Friday, March 27, 2015


Dear Diary,

Well, some interesting things have developed over the last few days. Last week, after editing my book and getting it ready to go to the press, I have been thinking a lot more about what I will do since a lot of my time and effort went into this project. Now I have the extra time to get back out and start working with Spirit Rescue again. The funny thing is that now that I have been really thinking about working with rescue again, the ghosts in the house have been making themselves very scarce these past few days. I know that they are around as I will catch a glimpse of them here and there but they don't make themselves as obvious as in the past.

I was talking to a friend the other day and she was asking me about ghosts and what attracts them to certain people. I explained that many can see ghosts but it is the energy or something that the ghost recognizes that makes them feel comfortable around certain individuals. Sometimes not everyone sees or communicates with the same ghosts as the ghost will attune themselves or their energy fits automatically to that person that they communicate with.

When working with Spirit Rescue you have to learn how to find the frequency that the ghost is resonating on and find that level of frequency to communicate with them. It takes a lot of practice to develop that technique and skill. This is one time that patience is definitely a virtue.

Photograph by Ana - Los Angeles, CA

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