Monday, January 31, 2011


Friday, a dear friend and I made a trek up to Dallas to see a Medium whom I had heard about. I wanted to meet her and learn more about her gifts. The best way to learn is to meet cold and have a reading.

We arrived early at the location where she worked and sat down to wait for her to show up. We saw her arrive and waved as she was very sociable sitting down to do the reading. She immediately started to draw and write on several sheets of paper as she talked to the spirits that came to chat.

What was fun was that she picked up right away on my Grandmother and Father who hang out a lot with me and my family. I know that they have crossed but they check on us from time to time leaving us signs that they have been by. I am guessing that I need all the help I can get in this life time and happy when they stop by.

Since I did not know this lovely lady from Adam she had no way of knowing about them. I loved that my Dad was happy to chime right in and talk about some of the things that I was worrying about and letting me know that it was OK. Because he comes to visit I knew that he had been trying to let me know that I was moving through some of the life lessons that needed to be experienced but it was fun to have another to validate what I knew and so right on the mark.

But the real kicker was when she drew a picture that was on the wall next to my bed and said that I kept looking at that thinking that I want to be like that. The truth is that when things get to be really busy in our lives that we don't have a moment to ourselves I do look at the painting of a sail boat that my father painted and dream of sailing off around the world getting some R&R. It is just a little dream of mine that not even my husband knows about except me and the spirit world.

I really enjoyed talking to her as she was the real deal and I have heard that celebrities will fly out to talk to her. My friend was also impressed and we both went away talking about our experience. I hope that we will get to meet up with her again but for now it is nice to know that she is right here close by.....

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Dear Diary,

I must say that last Sat when I awoke and sat up in bed I saw a white smoke move across the room. The same happened Sunday morning. I thought it was Odd but did not think much about it. It was not until after the meeting on Monday night with the new circle that I realized that something had changed and so many flashes and smoke seemed to move around the house. Nothing threatening but I was aware that my energy had moved to a higher level and I was more aware of the activity.

Yesterday was amazing I had morning tea with a dear friend and we had a wonderful conversation about the up coming Circle and how it is forming. As I was leaving to have lunch in Arlington we both saw a penny laying on the floor. She stooped and picked it up handing it to me and I of course said, Thank you Dad" knowing that he was hanging close by as we visited.

So much happening yesterday as I was talking to some really light filled people. I must admit that I had a hard time calming my own energy down before dropping off to sleep but when it did it came swift. I found myself dreaming of going to school listening to a lecture, busy taking notes and getting ready to be tested.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear Diary,

A few weeks ago my daughter called me from school to tell me about a dream and her experiences that she was having at her dorm. As she started to tell me about what happened I could see a cloud of smoke move across the ceiling and I caught the shadow of someone walking past the door to another room.

Hmmmm... I agreed as I listen on the phone about her description of the things that were happening. Her concern when she called was that the ghost had communicated in a dream that they were going to pay me a visit. I told her that it looked like I had someone already paying me a visit but thanks for the warning.

I have to say that I have not had any other contact with the ghost but I am wondering that it may be that I have been so occupied with learning about a new modality so my complete attention has been focused on that. I am thinking as I write this that I need to pay a little attention to the poor ghost that came as they seem to need help.

My daughter had explained that they were looking for someone and that I might be able to help them find them so that they can cross to the other side.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Dear Diary,

Today was a lovely day getting together with friends that I have not seen in awhile. It was when I returned home after enjoying nice visit for lunch that I received a phone call from another friend who said I needed to stop at Half Priced books and pick up a copy of the "The Physics of Miracles" by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. They said that they were there and picked up a copy and there was one book left.

Since I had not had a chance to visit with my husband I asked if he would drive me across town to pick it up. We got there and I walked to the back of the store to the section that my friend said it was in only to run into another person that I know who was working there.

He smiled at me and said that he had been waiting for me. It took me by surprise and I asked him how so? "Oh", he said, " I had a dream about you last night and you came into the store and walked straight to the back to this section and was going to tell me something." Smiling, I said that I was looking for a book and that a lot of my friends were talking about it. I told him that many of my friends had taken a seminar but the book had a lot of the information that was taught in the class.

We searched and found it but to my surprise there were two books instead of only one. I laughed and told him my friend said that there was only one copy left. He picked it up and opened it up. The Chapter that he opened to was called, "Trust What Ever Shows Up in the Moment". "Hmmm....., he said " I think this other copy was meant for me".

We said goodby and I want on my way and he went on his. Did I meantion that I had not seen him in at least 6 or 7 months since it had been awhile that I had been in that store location?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wow, Diary a whole week has passed and I can"t tell you how busy I have been. It is amazing working in both worlds and finding others so much like you. So much happening....

Monday I was in an evening meeting and had received a message to share with our Wellness Community that morning in Twilight. As I was telling the group what I got another person across the room raised her hand and had received the same message. She completed what I had left out but the message was the same. But here is what makes it unique... It was exactly the same story word for word....

Another day I was working with a client with Reiki and was leaving the session. As I walked out of the room. I thought of someone and in an instant I felt like that person was there with me. It was so strong and I had forgotten what that persons essence felt like. I knew almost immediately that that person was thinking about me to.

You get this when you are in a room and have your back turned away from the door and someone you know walks in and you know who it is.... That is how I would describe it. I had lunch with a friend later that day who I shared the experience with and they knew who I was talking about which they knew that that person was thousands of miles away on a trip that week... It was fun to know when others are thinking about you to even far away...

Tonight we are starting a serious called "Healing Lost Souls" by William J. Baldwin, PH.D. It will be amazing as we get to learn more about energy and how to release spirits who are trapped in between worlds in more in-depth study....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Dear Diary,

I was awakened in the middle of the night and turned over listening to my husband snore. It was then that I heard someone say close to my ear, "good night". It was a male's voice and the thought came, Oh how sweet that Steve told me good night. As I lay there feeling good about it I realized that he was still snoring and facing the other direction.

Hmmmm...... If he was asleep and no one was awake except me.... Then who said Good night? I took just a second to realize that it was my guide. "Good night", I said and turned over trying for sometime to go back to sleep.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Today I woke up in a mood and was unable to get out of it. I was irritated at every little thing and tried to stay away from others who would cross my path and in my range of irritation. I tried to shake it into the earth. I even washed myself in the light and sunshine but to no avail.

Now, you think it is bad being around a person in a bad mood but try being the person stuck in that energy form. I even told my husband that my bones had anger in them. Kind of like having the ache in the bones from the flu. It was then when I was describing my symptoms that it downed on me that the emotion was caught in my body was not mine.

With this single thought it came to me that that I had spent most of the day trying to find what was causing me to be so angry. I just woke up like that. They call it, "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" or in my line of work a "spirit attachment". Oh!!!!

So the next action was to sit quietly and ask myself if I was OK. The answer was "yes" as I accessed my energy field and looked for any trace of a foreign energy within my body. There it was and it was not happy that I found it. Smiling, to myself I asked it what it wanted and it did not respond. Mmmmmm.... this may take some work but was guided immediately to do a release prayer that I was taught in my Akashic training.

As I started to say the prayer I heard someone say, "it is me and I choose not to leave." With this statement it confirmed that I had picked up a spirit attachment. I then said the prayer asking God to remove and release this being into His care. As I repeated the prayer the third time I felt a release and that feeling of stepping into a soothing bath as the emotions of anger dropped away and a feeling of peace and lightness took over knowing that it was gone.

I checked once again in my body and energy field to see if anything was still there.. Nothing, it was gone and I spent the rest of the afternoon without any interference of irritation or anger. Nice to be back to myself. Where ever I was in my dreams last night I must have brought home a visitor. Next time I will have to be more careful not to talk to strangers...