Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday "The Accent"

Dear Diary,

 Over the past few days I have seen some activity in the house. It has been the smokey images that move in and out the rooms making themselves known but yesterday was a little different. My sister who lives in Los Angeles called me and asked me if I wouldn't mind going over to our grandpa's house to see if her birthday gift had arrived. She was so excited and wanted me to see what he thought. I was wearing my house clothes at the time to do chores in so I decided to stop and change so I would at least look somewhat presentable.

As I was changing in the bathroom I heard someone talking with a funny accent. It was so faint I almost missed it but my mind seemed to latch onto it, replaying what I heard so I could make sense of what I was hearing. It is a lot like someone clapping out a pattern and your mind repeats the sound in your head so that you can mimic the pattern. Once I caught on to what I was hearing I could listen without the repeat. It was a man talking to someone else in the room. I felt into the room and felt another presence only he wasn't answering the other man.

What I heard was a deep Southern accent telling the other ghost in the room what he thought of him using some choice words as filler. He also went on to talk about someone else, in a not so nice way. I did catch myself repeating the words out loud just to validate what I was hearing. After that I decided that I really didn't want to engage in the conversation. I was after all in a hurry so I just left them in the bathroom running out to jump into the car and see grandpa. When I returned home later that afternoon they were not there. I didn't try to contact them hoping that they moved on. So far so good!

Just a side note: When the fifth Chakra is open we can hear the other side.

Photographs by Steve Noyce

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Dear Diary,

Today I was up early to visit with a Reiki client who lives out of town. It felt wonderful to be able to feel the freedom of the road during the early hours. The session went well and she was very relaxed during it. I always enjoy opening the Reiki up in my hands as the warm energy flows out of them picking up electrical currents that are moving around and in their bodies. During the session I always connect with my angel guides and enjoy not only being in the moment but feeling a part of all the energy. A calmness takes over after the first couple of minutes and my hands are guided by the angels who move them to work on certain parts of the body.

When working with Reiki you only have to set your intention for the highest of good for your client so that you don't impose your own will upon them. The Reiki energy does the rest and helps the client where the client needs the help. Often when I am working on someone for example like their head they will ask if I am at their feet as the energy moves to where it is needed. When they open their eyes they are surprised at where I am standing.

 Just a small note: It's funny as I writing this a form in black smoke is moving through the room and my son's Labrador is barking at it. He is even getting on the bed to get out of it's way. The other dogs are just watching it in fascination not moving a muscle. The other dogs don't seem to be afraid. I don't pick up any malice only curiosity...

Photograph by Steven Noyce

Monday, May 25, 2015


Dear Diary,

I went out to eat breakfast with my husband and Grandpa at Denny's this morning as a fun outing for Memorial Day. While we were visiting the subject came up about my Diary. I started to tell them that that I haven't been having as many experiences with the other side as I have in the past. I was feeling like something has changed with my energy fields. As I was telling them this I scanned the room and immediately saw a woman (ghost) standing close to a lady sitting at another table. I then had to chuckle as it dawned on me that I have just been placing my energy and focus on other things which was mostly our family and what is going on with their lives.

Friday, May 22, 2015


Dear Diary,

It has been a busy morning and while doing my morning chores I have seen a few white smokey images fleeting around the house. It is funny that even though I have been preoccupied with our family and friends these last few days but I couldn't help catching glimpses of them coming in and out of the rooms. This morning it was busy.

The other thing that has been going on is that I have also been busy trying to clear some of my own energy so that I can do more spiritual work. I know as an energy practitioner it is always important to release any kind of baggage that is being carried around that may hinder any work on the spirit level. It reminds me a lot of what we do with the physical body as we start to train to get back into shape only this is on the spirit level. You never know what you might run into when going out into the field and if you haven't dealt with your own emotions, running into a lower level energies can be disconcerting especially if they try to attach themselves to you. If you are clear and are well centered knowing that your energy is in check then you have no worries that they can move into your energy fields or even touch you. This allows you to focus on them and helping them move.

It is also important to know that when working as a Spirit Rescuer you have to sometimes dip into those lower energy fields in order to find so that you can help encourage the lower energies into the light. If your fields are clear then you don't have to worry about getting stuck when you move into those lower fields. This takes practice clearing out any old emotional baggage or energy that could keep you there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday "What to Know About the Darker Side"

Dear Diary,

It has taken a little time getting used to everyone's schedules around the house but we are starting to make the adjustments. This past week I was visiting with someone about the dark-side of seeing spirits. The one thing that I wanted to let them know is that we all send out signals in our energy fields and a lot of it comes from our emotions. So if we are feeling those higher vibrations like joy, being content, or in love, etc... the lower energies, the darker side can't pick up those higher energy frequencies on their radar, making us invisible to them.

It is when we are in the lower energies such as anger, frustration, depression, fear etc... the darker energies are more likely to see and feel those energy frequencies latching on to those lower energies. It feels good to them and so they are attracted to what they already know. That old saying that, "Like attracts like," rings true when working with ghosts.

Lower energy ghosts can be really be good at scaring someone as they also feed off of the fear that radiates out of someone's energy field.  Something else to note is that when we make the transition from adolescence to adulthood with all the different emotions moving in and out of our energy fields we can attract different kinds of ghosts as we move up and down the emotional scale. What is important at this time in our lives is to learn how to protect ourselves and learn how to bring our vibration up to a higher level so that the lower energies don't see us and want to make contact.

 When ghosts are in the higher frequencies they don't need to put the fear into someone as they are connected into the light which is a higher energy field that can sustain them while they are visiting. It makes the whole experience a completely different situation altogether.

If you are interested in more information about the darker side I would like to suggest a book called...

People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil, by M. Scott Peck M.D.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Dear Diary,

This morning I hit the floor running as I had volunteered to drive a friend's son to the DMV to take his driving test at 7am.  We also had a full house this weekend and it will continue to be so the rest of the summer as the kids are home. It was interesting that even with all the family activity there was still ghost activity in the house. I even caught a woman (ghost) with both hands on her hips surveying the whole scene as we were all visiting in the living room catching up with our busy lives.

She was just watching us and looking like she was a little annoyed with everyone but didn't seem to be too uncomfortable with us because she stayed there watching us for quite a while. As I watched her looking at us a man slowly materialized beside her. He was not at all interested in us but more interested in her. Eventually she seemed to get a little board with us and they both vanished together. I didn't see them again after that. We did however have other visitors come and go but they didn't fully materialize only those smoky white images that move across the room.

Photograph by Ana

Friday, May 15, 2015


It has still been very busy around the house as we had a leak in the roof and had workmen out to fix and patch up the ceiling. Mom called and she is in town for the weekend. Looks like a busy weekend with her visiting.  I did however have an interesting conversation with someone who wanted to know more about portals. I went on explain to them that a portal can be felt by the swirling motion which feels a little like a vacuum in the energy inside of it. Also if you are clairvoyant you are able to see into the portal the other dimensions that it opens up into.

I have had the experience of walking into one and seeing what looked like outer space all around me. I didn't feel like I was floating but I did feel a little disoriented while I was in it. When I finally did step back out of the scene it went away and I felt more grounded. I have also had students who have told of similar experiences, but those who are not using their clairvoyance may just feel disoriented as the physical body registers that something is off when walking through it.

I don't often bother to close portals. They seem to open and close at different times and locations often not always in the same place depending the time frame of the portal. Each portal is different but they can can sometimes get stuck as they may appear close to each other which can affect how they function. I haven't run into it a lot but have seen it happen. If that is the case it is always good to have a thorough investigation to determine what is happening before closing and sealing a portal.

Photographs by Angelique

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Dear Diary,

Monday afternoon my husband called me from work and said his carpool buddies were taking him to the ER to have his heart checked out. He was having tightness in his chest and his left arm was feeling funny. He called the Dr. and they told him to go to the ER immediately. I dropped what I was doing and met him there. I sat with him keeping him company as the hospital staff went through all the procedures of trying to find out what was going on with his heart. They didn't find anything with their tests in the ER and decided to keep him overnight for more tests in the morning.

Since there wasn't a lot to do I went home to sleep and returned yesterday in the early morning. As I was sitting there keeping him company and visiting with my daughter a ghost stepped through the wall then stopped for a moment looking at us as if he was surprised then went on his way. From what I could see he was a middle aged man who was dressed very casual with dark sandy hair.

I didn't venture out a lot into the hospital but stayed in the room where my husband was staying so I didn't run into any other ghosts who who might have been hanging out. Sometimes they make themselves known and other times they keep to themselves. I have to say that my attention was not on them as I was very focused on my husband. The good news after all the tests were finished the Cardiologist released my husband with a healthy heart and could only say that what had happened to him this time wasn't due to a heart condition.

Driving home we decided that after such a scare we are still really going to be watching our diet more closely. Nothing like a trip to the hospital to make you want to make some serious changes.

Photograph by Ana

Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday " The Smoker"

Dear Diary,

It was a very quite weekend despite it being Mother's day. We spent the weekend with the children just enjoying each other's company. The one thing that stood out was that When I woke up at two in the morning everyone was sound asleep in the house including the pets. As I turned over I could smell the distinct smell of cigarette smoke. None of us in the house are smokers and I am highly allergic to it however I could smell the smoke around the bed. My husband was deep in sleep so I didn't wake him up. I laid there trying to find it's source before turning over and willing myself back to sleep.

When I woke up it was gone, so I thought. It was later in the afternoon when I was in the living room sitting on the couch by myself that I could smell the cigarette smoke again. This time I scanned the room but didn't see anyone. I knew someone (ghost) was in the room and they were a smoker but I couldn't find them in the room with me. When the children came in from their errand I asked the children if they smelled it but they didn't, so I let it go.

Last night I turned in early wanting to read a little before turning out the lights. As I got back into bed I smelled the smoke again. It bothered me so much that I was distracted from my reading trying to figure out the source. When my husband came to bed it went away. Again I looked for anyone in the room with us but didn't find anyone. I finally gave up and turned out the lights. This morning when I woke up and went about my morning chores I didn't smell it again. It was raining yesterday as we had one of our big Texas thunder storms which made me wonder if our visitor wanted to get out of the rain and then went on their way after the storms.

Photograph by Steve Noyce

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday "Balance"

Dear Diary,

The last two days have been a complete whirlwind. I have now fully recovered from all the grieving. The ghosts in the house have respectfully kept their distance as I was healing from the work we did in the Akashic Records. As I was moving through the transition I kept checking in during the day to see if the energy from those emotions were still inside my solar plexus but they were all gone. I had no more emotional reactions or attachments to any of the energy that held the grief inside me. This was good as I was able to revisit the past week and analyze what had transpired within my energy fields.

This whole experience reminds me a lot of when I bought my car
and took it in for maintenance check. The technician who loved the cars we worked on told me that the car had a built in computer that tells you what is wrong with it. All you had to do was to read up on the manual and then you would understand what the car was trying to tell you when things went haywire. What I was reminded was that our physical body along with the energy bodies are a lot like the computer in the car, only no one gives you a manual.

The thing we have to learn is that all our emotions and symptoms are just trying to tell us that something is out of balance. As multi-dimensional beings we are not just one we are both physical and spirit, manifesting on the physical plane, therefor balancing the two are important as we have one foot in both worlds as each affects the other. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday "Shifting"

Dear Diary,

I texted my friend Jodi Lovoi who teaches how to read the Akashic Records in Keller, Texas for help Monday morning after the grief hit me like a title wave. It was all I could do to hold it together. The grief hit my solar plexus then went up into my heart so hard I didn't feel like I had the energy nor the courage to go in by myself to find what was causing me to grieve. She texted me back within the hour and said that she could meet with me over the phone at three in the afternoon. I was grateful! I got through the morning still feeling like my heart was splitting open and I wanted to burst into tears as it felt as if I had lost someone. That morning a few of my friends tried to help me emotionally move through the morning so I could get to my appointment.

Fifteen minutes before three I started to call in the light and move the energy around my body and within myself getting ready for her to enter into my field and go into my records. When she called me at three I was ready but still feeling sad. She went through the opening prayer opening the Akashic Records right up. I had to laugh as the energy from the records attracted the ghosts in the house as they started to come into the bedroom where I was taking the call. They weren't doing any harm but were very interested in the energy that opened up in the room. The laughter did me good and give us a chance to chat a little about the ghosts and then we got down to business. The first thing that she noted from the Record Keepers is that when someone we have a deep connection to leaves the earth plane the energy on the earth shifts and if we are sensitive we can feel it. She then went on to verify that my aunt on my biological mother's side had passed on to the other side and I could feel the family's grief. Then she and the record keepers started to clear out any energy cords that were corded into me from them as they were thinking about me to. After she and the record keepers were finished I felt like a huge weight had been taken off of me. The grief had left as I could breath again without the pain within my heart.

Tuesday morning I woke up not feeling any grief but then later that morning I felt an energy moving again in my solar plexus. This time it was an anxiousness which was a big difference from what I had for the last six days. I realized that this was hidden behind the grief that was now able to come through letting me know that there was still something to take care of.

This morning when I got up and went into the kitchen to make the coffee I could feel the anxious energy trying to creep back into my solar plexus. It was then that I heard very clearly from my angel guides that my husband and I are on track with what needed to be done for the year. They then reassured me that my family and all the changes that were happening were a part of a soul contract that we had as a family and that we didn't need to worry about not being in-line with what is going on in our lives. The plan was on time and in-line with what was to come. Then I felt the anxious energy shift and move out of my body.

As soon as I felt an energy shift I checked my energy looking in my solar plexus for the anxious energy.  It was gone. All I felt was the angel guide's reassurance resonating inside of me as I let go of any outcome. In the past when my angel guides have come through spontaneously at different times in my life it was when I was worried about something and they would come to let me know what to expect if it was in my best interests to know. They are always right on the mark of what is going on in my life. When they come through like this it usually about letting me know to either prepare for something coming up, let me know if I am way off track, or right on my path. I have learned over the years to listen as they have helped me move through some major changes in my own life. After hearing from the guides I couldn't wait to tell my husband!

Photographs by Angelique

Monday, May 4, 2015


Dear Diary,

I have to say that this weekend I didn't feel much like getting into the records or really working on anything. I know I need to investigate what happened to me last week but some part of me doesn't want to really go there. I am still having the waves of grieving at different times of the day coming and going. In the mornings it starts at 11am and then dissipates and comes back in later in the afternoon then leaves  again before I go to bed.

This morning was different as a wave hit me when I woke up. I am thinking that I might call one of my friends and ask if we can go into the records together so that I have someone to hold my hand. I still feel like I have lost someone in my biological family and I am not sure what to do with that...

Photograph by Angelique

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday "Grief"

Dear Diary,

Something out of the ordinary happened to me as I was out shopping with my daughter yesterday morning. It all started around 11 am when I was hit with this huge sadness. As I tried to distract myself with being out with my daughter the feeling became overwhelming inside of my heart. I felt as if I as grieving the death of someone very close to me.  The last time I had a feeling like this that was this strong was when I was in India for a visit. When I returned home I found that one of my closest friends had gone into a coma while I was overseas. She then passed away a few days after I got home.

The overwhelming feeling of grief overtook me and I went home trying to find what was the cause. Around 3 pm I couldn't stand it anymore and finally opened up my Akashic Records asking for the record keepers and angel guides to relieve me from the crushing pain I was feeling in my heart. After 20 minutes of being in the records the feeling of grief finally let up and eventually left me allowing me to breath easy once again. No one in my family has died that I know of so I felt okay about it. I then was able to enjoy the rest of my evening after thanking the spirit guides and record keepers for helping me to remove the energy that I had gotten stuck in.

I slept well last night but in my dreams my mother came to me and held me in her arms crying as I cried. This was not my adopted mother but my biological mother whom I have never met. In the dream I was not surprised it was her and knew that when the dream was over I would go back to my own life. I was adopted at the age of three months and it was a closed adoption so I have never met her. I haven't in the past had the need to contact my biological family as my adopted family were the only parents and family I know. I've been happy with that but last night there was a link that opened up and I felt as if someone had passed away from my biological family. I also knew in the dream I was grieving a loss from the physical realm as my heart was broken.

This morning when I woke up I went over what had happened in my dream wondering if our DNA also connects us not only to our physical bodies but also to the energy that links us to our biological family. This morning after being up I was again hit with the grief of a loss. Yesterday I asked in the records to be helped with the grieving so I could release the pain I was feeling but today I need to go back and work on finding who it was that has crossed over...

Painting, Watercolor by Ana