Friday, May 30, 2014


Dear Diary,

My friend Robin has gone on the roof today to raise 100,000 pounds of food to create awareness of the ways people can help with hunger in the world. I was so excited to be there with her and everyone who gathered this morning to pray and watch her ascend to the roof top. I wish her all the luck! This year I have other obligations with lots of family so I wont be able to attend the rest of the event. I am very happy for her as she has an amazing team helping her get the event off the ground this year.

I have noticed that I am having a lot of trouble focusing and staying grounded after I left the event. For some reason I can't seem to stay in my body for very long today. I keep finding myself in other places having to find my way back. I understand it as my guides explained today while I was out, and about that it is called Spirit Walking. They reminded me that I am used to the other side coming to visit me, but sometimes we can leave our body to go visit them. Today seems to be one of those days as I have been trying to focus my mind on things in the physical plane to stop it. I may try some grounding oil, but I have to remember where I put it.

I also noticed that for some reason people's energies are intense today. I felt almost assaulted by what people were feeling, or thinking when I was at the store today. I don't think that people realize how much they affect others or the environment when they are walking around open like that.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday "Separation By Words

Dear Diary,

It has been a busy week again. I got to work on one of my clients this week with Reiki which always makes me happy as I can feel the energy move through me. I even got to have lunch with a new friend, and we had quite the interesting conversation. I don't always tell people what I do as often it is not the right time, or it can make things a bit awkward  after I open up. It was somewhere in our conversation that I told her that I do energy work, and about working with the guides. For more than ten minuets there was an awkward silence as I let her processes what I had just told her. I could feel her energy moving through what I said, and what I do trying to figure out if she was okay with it. After awhile we started to talk again. I knew she was curious, but sometimes telling everything is not always a good move.

 She asked me about my book, and wanted to know what it was about.  I have to admit that I loved writing my book, and love talking about it. I told her it was about my life, and the adventures that I have had with the supernatural. The good thing was that she was open to what I was talking about after some thought as she has had some training on her own that she could compare it to. It was here religious practices that had held her back, but when we visited we found that we had a lot more in common.

 I told my new friend the story of when I was teaching one day speaking about the Holy Spirit as I do have a Christian background, and that is a language that I use. A women came up to me after the class letting me know that she was highly offended that I used those words to describe the Spirit. She was unhappy with the church, and politics that she associated with it. After talking to her I knew she, and I were on the same page as far as what we understood, and experienced. It was our words that separated us. She left still angry, and I asked my guides if they knew what just happened. They said that she had been hurt by a religion, and that even though she knew the Holy Spirit, and understood she associated the words with the pain. The guides explained that there was nothing I could do, but she was working on it.

This experience also happened once again when I was talking to a new pastor. I have talked, and have many friends who are pastors, but this one was doing his first year as pastor of a church. As fate would have it I ended up being a position where it was necessary to talk to him about what I do, and in it the conversation it started to create some fear. Again I was lucky to have my guides surround me while we were visiting reassuring me as we talked that we were both talking about the same exact experiences. The only thing that separated us were the words we used to describe what we were talking about.

This made me more aware as I spoke to my new friend who smiled back at me as we talked more about our spiritual experiences, and how we used our words. As I was driving her back to her work she explained to me that she got it. She understood what I did, and how it fit in with her own experiences. I wondered later how many wars, and how many people have lost their lives when we find ourselves separating ourselves with our words. Fear takes us down so many rabbit trails, and yet we all have that connection, and the spark of the Creator within us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday "Balance of Communication on Both Sides"

Dear Diary,

I think one of the challenges of being able to communicate with the other side is talking to some people about it. Sometimes it is like leading a double life. On one hand you have these amazing experiences not only with the spirits, and supernatural that is all around you. But you also have the other experiences which I have heard being labeled as mystical experiences. It is these experience where you have that soul connection with the Creator as you merge into everything, and everything is a part of you that there is no room to doubt that God exists. In those moments you find that the magnitude of God being more omnipotent is far more than the  human brain can even comprehend. Yet you have an understanding on that cellar, and spiritual level that everything, and anything exists in the one mind of God. This is transmitted in every part of your being which makes being human complicated.  These times are when you have to remember how limited your physical body, and mind really are to even grasp your experience only to know on a soul level that it is true.

Then on the other hand there is living day to day on the physical plane of existence. That is the true challenge as the world on the physical realm has lost some of the sensitivity to the other side as we all try to survive, or just live our normal lives. Many spiritual teachers will explain that it is a true balance of the two that creates wholeness within ourselves. I find that most of the time I am tipping over more on one side as my focus swings from one end to the other. There are those time when everything is in balance, but then something happens on one side, or the other that needs more attention creating an unbalance once again. I am still working on myself, and learning how to balance this in my own life.

I find that when my focus is on my physical life I have many loved ones in my life who support me, and we are all there for each other. When my focus swings to the other side again there are many angels, guides, and loved ones who are there to support, and care for me, to help the ones that need help. It is that part of coming into transition when you are with people on the physical plane that are not as sensitive to the other side that makes it difficult, at least for me. I have a hard time..... I have been told not to throw the whole kitchen sink at them instead of explaining how to turn on the water first. My enthusiasm often scares people so I am now tending to hold back waiting for my guides, or that person to give me a clue that they are wanting to know what is happening around them. I find this sometimes a challenge. This is that part of you that wants to run the race at full speed, but you have to hold back to make it to the finish line. I still have a lot to learn...

Friday, May 23, 2014


Dear Diary,

It has been quiet even though there has been some activity in the house as you walk through rooms. Tonight I noticed a white smokey mist darting in and out of sight. I realized I was thinking about one of my family members who passed away awhile ago and that is when I saw the white smokey mist move past me. I got the message that they were letting me know that they were there as I was thinking about them.

Just the other day while I was driving in my car a white smokey mist passed right by me inside the car. It was only an inch away from my face as they made themselves apparent that they were there.  I made sure that I acknowledged them letting them know that I  knew that someone was there. I kept on driving smiling to myself as I know they were just trying to get my attention. That was all that happened and as I listened to the radio I forgot about the encounter as I was distracted with my errands for the day.

In most cases if they want to connect they can let me know that they need to talk like the lady who passed away and kept coming to get my attention. Sometimes it is just enough to let them know I know they are there. Sometimes I get a smoker in my car but that has not happened in awhile which makes me car sick.

I am looking forward to the weekend as our family will be together again at home enjoying the holiday. It will be fun just being with each other. My time passes so quickly.   

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday "Contact at the Memorial"

Dear Diary,

I did get the message that I needed to attend the memorial from the spirit of the lady who has been trying to contact me. Yesterday I went really not knowing what to expect. I decided to open up my records as I dove there in case I needed help, or was in some way blocking myself. I walked in, and found my seat in the back still was not sure why I needed to be there except she wanted me to come. When I saw her picture memories of sitting once with her in the atrium there at the church talking about our love for animals, and people exploded inside my heart. In that moment I could feel myself open up, and when I asked if she was there I heard very clearly, "I am right here".

That is when I asked why she wanted me to come, and she showed me an image of her in the hospital hooked up on so many different things laying there in pain. Then she said that she found herself outside of of her body inside a beautiful light where there was no pain, and only unconditional love. There in that moment she let go, and started to merge with the light. The light accepted her, and welcomed her home. It was then that she heard her family crying wanting her to come back to them. That is when she realized that she wanted them to know she was okay, and it was time for her to go. I could feel her energy which was very loving free of pain as she kept showing me how she could move around with no boundaries. Then she excused herself sitting with her family for the rest of the memorial loving on them.

I couldn't help sitting there watching her with her family wondering how I was going to relay the message. As I sat there thinking the family got up to share their memories, and their love for her. What struck me was that the family described this bubbly beautiful spirit exactly the way I was seeing, and experience her, and her energy. One of the family members even gave a description on how they felt she had gone into the light, and it was exactly what she had told me. I knew then that the family in their own way knew her, and they knew what had happened. When the funeral was over she came back over to me, and said goodbye. Then she was gone. Since I had my records open I asked my guides if I was supposed to give a message to the family, but they told me to, "wait". When it was over I visited with a friend who was there confessing that I wasn't getting that I needed to tell the family as they already seemed to know what had happened.

Later driving home I asked again in my records if I needed to tell the family what I had gotten still not knowing how to approach them about what I do. Then I heard my guide in a clear voice letting me know that I was there to witness, and to remember as one day later on I will come back in contact with the family, and it will naturally come out what had happened at the funeral. Until then I was to be patient, and not worry about it now, but know that I was there for a reason. 

Monday, May 19, 2014


Dear Diary,

 Weekends have really been busy with family lately and Friday when I was about to make contact with a spirit the sound of my husband opening the garage door coming home from work broke the connection. Unfortunately I was not able to make contact after he came home for the weekend. The rest of the weekend my focus was busy with friends, kids, family, and our animals. Last night when I was in the living room I saw her moving through the room again. There was no communication only the feeling that there will be a connection made when we get closer to her family gathering together.

I know that there seems to be a lot of rules that people have written about when a spirit will contact you, but I have discovered that they will find a way to communicate when there is a need to get a message across. I know as a communicator that there is that need. For now I will wait for her to make the connection.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday "Contact"

Dear Diary,

I have been working on a project with one of my close friends. We have been so busy planning and working with other people that by the time the evening comes I have been exhausted. Last night my daughter wanted to watch a movie and I was happy that I didn't have to do anything but sit there and watch. As we started the movie I noticed someone standing directly in my energy field. They flashed in and were out before I could read or make any connection. During the movie that happened again four other times.

I was so tired that I told whoever it was that I would make contact with them when I finished the movie and was going into twilight. The only trouble was that once the movie finished I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow and never went into twilight consciously. Later today I was finishing up invitations for an the event I am helping out with when I got an email that someone that I used to know had passed away yesterday. I knew as soon as I read the email that was who was trying to make contact with me. It was like the ringing of a bell that resonated all through my body. There was no doubt. I finished up what I was doing then took a break to talk to a friend who also knew the person who died. I told her what had happened the night before and that I knew I needed to be open for contact if that person has a message.

As I write this someone is crossing the room and even now coming up to me. She is here....... 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday " Some Answered Questions"

Dear Diary,

 I have been having interesting dreams, but I have been finding myself waking up in the middle of the night wondering about them trying to go back to sleep, however last night was different. This time when I was coming out of my dreams state into consciousnesses I was told by my guides that I could ask any question that I had been wondering about through my life, and it would be answered. Of course when I heard that what immediately came to my mind was what really happened to my little dog that disappeared on our ranch when I was ten. Not only was my question  answered, but it was sent in the form of a dream like vision. I was sad to see what had happened to my little companion that I loved so much as a child realizing that sometimes not knowing is better then knowing.

 Of course there were some other questions that I was curious about, and had to ask that came to me after I found out about my dog. They were more about some of my own relationships, and how we were all drawn together in our soul contracts in this lifetime. What I experienced when my questions were answered in those visions was that I could see details of things that I couldn't when I was going through them. I could see what everyone was thinking, understanding the actions, and why they were going the directions they were going even when I was frustrated, or even wishing I could go with them. I saw, and understood that from the bigger perspective there was no judgment only validation of learning experiences to enlighten the soul. The whole experience was amazing, and when I finally exhausted myself I fell into a deep, and very restful sleep until I was awakened by my daughter's dog nuzzling me in the morning.

Now as I write this I do wonder why I asked those questions. What comes to me is that they were the questions that were, and have been on my own heart over the years. As I recognize this I am thankful to be given the opportunity to find the answers to help me move on.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday "The Weekend"

Dear Diary,

  It has been an extremely busy weekend with Mother's day, and my daughter graduating from college on Saturday. We all had a wonderful time celebrating her success, and enjoying Mother's day as a suburban family.

Yesterday my husband said he needed to buy new tennis shoes so I went with him to the DSW shoe store in Arlington, TX. As he was trying to make a decision I excused myself to go to the ladies room since we had been there for some time. On my way I passed by the water fountains, noticing a little girl in a pastel dress who was not much bigger than the fountain reaching up to get a drink of water. What was different about her is that I could see through her. She didn't seem to take any notice of me, and I was on my own mission so I didn't stop to chat.  When I came out of the ladies room she was gone.

Something else happened last night that I wanted to make note of. It happened around three in the morning when I was coming out of my dreams laying there contemplating opening my eyes. As I was aware of myself wanting to get up, and get a drink of water a huge flash of golden light lit up my head. It was so bright that I thought someone had turned on the lights in the room. Just as I was opening my eyes I saw a flash of someone in the light watching me sending me lots of love. When I did open my eyes the room was completely dark, and there was no light in the room at all. My husband, and the pets were sound asleep. As I lay there the memory of someone watching over me settled in, and my mind raced trying to analyze what had just happened.  I felt a very peaceful relaxing my mind, and let myself drift back to sleep.

This is not the first time this week that I got a flash of someone watching over me. I got a flash of someone on Saturday morning as I was waking up.  The incident happened again as I was conscious of being awake, and about to open my eyes. I saw in that moment a very vivid image of a tall slender man standing in full view reassuring me that I was being cared for by the other side. He looked different from any of my own spirit guides that I have seen, but I got a distinct feeling that I knew his energy form the spirit world. In that second that I was thinking this I got confirmation that he was one of my guides who comes in, and out of my life at different times. Since I was in a hurry because my daughter was graduating that morning, and needed to start my day I didn't think, or dwell on it to much.

Something I want to mention is that spirit guides are not really female, or male. They are spirit energy, and will often appear as an image that we are comfortable in seeing them. They may have had other lives, and will appear as one of their physical bodies, or may show up in a male, or female roll as they like that gender. Some spirit guides have never been human and only lived in the spirit form. Again it all depends on your soul contract that you made before you were born with who you are working with.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday "Spirit Guides"

Dear Diary,

This morning as I was coming out of Twilight with my own guides I was wanted to make a note of how to tell the difference between spirit guides, and disembodied spirits, or entities that may pose as spirit guides.. This is something that is really important when you are first learning who to trust when working with the other side.

One thing I do want to point out is that a Spirit guide will never tell you what to do or order you around. When you are in contact with them they may make suggestions, but again you have the complete freedom to choose the path you want to take. They are never negative about the events and the people around you. From their perspective they can always see the bigger picture, and offer advice if you ask. Spirit guides are there to help you if you want help and offer guidance if it is for your highest, and greatest good. Spirit guides are not there to take over your life, or make any kind of choice for you. They will never tell you to hurt yourself or others.

It has been my experience as I keep open communication during the day or in twilight that they will remind me of something that will help me but it is always a reminder. It is never in the form of a command or a demand. This is important as some of the people that I know who work with spirit guides will tell me that their guides will demand that they change or do something. In these cases without even checking that is a red flag that they are not working with their spirit guides but an entity, or even a spirit that has found it's power in trying to control them.

When first leaning to work with spirit guides it is important to be sure it is your personal spirit guides who  shows up when you call. One of the things you can do is ask right out if they are your spirit guide. You can also phrase your questions to ask them why they came and why they have showed up? Most spirits or entities will tell you their business if you ask them. If you are picking up a denser energy you will know as they will often try to dominate you or again try manipulate you. If you feel uncomfortable there is probably a good reason.

 Energy is another way of know who your spirit guide is as they have always been with you since birth. Once you ask you may want to feel into their energy if you are a feeler to see if it feels familiar to you. Again you can always check  Most of the time it is a quick and easy connection with them as you will find that they have been watching out for you since you were born. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Dear Diary,

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already!

As I am working with some of my friends to organize an event I was invited Monday night by one of them to help her answer questions at a meeting that she does once a month on the subject. Another friend of ours had forwarded a copy of an outline that I helped put together awhile back to bring her up to date on the subject she was speaking about . I was told by my friend that she had all the information so not to worry to much about it. Just before I left the house I heard very clearly a suggestion from my spirit guides that I may want to make a few copies of the outline and take sometime to review it. Since I was only there for moral support I waved it off.  I did take the time to review the outline, but didn't think to much about it.

When I got to the meeting I found that my friend had the wrong information and no outline. I asked what happened and no one seemed to know how it all got mixed up. That is when I remembered that the guides had suggested that it might be a good idea to make those copies and review it. Desperate I searched my memory to remember the outline from memory jotting down notes while the leader of the group turned the meeting over to my friend. When my friend that I was helping realized that she had the wrong paperwork she stepped aside leaving me there to talk and give the outline to the group all from memory. Thank goodness I finally listened and took the extra time to review it.

Yesterday I had a few errands to do and wanted to stop by to check on another friend. Before leaving the house I decided to pull some things out of my purse to make it lighter to carry. I also pulled my reader glasses out thinking I didn't need them since I was just going to be gone for an hour. I heard again from my guides that I would need those. I didn't question or argue at all I just stuffed them back in my purse. Later after completing my mission of errands I dropped in on my friend. As it turned out she needed my help which involved reading some small print and I told her I could help her as I had my reader glasses in my purse.

LOL! Well, it is all about that Free will and sometimes learning to listen....

Sunday, May 4, 2014


Dear Diary,

So what I don't think most people know is that for the next twenty four hours after astral projecting clairvoyance seems to be at a high. I noticed it more on Friday when my husband decided to work from home, and took a few breaks during the day to do a few simple errands with me. Images, and symbols were both clear, and vivid in my minds eye as I would see things in what I would describe like a daydream. Sometimes the images were so crisp it would take my physical mind a few minutes to realize that it was not my physical reality that I was experiencing at that moment. For the record I was always able to shift my focus back to my physical reality in a few seconds, but it would take me off guard when it happened.

As we went to have a quick bite to eat for lunch I discovered that I was picking up on other peoples energy like static cling, and what they were thinking that it took every effort to concentrate on what Steve, and I were discussing at our own table. I would find myself wondering off only to land in someone's energy field where my energy would naturally settle into theirs to experience the person who's voice I heard, or saw. When this happened I would have instance flashes of the person as a child, or see vivid scenes of them in doing things in their life. Sometimes in those moments I would feel, smell, and understand what they were thinking while they were having that experience. Something else that happened was the sound of someone's voice would send me into their thought process. When I realized what I was doing I ended up having to refocus while centering myself to keep up with our conversation at our own table. Also few times during lunch I had to remind myself to pull my own energy in so not to entangle mine with others. This is what it is like to not be grounded in your own body.

Later that day while Steve was in his office at home working I decided to hang out with the dogs in the back yard to enjoy the sunshine, and water the plants. During that time I started to ground myself, and began to consciously release the excess energy to be soaked up by the garden. When I have days of not being grounded, and super sensitive I usually work in our flower garden to balance my energy. This was something I was taught in my spiritual training. The earth, and plants enjoy soaking up all the energy when we have too much for our physical bodies. They also help us bring our soul back into balance with our physical bodies. For me being a suburban housewife the flower garden is crucial as I don't get out in nature a lot.

This reminds me when I asked a shaman once why it doesn't hurt the earth when we dump all of our mental, and spiritual energy, and baggage into it. I was told that like the earth.... trees, and plants thrive on the carbon monoxide that we breath out turning it into oxygen. They also have the ability to soak up excess energy, or change negative energy into positive energy. The earth, and all nature also helps us bring ourselves back into balance when we have been spirit walking, and need to be grounded back into our physical bodies once again. I find this to be true, and often will turn to my flower garden for help when I am over done. I was truly grateful, and like always it worked! I was then able to focus my attention later on our son who return home for weekend to visit, and see his dog. I ended up enjoying the rest of the weekend being fully present in myself when I was hanging out with our family.

Just for the record.... I have been noticing a few spirit sightings around the house of white smoke moving across different parts of different rooms. They seem to be skirting by in a big hurry to get to wherever they are going. In these cases I just happened to be in the way, or walking by at the time they are moving.

Between us.... I think that I am most sensitive to spirits at home when I have my guards down with my own energy. I do however have sightings when I am out, and about. The only difference is that I usually keep my energy close to me when I am out. I am not as sensitive to them unless I open up my energy fields, or caught off guard when I forget to keep them close. Sometimes things will come in so subtle that it takes a few moments to catch it which can often be missed as it blends in with the rest of the day.  The "Ah ha" moment may come when I am about to fall asleep, and the memory rushes through my mind. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday "Event Planning"

Dear Diary,

 This week I have been really working on helping my friend Robin with the "Robin on the Roof" event. This is her fifth year to do the event, and is now moving it all to be hosted by another church. What we are finding out is that there is a lot of preliminary work which is involved as we are training new volunteers on how to host the event.

Just to catch you up in case you are unfamiliar with "Robin on the Roof" Each year Robin goes on the roof on the last weekend of May, and stays there until she has met the goal of whatever the pounds of food she sets for the year to help bring awareness to hunger in the world. This year Robin has made the decision with the blessing of her previous host church to expand her wings, and fly to another church who has offered to host the event in Arlington, TX. Her plans are to go up on the roof on Friday, May 30th at 9am, and not come down until she has met her goal to raise 85,000 pounds of food. This can be donated as food goods, or money donations which will go directly to the food pantries, and food banks. So you know... A donation of one dollar equals 5 pounds of food. The event is not limited to venue, but is world wide as she encourages people all over the world to donate, and help those in need of food.

To learn more about the event please go to her "Robin on the Roof" Facebook, or you can look up the article that I wrote on my other blog-site  "Artini Healing Arts" blog under "Robin on the Roof". (The picture above is a picture I took of Robin last year sitting on the roof.)

After spending hours working on the event planning my brain was mushy. Yesterday I woke up still dazed with all the ideas, and wonderful people that are stepping up to help make the event a success. As I was drinking my coffee, and hanging out with the dogs I realized that I was not really in my body. It was then that I began to explore, and really pay close attention to where I was that I knew consciously I wasn't in my body at all. I ended up being somewhere else in the room watching me drink the coffee that was on autopilot.

I decided then to ask myself what I was doing only to find that I had given myself a break from all the event planning, by vacating the premises, which was me. When I checked, I understood that I no longer worried about the event, or what was going on in the physical world, I was just enjoying being. I could feel, and knew there were different energy doorways I could follow which would lead me away from my own body, but chose to stick around. I decided to relax my thinking into where I was, allowing myself to come back when I was ready to merge back into myself. After sometime which I can't really tell you how long I noticed I was grounded, and well within my own body once again. One of the clues was that I could see out of my physical eyes again, and taste the coffee I was drinking. I went about the rest of the day working on the "Robin on the Roof" event, but took time out for myself. I even ended up having lunch with a dear friend to catch up on the other parts of life.