Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday "A Question"

Dear Diary,

It didn't take long for the energy to change in the house. These past few days we have had visitors (ghosts) who seem to be enjoying our company in the house. Last night we were watching a movie in the living room and we had several visitors come in and out of the room as if they were checking on us. Mostly they appeared as the white and dark smoky images that I have recorded in the past in this diary.  These spirits wouldn't make a long appearance but just enough for me to notice them in the room with us.  I didn't feel any aggression only curiosity from them.

The most common question that people will ask is if the ghosts that I see is someone that I know from this lifetime. From my own experience I do have family and friends pop in once in awhile but mostly the spirits that I encounter are those passing through attracted to the light in the energy fields, like a moth to a flame. From what I understand the attraction depends on whatever is resonating in the energy fields which is what gives them pause to stop. Since the human emotions come in a wide range of emotional energy it can be hard to govern what is broadcast in the energy fields to the other side. One way of thinking of this is that for the spirits, it is a lot like being at a party and meeting someone you have something in common with. In those occasions you just feel naturally drawn to make their acquaintance.

The connection works both ways as the ghosts can pick up on the energy and make the connection or if you are looking for someone on the other side you can make the connection. On the most part I am not usually looking for spirits unless it is a Spirit Rescue. On the other hand since I am a sensitive that is why there is a variety of spirits passing through our home or wherever I go. I used to think places were haunted until I learned that it doesn't matter where I go because just like living they are everywhere.

 Photographs by Steve

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