Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dear Diary,

Well you can't imagine what has been going on.. This week there has been a lot to process. Our groups are growing and doing well. I love the beautiful people who come into my life and share their talents and gifts. And even though we have had a lot of ice and snow for our Texas region I was still able to keep in touch.

Last night was a little strange.. I dreamed of my father and he seemed to have a message for me. I woke up with my heart pounding in my chest and realized that it was dreaming. I allowed myself to center and move the pounding from my heart to move out of my body. I went back to sleep with the same message playing over and over.

I must say I did not like what I was getting so when my husband woke up I played it by him. He was very clear on what I was getting and I knew he was right. I needed to rethink some things and take care of some things in my life or my life would be a little more difficult. Nothing big but a good lesson for me to learn. I learned in the past when I didn't listen I would always get burned so to speak.

I was coming up to make some choices and it seems that my father had some idea of my past habits and knew that I needed to focus on a few things in my own life. It felt good that my father on the other side was helping and my husband on this side was supporting me. Now all I need to do is grow in the loving space that they held for me as they cheered me on.

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