Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday "Changes"

Dear Diary,

My main focus these last few days has been working on the curriculum for a Light Language circle that starts a week from Monday along with the new edits from our editor for the book that I was hoping to publish this summer. As for the book it looks like it will be a while as we are moving through another round of edits before it is ready for publishing. Between the two it has been a welcomed relief after all the activity from last week. I know now that I just needed something to keep me occupied and out of trouble.

Lately I am still seeing the dark smoky images of a few ghosts moving through the house during the day but nothing to really make a note of. I have also noticed that the energy has changed again because I am seeing more people who have passed instead of animals. In fact I haven't seen any animal spirits in the last few days. Hmmmm...... Also, now that I am thinking about it I am remembering that tonight is the full moon so I suspect that the energy in the house will shift. Not sure what to expect after that. 

What I do want to make a note of is that during the last few nights I have been contacted by ghosts just as I was about to close my eyes after getting into bed. At that time I wasn't asleep only in a restful state where they could get my attention. These spirits came to me briefly flashing an image of what they looked like in life and then asking about crossing over into the light. My guides came as soon as they as they made contact and I would call in the arch angels to help them move on.

 This is a beautiful experience as golden and white light would open up so that the ghosts could step into the energy allowing the angels to take the lost souls by the hand and lead them into the light. I asked once why it was necessary for me to be a part of the process and the guides said that they needed someone in the physical world as an anchor. The guides also explained that lost souls would be attracted to someone that they felt they could trust and would help them make the transition into the light where they were intended to go.

The one thing about doing this kind of work at night is that I wake up with dark circles under my eyes but I feel good about what transpired.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Dear Diary,

I got a phone call from my mom asking me how I was doing and I let her know that the process that Jodi lead me through in her class helped me tremendously. However I did notice that I when I was driving out to see one of my Reiki clients this morning my throat started to tighten up. I knew it was my throat Chakra when it happened. At that time I just happened to be playing a CD that had tones to help clear and balance each of the Chakras, so it came to no surprise when I glanced down and saw that it was on the 5th Chakra which is the throat. Recognizing what was going on I allowed the tones to vibrate through that area and worked on re-balancing it.

By the time I reached my client I knew that what didn't get back in alignment would be taken care of once I opened up the Reiki energy. The Reiki energy is very healing and works on both the practitioner and he client at the same time. The session ended up going well and my client was able to relax. At one time she even started to smile.

On my way back home I decided to listen to music. A few minutes into the drive I turned on to the highway and that is when I looked over at the next lane. At first I just saw the large semi with a load of cars stacked on it. Then I felt my heart leap into my throat. What caught my attention was the sight of a man sitting in one of the parked cars on the truck as if he was trying to drive it off just as plane as day. The car happened to be facing the traffic head on and with him in the driver's seat it seemed really out of place. That is when I sped up to get closer look thinking that I may have been seeing a reflection of some sort. My brain didn't want to process what I thought I was seeing as it all seemed so dangerous. Curious I finally got to a point where I was right up next to the truck and could see into the car, Sure enough he was still there only then did I realize that I could also see right through him. Hmmmmm..... He was a ghost!

I slowed down watching the truck moving over lanes to take the exit on the right. I couldn't help but laugh! All I knew was that someone was going to get a big surprise when they bought that car!

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday "The Weekend Class"

Dear Diary,

It was a busy weekend. Jodi Lovoi a dear friend of mine invited me to attend her weekend Akashic Class. I was delighted as I always enjoy being around people and the lovely energy of the environment. Saturday was fun as we went through the curriculum of the class and later had dinner discussing the day. That night I went home to be very satisfied and happy but awoke at 3 am with my heart pounding. Then my angel guide stepped in as I felt the energy move across my energy field. At that very moment I understood that the ghost animals in the house and were needing to be crossed over into the light. Immediately after this awareness hit me my angels guides began the process of crossing animals that were ready to go.

Golden white light filled my head startling me so that I couldn't help but open my eyes to check to see if my husband had gotten up and turned on the light. Once I saw that the room was dark I closed my eyes again letting the light absorb me as the angels opened up the energy. They swept through the house clearing it finding the lost souls of animals that were hiding. The whole event went rather fast as the angels were scooping them up or calling to them and then sending them on into the light. I was then aware of the animal ghost that I had seen running through the house last week that hit the back door only to bounce off and run the other direction was one of them.

After it was all over the blinding light faded out and I was again in the dark. Laying there thinking I began to feel guilty that I wasn't attuned to the ghosts animals that needed my help. The light and the angels didn't place that on me I placed that on myself. As I laid there I couldn't shake it off so I got up to write some emails to get my mind settled on something else. Around 4:30 am I was able to go back to bed falling asleep.

Sunday I went back for the second half of the class and was able to release the block with the help of my friend in her Akashic Records class. Before that I was feeling so guilt ridden that she lead me through a process to find the root of my energy block that went beyond the animals in the house. It worked! After we finished I felt light and free again. It was also during the class that that my dad came to visit who had passed away in 2009. I was able to talk to him and ended up chatting with him while the students in the room where working in their records. My friend happened to look over at me smiling then asking me who I was talking to. I laughed and shared what we were talking about. My dad hung around for a little while then said his goodbyes and left.

When the class was over I still felt very light and free from all the guilt that I had placed on myself. I also felt clear again and extremely grateful that my friend had invited me to her class for the weekend. Last night I slept without interruption. It was great!

Photographs by Angelique

Friday, July 24, 2015


Dear Diary,

These last few days have been a welcome break from the astral projection. I had to really back off and allow myself some space to breath. I have been focusing more of my attentions and efforts on a Healing Circle that will be starting up in August.
As for the two that were at the foot of the bed at the beginning of this week, I haven't encountered them since. I did flood myself and the house with lots of energy in gold & white light. All of that was done to raise the vibration so that the visitors don't come into our energy fields that are not in that higher frequency. Even with the change of energy in the house there is still some activity but the interesting thing is that I see more animals moving around the house. (ghosts) I am not the only one who notices. The pets will react when they run into one of the ghost animals. It is kind of funny to watch...

Photographs by Ana - Malibu, CA

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday "Things that Make You Go Hmmm..."

Dear Diary,

Early Tuesday morning I had another astral jump landing me back exactly where I had been before. When I realized where I was I made a quick decision to go back to my body. After returning I looked at the clock and was surprised that it was close to the same time it happened the last time, 4:20 am. I ended up walking through the house several times trying to ground myself and calm down. When my husband woke up to go to work we talked about what I had experienced.

The rest of the day was normal except for my daughter's and my own cars' batteries were both dead. The funny thing was that I was the last person to have driven both of them the day before so it seemed a little odd. My husband had to replace the batteries. As for the ghosts in the house, there wasn't a lot of activity. There were a few fleeting glimpses of white smoky images moving through the rooms but as soon as my full attention landed on them they would disappear.

There was something I forgot to record that happened on Monday morning. I woke up early with two men standing at the foot of the bed in the form of what looked like water vapor. I knew they were men as the way they stood and were built. Lately I have been looking at the time when things are happening and so I saw that it was a little after 4 am. One seemed to me to be middle aged and the other looked younger although I couldn't make out facial features.

They hung out for a while as I was reading. I kept glancing up to check on them beacuse they seemed to be really interested in us. I wasn't nervous just wanted to know where they were. After my husband got up I got out of bed and forgot about them as the house became alive with pets wanting to be let out and fed. I didn't think about that encounter again as I was preoccupied with what had happened on Saturday that is until now when I remembered the visit and am writing this...   Hmmm...

Photographs by Cameron

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday "Astral Projection"

Dear Diary,

I am going to have to say that this weekend stands out a little I have been networking to get the word out and sending healing energy to help change the energy. I have started to astral projection again. In the past it was not something I've done on purpose as it was clearly spontaneous. This time it was a little different.

Saturday morning I found myself in a cold sweat laying on the bed after pulling myself out of a situation knowing I may have crossed some boundaries. This experience was a huge motivation on Sunday to seek some advice from a friend about how I should handle the situation and maybe even find a teacher who is more adept at how it all works. Clearly I need to learn to to be more in control.

My friend's main concern was getting stuck and not being able to return to my physical body. That is not something I was worried about because I have every confidence that I am capable of making the trip back home as I am fully conscious once I land. The problem is that I am not always aware of leaving my body so taking precautions can be a slight complication. The whole experience can be a little bit disconcerting as I find myself suddenly fully conscious somewhere else from where I began. In this case I found the experience to be highly disturbing in where I was. Lucky for me she had someone in mind to help me learn more about how to control it. That I am grateful for!

This experience of astral projection is not something new as it seems to come and go in my life but only lasts for a few months then stops so I haven't really focused on learning how to control it. After the night before I am leaning more towards the direction of taking the extra time to learn.

Photographs by Steve

Friday, July 17, 2015


Dear Diary,

One of my friends came over last night to help me shift some energy using the Reiki healing energy. It didn't take long and when you use that much energy it also clears so much in and around the house. I was really grateful for her help. After she left I let the dogs out to do their private business and when I opened the door to call them I noticed that the crickets were extremely loud. I thought it was strange and forgot about it until I opened the door again to retrieve a glass that I left outside. When the sound hit me again I made a note of it knowing that something had definitely shifted.

A few hours later I was in the bedroom walking past the door when I saw something that looked like a small animal run past the doorway in the living room and heard it bump into the back door only to bounce off and run past the living room door again. One of the dogs who was beside me saw it too and walked cautiously into the living room with me following behind. The other pets were not in the living room. They were in fact in the bedroom with me so it wasn't one of them. It looked so solid even though I knew that it was a spirit animal but felt like I wanted to investigate it anyway. Sure enough between me and the dog we didn't find anything.

When it was getting late I went back into the bedroom to get ready for bed when I remembered that I didn't turn off the lights. Everyone was asleep in the house so I made my way in that direction. As soon as I walked into the living room a women passed right through me. I only had a few seconds to realize what I was seeing before it happened. She was tall and slender wearing a knee length skirt. Her blouse was tucked in and had long puffy sleeves. I didn't see any color. I saw her as a white smoky image that was well defined making it easy to see her clothes.

Finally after turning out the lights to go to bed I noticed that I could hear the crickets sing from the back yard. They just seemed to be loud last night and I made a note of it while thinking that I didn't remember ever hearing them from the bedroom with all the windows closed before. I slept peacefully and got up early this morning to meet with one of my Reiki clients who I see at her home. It was a lovely session but before I left I noticed that all was calm around the house.

Photographs by Steve Noyce - India

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dear Diary,

Our family left to go back to LA late on Monday night. We spent yesterday playing catch up with errands and house work. I was too busy working on things to even take the time to notice any energy or changes in the house.

As for today it turned out to be very eventful starting early in the morning when I got a disturbing text from a lady about a dog who was hit by a car. The text set off a chain of events all morning and afternoon finally resulting with a really good friend of mine who is a part of a animal rescue team picking the dog up and taking him to her veterinarian. The little one didn't make it but between the two women and the people on the rescue team they made a huge effort in trying to get the proper care for the little dog. That I am sure of.

As for the ghosts in our home I haven't paid any attention to them with all the distractions and they have not been aggressive these past few days in trying to get my attention. However my daughter reminds me that the ghosts are still here but they seem to be more interested in what we are doing so they are keeping themselves in background.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - New Delhi, India

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday " A Scream in the Night"

Dear Diary,

 Saturday night I woke up upset and couldn't go back to sleep. I lay there in the dark trying to relax and not think, when all of a sudden a scream of sheer terror ripped through the room. The hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. The scream was so blood curdling that it seemed to pierce through my soul in anguish that something was feeling such pain and suffering.

My sleeping husband slept through it but our pets seemed to be just as disturbed as I was. I quickly checked on them finding that they were all okay. The pets were all in their beds looking around trying to find the source. Scanning the room I wondered if my husband had made the noise in his sleep but he was sleeping very soundly and quiet even for him. After hearing such a noise my nerves were set on edge. There seemed no possible way to fall back asleep without my mind taking over turning every thought over in my head. I lay there in the dark trying to get a hold of myself when I got the idea to read something up lifting to keep my mind from racing and taking me somewhere that I didn't want to go. I already knew that what we heard was from the other side and that who or what was no longer in the room.

I grabbed my phone finding an article on Light bodies. I was wanting to teach a Light Language class to help others learn about their own Energy Signatures and had been toying with the idea of setting it up for several years. Just a few days ago I had the realization that now was a good time to put the class together. By shining a light in the dark I can make a difference teaching others how they can connect into their light and shine their lights out into the world. I know that there are many out in the world doing this work, but the more lights we have can shift the suffering on the planet. I was reminded again tonight that it is my turn to step up to the plate. Things can change if we learn to move into the higher consciousness. After making the commitment to myself I finally fell into a deep and very restful sleep.

Note: Yesterday someone did ask me about the ghost who knocked me out the other night. I haven't had any contact with the ghost since but have also been preoccupied with the animal situation. I don't believe that the scream came from that ghost. What I can say for sure is that I know that ghost seemed to have gotten what it wanted from me on the other side but again I don't know what that was. I trust my angel guides and they were not alarmed or gave me a warning that I was in any kind of danger. What I do get is that whatever the ghost wanted was resolved and it moved on. I do have a peace that resonates in my being from that encounter.

photographs by Steve Noyce - India

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday "Anger"

Dear Diary,

One thing for sure about attracting the spirit world's attention is that you have to be really careful about your emotions as they can be a calling card for the different levels of ghosts around you. I was doing so well until last night when our family split up to go in different directions for the night. After everyone had left I had a brief conversation with a friend on the phone who shared some information about some animal abuse that was happening.

My first emotion was shock then anger took over my whole being. I love animals and people! Driving home I started to text some of our friends who I know are animal advocates to ask for advice on how handled the situation. I got a text back later in the evening offering help in finding someone to do an investigation. That one text helped me to get a hold of my own anger. I could feel my energy going dark before that and knew with that kind of signal shooting out into my energy fields that it was inviting all kinds of lower energies which only brings trouble.

Side note: What I know is that people who dabble in the dark and lower energies think they can control the dark side. That is not true. The dark side serves no loyalties but themselves. They will turn on a dime and will come back to haunt you. They feed off of the lower emotions and if you are afraid of them they will stick around enjoying the feast your lower emotions provide them as they become stronger. Light and staying in your integrity is the only way to change the energy and to move your emotions away from the lower energies so that they will leave you alone. Mature sensitives knows this. Sensitives who are learning can fall into this trap leading them into a web of darkness if they don't learn to control their own emotions and stay on the path of light.

I am much calmer this morning and I will continue to concentrate my efforts in working to find more people to put an end to the animal situation. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday "The Anxious Visitor"

Dear Dairy,

It has been busy again with our family visiting but it has been joyous being with them. Lately I have not noticed a lot of activity in the house but last night was a whole different experience. I woke up around 1 am and found my husband and all the pets sound asleep. I got up to turn down the air conditioner thinking that it was a little warm in the bedroom and that was what woke me up. When I got back into bed I was wide awake. Whatever I did I couldn't go back to sleep. My mind kept racing with ideas and wonderful projects to work on keeping me up.

At 3:50 am I looked at the clock and realized I had been up for a long time. That is when I remembered my antique wind up clock had stopped ticking a few days before and I had forgotten about it. After checking the other clock in the room I rolled over to wind my clock and change the time when I noticed that it had stopped at exactly at 3:47 am. Now that was very strange.......Coincidence? After winding up the clock and setting the time to match the other clock I tried again to fall asleep. When I closed my eyes I could feel an electrical current running up and down my whole body giving me the sensation that I was rocking on a boat. Then as I was enjoying the experience I was suddenly slammed in the head from such a hard force that it knocked me out.

I woke up this morning with a slight headache. I had no memory of any dreams but the aching in my head reminded me what happened before I lost consciousness No attachment! After doing a mental scan I noticed that I didn't feel afraid or even too concerned about what I experienced last night. I did however feel that it would be good to take some extra time to myself today and see if I can find out what exactly happened. Whatever hit me wasn't angry, evil, or possessive. I am confident of that. What I get is a feeling that it was a bit over anxiousness. My husband brought me a cup of coffee which helped ease the pain in my head and I spent the rest of the morning grounding myself. I also checked in with myself making sure there wasn't any damage or that I had an attachment.

Photographs by Ana

Monday, July 6, 2015


Dear Diary,

Saturday we were in Austin and got back late from being out with all of our family for the Fourth of July. As we parked in the hotel parking lot someone walked by my side of the car. Usually there is nothing unusual about that except that I was on the verge of opening the car door and didn't want to smash anyone with it. When the man passed I proceeded to get out only to realize that there was no one there. Confused it took my mind a few seconds to catch up that he was a ghost because he looked so solid. Looking around the parking lot I could see that we were the only people parking at that time. It was really late and I told my family what I had seen, laughing it off.

Sunday when we got home the ghosts in our house seemed to be really happy that we were there. I kept seeing flashes of white smokey images passing by me when I was unpacking. Later when I turned off the lights and closed my eyes my head kept lighting up with a such a bright light that I kept checking to see if anyone had come in and turned on the lights. Then I realized that I was being visited and acknowledged them before falling asleep.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Taos, NM

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday "Happy 4th!"

Dear Diary,

I got to spend some time with my grandfather last night. I am always happy to see him and enjoy visiting with him when I get the opportunity. He is 96 years old. One thing for sure is that my grandmother who passed away in 2008 likes to hang out with him. She is not there all the time but she makes her presence known when she is there. A few years after she died she used to materialize right next to him when I would visit. I loved seeing her as it comforted me to see her. Grandpa even told my mom that he sees her when he goes to bed. Now I see more of her energy and feel her around him when I am with him.

Grandma also comes to visit all of us at our house and she has gone to see my mother in LA. We always know when she is there as she leaves dimes for us before she shows up. After that she makes herself known by brushing up against us or something will happen letting us know that she is with us. The dimes are just a calling card from her. I have thought on occasions about crossing her but I know that she waiting for grandpa and she doesn't drain any of us. To me that is a big flag that she has crossed into the light and just likes to check up on us.

Well we are heading into the 4th of July weekend so there will be lots of family around. I am really looking forward to the holiday and being with everyone. Who knows who will also show up this weekend from the other side to help us celebrate?

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Dear Diary,

I has again been a very quiet past few days. I have only seen a few sightings around the house but mostly in the bedroom when I was getting ready for bed. I only saw the white whiffs of smoke skirting around me and then making their way across the bed as if I were in their way. No one stopped to chat or even seemed to be curious so I didn't pay a lot of attention to them. I have woken up at midnight these last few nights and stayed up until three am but I didn't notice any activity. Tonight is a full moon so I hope that is what is waking me up. I am so ready for a good night sleep.

Yesterday I did however have a wonderful lunch date with a new friend who has also had her own experiences with the other side. I found our time together to be so freeing as we were able to share and discuss some of the things that have happened to us. It was a very bright spot in my day.

This weekend we will have my side of the family visiting for the fourth of July so it will be interesting to see how the ghosts who come to visit will respond. I do enjoy our time with everyone.

Photograph by Steve Noyce - Tuscany, Italy