Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Dear Diary,

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2014! The year just flew by.... So much has happened and there is a lot to be thankful for as I have thought back over the year.  I am really excited to see what 2015 will have in store for our lives.

Last night as we were leaving my in-laws house driving in the dark I noticed a man standing on the side of the road just staring off in the distance. What was unique about the incident was that my in-laws live in a remote place where there isn't a lot of traffic or lights around them.  We were the only car on the road at the time and it was our headlights that caught the image of the man standing there. The man was wearing khaki pants with a long sleeve mauve shirt. His hair was short sandy blond and he looked to be around his late forties.

He seemed strange just staring at the road in front of him and didn't look at us as we drove by. The other thing that was weird was that it was a bit cold to be out walking around without a coat. We hadn't got far from my in-law's house and the car was still in that warming up mode with the temperature drooping so I was a little sensitive to being cold myself. Then as we sped past him as my husband never slowed down I looked back and he was gone. I asked my husband if he might have seen the man but he said that he didn't still concentrating on his driving.

 I already knew the answer before I asked but wanted to check...... just in case.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday "The Other Side of the Veil"

Dear Diary,

Saturday I woke up and went out to breakfast with our family. When we got back I worked on some of my writing and then started to prepare for an Akashic Reading with a client that I had that afternoon. It had been a while since I have worked in the records so I wanted to take some extra time to realign my Chakras and clear my energy fields before the reading.

The reading went well and I enjoyed working with both my client and the record keepers in the records. Later in the evening we were scheduled to go out to dinner with the rest of the family who are here visiting over the holidays. On our way to the restaurant my husband and I were deep in a conversation when I noticed ahead of us was a medium sized Spaniel sitting on the sidewalk next to the road watching the cars go by. I couldn't help admiring the dog when I realized as we got closer it was transparent then disappeared all together as we passed by.  As my brain caught up with what I was seeing I made a quick note of the dog continuing on with the conversation that I was having with my husband.

When we arrived at the restaurant taking our time getting out of the car because we were early when I saw a man standing next to the door watching us. People were going in and out of the restaurant and there seemed to be nothing unusual about him except for him being interested in us. As we made our way to the door I tried not pay to much attention to the man but couldn't help seeing that he also was transparent as we got closer. He smiled then was gone. My husband reached for the door and we went in as I shook my head clearing my thoughts immediately greeted by the greeter asking us our names and how many were in our party. After the family gathered to eat I didn't pay any attention to anyone else except for our family. There were 13 in our party that evening.

Side note:
I know when we do energy work or balance our energies our spiritual senses which are very much apart of us become unhindered. This allows us to be able to tune into the other side of the veil that we feel that separates us from the spirit world. I am always reminded that we are both physical beings and spirit beings living in harmony as human beings. It is our birth right to be able to see and experience the other side as much as we experience the physical world. When we sleep we are apart of the spirit world and when we walk the earth with our bodies we are apart of the physical. Most of the time we are distracted or believe we are separated from the other half but we are both. 

Yes, there are those who are more sensitive to the spirit world but that doesn't make them special, as we are all capable of being connected to spirit world.  After all it is all around us...

Friday, December 26, 2014


Dear Diary,

My, we have been busy with lots of family and friends. It was a beautiful Christmas and we have enjoyed all the company. I did notice that the smell had been moving again in the house. It moved down to the front entryway on Christmas eve morning and then a few hours later moved to the hallway next to my daughter's bedroom door. We didn't smell it in her room but it lingered just outside of the door.

Yesterday Christmas day I didn't smell anything in the house so I completely forgot about it as I kept busy with everything going on during the day.  It wasn't until we sat down and were watching a movie with the family that I started to catch glimpses of shadows and images moving throughout the room out of the corner of the room. As the evening progressed the spirits started to get more aggressive and then started to move in between me and whoever I was talking to. I would see white smoky images as they brushed across my vision seeming to enjoy the energy of the room.

Eventually I was able to not be as distracted with the spirit energy as I noted their presence in the room and then continued to do what I was doing before they interrupted. This morning I did mention it to my daughter that I hadn't smelled anything in the house since the day before. She then made the commit that she had forgotten about it until she was going to bed and then caught a whiff of it, however she did say that she didn't smell it this morning.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday "A Different Time"

Dear Diary,

Well the smell has moved again from the hallway to the upstairs. In the last few days it has become so pungent that I don't really like going up there. We had a lot to do yesterday getting ready for Christmas and attending a party so I haven't taken extra time to really investigate what is going on with the energy in the house. I just need a few moments to myself to really focus on the energy and find what is causing the smell and who is visiting us this Christmas.

Something else has been going on that has been a little distracting these last few days. Reticently I have been getting clear visions that hit me so fast that it takes a few moments to process what is happening to me. I feel almost knocked out of my body and transported into another time. For example last night as I was getting into the car to go to a birthday party I felt as if I was getting into another car that looked like something out of the 1930's. When I sat down I could see myself in the back of the car with a driver who was taking me to some Christmas charity party in NY at someone's house. When I looked down I was in a beaded dress instead of the pant suite that I knew I had on. The vision in my mind was so clear that it was like looking out of the eyes of someone else in another time.

 This also happened the day before when I was out with some friends for lunch. I don't know what triggered it but I was again transported to a Medieval time. I was at a restraint all of a sudden I was in a room that had stone walls with a  fire burning in the fire place. I was pulling on a garment that was lined with fur and someone was assisting me with my garment.  I was in the middle changing my mind of what I was wearing because of the color. I also knew I was getting ready for a dinner out in the main hall.

When this happened it threw me for a loop so immediately I found myself checking in with my brain to find what was going on. What I got was "yes" I was at the restaurant but was also somewhere else at the same time. It was like being split in two and being in both places at once. My eyes were seeing out of me in my physical body and yet I was seeing something else as if I was there to.

What snapped me out of the split were the distractions on this side, such as engaging in conversation with my friends or focusing on the people around me. By taking a few moments to concentrate on the physical bearing I was able to ground myself completely back into my own body. This allowed me to move on so that I could enjoy myself in this space and time.

Just a note:  This is all new and has started since we have become aware of the smell in the house. Also I want to add that I haven't been in the house when this has happened to me so I am not sure if there is a connection. I just have noticed the coincidence...

Monday, December 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

This weekend and even today I am still catching glimpses of smokey energy moving through the house. Every now and then I will see a head or an image trying to appear but then fading quickly when I focus my attention on it. Usually it is when I am in the middle of something and can't take the extra time to place my attention on them.

Every once in awhile our dogs like to growl at the corner or they watch the ceiling. Even the cats avoid some of the places in the house. I know we have a new visitor as a funny smell has come with them. The kids even smell it. I will have to investigate when I get some time to really center in on them and see what is going on.

Today was one of those days that I hit the floor running. I had the opportunity to have coffee with one of my Reiki students this morning so I had to hurry off to make it on time. My student has now blossomed and is not only working with Reiki but also going to school in Austin learning to be an Acupuncturists.

Later this afternoon I also met with an Acupuncturist in Fort Worth TX who has been in practice for the last ten years. I had the chance to visit with them a little about energy work. Years ago I had worked with another acupuncturist in Fort Worth learning about Acutonics using tuning forks. This type of work is really fascinating to me. I ended up having to stop working with her about two years ago as I was inspired to write a book which I hope to publish this next year. It is about a personal journey working with energy medicine.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday "A Reminder"

Dear Diary,

They are back! Yesterday while the washing machine repairman was at the house fixing the washer. I sat down in the living-room to watch a movie in case he needed me for something. My son who is home for the holidays was sitting on the other side of the living-room reading enjoying his quiet time at home.

 I was just happy being with him when I glanced down in time to see a dark shadow cross over my legs while I was sitting on the couch. That immediately caught my attention. Excited I looked up and there was nothing around my son so I started to scan the room softening my gaze. That was when I spotted an image trying to form by the doorway leading into the hall. As I watched it looked a lot like water vapor moving in circles. The image was transparent but you could tell it was in human form. Then right in front of me it turned into a brown smoky color of a very clear image of an old bald heavy set man walking very slowly across the living room. I was so happy to see him but could still make out some heavy activity happening right behind him. Then another image appeared  directly behind the spirit of the old man. This time it was a young women who looked like she was in her early twenties and was lovingly and patiently following him. My excitement got the better of me as I called out to them in my mind asking if they wanted to talk but neither seemed to be interested in me. They were doing their own thing.

My son at that moment looked up from what he was doing and asked me if I was okay seeing my transfixed gaze on that part of the room. I then remembered he was in the room and started to describe what was going on but he wasn't interested going back to his reading. Both my children have the gift of seeing and hearing the other side but at this time are not wanting to pursue it. My daughter is very strong with her gift and my son blocks it as much as he can.

This morning in twilight before getting up I was reminded that we never lose the gift but become distracted with with life in the physical world. Communication is always happening even in twilight or in dream state. Yesterday was a reminder that seeing can happen anywhere or anytime. It only takes being aware of the energies around us to open up in seeing the other side moving in-between the worlds.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday "A Shift"

Dear Diary,

Well, I have to say that we have not had, if any spirit activity around the house, in the last few days. I haven't seen white smoky images or noticed anyone walking around the house. This has happened before and when this happens, it always makes me pause, wondering what has changed with me. In the past it hasn't lasted long, as the energy changes in the house or my vibration changes so that I am normal again. I say normal, it is for me.....

For now I am just going to enjoy our family and the pets while they are visiting.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday "A Reminder of How Portals Work"

Dear Diary,

Well we have had a little spirit activity around the house but not as much as we did right after Thanksgiving. I noticed the change after there was a great deal of humans and pets in the house with the Christmas holidays. Even with this change there is still a lot of connection with my father and grandmother who always lets me know that they are around, even laughing at some of the funny incidents happening in the house.

After wondering about this I finally consulted with the angel energy that comes in and out of the house wanting to know why if there is so much human energy in the house, why we are not attracting as much spirit energy. The answer I got is that the energy fields in our home are all vibrating on the same level at this time and as a family we are in a healthy energy state, so that keeps any lower energies out of our fields and protects the home. The other thing that is happening is that, as a family we are all concentrating on our family and that allows the portals to open for our loved ones to make a closer connection with us. That is why their energy is so strong in our home. This explains a lot of what happened with my grandmother and father during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then I had to ask about the Stone House BB. The answer I got was that the difference from the spirits at the Stone House BB in Cowtown, was that they were attracted to my energy because I opened up my energy fields to feel and see into their world. When I did that they could lock onto my energy field to contact and even come home with me, stirring up the spirits hanging out in my own home. Some of them went to lunch with me that day and even hung out with me until my energy changed closing off the door that they could use as a vehicle in my energy field.

I was also reminded that the energy in my own home fluctuates with the human emotions and what is happening in our home. It also attracts and opens portals for spirits to move through the house randomly. This not only applies to spirit talkers but to all human beings as we are always susceptible to changing our energy fields leaving them open or closing them down whither we are aware of it or not. By doing this we allow the other side to make contact with us or even take a ride with us while we are living our lives.

The only difference is as spirit talkers we are more sensitive to the energy and the changes in our environment, so we are more aware of what is happening around us in the spirit world. Also the energy of being aware of the other side sends out a light signal to the spirit world allowing them to know that we have the ability to communicate.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Dear Diary,

Lots of spirit activity in our bedroom this morning. White smokey images keep flitting in and out of sight between the bed and the bathroom door. It is kind of like they want to be seen and are letting me know they are here in the room with us.

The house is full again with family and pets for the holidays. I never know how that will affect the spirit activity in the house. Sometimes it is a catalyst for more intense activity as the children will bring home visitors from where ever they have been. Spirit attachments are a lot more common than I think most people realize. T
he mixing of the spirit energy with what is already settled in the house can sometime create territory issues as the spirits may not get along. Like people it is about sharing the space.

I visited with my mom on the phone yesterday and she told me that she is still having quite a bit of spirit activity at her place. The other day something was pushed off the table that was placed in the middle of the table to get her attention. I have to say that the spirits at her home are not only active but have the ability to move things. That is not something I encourage at our home as I like to have things in their place so that I can find them. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday "Vibrational Frequencies"

Dear Diary,

I still am catching sight of white smokey images moving around the house when I am home. I have also noticed that I am feeling my grandmother and father around me. Their energy is really strong since I came back from LA. Often when I feel them around me and start to think of them a dime or penny will appear out of nowhere or fall out of something and it always matches up with the one I am thinking of. Dimes are from my grandmother and pennies are from my father. It makes me chuckle knowing that they are reminding me that they are there.

One of the things that comes to mind is remembering that spirits are intelligent and they will interact with the living as much as they can or want to. Often we are unaware of them even being there but they have their own ways of communicating with us. A friend of mine asked if they can read your mind and the answer is, "Yes they can." Our thoughts are in the form of energy and if they are vibrating on the same level that we vibrate on with our thoughts then they can easily pick up what we are thinking. By vibrating I also mean the emotional energy that moves through us connected with our thoughts that change our energy and energy fields.

The same works for the dark side as they can pick up our thoughts that are on their level of existence. This is why it is always good to think good thoughts as what we send out is what we attract back to us. Breaking everything down into vibration and energy frequencies helps us to understand what is happening in our own lives.

Years ago when I was really learning how the spirit world worked I was invited to attend a John Holland seminar with a friend. At the seminar John Holland pointed out that people in an audience sit in groups with people they have something in common with because they are attracted to the energy and feel comfortable within it. These are audiences in which the people have never met each other. I have to say I thought he was full of it when he made the announcement. There were six hundred of us and aside from my friend who I went with, I didn't know anyone else. We were even a day away from our home town and it was the first night of the seminar. Then he started to name different categories and ask people to raise their hand and look at the different sections they were sitting in. When he called out suicide I rose my hand as I had just lost someone. When I looked around me there were about thirty of us sitting beside, in front and back of us in this little group. I was right in the middle of the section.

I was shocked. I didn't know these people from Adam and I had not talked with them before sitting down. There were no signs telling us where to sit. I just randomly found the seats and thought it was a good place to be. It wasn't until much later that I learned about vibrational frequencies and how it all works.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday "Living Among the Spirits"

Dear Diary,

It was a great weekend with children coming home for the Christmas holidays, with them they brought all their pets so we have a full house for a while. It takes a little getting back into the swing of things with the house so busy but I have to admit that I am enjoying every minute of it. In the meantime the spirits around the house don't seem to be bothered by all the activity. I see glimpses of them moving about the house or hanging out in the living room while we were watching a move.

I know there has been a lot of talk of spirits being active only during the night but from my own experience I have not found that is not true. I see and have many experiences night or day as they seem to be everywhere I go. The day is just as full but what I have found is that I may be more relaxed to receive information from the other side in the evening as I can be distracted with the life around me during the day. If I do however take a moment to be aware or even soften my gaze for any reason. I see as much spirit activity during the day in broad day light.

Once one of my friends wanted me to go with her to check out a local medium to see what I thought. I went with her just enjoying the company. We got to the place and the room was packed with people wanting to hear form the other side. What surprised me was that the medium wouldn't talk to the spirits unless the whole room was completely devoid of light. The people that were there to assist her even put rags in the cracks of the doors so that nothing would shine through. I discovered that while am not claustrophobic the whole experience made me feel very uncomfortable. I spent the rest of our stay too busy wool gathering about the environment that I didn't really concentrate on her communication. However once in a while I felt something but couldn't focus on her or the spirits in the room. At that time I was of no use to my friend and very relieved when the medium finished.

I am not saying that her method was wrong as it is her way of connecting with the spirits around her. For me that is not something that I feel necessary to do when communicating. I used to be very involved with spirit rescue and was trained to do that in broad daylight at anytime of the day so that experience was strange for me. As for now I just let the spirits be unless they want to contact me or need any help. Other than that I am happy to be among both the living and the spirit world living in peace.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday "'Tis the Season!"

Dear Diary,

In the last few days I have been very aware of spirits hanging out at different stores and restaurants. There is not one place that I have been that I haven't seen spirits or energies roaming around. It is nice when I am out and know that the spirits are also there enjoying the high energy levels of this time of year.

This brings to mind of a conversation that I had with a client yesterday. They asked the question why they could see spirits on different occasions and not on others. I explained that as we move through our emotions we change our vibration frequencies in our energy fields and the spirits that are on those levels become more apparent to us.

The emotions of people around us affect us even if we are unaware of it. When we are in other people's energy fields we unconsciously adjust our vibrations to each other. That is why when you are with someone who is in a really bad mood it may irritate you or if someone is very happy it makes you happy. It all depends on the dominate energy field and what I mean by that, is the strongest of holding it's own. When you get people together it is more like a domino affect. Reminds me of old movies of western bar fights, when the people in the saloon would start fighting because others were. But the pendulum swings both ways and the same can be said to being happy and very excited. That is what I have encountered being out doing errands and meeting friends. Those I have been with seem to really be enjoying the season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday "The Reunion"

Dear Diary,

Today I went to visit a dear friend whom I have not seen in the last ten years. She contacted my mom on Facebook a few days ago and I found her on the internet so it was quite a reunion. The fun part was that even though it has been years since we have seen each other we had so much in common. She is the manager of the Stone House BB at the Fort Worth Stockyards. She also runs a ghost tour and has had a lot of her own experiences being in that part of town.

I met  her at the Stone House BB and she gave me a tour. As soon as I stepped into the BB was that I felt my own energy fields turn up a few notches and then went on high alert, giving me the signal that there was a lot of activity going on in the BB. At first I didn't see anything as we toured the downstairs so I started to relax a little. It wasn't until we went upstairs and went into a few guest rooms that I saw the first signs of spirits being cirrus about us. As I walked out of one of the bedrooms into the hall I spotted two large figures that looked like a clear vapor trying to manifest themselves. My friend telling me about the Stone House and didn't seem to notice. Not wanting to interrupt her I didn't say anything until she asked if I had seen anything. That is when I told her what I had seen. As we talked about it in the hallway a white smokey image of a little boy and a man began to form in one of the doorways of one of the rooms.  Laughing we decided to go out for lunch and let the spirits have a little break.

We decided to go to the Rodeo Goat in Fort Worth. As we were sitting at a table in the back catching up a white smokey image of a man passed between our table and the one next to ours only to fade into the wall. Again I didn't interrupt our conversation but when a face appeared over my friend's head I finally said something. Then it seemed to let the cat out of the bag and other smokey images started to cross the room making a little contact and then disappearing when they got up to our table. I  made the comment that there is no place that I have found that doesn't seem to have spirits. They are everywhere.

On the way to drop my friend back at the BB I drove past a man standing on the street on Commerce St. in downtown Fort Worth. A women was standing next to him and she was visible from the waist up. She was blond with long hair and seemed to be nicely dressed in her 20's. She was also very interested in the man. I pointed them out to my friend and then immediately started to pull in my energy fields. It was now getting to the point of distraction and I needed to concentrate on driving. I had a great time catching up and grateful that I have another friend whom I can just be myself with. I can't wait to get together again and visit.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday "Odds and Ends"

Dear Diary,

I love visiting our family but was so happy to get home and be grounded in our little home in Texas. When I arrived I was immediately greeted by spirits moving about the house. As I got into bed I could see energies chasing each other around the room when I was about to turn off the lights. The spirits in the house seem to be happy that I am home.

I have to say I was a little surprised with all the activity going on at my mom's house in LA. At one time I was so tired that I wanted to take a little nap to catch up on my sleep. As I tried desperately to fall asleep vivid images of people came into my third eye vision talking to each other and sometimes including me in their conversations. I tried laying there for thirty minutes trying to get past them to sleep but they kept coming one or two at a time talking and sharing things that they were doing. I never lost consciousnesses as I kept opening my eyes every once in a while trying to stop the connection but it didn't work. There were so many of them that I finally got up and went to find my mom in the other room. Even as I write this I still can see the spirits and remember their conversations. It is that clear.

My father and grandmother who are in the spirit world also made themselves known a few times while I was there leaving me the usual signs then moving across the room so that I could see them. The morning I was leaving I was taking the sheets off the bed when a dime fell out that was tucked snugly inside in the sheets near the foot of the bed. In the past my grandmother has left me dimes to make herself known. It is kind of like a calling card to get ready that she is there. Right after the dimes shows up I usually feel or see her. It is a little joke that she and I have had over the years.

Also just before I was about to head out to the airport I went back into the bedroom checking to make sure if I had left anything. There placed in the center of the bed was the catalog that I was enjoying the night before I fell asleep. I asked my mom if she had placed it there for me to take with me but she said that she hadn't been in the room at all that morning. She also didn't know anything about it. In that moment we both looked at each other and laughed as we knew that grandma was trying to take care of me even from the other side.

One thing I do want to make a note of... My nephew is showing signs of being very psychic. He is only two and his vocabulary is limited but he knows all of our names. What caught my attention was that every time the phone rang he would call out the name of the caller on the first ring. At first it didn't register with me and I thought it was cute until I realized that he was a 100% accurate. This made me aware and I started to track what was going on during my visits with him. Also I did noticed that the spirits in my sister's home were very interested in him. He is one I am going to watch and see how he develops his intuition and spiritual gifts.