Monday, September 29, 2014


Dear Diary,

 My son came home for the weekend and brought with him a few visitors from the other side. He didn't do this on purpose and he seemed oblivious that they were with him when he got to the house. At first they didn't make themselves known but I noticed the spirits later on in the afternoon when were visiting in the living room. It was hard not to notice as there were two of them that looked like whiffs of white smoke. Both of them kept darting around the room like they were checking the place out.

Later on I was in the hall and saw one of them moving down the stairs making it's way into one of the doorways, as if it already knew where it was going. The next morning I was taking the recycling out to the garage and one of them followed me and then came back into the house with me when I was done. I turned around and made sure the spirit knew that I was okay with them being there. I did however let them know that as guest they needed to behave when they were visiting. The feeling that I got from them is that they are just curious. Neither one has made any contact as far as communicating.

My son went back to school for the week on Sunday and today I did noticed that one of the spirits seemed to have decided to stay behind with us. I am guessing the other one went back with my son. Spirits can be interested or even curious about the living as much as we can be curious about them. Spirits are intelligent and have the ability to communicate when they want to. But not all spirits want to make the effort to communicate and like to just do their own thing. If they do want to make a connection then they will find a way to attract your attention. These spirits seem to be happy with our home and may decide to move on when they find someone or something that is more interesting. For now I am happy to help if they want help or just let them be if they want to hang around for a little while.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday "Color"

Dear Diary,

  Yesterday I had a lovely conversation with a friend about color, as we were sharing I told her about the time I had been surfing through the channels with my son when we came across a program on ghosts. It looked interesting so we decided to watch and see what they were doing. In the show there was a team who came to help a family who's house was haunted by angry spirits. As I was watching what struck me was that the team was wearing all black tee-shirts. My immediate thought was that it was a lot like waving a red flag in front of an angry bull. First the spirits are already angry then aggravated when someone who is wearing a color that attracts their attention wants to make contact with them.

I felt in that moment that someone was going to get attacked. That is when the team leader who was man started to get really upset that he was getting attacked by an aggressive spirit. As soon as he did then another person on his team got attacked. I couldn't watch it. I asked my son to change the channel.

I don't have anything against these kind of shows as there are so many amazing people who communicate with spirits and do incredible work in helping them cross or heal. What I wanted to point out is that when working with the spirit world it helps a lot to learn the different ways of how energy works and what attracts spirits when communicating or crossing them.

I know that something as simple as color may seem to be a very small thing but when you are working with energy and vibration then it is something that you need to know about. Even the simple things like knowing that black or dark colors soaks up energy faster than the lighter colors are important. We all know this from science class that if you wear black outside in the sun you will get hot before someone else who is wearing a lighter color will. Knowing this since spirits are in a form of energy, if you are trying to contact or cross an aggressive spirit wearing black may not be a choice that I would make.

Colors are very important, as we carry them in our auras and we see them in our lives. They help us sooth our emotions and aid with healing. Color frequencies can be measured in Hz = Hurts, or cycles/second. They send out vibrations and even though they are something that we take for granted can be very big when working with the other side.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday "Interpreting Dreams"

Dear Diary,

I had the opportunity to work with someone on their dream interpretation. It was a delightful break for me as it has been awhile since I have done dream work. The call came in yesterday with the request of  wanting to know about nightmares that they were having which had been very vivid and kept reoccurring. The nightmares were all different but they had the same since of urgency. When they were compared they also all had the same message.

Now what I like about dream work and interpretation is that each person has their own experience in which their subconscious uses to communicate to them. When the subconscious wants to make its self known to get messages across to the person it uses their emotions and experiences through symbols. It is it's own language. The other part is that there are some ground rules that relate to most people but the rest depends on each individual as to what is going on with them in their own lives. That makes it fun and different for each person.

For example a dream of snakes can mean so many different things. To a person who likes snakes the message may mean one thing opposed to someone who is terrified of them. In some cultures snakes are considered very wise and have great healing medicine while in others a snake maybe considered to be a sign of evil. Another example are storms. There are many different kinds of storms. Personally I love a good Texas thunder storm and the more lighting makes it all the more exciting. My sister-in-law from San Francisco on the other hand was terrified and worried that the lightning was going to strike the house when she visited one year. If you mention a storm that is a tropical depression then my reaction is to turn different shades of green from my experience of being out on a sailboat in the middle of the Bahamas in that kind of storm. If you mentioned the same storm to my husband, he would tell you that it was the best time he ever had riding it out and would do it again. That is why interpreting a dream depends really on the person who is dreaming it.

If you take for instance the symbol of the house.. The house in dreams always represents the self. So with this rule in place now you have the different kinds of houses and the different rooms that are inside the house. Each room and each kind of house is a symbol that represents what is happening with that person. That is the fun part which is learning to look up or find the different meanings in the dream from breaking it down. Color also is anther symbol and if the house in your dream is a cretin color then that means something to. Again remembering that your subconscious is speaking in a language that is talking to your soul and to your mind. Your part is to learn the language.

One of my teachers told me to keep a dream journal and to write down my dreams each morning. He also said to break it down with the different symbols and then write down what each symbol meant to me. When I did it I was surprised that it really worked. Some of the messages in my dreams were things that I had buried deep within my subconscious that when I saw them I knew the information was very important to me. Ever have that feeling that you know something is wrong or you can't put your finger on it? Well, your subconscious knows and it is there locked away until we are ready to deal with it. Dreams can be those opportunities that hold the keys to those things that help us find answers to within ourselves.

There are lots of books with dream symbols and websites to help with finding the messages in dreams. One dream website is  The best thing to do is to find the different resources and the one that fits for you. If it doesn't resonate, then move on. Again we are all different and one website or a particular book may work for you and may not work for another. If you find one that fits then that will help you get started after that you will know your own symbols as you work on interpreting your dreams.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Dear Diary,

I was upstairs Saturday morning trying to do some light cleaning when I noticed the distinct heavy smell of cigar smoke. At first it only annoyed me as I was busy putting things away and dusting. I had to make a few trips up and down the stairs but each time I came back up I noticed the smell. None of us smoke and I am allergic to it. At the time I didn't want to ask who was there as we were getting ready leave to visit an art gallery and I wanted to get a few things done before we left. I finished up and ran downstairs to get dressed forgetting about our upstairs visitor.

Later that afternoon when we got back I had to go upstairs to check on one of the cats and when I did I realized that the smell was gone. I looked around expanding my energy trying to locate the spirit that was there that morning but the smoker had left. I had missed out on that encounter. The spirit didn't contact me so that was the end of that. I have to say that I really don't like it when the spirits smoke in the house. It smells exactly like real smoke. The only difference is that the smoke doesn't get caught up in the upholstery or the drapes.  I guess in that way we are blessed.

The rest of the weekend was busy with my husband, as we started early in celebrating our wedding anniversary which is really today. We went out to several art galleries to see who is new and upcoming in the art world. We also spent time walking through the botanical gardens taking lots of pictures while enjoying the beauty of nature around us. It was wonderful! We enjoyed our time together for the few days we got to run around. It was fun to just get away and do something different as tomorrow we have to get back to work and our normal lives.

Friday, September 19, 2014


Dear Diary,

Okay a lot has changed since I did the house clearing. It has been really quiet and I got to report to our vet that the animals seem to be feeling a lot better. They are eating again and playing with each other. Last night when everyone was asleep I decided to do a clearing on myself. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and realized that I was, "wool gathering". When I was fully awake I did an assessment to see why I was feeling so worried and became aware that there wasn't anything to be worried about. This meant that the emotion that I was carrying was not real or even valid. It was just an emotion that I was carrying around for no good reason.

Since it was in the middle of the night and I didn't want to get up, I decide to go into a mediation going into my solar plexus where I could feel the emotional energy was stuck. As soon as I was sure, I used a technique in which I focused my attention on that part of my body, feeling a warm sensation that started to heat up. As this temperature begin to rise I allowed it to burn off anything what wasn't useful. To do this I would think of something that would stir up a fear and once I felt it, I would then pull the emotional energy into the heat letting it go. I continued to do this for awhile until I was tired and ready to stop. It was lot like burning paper in a fire that wasn't needed anymore. Then I used the second part of this technique which was to use the hot energy to expand through the whole body and out through the full aura, cleansing it. Last I used a golden light to fill in any spaces that were left that needed to heal. It was amazing and I slept like a baby the rest of the night. Need to remember to do that more often.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday "Being Sensitive"

Dear Diary,

I do have some good news after clearing the house the latest pet who was ill is getting a lot better. In the last month we have had three pets visit the vet for different reasons. I have to say that I do worry about them when our little ones are not feeling well.

I did finally realize that often I get distracted and need to remember to clear the house. The visitor the other night was a good wake up call. Clearing a house is just as important as much as it is to clean it. I think that most people like myself clear their homes when they have spirit activity or in my case dark energies that become curious.

To clear it I began with creating a big ball of white light that filled the heart of the house and expanding it out through all the rooms with unconditional love and support. Later I prayed and used Reiki through all the rooms and corners of the house. Last I took peppermint oil mixed it with distilled water spraying the spaces in the house to cleans it from any residue. The oil not only does the work but makes everything smell nice.

I want to make a note that being human we all create energy waves with our emotions and what is happening around us. It is the waves that make patterns in the energy fields within our homes and our own auras that become a calling card to the other side. A spirit or entity, etc... may be comfortable, curious or even excited about the energy patterns and will often go to investigate.  If the energy in the pattern is compatible then the spirit may decide to stay or hang out. Dark energies will often feed off of fear and other lower emotions while higher energies will be more attractive to the love. It all depends on what is happening with what is going on and the people in the house. This can be somewhat disconcerting if there is a sensitive person in the household who is being affected by all of it.

For many people who are born sensitive they are beacons that also attract the attention of spirits wherever they go. This light is magnified within their aura that lets the spirits know that the person who has this light has the ability to communicate with them. This may cause some distress for those who don't really understand what is happening to them and why they are having supernatural experiences on a regular basis.

A person who is sensitive to the spirits and the other side has the challenge to really learn how to control their reactions when being confronted or in the presences of the spirits etc... Learning how to master techniques that help maneuver and communicate are crucial in keeping one's sanity as it is a way of life on a day to day basis. It is kind of like living on boat in the middle of the ocean and learning about the creatures that live in the ocean. Someone with this ability does not have to be an active medium to have these gifts, it is something that many are born with and it is as much apart of them as an arm or leg. The key is not to be afraid and become educated about it. Then it is a choice to become a communicator, medium, spirit rescuer, or to just live in peace with themselves and the spirits around them.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday "A Dark Visitor "

Dear Diary,

Last night after going to bed I immediately felt a very heavy presence. It was so thick and what I mean by thick was that it felt like it covered me like a blanket. I could literally feel it on top of me but not actually touching me. I would describe the feeling like being in a very small tent and knowing that it was really close to you. As I turned over to check on my husband I could see a very dark image of a head and shoulders of a spirit move up close and personal between my husband and me. I could even feel it move with me as I rolled over. When I touched my husband he was sound asleep and unaware of what was happening. My first reaction was of being aware of being suffocated but I quickly pushed that away knowing that it was because of the dark visitor.

As I laid there I could feel what felt like a small electrical current of fear coming up through my lungs which I immediately released knowing that a dark entity would become stronger if I allowed myself to be enveloped by that energy. After getting control of myself and my emotions I then allowed myself to acknowledge what was happening. Once I made an assessment of the situation with a clearer head I decided that I didn't want to confront or even spend any energy on what was trying to unfold. I knew that I had already added protection earlier and felt confident that if I didn't give into my own fear it couldn't bother me. With all this in mind I felt very confident which allowed me to turn back over getting comfortable as I put all my attention into going to sleep. I was not disturbed the rest of the night and this morning when I awoke it was gone.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful filled with lots of friends, family and a wonderful tea that I was invited to. I say uneventful, we have been experiencing the animals getting sick lately and have made a few trips to the vet even this morning. There seems not to be an explanation of why they are sick, as the vets can't find anything that is causing their symptoms.

Today on my list is to clear the house and bless it with oil, prayers and light energy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday "A Good Book"

Dear Diary,

This week pennies and dimes have shown up a lot when I least expect it reminding me that my father and grandmother are around. Usually I already know they are around us but they like to confirm that with the physical manifestation. I always catch myself smiling when I find them in the strangest places.

At the moment I am finishing a book called The Magus of Strovolos, by Kyriacos C. Markides which has been a very informative book for me as it has filled in a lot of the gaps that many of my own teachers couldn't answer. The book is more of an eye witness account of a healer who specializes in the netherworld. It is an excellent read as it has much to offer on different subjects of working with the other side. This is one of those books that I have been recommending to many of my friends and students.

What I found so interesting is that the author has published an incredible raw account of how psychic healing actually works that has been a mystery for so many. For me as I read this book I found so many of my own experiences that I have happened to me spontaneously while working with this kind of energy. This was the first time that I had seen it all written down in front of me and thrilled that it was in a book. It not only confirms the work that is done but takes explaining psychic healing to another level as it details how it all unfolds.

I do want to make a note of chapter 11 which is titled "Healing" and chapter 13 which is "Materialization and Demilitarization". These two chapters hold valuable information.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Dear Diary,

We are still having some activity in the house only it hasn't been as strong as it was last week or as strong as it was on the weekend. I did notice that the energy in the house this weekend was very thick and had some sort of substance to it. Now looking back I believe that with the combination of the rainstorm and the moon coming into it's fullness, it all had some sort of huge influence on how a spirit gathers its strength in making its self known. This may be something I want to track in the future as I have to admit that I have not really given it much thought, as spirits are always appearing randomly in our lives. What I have noticed since keeping this diary is that the strength of their energy does seem to change in how they communicate with us at different times of the month.

Yesterday was very quite. I saw small shifts in the energy around me as whiffs of smokey images moved across my path, when I was going about my day. A few times in the last few days I have walked through someone but it wasn't until I did that my brain even registered that I had done so. I know that we as human beings with our physical bodies are always running into the other side, as much as they run into us. In those instances we may or not be aware that it is even happening. The other side is not in a haunted house or even somewhere else, it is always all around us.

Monday, September 8, 2014


Dear Diary,

Wow, we have had lots of activity over the weekend. One of us in the house has picked up a new visitor from somewhere. I say that because this new spirit seems to want to be the center of attention. It started Saturday morning  as I was getting dressed and could feel a presence. Later I saw white wispy smoke moving around the house as I was walking through cleaning.

Later on that morning I was pulling a pan out from under the stove to start breakfast and the wine rack with only one bottle of wine that was on the top of the refrigerator fell off the fridge breaking on the kitchen floor. At first it surprised me as I was no where near the fridge. I felt funny about it but got distracted with cleaning up the glass and mess on the floor with my husband and daughter.

The next thing that happened was after the wine rack fell off the fridge some of the mess got on some cookbooks that I keep in a bookshelf next to the fridge which had to be taken out of the shelf and cleaned. My husband took up the task of stacking them up on the counter in neat rows and was washing the book with a damp cloth. As he was doing so he was also making coffee on the other side of the kitchen. As he was working on the coffee I went into the living rooms and in that moment I felt a small wave of energy move through the house. As the hairs stood up on my neck when I was reaching to open the door I heard books crash to the ground. I turned around making my way back into the kitchen when I saw him looking at me and we burst out laughing. Neither one of us were anywhere near the books. Later I forgot about the incidents and went about my day.

Around five in the afternoon on Saturday we got one of our big Texas rain storms. It was glorious! My husband and I were going out for the evening with some friends to an art show. My daughter wanted to stay home with the dogs and finish painting her room. We raced out of the house in the rain as our friends picked us up. Steve and I enjoyed our time getting out with our friends and by the time we got home it was late. It wasn't until after we went to bed and I woke up at two in the morning needing to make a small trip to the bathroom that I had another experience. On my way back from the bathroom as I was walking back to the bed I walked right through someone who was standing at the foot of our bed. I saw the white smokey image but was too tired for it to register until I had already walked through them. I climbed back into bed thinking about what had just happened while trying to get settled to go back to sleep. Even after getting comfortable for some reason I couldn't sleep so I opened my eyes and sat up in bed. It was when I did that that I realized that someone was hovering over my body while I was laying down because when I sat up I moved through the white smokey image again.  I wasn't alarmed only annoyed that they were hovering right on top of me. I told them out loud that I knew they were there but I needed my space. After that I laid back down and went to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast I my daughter and I were visited. She told me that while we were out someone turned off the TV and then started up the copier in the office. She said that she announced to whoever it was that she was tired since she had been painting her room all day and was not in a mood to play. I then told her about my experience. After breakfast my daughter excused herself to go back to setting her up her room and I did the dishes. While she and her father were on the other side of the house and I was cleaning up I heard a women's voice sigh which sounded a lot like my daughter who was in the other room. The sigh sounded like it was right there in the room with me and I knew that it wasn't my daughter so I addressed the voice and saying hello. I got no response so I went on to finishing up with what I was doing.

Afterwards I went to my daughter's room to see how it turned out with the new color. The room was beautiful with the new color and my husband was already in there with my daughter visiting with her about it. I was still in the hallway peering through the doorway talking to them about the room when something caught my attention from out of the corner of my right eye. When I turned my head there was a full bodied image of a person standing right next to me that appeared to look like a translucent vapor. This was different from what I had seen earlier. As soon as I made the connection it dissolved into thin air. My daughter and husband were busy with their conversation and didn't notice the image that I was seeing. Shaking it off I told them about it and we went on about our day.

Yesterday which was Sunday I was gone doing errands with my husband and visiting our son at school. When we returned home I did notice some white wisps of smoke moving around and darting through the house but haven't had the same encounters that I had on Saturday. The storms seem to build the energy and the spirits seem to have more energy to draw on to become playful or let us know that they are hanging around. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday "A Little Song"

Dear Diary,

This week as I was running around doing my errands I was listening to the radio. I happen to come across the last part of an interview with Meghan Trainor. She was talking about a song that she wrote with her producer. She was telling about how her producer approached her with this wonderful beat and they got together writing this song in 8 minutes. They then recorded calling it "All About the Bass". Then the radio announcer went on to tell how many people had called in letting him how much they loved the song. This made me all the more curious so I waited for them to play it, which they did.

My first response was that it was a catchy tune and I really liked her voice. It was when I listened to the words I was at first really shocked but then very delighted at the same time. It was a message that went out to the world about being okay with your body. As I listen I realized that the song was taking a touchy subject for most people about body image and creating a fun entertaining way of letting people know it is okay to be proud of who you are. I had to say that I couldn't wait to get home and Google it sending it out to all my friends in an email. The response I got was lovely as they sent back emails laughing with smiley faces. Some of my friends let me know it was already their favorite song.

Here is the YouTube video with Meghan Trainor singing, "All About the Bass".

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Dear Diary,

I went to see a Reiki client yesterday. It was nice to get out of the house and get to work on someone using Reiki. On the way home I stopped off at Starbucks to get a drink for the ride home. It seemed to be a very slow time when I got there so I just walked up and ordered. It was after they took my order and I was walking over to all the cups when a spirit of a man passed right by me. I almost missed him but my eyes quickly caught the movement as my brain registered the image in that second giving me a chance to catch up to what I was seeing. That was all I got as he moved out of my way and was gone.

The women at the counter called my name and I picked up my drink. We made eye contact for a few seconds and I noticed that there was something in the women's eyes that she was carrying. I didn't have time to really assess the situation but knew in my gut that I had walked into something that was set in motion before I got there.  I cleared my energy in the car so that I wasn't carrying anyone else's energy. We all pick up emotional energy in our energy fields and most of the time we don't realize that the emotions that we are feeling may not be ours. I wanted to be clear on my drive home.

Monday, September 1, 2014


Dear Diary,

The other night my daughter and I were in the living room when something caught my eye making me glance up towards the bedroom door that leads into the kitchen. It was when I did this I saw this huge smokey shape hanging around the door almost waiting to go into the room. As I watched it paused and seemed to be looking in the room to see if it was okay to enter. After a few moments it then went into the bedroom. I knew my daughter couldn't see it from where she was sitting in the living room and we were in the middle of an important conversation and I didn't want to interrupt her to tell her what I was seeing. quickly I decided to make a mental note of it so that I could check to see if it was still in bedroom when I went in there to fold some clothes later on.  I kept my attention on my daughter and we were able to finish the conversation without another interruption.

I have to admit that I did forget about the smokey energy that went into the bedroom as I was distracted with my day to day chores and work. It was the next day that I remembered. That is when I quickly did a self assessment and swept through the house with my energy to see if it was still hanging around. I found nothing and no one else in the house had any contact with it as we know.

My little sister called me and asked what I wanted for a birthday gift. I was excited to hear from her and couldn't think of anything. It was when I told her I didn't know that I got a flash of a book that I had been wanting to read called Acutonics from Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine. by Donna Carey, Ellen F. Franklin, Michelangelo, Judith Ponton. They are the founders of Actuonic medicine with tuning forks and the vibrations of the planets. Very exciting to be able to work with those frequencies.