Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday "Last Entry in Diary"

Dear Diary,

This will be my last entry in this Diary. It is bittersweet as I have enjoyed writing about the various ghosts and people in my life. I have to also add that the spirits make life interesting and they are certainly here with us and around us where ever we go. I know that even after I stop recording my encounters with them they will continue to amuse and keep me on my toes. However lately I am finding myself with less time to write and record as my attention has been drawn to finishing the editing of the book and to moving on into teaching again.

One thing I do want to say is that in starting the Diary of a Spirit Talker my biggest hope was to not only keep a record but to open up my life to let others see what it is like being sensitive to the other side. A large portion of that was also to let others know that we always have a choice whether we want to communicate even if we see spirits. Also with being sensitive we have to lean how to master our selves and learn who we are because the signals we send out attracts that energy and ghosts to us.

This weekend we got quite a lot of activity in the house. Not the same spirits that I have seen in the past but they are always coming and going. We had everything from white and dark smokey images to a clear mirage of someone walking through the dining room. This particular weekend I was preparing for a new class so I didn't pay too much attention to them. The ghosts seemed to feel the same way about me and so we (my family) just leave them alone living in harmony unless someone needs our help and we get the message that we need to intercede.

So with this last entry I say my goodbyes.

            Love & Blessings,

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