Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Dear Diary,

I got a phone call from my mom asking me how I was doing and I let her know that the process that Jodi lead me through in her class helped me tremendously. However I did notice that I when I was driving out to see one of my Reiki clients this morning my throat started to tighten up. I knew it was my throat Chakra when it happened. At that time I just happened to be playing a CD that had tones to help clear and balance each of the Chakras, so it came to no surprise when I glanced down and saw that it was on the 5th Chakra which is the throat. Recognizing what was going on I allowed the tones to vibrate through that area and worked on re-balancing it.

By the time I reached my client I knew that what didn't get back in alignment would be taken care of once I opened up the Reiki energy. The Reiki energy is very healing and works on both the practitioner and he client at the same time. The session ended up going well and my client was able to relax. At one time she even started to smile.

On my way back home I decided to listen to music. A few minutes into the drive I turned on to the highway and that is when I looked over at the next lane. At first I just saw the large semi with a load of cars stacked on it. Then I felt my heart leap into my throat. What caught my attention was the sight of a man sitting in one of the parked cars on the truck as if he was trying to drive it off just as plane as day. The car happened to be facing the traffic head on and with him in the driver's seat it seemed really out of place. That is when I sped up to get closer look thinking that I may have been seeing a reflection of some sort. My brain didn't want to process what I thought I was seeing as it all seemed so dangerous. Curious I finally got to a point where I was right up next to the truck and could see into the car, Sure enough he was still there only then did I realize that I could also see right through him. Hmmmmm..... He was a ghost!

I slowed down watching the truck moving over lanes to take the exit on the right. I couldn't help but laugh! All I knew was that someone was going to get a big surprise when they bought that car!

Photographs by Steve Noyce - Las Vegas, NV

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