeing the other side interact with the living and I watched in fascination trying not to stare and be rude. Lucky for us we got out early and were able to enjoy the rest of our evening. I have not heard from the chain smoker in the car that came home with us the other day so I am guessing he decided to move on. Today should be quiet so I am resting from all the activity from the last two days and need to catch up on my house work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wed Night

You would think that by now I would have a clue when I have picked up someone in my energy field who has decided to follow me around. All I can say is that I was really enjoying the day at an orientation at a local university with my family with about five hundred other people there with their families. I must admit that sometimes it is fun to just enjoy that special time running around and being with others not thinking about the rest of the world.

It was later in the day that I received a message from my friend who is trying to set up the Spirit Rescue so I called her back in between lectures but the cell phone kept dropping in and out. It didn't seem to matter where I was on the campus I was only getting bits and pieces of the conversation and finely had to ask to try again later in the evening. It always seemed to drop out when we were saying something important.

As my husband and I drove home I was telling him about the strange phone connection not thinking anything except that it was a bad connection. It was in the middle of the conversation that I began to smell this strong smell of a cigarette. The car reeked of smoke and neither of us smoke. I asked if he smelled it and he didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Finely I realized that he didn't smell it and as this thought was running through my head the smell was gone.

This had happened before when I picked up a ghost a year ago just by walking around at a fair. But how could that happen since I put a wall of protection around myself now when I go out in a crowd so it doesn't happen again? Then it hit! I was so excited about the day that I forgot to do it. So now I guess I will wait to see what they want and as it is late I will address it later on. I hope....

Wednesday June 9, 2010

During lunch yesterday with a dear friend, I received a frantic phone call from anther friend who was in touch with a person here in town who owns a house that is having a lot of activity. What was even more interesting was that they were being physically attacked in the home such as being scratched and slapped.

Apparently, they had had groups over to the home to clear it, but with no success. In fact the clearings seemed to cause more agitation to the situation and the owner was reluctant to have anyone else come out to clear it. Through this experience the owner had become a believer in the paranormal and had set up their own team with electronic devices.

My friend, who is also on our "Spirit Rescue" Team, asked if she could arrange for just three of us to go out and do a clearing for the owner. The three being me, Paula, our teacher, and she. Apparently, people have been scared away after doing such work in the home and she thought it would be best if it was only us just in case we were attacked.

I had a brief flashback to about a little over a year ago, when I went to a friend's home for a class and I was the only one who showed up, so my friend and I got into a great conversation over ghosts and hauntings. My friend confessed that they had been physically attacked in their home and were afraid of the entity that was terrorising them.

Needless to say, I had had dealings with ghosts and some entities, so I agreed to help her clear the home. We decided to start right then and I did a brief prayer to bring in the light and God's energy for protection for the work when the house started to creek and noises, that sounded like things hitting the wall, could be heard. We even heard sounds that seemed like things falling off the book shelves and sounds of scratching on the wall.

I remember our fear turned the room cold, but the phone rang, causing us to leave the home to rescue her husband who was having car trouble. Later in the evening, I drove home and was half way there when I noticed lightning. I love storms, so while I was sitting at the next stoplight, I started to search for where it was coming from. Then I saw it again, only this time I noticed that it was not lightening, but streaks of light that looked like lightening and were vertical, traveling down the power line next to the road I was traveling.

When I accelerated, It looked like the streaks of electrical current were following my car down the street toward the highway for the next five miles in what looked like burst of vertical flashes of lightening. I seemed to have lost it when I merged on the highway, to my relief, and drove the next four miles calming myself down and letting go of some of my fear.

But it caught up with me after turning on the three mile road to my street after exiting the highway, following me all the way home. Terrified, I started to do Reiki and praying for God's protection all around my home before driving up to it. I also covered my family and animals praying, when it dawned on me that this entity could also access my energy and anyone I was connected to, so I started to cover my family and friends.

Terrified, I managed to get out of the car and walk into the house fully alert and finding nothing, so I took my bath and slipped into bed with my sleeping husband. Everyone was sound asleep.

In the middle of the night I woke up with this feeling of something very angry looming over me, just staring at me with massive hatred. Then I saw it for the first time, this large dark shadow in the darkness of the room standing right next to my side of the bed. Lucky for me, I knew I had covered my bed, the kid's beds, and the animals, so I knew it could not mess with us. I like my sleep more than anything, and so with that knowledge of the protection I woke up agitated, blew it off with my hand, and rolled over thinking it would have to wait until I was awake, and went back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, it was gone. I checked the whole house and found no trace of it. During the day, I checked again making sure it had left and found nothing. Later on, when I started to take classes with my teacher, I learned that when there is No fear then they have nothing to feed on or to control. The protection of prayer, reiki, and my stinginess with my sleep had saved us from an attack.

A lot had happened since that night, and I now have the training and experience under my belt from other rescues. I told my friend to set it up and we would come. Hanging up, I related the story to my friend, the one who's home I was at that night with the lightening, and had been peaceful since the "Spirit Rescue" team had cleared her home with a huge success. Driving home afterwards, I couldn't help thinking how much water had flowed under the bridge in the past year.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


A quiet day yesterday until I got a phone call from a dear friend who is learning about being out in the world with their gifts and feeling persecuted by others. I was told once by a teacher that, "if there were no ripples in the water then it meant that you were stagnate. It is the movement in the ripples that we learn the greater lessons in life and that by being stagnate we are frozen in our own fears."

Later on I ran into someone else who is quite gifted in seeing and terrified that his community might find out as he is afraid of persecution. Talking to them both yesterday I see such a contrast in life choices.

This morning as I was waking up I thought about how strange that I was seeing both of my friends on both sides of the spectrum going through their own struggles and learning to cope with their decisions. I also know to that in my own life that I was being shown something as I was seeing the whole picture and that there is no such thing as quintessences.

Monday, June 7, 2010


It turned out to be a very busy weekend. Saturday was filled with graduation ceremonies and family so there was no time to experience the environment around us. It was later in the evening, after coming home from a movie with my daughter which was part of the celebration, that I found myself having a panic attack.

Climbing into bed and starting to fall asleep, I started to think of the hole in the bottom of the ocean. I could not stop my thoughts from seeing all the damage that was happening as I was entering into sleep. Sleep came in fits and finally, around three in the morning, I heard a soft voice whisper in twilight to email my teacher in Hawaii the next morning and see if we could not Grok the earth and with that, I fell into a peaceful rest.

Early Sunday morning, I sent out an email and was delighted to have a response before noon. It was a message from my teacher that on Saturday they had gathered together in a meditation all over in an effort to send healing to that part of the earth. How wonderful is that! I had to wonder if I had picked some of that up and had created a panic attack? All I know is that I just felt there needed be something done on our end. Needless to say I was delighted to hear that they had done that.

I was excited to get ready for the afternoon as I was meeting with some of the other members on the "Spirit Rescue" team. We were invited to go to Wetherford, TX by someone who was experiencing some activity in their home.

There were nine of us who showed up plus our teacher, Paula, who leads the team. As we got there, we were able to move through the home and the property around the house, each scanning and seeing if we could pick up or see any ghost, spirits or entities. Also, we searched for portals that might have been opened. I must say that I really enjoy working with this group as they are each so amazingly gifted.

None of us on the team work with electronic devices and use only our gifts to communicate with the spirits or ghosts who are trapped or causing disturbances on this side. One did bring a video camera though, to record the event and how we do things.

As we moved around, we broke up in small groups to scan the area. Some were able to see people from the past still caught in their daily activities as if they were still living on this earth. Others who were more empathic were picking up the feelings and emotions of the ghost while still others were hearing them speak. Then there are those who just have a true sense of knowing what had happened and what going on with the ghost.

As we wrapped up, the Team met in the living room with the owners and discussed what the events of the afternoon. It was wonderful to have the validation when the owners shared the history of the property and home. I was quite delighted to hear one of the newer members talk to the owners about the difference between a ghost and Spirit.

A ghost is someone who is trapped, lost, attached, or can't see the light to pass on. They are most likely still bearing the scars, emotions, and body they had here on earth. That includes illness, lost limbs or sickness etc.... A spirit on the other hand has crossed to the other side and has joined the light with the option to come back and visit with complete healing on all levels. They have the ability to change their appearance or help those who are trapped in between.

Then there are the portals that have been opened, leading to other dimensions. Some of these are natural and welcome. While there are others that have been opened by those doing things that they don't understand. Those portals that are opened by accident or on purpose allow the dark entities and other beings form other dimensions to enter and often cause lots of problems, terrorising the people and ghosts who are trapped sharing living space. The last two homes we went to, we were called in to help by the owners who had encountered such activities and wanted us to close them down.

I am happy to say that there were no such portals or dark entities on the premises. What the team did find were spirits who were from other time periods coming to show off the living space that they used to own when they were here on earth. Others did encounter ghosts who did not want to be crossed and told the team to go away. They were happy exactly where they were and as long as the owners were OK with them being there, we did not try to cross them.

There was one in particular that was quite miserable and in distress, and a few members of the team were able to call for help on the other side and help talk the ghost through into the light. Nicely done! Free will is very important and if a ghost does not want to cross you can coax and call in a team of angels, but they have the choice to stay.....

All in all, the team worked very well together, and I will miss meeting with them later on this week as I have family matters to attend to, so I will have to hear from some of the members what they will discuss....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Side note

This morning I woke up and wrote my entry for the day. When I finished, the kids were in the living room watching TV. Next to the couch on the left, was what looked like a tall large gas vapour. I asked my daughter if she could see it as my son had just walked out of the room on the other side, but she was ignoring me. So I went over and stuck my hand through it moving it back and fourth.

Strange, I thought as it seemed like someone was trying to materialise...I thought nothing more about it until later this evening when my brother-in-law called to tell us that Steve's Uncle had passed away.

Friday 4,

Dear Diary,

Last night, as I was sitting in the living room with my family, there seemed to be a lot of flashes of light moving through the room along with white mist that would appear and disappear as we tried to watch the TV. When I went into the bathroom to take a bath I walked through a white mist entering into the room. Again, mist and what looked like gas vapors were appearing and disappearing as I tried to bathe. Exhausted, I ignored them.

It seems strange that there was a lot of activity going on in the house, I thought as I was finely able to go to sleep. I closed my eyes feeling this large dark heavy presence in the room. Too tired to mess with it, I asked it to leave and went to sleep. Sleep came fast and very peacefully without any disturbance.

This morning as I make coffee and have breakfast with my dear husband, there seems to be no activity. I am wondering what stirred them up or if it had anything to do with the presence in my room. I guess I will just have to wait and see......

Mid afternoon this Sunday, the "Spirit Rescue" team is scheduled to go to Weatherford to do another rescue. I am wondering if I had an early visit? That happens more than people realize. Often a visit like that can be an early warning not to come and interfere from whatever entity is keeping control over things in that space. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday June 3,

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I had a friend who was visiting and they saw one of my cats who jumped on my bed and sat next to them. I always love it when I don't tell them about them and friends have their own experience.

Allie was my little orange cat that passed away a year ago from an illness after living a full life of 19 years. I had her as a small kitten and she slept with me. Buddy, the other cat who passed away a few years earlier, also hangs out and you may find them running around the house playing. You see a little gray shadow of a cat jumping up on things or hiding behind a chair.

The funny thing about Allie is that the night after she died, she walked on me and sat on me like she used to do, startling me out of my sleep. I was completely aware that she was sitting on me. After she woke me up and let me know that she was there, she jumped off and walked across the bed and was gone. She repeated this routine for a few weeks, which helped ease my grief each time she came to visit. Then the visits started to occur during the day as we saw her running around the house.

Last February, I was in India with my husband and sound asleep, when I was again startled out of sleep by the little light feet of a cat walking on me. When I awoke I could still feel the pressure of the weight of a cat on me as it made it's way toward my head. Then I realized that the family that we were visiting had no pets.

The windows all had screens and were locked up for the night. I turned my head over and could see my husband fast asleep next to me. I could feel the pressure of the weight of a small cat and I realized that it was Allie. She had found me half way around the world and had come to say hi. I smiled and found myself grateful that she had come for a visit so far away from home and right as I thought that, she jumped off and landed next to me and was gone.

I have heard people say that they don't think that animals have souls and also that if they do, they are not allowed in heaven. I know that is not true and that animals do have souls and are allowed in heaven.

But I must admit that it is a special gift when an animal will wait for us so that we can all cross into the light together. They are as loyal waiting for us on the other side as they were in this side.

I always have to smile when we have company who have no clue about the two cats that hang out with us and they have an experience. Even our cats and dogs walk widely around the other two when they are playing and running through the house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1

Dear Diary,

Today I had an appointment in Terrell and was driving this morning from Arlington listening to one of my books on my I-pod. I was about 30 minutes into the drive when I realized I could hear someone singing. Since it was highway and we were moving along the road at regular speed without a lot of cars, I thought it rather odd. I turned off the I-pod and checked to see if the radio was on. No, luck. it was not on and there was still singing coming in from somewhere.

I drove on towards my destination hearing a women singing solo, and every once in a while, harmonising with other vocals. The voice was beautiful and I found myself listening just to the tones of her voice. The song was something very old like what you might hear in an old church on "Little House on the Prairie." After about ten minute,s it faded away and I could not pick it up with my ears.

What was strange, was that I was not sure if I was hearing with my actual ears. Later today, I searched my car for a radio or another I-pod and found nothing.