Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday "The Dark Visitor"

Dear Diary,

Tuesday was a busy day with the kids and pets. We spent a fun family day enjoying the different activities with each other. That night I was exhausted from the day falling into bed ready for sleep. The strange thing was that as soon as the lights were out I saw a very dark silhouette of a man came out of the shadows to stand next to my side of the bed. He leaned over putting his dark face right up next to mine. I hadn't even had a chance to close my eyes when I turned off the lights so I lay there waiting for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room letting my brain catch up to what was happening as my other senses opened up feeling in to what was true.

 Within a minute my eyes seem to adjust but never wavered from the dark spirit that was standing there leaning over me. I could see him as he was darker than the darkness in the room. I didn't feel any anger only curiosity from his energy that now seemed to invade my energy. There was no fear on my part only a slight feeling of being annoyed from being blind sided. I turned over tapping my husband on the shoulder letting him know that someone was in the room with us. He had just closed his eyes and was on the verge of falling asleep himself but turned his head towards me listening as I described what was happening. When I did this the dark spirit straighten up and continued standing there watching us. My husband squeezed me letting me know that he was there for me if I needed him.

I lay there in the dark still very tired wanting desperately to fall sleep so I settled myself comfortably in the bed while telepathically acknowledging the dark spirit letting him know that I knew he was in the room but I was to tired to work with him. He didn't seem to want my help but I offered it to him if he wanted to come back later when I was awake. Then I turned over and fell asleep. I never knew when he left or if he stayed in the room with us. I slept deeply all night not waking up for any reason during the night. In the morning I awoke with clear memories of the night before. I checked the house and the room for his presences but he was not around. I got up with the pets and children starting my morning without any concern from the night before. It was a new day!

It was later in the evening when our family was settled down watching the western series "Deadwood" that I was reminded of the visitor. I realized then that I hadn't put up my protection grids up in awhile. Then I was aware that when I used to have visits from dark spirits they used to scare me. When they did they fed off the energy from the fear that I would emanate from my energy fields. Now that I have been working so much in the light and had enough training about the dark side I wasn't afraid. I also use my protection grids a lot so it had been some time since I had seen one.  It was an interesting encounter.

The question I had for my guides was, "If I was working in the light why would that attract a dark spirit as they don't want to be anywhere in the light and often are not on the same frequency to even detect it?" I got the answer as soon as I was asking it. "The reason the dark spirit had found me was because of all the activity from the night before. Within everything created is the God spark that is connected to all things. There in the energy of the night before it sparked the light within the dark spirit who was somewhere in the vicinity. It took the dark spirit by surprise who came the next night to investigate. Yes, even the dark spirits have the spark within them. It is their choice that they choose to turn away from the Creator and the light from which they were formed."

I took a moment or two to mull over this and then set up the protection grids. Now I know to leave an opening for the dark spirits who want to cross over into the light. I am grateful for the lesson and hope that my visitor will come back so that he to can find the peace that is covered by grace.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday "A Busy Night"

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was busy with catching up with friends and doing errands with my daughter. It was nice to be out and about. Every once in awhile I would feel a slight tugging on my heart missing the two spirits who were so nice that crossed over the other day. By bedtime I found I was very tired when I fell into bed not at all aware if there was any activity in the room. It wasn't until sometime around 3 am that something woke me up. As I lay there I decided to get up to find some water being thirsty. After going back to bed I found I was fully awake. Not wanting to wake my sleeping husband I decided to be quiet and lay there in the dark hoping that sleep would eventually come. Everyone in the house was sound asleep even all the pets.

Since I wasn't in the mood to get up again I decided to open up my energy to see if there was anyone in the room with us. It felt like it didn't hurt to ask. When I did, I immediately got a response, "Yes!" It was not what I expected. There were at least twenty spirits in the room with us all just hanging out. I felt a little taken back since I never sensed that they were all there. My guide quickly stepped in reminding me to ask if they wanted to cross over into the light. This helped jar my memory of what to do. Taking a moment to take it all in I asked the question telepathically.  I got some responses of yes and some saying they were not ready.

A little dilemma but not one I had not run into before. I then asked my guide for help in making the connection with the arch angels that do the crossings. As soon as I did golden white light lit up the room and the beautiful angels were there already working with those who wanted to cross while some spirits stepped back into the shadows. As the angels were working with the spirits I had different angels, spirits and my guide talk to me about things that were going on with the crossings. Some of the spirits hiding in the dark came out after watching the process deciding to cross while others stayed hidden. It was busy in the room. After awhile my being involved was not necessary and I asked to break my connection wanting to go to sleep. There was no objection and I found myself laying there in the dark exhausted. I fluffed my pillows while adjusting myself on the bed and soon found a comfortable position to fall asleep.

Sometime in the early morning I was awakened by my husband leaning over giving me a kiss goodbye as he was leaving for work. I opened my eyes as I told him that I loved him and fell back to sleep. Later this morning my daughter woke me up wondering why I slept in. Still sleepy I got up to make some coffee, feed the pets and enjoy the rest of the morning with my daughter.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday "Two Spirits"

Dear Diary,

I was heading to the grocery store with my husband yesterday afternoon. I was running behind and my husband was in the car waiting for me. I had to get something out of the other car that was parked in the garage. When I closed the door of the car I felt someone behind me. Thinking it was my husband I turned around only to catch a quick glimpse of a man who was standing right next to me. When I realized what I saw it dawned on my that my husband was sitting in the car facing me. He was reading something on his phone so he didn't see my reaction of being startled. I told him what happened and we went on our way.

As we drove I started to think about the charm wondering where it was when I heard very clearly two voices say, "We will help you find it!" I knew that it was not my guides and thanked the kind spirits who wanted to be helpful. I forgot about the spirits and the charm until we got home unloaded the car and my husband went to take a nap before we went to one of our friend's birthday party later in the evening. While he was sleeping I decided to take one more look to see if I could find the charm. I heard very clearly to look in a certain place that I had looked before. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that but my curiosity got the best of me and sure enough there it was. I put the necklace with the charm on and decided to wear it to the party thanking the spirits for their help.

On the way to the party I was talking to my husband when I decided to ask if the two spirits were still there. I got a firm, "Yes." I asked who was I speaking to as I continued to talk out loud for my husband and also telepathically. I do this by habit when I read the Akashic Records for people. I go back and fourth as information comes in rather fast. This time I wasn't in the Records but just conversing with the two spirits.

One of them was a women of 22 and the other was a young man of 24. Her name was Joanna born in 1921 and his name was Harold born in 1946. She died of polio and he said he died of a broken heart drinking himself to death. They met each other after they died and have been together hanging out moving around the earth plane. I asked if they wanted to cross into the light but they were excited about accompanying us to the party.  I invited them if that was their wish and told them I might introduce them to my friend who was hosting the party.  They just laughed.

When we got to the party I forgot about my new friends and got caught up in the people around us. It was later when we left that I remembered them and asked if they were still there wondering if they went home with someone else.  I got, "Yes we are still here." I asked what they thought of the party and they said that it was okay. They enjoyed listening to some of the conversations in the room. Later in the evening when we were going off to bed I asked the two spirits if they wanted to talk. They said they did but knew I was tired. They let me know that they would wait until I was able to talk on this plane so I gratefully thanked them and went off to sleep.

It was 3 am when I received a text which woke me up. I checked on it and realized that I was up. I decided to ask if the two spirits wanted to talk. Harold said he was there but Joanna went somewhere else. I asked him if he would like to cross into the light in which I got a reply that he had lost it. As we were talking about crossing Joanna showed back up and let me know that she would like to cross at this time too.

With their permissions we called in the arch angels who came immediately to assist them into the light.  I was glad when they got there because by then my concentration started to wonder as I was getting sleepy. The angels took over and I found myself checking in once or twice. The angels showed them the light and surrounded them with love. I heard a Goodbye and felt so much love as they ascended into the light with the angles. Then it got really dark and I lost consciousness falling into a deep sleep only to awaken this morning with the sunlight peaking in the windows. I checked again for the spirits but they were gone. A guide answered me letting me know that they were being taken care of.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Dear Diary,

Something funny happened. I thought I would photograph the charm with the symbol on it and put it in my diary. I had a strange feeling about doing it yesterday so I put it off until this morning. When I went to where I keep it... It was gone. I searched the house and where I keep my knick knacks but it didn't turn up. Something inside tells me that it will show up but it does not want to be photographed and will turn up when I least expect it.

This has happened before when I was looking for something and it didn't turn up until long after I gave up. What was strange was that the object that I was searching for turned up exactly where I had looked and remembered keeping it. It was like it had never had disappeared at all.

Last night the kids were off with their friends and my husband was sick so we stayed in and watched a movie. The movie that I selected was Biutiful and was subtitled in English. It was a Spanish film with Javier Bardem which is why I choose it. The movie is very tragic showing the struggles of human drama of trying to exist. But it is also about forgiveness and love. The main character of the film has the gift of sight and facing his own mortality. My husband was not able to finish the film as the tragedies of the family were too intense. But I decided to finish it wanting to know what happened to everyone.

 What I got out of the film was that each character in it had a role and an incredible part to play in their lives not only to survive but to work with each other as a whole. The focus was that no matter how a person tries to control or to even change the human patterns of others it is really up to each individual to make those choices to live for themselves or to give to each other. In the end when it is our time to go we either let go of our past and move on or we stay only to get stuck in our own drama. It is when we finally let go completely allowing ourselves and others to honor our sacred contracts is when we can move into spirit as we are given the grace to have a since of peace to move on.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday "Something Different"

Dear Diary,

The woman who has been hanging around our home does not seem to be around any more. I ended up expanding my energy through the house searching for her but she is gone for sure. That does not mean that she might not show up again. Our house is always buzzing with spirits coming and going. I never know until they let me know that they want to communicate why they are in and out. Sometimes they can be aggressive and other times they are just there waiting for us meaning my daughter and I to settle down to communicate.

Last night I had a different encounter than what I am used to. I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I was still in that dreamy state not quite fully in my body. It was then that I noticed that a familiar energy that has always been around me was not there but had left a residue of their energy with me as I was coming out of my dream. I knew immediately it wasn't a guide but some energy that I knew very well. To explain it... it felt like someone that you care about walking out of the room and your miss them instantly. The thing was I was not sure who I was missing.

I got up to get a drink of water and started to walk around so that I could ground myself in my body. When I did this it allowed my brain to kick in so that I could analyse the situation. My immediate thought was to go back to sleep and consciously track down whoever I was missing by following the trail of energy like a scent. And that is exactly what I did. I willed myself to move my consciousnesses into a theta wave jumping back into my dream absorbing the energy melting into it. I was not sure if I would be successful but I was determined to try. I wanted to know what was on the other side of that energy and why it felt so familiar.

When the energy took me in a wave I was spat out in another dimension somewhere out in oblivion still holding on tightly to my mission. That is when a gentle hand laid on my shoulder. Again what I found was not what I expected. It was very alien to me but I am learning that the more I expand consciously in the astral planes I find other planes of existence. The being showed me its hands and how different they were from mine. Then I was shown that if I took my thumb and tucked it under my pointing finger I could kinda of copy what I saw. The being's hands had three fingers and one long thumb. It was a shock to see what I was seeing. Then the being started to talk to me.

I was told in my own language telepathically that everyone who lives on the planet earth has DNA from different parts of the universe. Some have the same but others have DNA from other beings who shared their DNA to create the human vehicle. I was not really sure how to take the news as that was not something that I think about. Then the being reminded me about a charm on a necklace that I had and the strange reactions I would get when I wore it. When I first saw the charm I couldn't take my eyes off of it and knew deep down within my soul that it was an ancient symbol that meant something but I couldn't remember what it was. I tried to walk away from it but couldn't get it off my mind. I finally gave in buying the little charm. I have never seen that symbol since and couldn't find anything on the internet about it. Later I put it on a chain and wore it when I worked at the Acupuncture clinic. It made a nice necklace.

I was not prepared for the strange response when I wore it. The charm was only half an inch so it wasn't anything that screamed out to look at. What happened was when had it on people at the clinic and anywhere I was would stop me and ask me about my necklace. At first I didn't think much of it but when people started coming up to me on the street asking to look.... it got a little strange and they all said the exact same thing. They knew it was an ancient symbol but couldn't remember what it meant. I was wired. I stopped wearing it after awhile putting it away to maybe investigate it when I had the time. The being told me that people who shared the same DNA patterns knew this was a symbol from where the being was from. The symbol was ancient and it was a reminder of who we were when we were willing to learn about our birthright. It was a lot to take in so I said my goodbyes feeling some kind of a connection with this being. Then I made my way out of my dream state into the physical world waking up.

Later when I was fully awake starting my day I thought about what I had experienced. I was wanting to make some sense of it all yet I knew that I knew the energy that the being was emanating. It was and has always been around me in my dreams and astral travels. The necklace was all true and there was no denying that. The rest I am thinking I need time to mull over and do some investigating on my own.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Dear Diary,

We have a new spirit in our home. It is a spirit of a young women who likes to show herself in the living room in full view. I catch glimpses of her as I walk into the room giving my brain a second to catch up to what I am seeing. Once I make the connection that she is there vanishes. The funny thing is that lately she shows up consistently so I see her often enough.

She looks like a pioneer women with the full dress and bonnet. She is average height and slender. The dress is blue with some kind of pattern on it. Brown curly hair spills out of her bonnet which hides the details of her face as she is always looking down. She has not made any other contact with me as I go about my own business of my life.

Yesterday she got a little more bold as I was walking out the door with my daughter to do an errand. My daughter was in front of me when she stopped suddenly looking for a moment behind me. I knew immediately that she was seeing the young women's spirit. I didn't look behind me. I just watched my daughter's reaction waiting for her to go on. As we walked out to the car I asked her why she stopped. My daughter answered very nonchalantly that she saw something in the house. That was all that she said. She is not one to talk about the spirits in the house unless they go directly to her for help or if she needs some advice from me. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday "The Bridge of Light"

Dear Diary,

A student of mine shared with me that she had a gift of seeing when the time came for a person to make their exit out of the physical world. She continued on to explain that she enjoyed volunteering at a nursing home working with the residents with her gifts. It was when she first started volunteering that she noticed a bright brilliant aura around one of the residents there one day. Curious she watched them all day seeing that they were very happy and full of life when the day before they didn't look like they were not long for the world. But that day it was like life gave them a second chance. Then the next day the person died which confused her. A few weeks later she witnessed the same aura around someone else and the next day they passed.

The other thing that she mentioned was that the person's skin would have this beautiful glow all around it which hovered close to the body. She confessed it was sometimes hard to take her eyes off of them because the light was so magnetic it drew you in. Other residents in the nursing home seemed to be attracted to the person to and would flock around them.

After talking to the student I asked my guides about the light. They explained that when we have the time to make that transition between the two worlds the natural process is that all of our spiritual bodies have the ability to attune to the other side creating a frequency that vibrates to the higher frequency of light that bridges us to the other side. What she was seeing was the women's spirit making that bridge between the worlds.

 It is when we die suddenly that our spirit bodies often don't have the time to make the transition. The miracle is that we are not left in the dark as the divine has a plan. The light from the other side will open up finding us wherever we are creating a bridge for our spiritual bodies to remember the frequency to make the transition. The only thing that holds us back is us when we are afraid or don't want to make the transition back into the light. That is what creates a purgatory between the two worlds where spirits become trapped or disoriented.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have not had any contact with the young man since he left so I am guessing that he is gone. I do know that he had a story to tell me and that it is now recorded in my mind. That  happens more than we think with spirits coming by to share with us. The hardest part is when they share how they died. I have cried a lot with some spirits who I come in contact with as they pour their memories into mine. When they are finished they leave and I don't ever see them again. The only two spirits who hang out with me a lot are my father and grandmother as they always let me know that they are with me. I find tokens or feel their presence in the room as I go about my day.

The good news is that I have been working on my last painting for the book. The book is finished except for the technical parts. For me that seems to be the hardest and one I like to drag my feet on. One of the last things I have to do is finish the last painting which I have been trying to envision for the last four months. I have been really dry with inspiration to create it. Yesterday morning I sat down with the kids to watch an old movie with them and an image came to me within a matter of minutes. I grabbed a pad of watercolor paper and started to sketch not even thinking about what I was doing. Once I was finished I was excited about what showed up.  Now is the fun part of adding color and bringing it to life.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Dear Diary,

A spirit of a young man has been visiting me lately. It is mostly during the day that I will catch of glimpses of thin smoke moving around the room when I am talking on the phone or busy writing. It isn't intrusive only I do notice that he is around.

 The other night when I was laying down and just closing my eyes I could see his face looking at me. He seemed to be curious about me. Then he started to show me instant flashes or bits and pieces of his life. I got to know him as I watched what was like a vivid day dream.  The funny thing is that he didn't show me how he passed on making the transition to the other side. He wanted only for me know he had a good life on this earth and he was okay. He didn't ask me to contact anyone in particular or talk to someone. He just wanted to communicate.

When I got up the next morning I didn't find him anywhere in the house. I wonder if someone on this side will come into my life who has lost him and when they do I will remember what the young man showed me and be able to let them know he is okay.   

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday "An Attachment"

Dear Diary,

 Yesterday my husband and I were out doing errands when we stopped at a stop sign. Nothing unusual about that. My husband Steve was driving so I was enjoying looking around and taking in the sights. When we stopped I happened to look up and see a women waiting for us at the stop sign before she continued on her way. I just happened to make a note of what she looked like as she sat waiting there in her car. As I watched her drive in front of us she completely changed from the women I saw into another women who didn't all all come close to the women that was sitting at the stop sign.

When my husband took his turn to go I made a comment about what had just happened as I was in a little bit of shock that she had completely transformed right in front of my eyes. As we drove down the road I heard very clearly from one of my guides that what I saw when I first looked at the women was an attachment that was attached to the women driving the car. The change was as clear as the bright Texas day. Wow, I had to take a few moments to digest what I had just seen and was surprised that spirit attachments were becoming that bold.

Just a note: I have always wondered why some spirit communicators need to be in the dark to make a connection or communicate with spirits. From my own experience I find that you can run into spirits anytime during the day or night. They always seem to be around. I have also learned that you don't have to go to a haunted house or a haunted place to find spirits as they are everywhere.

Spirits are just like the people who are on the physical plane,
they may or may not be interested in you. Those of us who can communicate with the other side have a certain light that shows up in our aura fields that vibrates to a frequency that spirits know as someone who can communicate with them. Some people are born with this light open or they can develop it later on in life whenever they are interested in opening it up. Everyone who is living has the potential to be a spirit communicator as we are both physical and spirit beings. As human beings we always have one foot in the physical world as we walk the earth during the day and we have the other foot in the spirit realm when we sleep.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday "A lesson Relearned"

Dear Diary,

Well, it seems strange but I know now for sure after spending some time in twilight last night and this morning that I brought back an energy pattern that wasn't mine when I merged back into my physical body. It all happened a few days ago when I was working on my friend going into his energy grids trying to find the cause of his sudden illness when he was admitted into the hospital. As I went deep into his energy template and energy blue prints I absorbed some of the energy coding from his sickness into my own energy field. Now I am facing the same symptoms and feeling the sickness moving through my own body like a storm settling in.

 It has been a while since I had done such work and my fear of losing my friend was a weakness in my energy field as I was hasty in not taking the extra precautions of clearing my energy fields before reentering my own physical body. Yesterday I started to feel the effects of it. The good news is that we do know what had caused the collapse and it is very treatable if discovered in time. Just to be clear what he had was not contagious in anyway so it couldn't be transferred by stopping by the hosptial.

Today I am going to have to take some real action on both the physical and energy side of getting treatment before it gets out of hand and puts me in the hospital. It is for this reason that my teachers and guides warn their students not to do this work without training and I am not exactly happy with myself because I should have gone through the process of clearing myself when returning to the physical body. It seems to be a lesson that I am relearning and one I probable wont forget for a long while as I go through it.

The good news is that my friend is well on the road to recovery and is doing quite well. Yesterday it was explained to him that he was on the brink of leaving this world when he got to the hospital which came to a surprise to him. Now he will be out of the hospital in a few days to continue on his journey in life.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I had the privilege to work on a client using Reiki. The energy in the room was so peaceful that our hour together flew by feeling like it was only twenty minutes. During the session an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love swept through the energy moving it all in a beautiful lavender color. After the session I could feel a warm and fuzzy tingling in my body as I went about my day.

 The day moved in a different direction as I found out that a friend of mine was admitted to the hospital.  My husband and I went to see them but were baffled in what happened. Last night when we returned home I could see energy shifting in the house as the spirits who were visiting were moving out of our way when we were coming in. My sleep was deep and my dreams kept bringing up things that had happened during the day before. I only wake up once but went quickly back to sleep.

This morning when I was waking up and still in twilight I got some information that I will share hopefully when I talk to my friend again.   

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Dear Diary,

I almost forgot the night before I woke up in the middle of the night to a kiss on my cheek. Not only did I feel it on the side of my cheek but I heard it. I opened my eyes to check to see if it was my husband but my he was sound asleep facing the other side so I knew it wasn't him. I realized then that I had been given a kiss by someone on the other side. It made me smile as it was a sweet not anything creepy. I got the sense that it was a form of recognition from someone that I knew.

 Laying there in bed I remembered the day before when we were looking for the kitty a home I found lots of pennies on the floor and around the house. That to me is always a sign from my father that he is around. I also had signs during the day that my grandmother was around me but was busy trying to network in finding a home for the kitty. What came to me after I checked to make sure it wasn't my husband that gave me the kiss was that my grandmother or my father was happy that the little kitty had found a home. They were the ones who ended up helping me when I was growing up in rescuing animals and little ones. Feeling loved from the other side I went back to sleep with a knowing that I was being watched over.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday "Good News!"

Dear Diary,

   I couldn't believe the response that I got from all of my wonderful friends who went way out of their way to find the little cat a home. She was adopted yesterday and it was really a true match from heaven. It couldn't have been more perfect. I am so happy for her and her new mom who is very excited about having her in her family.

What a true blessing and a delight to be reminded of all the amazing people in our world who love and help those who are in need. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday " Need Help to Find a Good Home"

Dear Diary,

 I found a kitty yesterday when I was on a walk at a near by park. I spotted her as she was making her way into the bushes. She was really skinny so I stopped to talked to her as she came right up to me. I knew that if I left her there it would be on my conscious so I took her home separating her from my pets at house in our bathroom until I could get her to our vet. 

Later in the afternoon my daughter and I took her to our vet only to discover that she has FIV which is only contagious to other cats through a bite or a scratch. Humans and dogs can't get it. The vet did inform us that FIV was not a death sentence and that she was healthy otherwise except for being malnourished. He wanted us to know that she had every potential of living a very long life only it wouldn't be an option for us  with our kitty cats. It is important that we find a home quickly as she needs to be placed in a one cat family house-hold.  My cats are wanting very much to meet her so we need to find a good home as soon as possible.

My daughter named her Mina. Her personality is a sweet and extremely loving. She loves people so I hope that we find someone who could take her and give her the extra love that she needs. She is a little over a year and would need to be an indoors baby.  I talked to my husband and we agreed to have her vaccinated and spayed to help her find a home. I am praying that she will be placed in a home where she can be loved and pampered. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Dear Diary,

On my way to the bathroom last night I walked through a spirit who was hanging out in our bedroom next to the bathroom. I didn't realize that I was walking through them until it was too late. I am not sure who was more surprised them or me. When I came back into the room after I was in the bathroom the spirit was gone. I guess it was rude for me not to notice that they were there.

A few days ago I was visiting my friend at her office on her lunch break and as we were talking a spirit walked casually through the office. There was no mistaking what I saw as they walked right between us as we were visiting making their way out through the wall. The spirit was so bold that I stopped our conversation and made a comment about it. My friend had already picked up that someone had walked through as she felt the energy shift in the room only to describe what she felt. Then the whole experience seemed funny making us both laugh as the spirit made their presence known that they were not interested in what we were talking about.

Last night while I was hanging out in the living room with my family there was a lot of activity in the room around us. My family didn't seem to notice as much but I do sometimes get a little distracted when they are darting in and out of the room. Sometimes they move across the room making their way to other rooms moving so fast that you only catch glimpses of them as they travel through. A few times the spirits walked right in front of me as I was sitting on the couch but not paying any attention to me or my family. Usually I don't mention it as my daughter gets tired of hearing about them but sometimes they do like to make their way to her room and contact her while she is trying to sleep. That is when I hear about them on her end.