Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday "Clairaudience"

Dear Diary,

This afternoon I was outside sitting on the back pouch enjoying the afternoon sun when I heard a man mumbling something that was on right side of me. The back door was on that side from where I was sitting so I thought that maybe my husband voice was coming through the door. My thought was that maybe he was in the house talking to someone, or on the phone where I could hear him. It didn't sound like him, but my mind was trying to place where I was hearing a man's voice from. I got up, and walked through the house looking for him. I finally I found him sound asleep in the bedroom. That is when I realized then that it wasn't him at all. It dawned on me that what I had heard was a ghost who was making themselves known.

Clairaudience is hearing the other side.. There are different ways to hear the other side, and it can be different for each person. There is hearing with your ears as I have just mentioned that can be with one, or both ears as though you are listening to a live person speak. That seems to be less common. I have to admit it happens very rarely with me, and when it does often it surprises me as my mind tries to identify from where the sound came from.

The most common way is to hear with your inner ear. The best way to describe that is that it is more like telepathy. If you were to take a moment, and count to ten silently in your head you can hear what you sound like. Then when you are communicating with the other side it is more like someone placing thoughts in your mind that are not yours. You may hear a voice that has some kind of accent, or it may have a particular why they pronounce their words from the way you do. For instance another man, or women's voice is going to sound a lot different in your mind than your own. You may even hear a child's voice, or the sound of an animal trying to communicate.

It works the same way with your guides, and angels. I find that my guides speak a lot different then the way my angels do so I know who I am speaking to when I communicate with them. If you have the gift of clairaudience then you will learn how to discern who you are talking to. It is just like how you know who you are talking to when you are talking to your friends, and family. The more you do it the more you are aware of how it all works.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Dear Diary,

Well today is the last day that we will have family in town. I noticed this morning that there was someone in the kitchen when I walked through. It has been scarce as far as spirit activity but it was nice to know that they are still hanging around.  Even now as I am writing this I am seeing flashes of someone trying to materialize next to me.  I am not getting any communication this morning except them showing that they are there.

I know that I need to talk to the neighbor about their tree. They didn't like the tree so they had it trimmed  way back hoping to kill it. Usually I wouldn't think twice about it but the tree is pouring water from where it was cut.  I looked it up on the internet and they described it as bleeding. It is not sap but water.  I can tell that my neighbor is upset as they seemed to have mixed feelings about cutting it all the way down. My husband was talking to them the other day and they said that if it lived they would leave it alone. If it died they would cut it down.  My only thing is that it is really sad to drive up everyday and see the water pouring out of it.

Two nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that I just need let them know it is okay to go a head and cut the poor thing down. I don't believe that it will make it but seems to be suffering...  I just need to catch them this weekend... 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday "Doorways into the Light"

Dear Diary,

  I was visiting with two of my friends the other day, and we were discussing our dreams just enjoying sharing them with each other. It all started because one of my dear friends is really good at interpreting dreams, and my other friend wanted to see what her dream meant so she began to share with the two of us. I found it amazing that she seemed to be sharing an experience that my friend who was interpreting had seen also in her dreams. As the two women talked I was reminded by my guide that there are other realms on the other side which are different entrances into the light.

I know that we have heard mostly about the tunnel that people take when they die that leads them into the light. It is something that is spoken about quite often on television, and books. I think that what a majority don't know is that there are other ways to reach the light. I have witnessed in Spirit Rescue a light that opens up in the room when the angels come to help people cross.

I have also experienced a doorway that leads into the light which I came across when I went to rescue one of my dear friends who passed away after being in a comma, but didn't cross.  The comma had left her soul dazed, and very confused. She ended up in a room full of people who would cross over at different times when the door opened. She didn't understand when I found her that it was meant for her to go through the doorway into the light. With a little coxing she did however make the journey back home to the other side.

I had another experience where I was able to witness one of my friends who passed entering into the light through the lighting cave in the North. That is another opening that is known in the Aztec world. I didn't know about it until my friend died, and I tracked him to the cave. When I got there three lighting bolts struck inside the cave, as he was waiting to go in. Later I was doing some research, and came across a book that mentioned the cave with the lightening that opened into the other side. I was glad to know that it was something others knew about.

Back to my friends with the dreams they were also talking about a train which I have also seen others use to cross into the light. I have to admit that I find it wonderful that even in our dreams we learn so much about the other side, but often we really don't know how valuable the experiences are.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday "A Good Idea"

Dear Diary,

We have family visiting this week, and I have to say that it has been a lot of fun. The ghosts have been really making themselves scarce since everyone got here.  I haven't been able to contact the little boy yet, and he has made no contact with me. Still hoping that after our company leaves I will have time to try to help him.

As far as the book I have met my deadline, and now in the process of getting that part to the editor. One thing I did run into was a very small section of the book where I talk about dark spirits, and demons. It has been awhile since I have done Spirit Rescue, where I am exposed to all kinds of energies. Lately I have only been working in the higher dimensions while writing my book. I got a warning in my dreams a few nights ago to make sure I was covered in protection. I've been getting lazy with all our company.

The dream was about surfing with sharks. In the dream I wasn't afraid, but as I was going out to find the sharks with my friends on a small boat I was thinking it might not be a safe idea. Then the dream made another turn that also had the same kind of message. What I have learned by doing this work is that those of us who are spirit communicators can often make contact just by shifting our thoughts. It may be as innocent as thinking of sometime that scares us to falling in love.

What you need to know is that we all put out energy that transfers into a light in our aura, and the spirits, entities, and dark ones know who can communicate, or attracted to the highs, and lows in the energy. This is not something most people do on purpose, or even think about. As far as the communicators some people are actually born with it, or find that it may develop as they get older. Then it can be developed for those who want to learn more about it. What is important is to learn how to control it, and even protect yourself. The point is there is a lot of information going out in our energy fields that the other side can see, and read.

 The trick is to really not be afraid of it because any kind of lower emotion can be read that in the energy field which will attract that kind of spirit etc... to you. This is why when you are learning, or just out, and about it is good to have really good protection. That can be a prayer, grids, Reiki, or whatever works the best for you. Remember that each person is different, and you have to find the right one for your energy.

Now when you are in love, or in those higher levels of emotions you can't been seen by the lower dark spirits, entities etc.. that live in the lower fields. My advice is just to stay in the light, and that is what you will attract to you. But that may not always be something you can control as life happens around us causing us to have highs, and lows in our fields. This is just something to be aware of. One thing for sure if you know you might be exposed, or working in the lower level fields it is best to make sure you are protected. That is a must. In my case my guides were reminding me to use my protection even though I wasn't afraid, but was distracted. I am grateful that our angels, and guides remind us when we do forget.

Well the other thing that happened was that yesterday when I woke up I had title for a new book on my lips. I am starting to explore it a little. I am really excited about it!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday "Having a Human Experience"

Dear Diary,

Well, I didn't get anything in Twilight as my attention seems to be all focused on meeting the deadline for the book.  Today is my deadline.  I plan to spend all morning working on the book making sure the names are spelled correctly etc.... so it can go back to the editors. Writing the book was the easy part. Editing seems to take forever.....

In a completely different direction..... There is something my guides keep reminding me of these last few days that I do want to make a note of which is a quote by Pierre Teihard de Chardin

" We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." 

Again I am reminded of the time several years ago when my guides showed me an astronaut floating in space. When I asked what that was all about they said that, "Human beings are a lot like the astronaut in a human body. We often forget that we use the physical body to live, and have experiences in the 3D plane of existence. Our true selves is what is inside of the spacesuit."

As I continue to work on my book I see that more than ever...

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Dear Diary,

Today I received an email from a friend who lives out of state who had some ghosts living in her home. She knew about these ghosts, and last year when I went out to visit her three of them decided to contact me. Out of four we were able to rescue two of them as they crossed into the light. The other two decided to do their own thing. One was a mother who did eventually follow me back home to Texas sharing her story with me, and then left.

The other ghost was a nine year old boy who liked to play ticks in my friend's closet. I made contact with him wanting to find out why he was hanging out in the closet. He made his presence known physically by banging the hangers together. His story was sad as he had been strangled, and then showed me where his body was placed by the creek before the houses were built in that area. After that he disappeared, and I wasn't really sure where he went as I lost complete contact. My friend also had no more activity in her closet which has been about six months.

The email today was about activity happening again in the closet that started a few nights ago. Since my day is full I let her know that I would be happy to see if I can make contact with him, or whoever was in her closet when I go into twilight this evening. If it is the little boy then I want to know where he has been these last six months. My hope is that he will let go to cross so that he is not stuck.  I guess I will find out soon.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Diary,

I have been extremely busy trying to meet the dead line on the book edits for this weekend.  This morning I had a Reiki Client and this afternoon worked with someone in the Akashic Records. It has been a busy day but very rewarding.

One of the subjects that seems to come up a lot in conversations over the last few days are tears, holes, or rips in the energetic field. This can be a problem as spirit attachments, and other energies may invade a person's field. There are several exorcises that people can do to make sure this is not happening. Of course the best line of defense is to resonate in a positive, and loving frequency where the energy field is nourished becoming a strong barrier against attachments. Being human that is not always possible with our emotional encounters. Just driving home in traffic can topple that with any anger.

Some people will use white and blue light to repair the holes or surround themselves. One of my friends uses essential oils that help her to work on her fields. Prayers are great along with being conscious of what is going on in your own energy field. If you have an attachment then it is vital that you remember that you have the power to evict them not the other way around. If you are able to check your own fields then this is just as important as doing a breast, or prostate exam.  If you can't do this then have someone that you know who knows how to do this for you. Keeping healthy is not always about the physical but also is on the spiritual levels to.    

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Dear Diary,

It has been at least five days since I last wrote. We have been busy with Spring Break coming to an end. I have to admit that I have had a wonderful time with all the friends and family that we have enjoyed hanging out with.  The kids start school tomorrow so we are back on schedule.

I have to record that Thursday my husband and I both woke up only to discover that we had shared the same experience in our dreams. We ended up being at the same place at the same time on the other side. The best part of the whole experience is that it made an impression on Steve.  It's always nice when he gets that Wow moment.

Yesterday we had a funeral in the morning and a birthday party in the evening.  It has been like that since March hit with 6 birthdays, spring break and then the funeral. I have been so busy with enjoying the kids home from school but have neglected my writing.

At the funeral I was listening to the eulogy when I noticed the husband of our friend who had passed away standing next to the pastor. When his son stood up to speak he was right directly behind him listening attentively to what the son was saying about him. I don't know why I think it is funny when people show up for their own funerals. As I looked around the room taking a moment to myself I noticed that other people had different lights and spirits around them. Later I had time to catch up with what everyone is doing as it has been awhile since I have seen everyone in that group of friends from the church.

 This morning as I started to wake up I had a quick visit from my friend's husband who's funeral we were at along with my dog who passed away last October. It wasn't anything major just showing themselves in full view doing well. I knew from the visits that it was appreciated that we went yesterday and that we are thought of on the other side.  It was nice to say hi.

 Well, as I look at my schedule now I realize that I have one more week to finish the edits on the book to make my deadline. After today the last day of Spring Break I had better get busy! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wed. "Healing on Three Levels"

Dear Diary,

For the last few weeks I have been working on some dream time clearing. I have been blocked in an aspect of my life, and I wanted to find out why this was happening. I started first going into my dreams after I stated my intentions so that I could work with my guides to find the answer. What happened is that it took a few nights for me to discover what was going on.

My biggest break through began when I had a nightmare. This brought out my fears causing me some distress in my dream. In the dream I was able to discern while being shown that there were three obstacles in my life that I was working on as life lessons associated with my fear. Two of them I have been working on to master, but the third was something that befuddled me. The third was a fear that was deep rooted in my own DNA.  After I awoke I had so many questions so when I had time during the day I went into the Akashic Records to find some answers about this fear.

What I got was that since we are both physical body, and spirit we are more complex than we realize when we are looking for the root of our primal fears within ourselves. This is because all of our experiences in different parts of our being are all merged together in the human body.

One experience being of course the obvious created by our different experiences in this lifetime. The others are not so apparent. Another piece to the puzzle in finding those blocks can be from the soul's perspective from a past life experience that was merged into the physical body creating it's own program within the living tissue, and brain. The other side of this is what I call the sins of the father that is passed down through the DNA from generation to generation. This is really not a sin, but an experience that was recorded then passed down through DNA. It kind of reminds me of our appendix which is never used, but for some reason we all have one. So now as we work on ourselves we have to remember that we are multidimensional beings, and to heal we must treat our whole being on all levels seeing it from a much larger perspective.

Again looking at a fear based block we have to remember that it is rooted in our mind, body, and soul. The mind being this lifetime, the body in our DNA, and the soul from past lives. What I find interesting is that on all the many levels of the mind, body, and soul the same fear can be rooted in all showing up as completely different forms, and experiences in all three. Yet when looked at it is all the same fear.   

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday "The Illusion of Separation"

Dear Diary,

This weekend I was visiting with family and asked a question that I thought was good to bring up. One of my family members is a scientist and had some trouble with how the mind and spirit work together. My first response was that I remember in college when someone told me once that when the mind died that was it and we went into oblivion not to exist.  I do recall that it bothered me for a long time thinking that this was the only life that we had. It wasn't until I had my experience when I was ejected out of my body merging into a space of complete unconditional love that I understood in that moment that we even without a body never lose our conscious state of thinking even though it is no longer apart of the physical body.

I also was very disappointed that even when I was a part of everything I was still very much me only without the physical body.  In that experience I could see that everything was vibrating at different speeds all humming with the same frequency which I recognized as unconditional love. My whole spirit without a doubt knew this vibration at once. I also understood that everything was made up of this vibration frequency no matter what speed different things were vibrating at and it was all a part of one consciousness, and one thought. Everything we know was connected in that thought. I recognize this now as the mind of our Creator from whom nothing in the whole universe is separated.

I also discovered that I was still somewhat independent in my own experience. Then a thought hit me and as soon as it did I immediately plugged into the whole frequency which seemed to give me access to anything that I wanted to know with just one thought. It was like being linked to a super computer.  My father used to ask a question when I was growing up which was....Are we a drop of water in the ocean or are we the ocean? The answer is... We are both! While we are the drop of water which makes us unique we are still a part of the whole ocean. I see the ocean in this question representing our Creator or God. While we are never the whole ocean we are still a part of the ocean. Now with that knowledge I also understood that no matter what, we can never be separated for that would mean that we would be separated from ourselves which is very much connected to our Creator. Separation is only a illusion of this 3D plane of existence. How could this happen unless we pull our focus away from what we are even though we can't help being what we are? That means that separation is only an illusion.

Our human brains in our physical bodies help us simulate and separate everything to make some sense of this physical plane that way we can function in this 3D world of existence. Now we are not just seeing atoms bumping around at different speeds but have some kind of order in this world to function in. The only thing is that we take everything as being separate and experience our human experience as the drop of water forgetting that we are still a tiny part of the whole and one consciousness in the mind of God.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wednesday "The Path"

While driving to an appointment the other day, I was gently reminded of my dad who had passed on a few year ago. But what was interesting was that I remembered accompanying my dad when he went to teach the "Warrior's way"  when I was very young. This was very important to him besides being an artist, sculptor, and writer.

 When my father and I were alone when I was growing up he told stories about learning how to focus on personal power, and mastering of the self.  One thing he really wanted me to learn was how to meditate. This was one of his practices and I would sometime join him. The trouble was I could never sit still or quiet my mind long enough to learn so I would often drop off to sleep or walk off with something else to do.

One of the things that we did was spend time working with the animals on our ranch both domestic and wild. Looking back I recalled him teaching me how to communicate by moving our energy levels to cretin points to not cause the animal fear or distress to match the animals energy so that we became one of them or invisible to them. He taught me how to track animals. I learned how to open up the heart expanding my energy to locate a lost animals which served me well when I went searching for kittens.

We talked to the rock people, cloud people, trees, snakes and watched the bugs move in patterns as they went about their lives. He told wonderful stories of spiders, creation and how the universe worked along with tracking stars and their patterns. Star gazing is a must if you live in the country without the lights of the cities.

My father was interested in energy of both the spirit and healing. He used to show me how to heal with my hands and all this was something I thought was to amuse me and keep me out of trouble. There are memories of his lectures and falling asleep in my chair with the lights on while he was talking only to be woken up when it was time to go.

I must admit thinking back that things were something that I didn't share with a lot of my family and friends. When my father and I were together we were in a different space. It took me years to discover what a blessing it all was to learn about working with energy and communicating with animals was in my own life as an adult. Part of my tutoring was to be aware and learn how communicate with all of the nature around me as it was all alive and apart of the one consciousnesses of our Creator.

Since my father was what some would call different as he followed the path of the Warriors way, and I grew up following the path of trying to fit in with all the other people being a wife and mom, we rarely saw each other as I got older. When we did it was always picking up where we left off as though no time had been lost in between.

Looking back now I am learning that all of what I learned can and is applied to healing and teaching. I found too, that instead of following the Warriors way like my father, I am more drawn to the path of the Adventurer whose focus is on love and harmony which fits me in what I do. From what I understand, the more you master either one of the two, you find it harder to distinguish one from the other because of how much it is really all connected.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday "The Light Body"

One of the many things that you will hear in the healing world is the term "light body". I know for a long time I got the concept of this but didn't actually understand what it really meant until I started to have these amazing series of experiences when I would close my eyes at night trying to fall into sleep. I would see these brilliant rays of the light that moved into my third eye that were breathtaking and blinding to say the least.

At first I was startled and would open my eyes trying to catch my breath almost afraid of closing my eyes not knowing what I would see but within a few nights of this I was able to keep my eyes closed while experiencing the intensity of the light. On a few occasions I would see a beautiful face smiling back at me as close to my face as possible.

I know that when the third eye opens people will have this type of experience
with the light but it was this being whom I felt was very close to me that made me realize that there was more to it than that. I had the great feeling of peace and that a guardian or angel was trying to show me that they were in my energy field.

It was much later that I understood that we are all like the being in which we are all created out of light that is just as brilliant. It is the density of matter that creates our bodies to live in this third dimension world. I remember being under the age of five laying in my bed at night trying to remember where I actually came from. I knew that I was not just my body and had forgotten something very important. It was so close to me remembering but I couldn't recall it.

I would lay there thinking I came from somewhere else and it was really good. But why had I forgotten? I didn't understand until one night it came that it wasn't important for me to remember at the time and so I let it go until that experience so many years later with the light.

Like so many others I had forgotten where I originally came from and like many had always believed that I was alone when the truth is that we are never alone. We are always surrounded by this massive amounts of love and loving guardians. And I remembered what I had forgotten so many years ago which is that we are truly the beings and creation of the Creator created in the same image.

I find that often we get stuck in this third dimension but our thoughts and memories are of the the world of energy and light. When we are stuck we send out all this fear, anger and anguish
creating this energy field of this low emotional turmoil that keeps us in fear. It is when we arise above this only to find that there is a higher energy field of pure love and light that our eyes open to what can really be achieved in this world.

Look around you today and see all this great fear that we have all created to live in! Then look deep within yourself and find that truth that was and is who you really are. We are all so beautiful! 

Monday, March 3, 2014


Dear Diary,

 I am still not a hundred percent from being ill. Friday a friend called me to read her Akashic Records, and I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do it because of still feeling very weak.  I checked in with my guides who reassured me that it would be fine. They said they would step in, and all I had to do was to show up. As soon as I opened the records a flood of peace, and calmness washed over me. Connection was instant allowing the reading to be a success. When I closed the records I resumed my state of feeling weak realizing that I was fine when I was in the energy of the records.

This weekend I had the privilege to go to dinner with my husband, and two of our dearest friends to the Catfish Plantation in Waxahachie, TX.  The Plantation is known for being haunted by at least three ghosts. One is a bride that was murdered in the 1920's on her wedding day. Another is a farmer who lived, and died there. The last was an elder women who lived there in the house, and passed away in 1970's. The food there was beyond good. Every bit was a sure delight. I didn't experience anything so I asked my guides why? They laughed, and said that I was really enjoying the company of our friends where my focus was concentrated on them. I have to admit that after being house bound, and in bed I enjoyed being out with Steve, and our friends.

Last night as my husband, and I sat in the living room watching the Oscars I noticed a lot of activity over our love seat when they did a tribute to all the people in film who passed over this last year. It was really nice to see that the ghosts in the house seemed to have an interest in the ones who passed. Before, and after that there was no activity in the house that I noticed.