Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear Diary,

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2014! The year just flew by.... So much has happened and there is a lot to be thankful for as I have thought back over the year.  I am really excited to see what 2015 will have in store for our lives.

Last night as we were leaving my in-laws house driving in the dark I noticed a man standing on the side of the road just staring off in the distance. What was unique about the incident was that my in-laws live in a remote place where there isn't a lot of traffic or lights around them.  We were the only car on the road at the time and it was our headlights that caught the image of the man standing there. The man was wearing khaki pants with a long sleeve mauve shirt. His hair was short sandy blond and he looked to be around his late forties.

He seemed strange just staring at the road in front of him and didn't look at us as we drove by. The other thing that was weird was that it was a bit cold to be out walking around without a coat. We hadn't got far from my in-law's house and the car was still in that warming up mode with the temperature drooping so I was a little sensitive to being cold myself. Then as we sped past him as my husband never slowed down I looked back and he was gone. I asked my husband if he might have seen the man but he said that he didn't still concentrating on his driving.

 I already knew the answer before I asked but wanted to check...... just in case.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday "The Other Side of the Veil"

Dear Diary,

Saturday I woke up and went out to breakfast with our family. When we got back I worked on some of my writing and then started to prepare for an Akashic Reading with a client that I had that afternoon. It had been a while since I have worked in the records so I wanted to take some extra time to realign my Chakras and clear my energy fields before the reading.

The reading went well and I enjoyed working with both my client and the record keepers in the records. Later in the evening we were scheduled to go out to dinner with the rest of the family who are here visiting over the holidays. On our way to the restaurant my husband and I were deep in a conversation when I noticed ahead of us was a medium sized Spaniel sitting on the sidewalk next to the road watching the cars go by. I couldn't help admiring the dog when I realized as we got closer it was transparent then disappeared all together as we passed by.  As my brain caught up with what I was seeing I made a quick note of the dog continuing on with the conversation that I was having with my husband.

When we arrived at the restaurant taking our time getting out of the car because we were early when I saw a man standing next to the door watching us. People were going in and out of the restaurant and there seemed to be nothing unusual about him except for him being interested in us. As we made our way to the door I tried not pay to much attention to the man but couldn't help seeing that he also was transparent as we got closer. He smiled then was gone. My husband reached for the door and we went in as I shook my head clearing my thoughts immediately greeted by the greeter asking us our names and how many were in our party. After the family gathered to eat I didn't pay any attention to anyone else except for our family. There were 13 in our party that evening.

Side note:
I know when we do energy work or balance our energies our spiritual senses which are very much apart of us become unhindered. This allows us to be able to tune into the other side of the veil that we feel that separates us from the spirit world. I am always reminded that we are both physical beings and spirit beings living in harmony as human beings. It is our birth right to be able to see and experience the other side as much as we experience the physical world. When we sleep we are apart of the spirit world and when we walk the earth with our bodies we are apart of the physical. Most of the time we are distracted or believe we are separated from the other half but we are both. 

Yes, there are those who are more sensitive to the spirit world but that doesn't make them special, as we are all capable of being connected to spirit world.  After all it is all around us...

Friday, December 26, 2014


Dear Diary,

My, we have been busy with lots of family and friends. It was a beautiful Christmas and we have enjoyed all the company. I did notice that the smell had been moving again in the house. It moved down to the front entryway on Christmas eve morning and then a few hours later moved to the hallway next to my daughter's bedroom door. We didn't smell it in her room but it lingered just outside of the door.

Yesterday Christmas day I didn't smell anything in the house so I completely forgot about it as I kept busy with everything going on during the day.  It wasn't until we sat down and were watching a movie with the family that I started to catch glimpses of shadows and images moving throughout the room out of the corner of the room. As the evening progressed the spirits started to get more aggressive and then started to move in between me and whoever I was talking to. I would see white smoky images as they brushed across my vision seeming to enjoy the energy of the room.

Eventually I was able to not be as distracted with the spirit energy as I noted their presence in the room and then continued to do what I was doing before they interrupted. This morning I did mention it to my daughter that I hadn't smelled anything in the house since the day before. She then made the commit that she had forgotten about it until she was going to bed and then caught a whiff of it, however she did say that she didn't smell it this morning.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday "A Different Time"

Dear Diary,

Well the smell has moved again from the hallway to the upstairs. In the last few days it has become so pungent that I don't really like going up there. We had a lot to do yesterday getting ready for Christmas and attending a party so I haven't taken extra time to really investigate what is going on with the energy in the house. I just need a few moments to myself to really focus on the energy and find what is causing the smell and who is visiting us this Christmas.

Something else has been going on that has been a little distracting these last few days. Reticently I have been getting clear visions that hit me so fast that it takes a few moments to process what is happening to me. I feel almost knocked out of my body and transported into another time. For example last night as I was getting into the car to go to a birthday party I felt as if I was getting into another car that looked like something out of the 1930's. When I sat down I could see myself in the back of the car with a driver who was taking me to some Christmas charity party in NY at someone's house. When I looked down I was in a beaded dress instead of the pant suite that I knew I had on. The vision in my mind was so clear that it was like looking out of the eyes of someone else in another time.

 This also happened the day before when I was out with some friends for lunch. I don't know what triggered it but I was again transported to a Medieval time. I was at a restraint all of a sudden I was in a room that had stone walls with a  fire burning in the fire place. I was pulling on a garment that was lined with fur and someone was assisting me with my garment.  I was in the middle changing my mind of what I was wearing because of the color. I also knew I was getting ready for a dinner out in the main hall.

When this happened it threw me for a loop so immediately I found myself checking in with my brain to find what was going on. What I got was "yes" I was at the restaurant but was also somewhere else at the same time. It was like being split in two and being in both places at once. My eyes were seeing out of me in my physical body and yet I was seeing something else as if I was there to.

What snapped me out of the split were the distractions on this side, such as engaging in conversation with my friends or focusing on the people around me. By taking a few moments to concentrate on the physical bearing I was able to ground myself completely back into my own body. This allowed me to move on so that I could enjoy myself in this space and time.

Just a note:  This is all new and has started since we have become aware of the smell in the house. Also I want to add that I haven't been in the house when this has happened to me so I am not sure if there is a connection. I just have noticed the coincidence...

Monday, December 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

This weekend and even today I am still catching glimpses of smokey energy moving through the house. Every now and then I will see a head or an image trying to appear but then fading quickly when I focus my attention on it. Usually it is when I am in the middle of something and can't take the extra time to place my attention on them.

Every once in awhile our dogs like to growl at the corner or they watch the ceiling. Even the cats avoid some of the places in the house. I know we have a new visitor as a funny smell has come with them. The kids even smell it. I will have to investigate when I get some time to really center in on them and see what is going on.

Today was one of those days that I hit the floor running. I had the opportunity to have coffee with one of my Reiki students this morning so I had to hurry off to make it on time. My student has now blossomed and is not only working with Reiki but also going to school in Austin learning to be an Acupuncturists.

Later this afternoon I also met with an Acupuncturist in Fort Worth TX who has been in practice for the last ten years. I had the chance to visit with them a little about energy work. Years ago I had worked with another acupuncturist in Fort Worth learning about Acutonics using tuning forks. This type of work is really fascinating to me. I ended up having to stop working with her about two years ago as I was inspired to write a book which I hope to publish this next year. It is about a personal journey working with energy medicine.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday "A Reminder"

Dear Diary,

They are back! Yesterday while the washing machine repairman was at the house fixing the washer. I sat down in the living-room to watch a movie in case he needed me for something. My son who is home for the holidays was sitting on the other side of the living-room reading enjoying his quiet time at home.

 I was just happy being with him when I glanced down in time to see a dark shadow cross over my legs while I was sitting on the couch. That immediately caught my attention. Excited I looked up and there was nothing around my son so I started to scan the room softening my gaze. That was when I spotted an image trying to form by the doorway leading into the hall. As I watched it looked a lot like water vapor moving in circles. The image was transparent but you could tell it was in human form. Then right in front of me it turned into a brown smoky color of a very clear image of an old bald heavy set man walking very slowly across the living room. I was so happy to see him but could still make out some heavy activity happening right behind him. Then another image appeared  directly behind the spirit of the old man. This time it was a young women who looked like she was in her early twenties and was lovingly and patiently following him. My excitement got the better of me as I called out to them in my mind asking if they wanted to talk but neither seemed to be interested in me. They were doing their own thing.

My son at that moment looked up from what he was doing and asked me if I was okay seeing my transfixed gaze on that part of the room. I then remembered he was in the room and started to describe what was going on but he wasn't interested going back to his reading. Both my children have the gift of seeing and hearing the other side but at this time are not wanting to pursue it. My daughter is very strong with her gift and my son blocks it as much as he can.

This morning in twilight before getting up I was reminded that we never lose the gift but become distracted with with life in the physical world. Communication is always happening even in twilight or in dream state. Yesterday was a reminder that seeing can happen anywhere or anytime. It only takes being aware of the energies around us to open up in seeing the other side moving in-between the worlds.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday "A Shift"

Dear Diary,

Well, I have to say that we have not had, if any spirit activity around the house, in the last few days. I haven't seen white smoky images or noticed anyone walking around the house. This has happened before and when this happens, it always makes me pause, wondering what has changed with me. In the past it hasn't lasted long, as the energy changes in the house or my vibration changes so that I am normal again. I say normal, it is for me.....

For now I am just going to enjoy our family and the pets while they are visiting.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday "A Reminder of How Portals Work"

Dear Diary,

Well we have had a little spirit activity around the house but not as much as we did right after Thanksgiving. I noticed the change after there was a great deal of humans and pets in the house with the Christmas holidays. Even with this change there is still a lot of connection with my father and grandmother who always lets me know that they are around, even laughing at some of the funny incidents happening in the house.

After wondering about this I finally consulted with the angel energy that comes in and out of the house wanting to know why if there is so much human energy in the house, why we are not attracting as much spirit energy. The answer I got is that the energy fields in our home are all vibrating on the same level at this time and as a family we are in a healthy energy state, so that keeps any lower energies out of our fields and protects the home. The other thing that is happening is that, as a family we are all concentrating on our family and that allows the portals to open for our loved ones to make a closer connection with us. That is why their energy is so strong in our home. This explains a lot of what happened with my grandmother and father during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then I had to ask about the Stone House BB. The answer I got was that the difference from the spirits at the Stone House BB in Cowtown, was that they were attracted to my energy because I opened up my energy fields to feel and see into their world. When I did that they could lock onto my energy field to contact and even come home with me, stirring up the spirits hanging out in my own home. Some of them went to lunch with me that day and even hung out with me until my energy changed closing off the door that they could use as a vehicle in my energy field.

I was also reminded that the energy in my own home fluctuates with the human emotions and what is happening in our home. It also attracts and opens portals for spirits to move through the house randomly. This not only applies to spirit talkers but to all human beings as we are always susceptible to changing our energy fields leaving them open or closing them down whither we are aware of it or not. By doing this we allow the other side to make contact with us or even take a ride with us while we are living our lives.

The only difference is as spirit talkers we are more sensitive to the energy and the changes in our environment, so we are more aware of what is happening around us in the spirit world. Also the energy of being aware of the other side sends out a light signal to the spirit world allowing them to know that we have the ability to communicate.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

Lots of spirit activity in our bedroom this morning. White smokey images keep flitting in and out of sight between the bed and the bathroom door. It is kind of like they want to be seen and are letting me know they are here in the room with us.

The house is full again with family and pets for the holidays. I never know how that will affect the spirit activity in the house. Sometimes it is a catalyst for more intense activity as the children will bring home visitors from where ever they have been. Spirit attachments are a lot more common than I think most people realize. T
he mixing of the spirit energy with what is already settled in the house can sometime create territory issues as the spirits may not get along. Like people it is about sharing the space.

I visited with my mom on the phone yesterday and she told me that she is still having quite a bit of spirit activity at her place. The other day something was pushed off the table that was placed in the middle of the table to get her attention. I have to say that the spirits at her home are not only active but have the ability to move things. That is not something I encourage at our home as I like to have things in their place so that I can find them. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday "Vibrational Frequencies"

Dear Diary,

I still am catching sight of white smokey images moving around the house when I am home. I have also noticed that I am feeling my grandmother and father around me. Their energy is really strong since I came back from LA. Often when I feel them around me and start to think of them a dime or penny will appear out of nowhere or fall out of something and it always matches up with the one I am thinking of. Dimes are from my grandmother and pennies are from my father. It makes me chuckle knowing that they are reminding me that they are there.

One of the things that comes to mind is remembering that spirits are intelligent and they will interact with the living as much as they can or want to. Often we are unaware of them even being there but they have their own ways of communicating with us. A friend of mine asked if they can read your mind and the answer is, "Yes they can." Our thoughts are in the form of energy and if they are vibrating on the same level that we vibrate on with our thoughts then they can easily pick up what we are thinking. By vibrating I also mean the emotional energy that moves through us connected with our thoughts that change our energy and energy fields.

The same works for the dark side as they can pick up our thoughts that are on their level of existence. This is why it is always good to think good thoughts as what we send out is what we attract back to us. Breaking everything down into vibration and energy frequencies helps us to understand what is happening in our own lives.

Years ago when I was really learning how the spirit world worked I was invited to attend a John Holland seminar with a friend. At the seminar John Holland pointed out that people in an audience sit in groups with people they have something in common with because they are attracted to the energy and feel comfortable within it. These are audiences in which the people have never met each other. I have to say I thought he was full of it when he made the announcement. There were six hundred of us and aside from my friend who I went with, I didn't know anyone else. We were even a day away from our home town and it was the first night of the seminar. Then he started to name different categories and ask people to raise their hand and look at the different sections they were sitting in. When he called out suicide I rose my hand as I had just lost someone. When I looked around me there were about thirty of us sitting beside, in front and back of us in this little group. I was right in the middle of the section.

I was shocked. I didn't know these people from Adam and I had not talked with them before sitting down. There were no signs telling us where to sit. I just randomly found the seats and thought it was a good place to be. It wasn't until much later that I learned about vibrational frequencies and how it all works.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday "Living Among the Spirits"

Dear Diary,

It was a great weekend with children coming home for the Christmas holidays, with them they brought all their pets so we have a full house for a while. It takes a little getting back into the swing of things with the house so busy but I have to admit that I am enjoying every minute of it. In the meantime the spirits around the house don't seem to be bothered by all the activity. I see glimpses of them moving about the house or hanging out in the living room while we were watching a move.

I know there has been a lot of talk of spirits being active only during the night but from my own experience I have not found that is not true. I see and have many experiences night or day as they seem to be everywhere I go. The day is just as full but what I have found is that I may be more relaxed to receive information from the other side in the evening as I can be distracted with the life around me during the day. If I do however take a moment to be aware or even soften my gaze for any reason. I see as much spirit activity during the day in broad day light.

Once one of my friends wanted me to go with her to check out a local medium to see what I thought. I went with her just enjoying the company. We got to the place and the room was packed with people wanting to hear form the other side. What surprised me was that the medium wouldn't talk to the spirits unless the whole room was completely devoid of light. The people that were there to assist her even put rags in the cracks of the doors so that nothing would shine through. I discovered that while am not claustrophobic the whole experience made me feel very uncomfortable. I spent the rest of our stay too busy wool gathering about the environment that I didn't really concentrate on her communication. However once in a while I felt something but couldn't focus on her or the spirits in the room. At that time I was of no use to my friend and very relieved when the medium finished.

I am not saying that her method was wrong as it is her way of connecting with the spirits around her. For me that is not something that I feel necessary to do when communicating. I used to be very involved with spirit rescue and was trained to do that in broad daylight at anytime of the day so that experience was strange for me. As for now I just let the spirits be unless they want to contact me or need any help. Other than that I am happy to be among both the living and the spirit world living in peace.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday "'Tis the Season!"

Dear Diary,

In the last few days I have been very aware of spirits hanging out at different stores and restaurants. There is not one place that I have been that I haven't seen spirits or energies roaming around. It is nice when I am out and know that the spirits are also there enjoying the high energy levels of this time of year.

This brings to mind of a conversation that I had with a client yesterday. They asked the question why they could see spirits on different occasions and not on others. I explained that as we move through our emotions we change our vibration frequencies in our energy fields and the spirits that are on those levels become more apparent to us.

The emotions of people around us affect us even if we are unaware of it. When we are in other people's energy fields we unconsciously adjust our vibrations to each other. That is why when you are with someone who is in a really bad mood it may irritate you or if someone is very happy it makes you happy. It all depends on the dominate energy field and what I mean by that, is the strongest of holding it's own. When you get people together it is more like a domino affect. Reminds me of old movies of western bar fights, when the people in the saloon would start fighting because others were. But the pendulum swings both ways and the same can be said to being happy and very excited. That is what I have encountered being out doing errands and meeting friends. Those I have been with seem to really be enjoying the season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday "The Reunion"

Dear Diary,

Today I went to visit a dear friend whom I have not seen in the last ten years. She contacted my mom on Facebook a few days ago and I found her on the internet so it was quite a reunion. The fun part was that even though it has been years since we have seen each other we had so much in common. She is the manager of the Stone House BB at the Fort Worth Stockyards. She also runs a ghost tour and has had a lot of her own experiences being in that part of town.

I met  her at the Stone House BB and she gave me a tour. As soon as I stepped into the BB was that I felt my own energy fields turn up a few notches and then went on high alert, giving me the signal that there was a lot of activity going on in the BB. At first I didn't see anything as we toured the downstairs so I started to relax a little. It wasn't until we went upstairs and went into a few guest rooms that I saw the first signs of spirits being cirrus about us. As I walked out of one of the bedrooms into the hall I spotted two large figures that looked like a clear vapor trying to manifest themselves. My friend telling me about the Stone House and didn't seem to notice. Not wanting to interrupt her I didn't say anything until she asked if I had seen anything. That is when I told her what I had seen. As we talked about it in the hallway a white smokey image of a little boy and a man began to form in one of the doorways of one of the rooms.  Laughing we decided to go out for lunch and let the spirits have a little break.

We decided to go to the Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth. As we were sitting at a table in the back catching up a white smokey image of a man passed between our table and the one next to ours only to fade into the wall. Again I didn't interrupt our conversation but when a face appeared over my friend's head I finally said something. Then it seemed to let the cat out of the bag and other smokey images started to cross the room making a little contact and then disappearing when they got up to our table. I  made the comment that there is no place that I have found that doesn't seem to have spirits. They are everywhere.

On the way to drop my friend back at the BB I drove past a man standing on the street on Commerce St. in downtown Fort Worth. A women was standing next to him and she was visible from the waist up. She was blond with long hair and seemed to be nicely dressed in her 20's. She was also very interested in the man. I pointed them out to my friend and then immediately started to pull in my energy fields. It was now getting to the point of distraction and I needed to concentrate on driving. I had a great time catching up and grateful that I have another friend whom I can just be myself with. I can't wait to get together again and visit.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday "Odds and Ends"

Dear Diary,

I love visiting our family but was so happy to get home and be grounded in our little home in Texas. When I arrived I was immediately greeted by spirits moving about the house. As I got into bed I could see energies chasing each other around the room when I was about to turn off the lights. The spirits in the house seem to be happy that I am home.

I have to say I was a little surprised with all the activity going on at my mom's house in LA. At one time I was so tired that I wanted to take a little nap to catch up on my sleep. As I tried desperately to fall asleep vivid images of people came into my third eye vision talking to each other and sometimes including me in their conversations. I tried laying there for thirty minutes trying to get past them to sleep but they kept coming one or two at a time talking and sharing things that they were doing. I never lost consciousnesses as I kept opening my eyes every once in a while trying to stop the connection but it didn't work. There were so many of them that I finally got up and went to find my mom in the other room. Even as I write this I still can see the spirits and remember their conversations. It is that clear.

My father and grandmother who are in the spirit world also made themselves known a few times while I was there leaving me the usual signs then moving across the room so that I could see them. The morning I was leaving I was taking the sheets off the bed when a dime fell out that was tucked snugly inside in the sheets near the foot of the bed. In the past my grandmother has left me dimes to make herself known. It is kind of like a calling card to get ready that she is there. Right after the dimes shows up I usually feel or see her. It is a little joke that she and I have had over the years.

Also just before I was about to head out to the airport I went back into the bedroom checking to make sure if I had left anything. There placed in the center of the bed was the catalog that I was enjoying the night before I fell asleep. I asked my mom if she had placed it there for me to take with me but she said that she hadn't been in the room at all that morning. She also didn't know anything about it. In that moment we both looked at each other and laughed as we knew that grandma was trying to take care of me even from the other side.

One thing I do want to make a note of... My nephew is showing signs of being very psychic. He is only two and his vocabulary is limited but he knows all of our names. What caught my attention was that every time the phone rang he would call out the name of the caller on the first ring. At first it didn't register with me and I thought it was cute until I realized that he was a 100% accurate. This made me aware and I started to track what was going on during my visits with him. Also I did noticed that the spirits in my sister's home were very interested in him. He is one I am going to watch and see how he develops his intuition and spiritual gifts.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Dear Diary,

I am having a wonderful time visiting my family in LA and spending Thanksgiving with them. Yesterday I saw a lot of spirit activity around my mom when we sat down that morning in her dinning room. The spirits around her home seem to be interested and enjoying our conversations. Later in the afternoon went over to my sister's home for dinner and I didn't see any activity. I am guessing there was to much going on for them as we all stayed downstairs. Spirits are just funny that way.

Tomorrow I am on my way home and will be flying back to Texas. One of the situations that always hits me when I have to opportunity to fly is that I am aware that there is really nowhere that spirits don't seem to hang out. All the airports have passengers from the other side and are also packed with energy beings that are attached to people aura's who are boarding or exiting the airplane. It can be quite a production watching people interact with the beings around them. Most of them are completely unaware they have a whole entourage of spirits following them around.

The other thing that I find interesting when flying is watching the energy of all the passengers on the plane merge together in a flowing rainbow of colors as everyone is packed closely together. Yes, they are still separate but there is a place in their auras where they knit together creating a ray of light that is a sequence of colors depending on
the persons who sit next to each other.

One of my teachers used to tell me that it is rude to watch people's auras but I find them to be so beautiful that I can't help myself. When I am in a confined space such as airplane it is hard to change what I am observing around people's energy field. Eventually I came to the conclusion that if I wasn't reading them or making any judgments then it was okay to watch the colors that moved and changed in another person's energy field.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have been enjoying my visit with my family and most of the time I am so engrossed with the physical activity that is going on around me I forget to be aware of the spirits. On a few occasions at my mom's house some of the spirits have been so bold in making themselves known by walking in between us when we are visiting. When they do this I have to take a moment to refocus on the conversation so as not to be rude in blurting out that someone had just walked in between us.

On the other hand when I arrived in LA I had swept through my sister's home not feeling or even noticing any spirit activity until last night when I went upstairs to put something away. As I was concentrating on my task I felt something across my neck and then several pairs of curious eyes watching me. It was kind of like having a small audience watching me as there were quite a few spirits in the room with me. Since I was in a hurry to rejoin the rest of the family downstairs I didn't stop to talk.

The whole experience kind of caught me a little off guard as I hadn't noticed the activity during my other visits to the house. Later on I also saw glowing orbs when I was watching one of the security camera's that only reaffirmed what I had felt earlier. This morning I mentioned it to my mom and she said that she already knew that they were there. I had to laugh as the spirits were a lot like the one's who visited me back home. I have noticed that sometimes when there is a lot of physical activity going on in the house they often retreat upstairs to get a little peace and quite from all commotion of the living. 

Monday, November 24, 2014


Dear Diary,

I  am having a wonderful time visiting my family in LA. I flew out this past weekend to LA to go to my sister's birthday party. It has been a great getting to see everyone and spend some real quality time with all my family that live in LA.We all had a great time dressing up as the theme was the Great Gatsby and was held at one of the hotels in Hollywood. All I have to say is that it was a true celebration of life.

While I am here I am able to stay with both my mom and sister. But it was while I was at my mom's house and we were visiting in her living room when I saw an image of a man walk into her bedroom. There was no one else in the house except for us and I paused in our conversation to ask her if she know about the spirit I just saw. She didn't blink an eye but said she was very familiar with the gentleman who I had just seen. He liked to make his presence known around her home. Laughing to myself we continued on with with our conversation as if not skipping a beat. 
The next day we were at her home and again deep in catching up on our busy lives when I started to see lots of spirit activity behind her. She didn't seem to notice or care so I just tried to ignore it as we continued talking. The activity at one time got to be very intense as it was several different spirits moving around her and looked as if they were trying to materialize. As we got more into our conversation I started to avert my eyes away from the scene trying hard to focus on what we were talking about. After a while I forgot about them until something reminded me to look up and when I did there was nothing behind her. 

This morning when I woke up I knew that I wasn't alone as I was thinking to myself about different things that had happened the day before. That was all fine except every now and then I would hear someone in the room putting in their two cents making commits about what I was thinking. There wasn't anything alarming in what they said, just silly commits as if they were trying to be funny. They were funny but I needed to stay focused on what I was thinking about so I ignore them. With the time change and a very busy schedule I didn't have time to sit around and be silly. I needed to make a quick phone call back to my family in Texas. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday "Soul Contracts"

Dear Diary,

I am so excited as I get to see and visit with my family this weekend. My little sister is celebrating one of those monumental birthdays that lands on one of those special decades in her life. I am so happy to be apart of the celebration as it brings all of us together and helps us cherish our lives together as a family.

This also brings to mind of a conversation that I had with a dear friend the other day about soul contracts. We were talking about our relationships in our lives and she asked the question, if we were stuck with our soul contracts. The answer I had to say was yes and no, as we as liner thinkers we often think in terms of black and white. But when it comes to the soul, the lines can be blurred from what we understand.

Yes, we do have contracts with our families and the incredible people in our lives but we also have the freedom of our own personal wills. We each show up for each other in our lives but what can be blurred is how we learn the lesson. Meaning that when a lesson is learned by one or many then the contract can move in another direction. We all have the ability to influence each other as a soul group that came with that mission to learn that particular lesson. The purpose of the contract is to create a space or environment to learn and to have the opportunity to interact with each other as needed by the soul or group of souls to evolve. That is why it is so important to work together as a team in finding the combination to unlock it.

What I like about the soul contracts is that once one is able to catch on to the lesson it can then be passed down through the generational pool and also on to others who are participating in it. It is an incredible way of interactive learning. When I talk to most people they seem to see it as a "set in stone" way of working but in reality it is so much more complicated than that. I would use the analogy of looking at a painting vs. playing a video game. While you can say they are both pictures, one is still and the other is constantly changing.

What you can see that is constant in each soul contract are the players, the lesson or the goal that is needed to achieve, to go to the next level. This is how the contract is created and experienced as we all move through the evolution of the soul. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday "The Spirit Visitor"

Dear Diary,

I did my best to help the spirit cross who was attached to the rooster painting the other day but she would have none of that. At one point when I was trying to communicate with her I got an vivid image of an elder women with a sunken face etched in my mind's eye. This image didn't seem to match up to what I had gotten earlier that day, so it took me some what by surprise. Every once in a while when I see smokey images of spirits moving around the house I get impressions of what they look like if the spirit doesn't materialize into a human form. Such was the case of this spirit and what I got didn't match up. It was almost a little scary.

Confused I asked my guides if I was talking to the wrong spirit. They graciously informed me that she was still in some way attached to her physical body and was making an appearance of what it looked like now in the grave. The other flash that I got before was her energy body that was still holding on to what she looked like before she died. In that case, I had caught her off guard when I saw her and she didn't have the time to make a conscious impression of what she looked like. "Great," I thought, "No wonder people can be afraid of seeing spirits if they sometimes show themselves decomposing in their graves."

What I understand and I have experienced is that spirits are intelligent and they are also conscious. It is because of this that they have the ability to manipulate and change their energy and sometimes the energy around them. Meaning they have the ability to change the way they appear to the living. When someone first dies they don't always know how to do this but after awhile they get the hang of it. It is a learning process unless they go directly into the light. Trust me when thinking about it, when I die and if for some reason decide to stay close to this dimension, I plan to show up as a long lagged goddess instead of a decomposing corpse.

After refusing to transfer over into the light she didn't interact a lot with me. She did however take a little notice of me when I was on the computer writing but when I would look up she would vanish into thin air. The white smokey image seems to be easy for them.  I blocked the other image from my mind. To some degree I know she knows I not only can see her but can sense and feel her in the room with me so she tends to make herself scares. I do however think that she is curious of what I am doing. As time goes by she may become board of what is happening around the house or even find a different doorway that moves her somewhere else. In the meantime I am happy to have her visit.   

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday " A Spirit Attachment"

Dear Diary,

This weekend we were hanging out with the kids and even got to go to breakfast with our grandfather. On the way home from grandpa's house I saw an an estate sale sign and thought it would be fun to go. I turned the car around and kidnapped my family so that we could all look around together. My son and I had a wonderful time looking at all the antiques at the sale. My husband and daughter were not really into looking at all the things and wanted us to hurry up. I did however find a small painting of a rooster that I really liked that was hanging up in the breakfast room near the kitchen. As I was going from room to room I tried my best not to think about it but I kept seeing it in my minds eye hanging up in my kitchen, so I bought it.

Excited about my purchase, I hastily asked my husband to hang the painting on the wall in our breakfast room that is attached to the kitchen as soon as we got home. If fit perfectly in with all the decor of the room and the rest of the day I couldn't help walking by to admire it. It wasn't until much later after dinner when I was walking through the room where the roster painting was hung that I noticed the white smokey shape that was hanging out by the painting. In my hurry I had forgotten to cleanse the energy of the painting before hanging it up. I knew instantly that I had brought home a spirit attachment and had caught her admiring the painting on the wall. As I watched the smokey image she seemed to notice me and very quickly started to dissipate into thin air. I chuckled knowing that I had placed the painting in the same room that she had it hanging in her home.

Side note- Later in the afternoon I intend to ask my guides if we need to help her cross over into the light. It is always their choice and with the help of the guides and angels they can usually help the spirit to move on.

Spirits are just like people and can be attached to material objects. Ever know someone who loved their car or had a ring that was theirs and they wore it all the time? Something else to know is that attachments don't necessarily have be objects, it can be a person or even an animal that they loved dearly. Just because the person died, who had a fondness or even loved something doesn't mean that it changes when they die. When this happens, it good to recognize that the spirit may be holding on to this side because of the attachment. This is when it is important to find a way in either helping them move on or if you are comfortable sharing the item with them.

If for some reason you forgot to cleanse an object like I did, then I would recommend talking to the spirit and just letting them know that you are going to take care of the item or what it is they are holding on to. You can then pray or use Reiki symbols over the item or even covering it in white and golden light. This will help clear the item. Often the spirit will release whatever it was they were attached to as the energy vibration changes and they not able to hold on to the new energy.

If the spirit is attached to a person then it is important to find someone who does spirit release to help them move on, as it isn't healthy for either the spirit or the person they are attached to. I would also recommend to do this with animals as the spirit will drain the energy from the animal to.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Dear Diary,

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to attend a blessing circle that two of my friends have been hosting for the past four years. It had been several years since I had been to one. When I contemplated on it, I felt a strong urge to go. That was my cu
e that it was something that I needed to do. All three of us are blessing givers and when it was time to stand up to give blessings, I felt honored to be among the others who also showed up for the event.

It only took a little more than an hour, as the Blessing givers laid their hands upon the people who came to receive the blessings. The blessings are different for each person. Just a note- It is not the intention of the blessing givers to control the blessing but to stand in unconditional love as they channel the flowing energy that comes through them that is between the person receiving the blessing and the Creator.

What I have experienced is that some people feel amazing things and have incredibility visions. Some may even laugh and giggle as they feel light and tingly all over. Then there are others who don't feel anything at all or may experience something later on. What is taught is not to judge the outcome of a blessing as there is no right or wrong between the Creator and the person who receives the blessings of how it is perceived.

On a different note- I want to bring up something that I have noticed. When interpreting dreams if you dream about a house then it usually represents the dreamer. On the physical level what I am noticing as I began to do more light work with the light work community. I can feel that there are things shifting in the energy of our home. I know that it is not the house that is shifting, it is us, as we change our energy levels within the house. As this energy comes in, it begins to open up new doors and what is attracted to the energy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday " Out of Body"

Dear Diary,

It has been very quiet
around the house lately. Since I have been really focusing most of my time and energy on the book I have not experienced or seen a lot of activity around the house. That does not mean that I haven't been visited by spirits while I was trying to fall asleep.

During twilight the other night I did see a monk from the dark ages dressed in a long brown rob with a hood just before I was about to fall into a sleep state. He appeared to me as he was on a walk on his way to somewhere. It was snowing all around him and he was looking directly at me. In that moment I could see some of the details of his face. He had gray eyes with a curly white beard. He had a straight pointed nose and an angular face. His build was tall and very slender. I would say he seemed to be somewhere in his late sixties.

The feeling I got was that I had somehow gotten caught in his time and appeared to him as he was on his way to somewhere. Immediately I felt caught off guard as he also seemed surprised to see me. In response I quickly willed myself back to my body that was laying on the bed. When I could, I flung open my eyes checking on my bearings in the bedroom making sure I was home. I shook the feeling off and grounded myself a little thinking about my experience. After giving it a little thought, I thought I might see if I could try it again. This time I wanted  to make contact but it never happened as I fell asleep trying.

This morning when I awoke I forgot about the whole incident from the night before as my daughter and husband were having breakfast and I hurried out of bed to join them. Later I had a wonderful experience with a spiritual teacher who took some of her time to visit me at our home. I just can't tell you how excited I was to have the opportunity to visit and then sit down to take a class from her one-on-one. Not a lot of teachers do that, so I felt very privileged to have her come to our home. 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have to say that even though my husband and I just got back from a trip we got a little cabin fever on Saturday and decided to take a long drive out in the county. We were both in the mood for an adventure and wanted to go out of our way to find a place that we hadn't seen before. The color of the trees changing for the fall only added to our great since of excitement that enhanced our appreciation for the season. As we drove I was very content as we followed winding roads taking extra time to stop at little shops while eating what ever we wanted.

Later in the afternoon on our drive home we got lost only to come upon a road that immediately gave me a strong sense of deja vu. I tried desperately to remember what it was that I had forgotten but it wouldn't come. It was only when I let my energy flow freely trying not to force my memory that my mind relaxed enough spitting out a very vivid memory of a dream that I had years ago.

It all came flooding back in great detail unfolding before me. I watched in fascination as the characters that participated in the dream come to life on the side of the road. The whole experience was a lot like watching a movie but I was apart of it just like I was in the dream driving by. All I could feel was astonishment as the memory of the dream and interacting with it was so real. My husband knew I was somewhere else as I told him about what was going on. After awhile he turned on the GPS to get back home. It was starting to get late and I needed to break from the dream.

When we got home we were greeted by over eager pets who were thrilled that we had decided to come back. They all followed us around the house the rest of the evening not letting us out of their sight. I don't blame them after our last trip. 

Friday, November 7, 2014


Dear Diary,

Well, we are back. I spent most of yesterday washing clothes, doing house work and catching up on emails. Our daughter who was watching the house and pets while we were gone was really glad that we were home. She said that there were those extra noises in the house that made her a little more alert along with the dogs barking at thin air. It all made her a little bit nervous because when she went to investigate there was nothing there. She said that the dogs would just randomly bark at the doors or corners of the house.

 I had to laugh as I knew that the spirits in the house were only making her welcome. Even now as I write a slender line of white smoke is shifting through the room making it's presence known. The feeling I get is that they are just stopping by to see who is in the house, mostly out of curiosity.

Well I think today is going to be a quite day so I will have the opportunity to catch up on editing the book. I am behind as I didn't touch it all on the trip. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wed "Imprints, Energy & Spirits"

Dear Diary,

I accompanied my husband at the beginning of the week to a conference in Las Vegas, NV. I hadn't ever been there before and was thrilled to get a little time away together. Our flight was extremely early but uneventful. I even had the opportunity to take a little nap on the way. With the daylight savings time along with the two hour difference our day was excessively long as we left at seven o'clock in the morning. We checked into our hotel at the Cosmopolitan and got him registered for his conference before ten am. We then spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the city waiting for the conference to began.

 Later that evening when I was in the room by myself I noticed that I was seeing small glimpsing of people in our room moving about. I even began to experience other people energies, and feelings as I unpacked our bags and was arranging the room. It was a different from the feeling I get when detecting spirits in the room. Curious I asked my guides what was going on and they explained that I was experiencing energy impressions that were left behind by the different people who had rented the room prior to us. Not wanting to receive information I opened my energy fields and flooded the room with my energy sending it out while cutting off any connection. When my husband returned from his meeting things were back to normal.

One of the big adventures is getting to see and visit all the different casinos. My husband and I don't gamble at all. Not because we are against it but for some reason it is not an interests of ours. But we do enjoy walking around, people watching and looking at all the lights. We also did a little shopping and eating, which the food is extremely good. At one point I was really enjoying myself when my heart began to race and I became very anxious. I was feeling like I needed to be somewhere and was in a big hurry to get some place. When I checked in with myself there was no reason for feeling that way. I used some energy methods trying to calm myself but the feeling wouldn't go away. Later when my husband was at his conference I checked in with my Akashic Records and asked the record keepers what had happened. They informed me that when we were out walking around I had left my energy fields open and by walking into all those casinos with so many people I had overloaded my energy fields picking up other people's energy. It wasn't until I cleared myself that I could calm down my racing heart and discard the anxious feeling. I did however recognize that I needed to be more careful.

My interaction with spirits has really not been a lot during our stay. I know they are out and about and they seems to be well aware of me. I have to say that I have not been really interacting with them until this morning. It all started yesterday as I was minding my own business and was working on a task on my computer in our room. I finished it forgetting about it as I was meeting my husband at a party that was put on by the conference. Afterwards since we were tired we went to bed early still having a little trouble with the time change. This morning I was awakened by a group of spirits who seemed to be very interested in what I was doing yesterday and preceded to talk while trying to interact with me. This was at 4 am and I was in no mood to talk. I ended up not being able to return to sleep and was a little annoyed  being sleep deprived. Now thinking about it, I guess I should be glad that someone on the other side has taken an interest in my work and wanted to put their two cents in.

All in all, I am ready today to return home today. Las Vegas is a wonderful place to visit and we have both enjoyed our time here a lot. The food is amazing and the people and the spirits here are extremely friendly. I do however have missed the kids and our pets a lot, along with our own bed. It is true what they say... "There is no place like home".

Monday, November 3, 2014


Dear Diary,

It has been a great weekend. I have had the unique opportunity to join a group of light workers who come together to network and share their individual gifts with each other. Also each of them not only teaches classes in their community but are also fellow writers. One of them is a published author who enjoys writing paranormal horror novels. The best part of that is that even though her books are fiction she uses her knowledge and experience as inspiration. I felt very inspired as I hope to publish my own book at the beginning of the next year.

We met for an afternoon and immediately enjoyed sharing our own experiences while supporting each other in our own journey. Even though we all had different kinds of interests in the many facets of light work, we all used the same vocabulary in defining what we do while sharing our knowledge of light work.

Later when I was home and I had some time to myself and decided to clear some old energy from my spirit bodies. What came up when I want through the process was the memory of a vivid dream that I had when I was at eight years old. The memory of being very upset was just as upsetting to me as if it had happened at that moment. The dream was about two people that kept slipping away from me. What was so frustrating in the dream was that I needed to share something with them but they couldn't hear me.

These two people actually ended up manifesting in my life many years later. As I looked at the faces in the dream they clearly matched these two people who I use work with. The irony of the whole experience not only in the dream but also in real life was that I did try to warn them about a certain outcome but neither one was interested in what I had to say.  I finally resigned from the group only to find out a year later through a friend that the two experienced what I was trying to prevent, creating a great deal chaos among their fellow coworkers and families. Even years later I heard from friends who are still left with the scar that has affected their spiritual work as they try to move on.

While looking back I have to wonder if the dream when I was eight was a warning to me, or a premonition of what was to come, letting me know that I was to participate in it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday "Halloween"

Dear Diary,

Today is Halloween!  I am so excited as I we have had a wonderful time having all the trick or treaters come by for candy.

The spirits have been quite over the last few days. I am sure they are enjoying the special day in which people are remembering them and having fun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday " The Lower Chakras"

Dear Diary,

It has been busy the last few days. My family has kept me busy but when I have a few moments to myself I have been working on balancing the lower chakras. I was reminded of the elements the other day and wanted to see how it worked with the energy of the chakras. This is a mediation that uses the elements in combining the physical body while balancing the chakras.

How it works:

The first step is to find a quite place to sit so that you can relax the body and mind going into a mediation. The intention then is to find your center of balance and then work on the lower chakras aligning them up with the earth plane experience.

From there you then take your focus to the base chakra which is connected to the earth allowing yourself to connect, emptying out any fears or worries that have been taking up space in your mind and body. After you take a few moments to release any fears etc... then you can connect to the earth letting your base chakra to align up with the earth while spinning it.

Next you then work the second chakra which is the sacral chakra that is connected to water. There you place your focus on the blood and any body fluids. By doing this you can move your awareness down through your body and let all the impurities or anything that is foreign in those fluids to be released into the light that does not serve for the highest good. Again cleaning out the energy in the body fluids and allowing the second chakra to spin.

The third chakra is the solar plexus which is connected to fire element in the body. This is the heat source in your body that burns and converts all things into energy. I love this one as it can be used on any emotional energy that is no longer necessary, burning it off, releasing it from the body. It can also be extended into the spiritual bodies that holds and records any energy that is no longer necessary. This allows this chakra to be cleansed and helps bring it back into balance so that it can spin.

The forth chakra that can be used in this exorcise is the heart chakra. This chakra is connected to the element of air. It is the breath of life that sustains our existences on the planet. On the in-breath you can bring your awareness into the body so that you can visualize the oxygen regenerating the cells while cleaning and clearing the energy within the body and within the heart chakra. By focusing on the out-breath you may release any stress, fears, or any emotions that no longer serve for the highest good. Again this also brings this chakra back into its full balance allowing it to spin at the proper rate.

By doing these exercises with the lower chakras you can bring the energy flow back into harmony which will clear and balance the lower chakras. This will help in keeping you more grounded and connected to the energy of the earth which is experienced in the physical body. Our bodies take a real toll in moving around the planet in our every day lives and this will allow the physical stress to move out of the body quicker rather than carrying it around. Like everything else it takes practice but once you have mastered the technique it will only take a few moments to clear and go through the exorcise.

One thing I do want to mention is that it is in no way a replacement of any kind of medical care. It is an exercise that will compliment and is kind of like taking a spiritual vitamin that will work together in building a healthier life style.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday "Dream Swap"

Dear Diary,

It has been a very busy but delightful weekend. I got to help a dear friend with a "Trunk or Treat" event and helped my In-laws with their garage sale. I also took time to visit a local Holistic fair that was going on this weekend so I got to spend some time visiting and catching up with some of my light worker friends who had come in for the show.

Also this Sunday was the last day of the Mercury retrograde bringing about a sigh of great relief for many who have been affected by the planetary pull. It will still take a few days for the residue of the energy to move out but will be getting weaker as the week progress.

Last night I had lots of strange dreams as they came is different series of events that focused on being stuck in an energy pattern that I couldn't shake off. When I shared my dreams with my husband this morning he felt like they were "spot on" with what he has been going through these past few months with his work and his feelings about life. When he shared his dream from last night, I couldn't help thinking how very odd it was exactly what had been going on with me as far as my emotions and feelings about things that I hadn't had the time to sit down and share with him.

As we talked about our dreams we both realized that we were picking up on what the other one was going through and understanding as we experienced it ourselves through the dreams. Our talk was very exciting as we both understood the personal struggles being more supportive of what the other was going through.

As he went to get dressed for work, I decided to go back to sleep. It was just as I was about to fall asleep that a little boy around the age of ten with an English accent came right up to me and started to share a few things that he noticed about my husband. It was kind of funny and as I was enjoying the conversation it dawned on me that he was a spirit and I was not really dreaming. My eyes immediately flew open as I thought about what he said. Then I went to find my husband and told him what I had learned from the little boy. He was surprised and thought about what I has just said acknowledging that was something that he was personally working on with a project at his work. This sparked another conversation between us until he noticed he was late for work and had to leave.

All of our lives can get so busy and sometimes we don't really get a lot of opportunities to really have some deep conversations as life seems to get in the way.  I think it can be such a blessing  when we do take the extra time to talk and really try to see the world from someone else's perspective.  It seems to make our relationships with each other so much more connected and helps us to love and support those that we love so much more.

I also think that sometimes
we are very fortunate to have a little help from the other side when we least expect it. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday "Peace"

Dear Diary,

It has been nice around the house the last few days. I did notice a few spirits darting through the living room Wednesday evening. Those spirits looked like the black smoky images as they came by and then went on their way. They seemed to be interested in the environment more then they were with me. They didn't linger to chat only passing by and feeling out the house.

I did have some contact with one spirit yesterday when it passed through me while I was putting on my make-up in the bathroom. I was minding my own business when I saw out of the corner of my eye what looked like an image made out of clear vapor move through the room. As my brain started to register what I was seeing I felt an instant shift and then a tingly feeling as it move through me making me laugh. Again this spirit didn't seem to be wanting to stop to talk only passing through the room and I was in their path.

The house and myself since the other day seem to be back in harmony. Balance and peace has been restored to the house as things are getting back to normal. I was at a friends house yesterday afternoon and she brought up  the subject of what had happened last week. I noticed I could talk about it without feelings being attached so I knew that I had moved on past the emotional struggle. It felt nice to be able to let go like that.

Our family did have a wonderful and delightful evening as we got to have dinner with some of our dearest friends and their children from Finland who were in the States visiting for the week. We had not seen them in 13 years so it was a wonderful reunion to get together and catch up on all of our lives. So much has changed over the years. It was a true blessing to see them again!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have been working hard on myself trying to change my energy fields with the love and support of my many friends who are amazing light workers. One of my spiritual teachers reminded me that when a Mercury retrograde is in progress it is the time to go deep within ourselves reflecting on any old energy that are no longer useful. This is the time to release old energy patterns out of cellular, spiritual and emotional bodies. What surprised me with the car wreck and then the animal situation, old wounds had come up from the past forcing me to revisit some old energy patterns that I thought had been long gone.

As the energy in the house started to change from the emotional energy shifting, I had the simple challenge of releasing those emotional energy patterns that were hindering the energy to move on to higher ground. If I didn't get a handle on it soon, then whatever was attracted to those lower energy frequencies was starting to attack and could very well spin out of control.

Finally I decided to spend some time by myself driving out in the countryside and getting out to walk. As I drove, I focused on all the love and prayers that were being sent from all our loved ones who knew what was going on. After a while I found a place in the country to get out and stand. As I looked out on the land that stretched out before me, I took a deep breath grounding myself in all the love and the massiveness of it all. After a while of taking it all in, I was able to pull all my energy back letting go of any attachments to the situations. As soon as I found my center peace swept over me bringing all things back into perspective. I could feel the emotions leave my body.

Today I feel very excited with a much clearer connection with myself and spirit. I feel almost new. The house has been quite today with not a lot of activity going on. I know that the energy has shifted and am waiting for any visitors from the spirit world who find their way back if they want to talk or need help.. The retrograde ends on the 26th... It has been a dozy!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday "The Unknown"

Dear Diary,

Friday I worked with my Akashic teacher on forgiveness and clearing. It was a good start but I was still very upset over what had transpired with my son and his roommate. I spent the rest of the editing my book trying to keep my mind occupied with something. Later I went out into the backyard with the dogs enjoying the sunshine but when I stepped back into the house I noticed a skunk smell right when entering the living room.

The smell didn't seem to be anywhere else but in that one location by the back door. I took a good whiff of the animals just to make sure they didn't have an encounter and needed a bath but none of the pets smelled, so I ruled that out. Later in the day I took a break from my book and went through the living room noticing the smell had moved to the front door area. When my daughter got home from work she also noticed the smell when she came into the house.

As we caught up on our day, waiting for my husband to come home I decided to go upstairs to check to see if I could smell it there. The skunk smell went all the way up the stairs but wasn't in the upstairs of the house. When I came back down the smell on the stairs was gone. It was like it was moving around the house. When my husband got home he could smell it but as the evening wore on the smell seemed to vanish.

Later I got a phone call from the place who was fixing my car from the accident and we picked it up turning in the rent car. I was so happy to get my car back and had forgotten about the skunk smell. The next morning which was Saturday I got into my car to move it and when I opened the door the car reeked of skunk. My husband then found fresh blood on the driveway thinking that one of the neighborhood cats might have gotten a skunk.

Sunday morning we drove to the city where our son is attending school and spent the day with him giving him support and enjoying our time together. At one point we decided to take a walk and were walking down the street when I heard a cat crying out that seemed to be trying to get our attention. My son and husband were up ahead a head of me. I was following a little ways behind because I took a call, but scanned the area with my eyes after hearing the sound seeing nothing. That was when I noticed the blood dripping off my son's hand. He and my husband started to react to it about that time because it was bleeding excessively dripping off his hand and onto his clothes. He had not stopped to touch anything on the walk so it was strange that it started to bleed. Quickly I ran up terminating my call trying to help looking for what caused the bleeding.

I asked him if it was a scab but he said he didn't have one. I checked his clothes and couldn't find anything that would make him bleed like that. It didn't look like a bite. The wound was on the left hand by the wrist. None of us had a Kleenex with us but a man coming out of his house offered to help giving us some paper towels along with antiseptic to clean it up. As we wiped up the area we saw what looked like a puncture wound from a claw. Thinking it was strange we decided to terminate the walk and go out for lunch not really sure what had happened. I didn't really think much about it as I continued to enjoy the day with my son and husband.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday "Shifting"

Dear Diary,

I don't even know how to begin to write this. These last few days have been a real struggle. We had an incident of betrayal and animal cruelty by an action displayed from my son's roommate. It is hard to describe the emotions that have racked my own feelings about what I think of the whole situation. I do have to give credit to my son who handled the situation the best that he could.

I on the other hand have found that my emotions have ranged from anger to grief bringing my emotional levels to the lower end of the spectrum. I noticed the other day that I could smell rotting flesh in the car with me when I was driving letting me know that my emotions were opening doors into the lower levels of the spirit world. When I realized what I was attracting, I quickly tried to control my emotions as the atmosphere around me was shifting.

Later that morning my daughter was in the bathroom putting on her makeup when I walked in and the lights started to flicker. She looked at me knowing that I was not handling the news very well and I told her what happened in the car feeling the presence that was feeding off my energy getting stronger. She sat down with me and we prayed about it trying to shift the energy and ease the pain. I ended up going to bed early to escape the grief that had now settled in, only to awaken in the middle of the night to be hit by what had happened. I knew I didn't want to stay in this energy to long and quickly willed myself to sleep trying to escape.

Yesterday I was still upset but I was able to get a better handle on my emotions as I again went into the grieving process grateful that most of the anger had left. Today I am working with my Akashic Records teacher to look into processing the emotional grief faster to move on and bring my energy levels to a higher frequency. We will also work on clearing my energy fields etc... As a sensitive I don't want to stay too long in the lower levels as it can create a lot of problems.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wednesday "The Dark Side"

Dear Diary,

I have been visiting with a dear friend who had asked about the darker side of the spectrum in the spirit world. I know that lately there has been a heavy fascination with that side as some of the television networks have been coming out with shows about ghosts. Most of the shows seem to be dealing with the dark side and being attacked by ghosts. My own guess is that with Halloween being around the corner that it is why the networks are airing more of these shows.

After our conversation I wanted to make a note on how important it is to educate one's self about the spirit world, especially if one is a sensitive. As a light worker and sensitive it is not always easy to ignore the darker energies that can be prone to attack. Yes, even light workers come into contact with these energies as it is a lot like running into good and evil people who walk this earth. It is just apart of the three dimensional experiences. We attract people and spirits into our lives depending on our own  vibrational frequencies.

 I want to say in no way do I ever want to discount another person's experience with the spirit world. I have my own experiences and know that they are real. What I do want to share is something that I have come to understand that may help someone when they are dealing with a darker energy. In my own past I have done house clearings, spirit rescue and communicating with the other side. As I was learning I have been attacked as well. As the saying goes, "If you are going to work with lions you might just get bit a time or two". It is all part of the learning process...

I hope that this will help in what I have to share... One of the basic rules is that every thought or emotion is created out of energy which is sent out into the aura field and into the atmosphere in the environment. This is just part of the human experience as we all participate in life. Now with this in mind we bring in a person who is sensitive and has the capacity to communicate with the spirits whether they are aware of it or not. Spirits and even the darker energies are often attracted or curious about someone who is sensitive as they have a light in their energy that lights up in their aura field. It is kind of like a track light that shows up on the other side.

The sensitive as we already know is sensitive to subtle and emotional energies around them. As they move through their life they pick up on other people's emotions as they dealing with their own emotions. They also can pick up on emotional energy that is recorded in the environment which can affect their emotions to. As a sensitive person is processing and dealing with all the emotional energy they are picking up, they are also unconsciously sending out signals to the other side which attract energies that correlate to the energies signals that are being sent out.

So lets use the example of someone moving into a house that has aggressive or dark spirits. The spirits will pick up on the emotions and thoughts of the humans who live there as they are energy beings. Like animals in the wild they will pick the weakest to pray upon. Dark energies are attracted to someone who is afraid and easy to manipulate creating a lower energy source that they can use and feed off of. The lower emotions such as fear, anger, oppression etc... are energies that match their vibration and help them to build their energy so that they can vibrate on that level of existence.

I do want to make a note that a sensitive person who is unaware of their gifts often can become susceptible to the energies in that environment quicker, as they pick up the lower vibrations, creating emotional fears etc... This also adds more fuel to the fire.

This of course can happen without the sensitive as any lower emotional energies only help make the dark energies become stronger so that they can make themselves known. As they then start to pray upon the rest of the family who have become aware of the spirits, the dark energies feast on everyone's fears and negative energies. So by the time that a family calls for help the dark energies have become stronger and are able to attack on a physical level. This is what the spirit rescuer, house cleanser or even exorcist walks into.

What I think is important to know first is that our thoughts and emotions create an energy source that not only affects the other side but each other. Sensitive or not, spirit attacks become stronger as we send out emotional signals whether we are aware of it or not. It is the sensitive person who picks up on the energy faster and becomes affected sooner if they are not used to working with the darker energies. By that I mean knowing about protection, clearing etc...

Monday, October 13, 2014


Dear Diary,

It was a busy weekend with lots of celebration with friends. My daughter and I were at a wedding shower on Saturday and busy with family on Sunday. I am still doing my healing sessions on myself and find that when I do I feel like I am good until I overdo on the housework then pay again for it later. I know with back pain it takes a six weeks but I think I can heal faster if I take a real week off from my house work.

Yesterday evening when the house was quiet, I got up from my easy chair in the living room to go upstairs to join the rest of the family. As I was walking towards the stairs in the hallway I bumped into a spirit. This is not a uncommon experience but this time it was very different. My hand seemed to go right through the spirit's hand that was hanging by their side which felt very cold, wet, and clammy. The an image shot through my third eye of a women's body that decomposing in a body of water.

The whole incident took me a little off guard and I had to shake it off as I climbed the stairs. I forgot about it as I joined the my family upstairs. Later when I went to bed I couldn't help smelling a foul smell that permeated the room. It bothered me so much that I took some rose water and sprinkled the bed. It didn't help as the smell wouldn't go away. When my husband came to bed I asked him if he could smell it but he said he didn't.

As I lay there trying to relax, my inner guidance started to let me know that there was a spirit in the room. I was reminded that a spirit who hadn't been in the spirit world very long and may have died violently often has some attachment to their physical body. When this happens they will keep the energy pattern of the physical body duplicating it in the spirit body. That is why I got the impression of a decomposing body and the foul smell.

I lay there for a little while asking if the spirit needed to talk but I got nothing. I knew then that the spirit still needed time to adjust to the spirit body and maybe later on will seek me or someone else to communicate with before moving on. The spirit finding me meant that they still had some unfinished business to take care of. We will see if they will continue to hang around or move on...

Friday, October 10, 2014


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I had the privilege to have lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends from my childhood who was in town visiting her family for the week. She is one of those friends in my life that even though we don't get to visit a lot when we apart as our lives are so different, we will always be friends. We spent a good portion of the day catching each other up on our families and our lives. It was amazing how much had changed since we last talked.

At one time our conversation turned to the subject of ghosts as that is apart of my life. She told me that since she had been back to her childhood home she had started to have some experiences. Her mother had passed away several years ago and she was wondered if that was her trying to make contact. I have to admit that was on my mind when she brought the subject up but wanted to let her tell me what she was experiencing in the house.

My friend went on to describe seeing blurry images of someone out of the corner of her eye darting quickly through the rooms. She also talked about feeling a presences as if someone was in the room with her. I couldn't help following the energy frequency with my energy field while she was describing the different incidents. Basically when a person talks about an experience their memories relive a little part of what had happened to them creating an energy field. For a person who is sensitive to this energy it is a doorway that opens into the past event that gives access into a hologram of the whole experience. Once it is opened a sensitive person can lock onto the energy picking up the subtle vibrations that participated while tracking different energy trails of interests.

Side Note: Most sensitives will do this unconsciously as it is a natural ability for them and can't break down the process to explain as it just like breathing to them.

What I found when I went into that doorway was that it was not her mom she was seeing but a spirit who had come in the house to hang out with her family. It was harmless and only curious. As we talked I understood that if she asked me directly to give her the answer whether it was her mom or not, I would tell her exactly what I got. If not to leave it alone as the idea of a foreign spirit would only upset her. She was okay with me being who I was but still unsure about what she really thought about the spirit world and spirits interacting with the living. Her only question to me was if she had seen a real ghost. I validated her experiences of seeing a spirit. Then the conversation went into another direction and was not ever brought up again.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and enjoying each other's company.  It was a good day!