Monday, March 9, 2015


Dear Diary,

Mom and I were visiting last night at her home and as we were talking I started to notice the white smokey images moving in between us as we talked. It looked a lot like what I see back in my own living room at home so I tried to ignore them.

I didn't say anything and continued talking until someone walked out of mom's bedroom. My mind quickly registered it was a ghost as no was was there with us at her home. It happened so fast and then the image was gone. This time it wasn't a white smokey image but a little more defined. I couldn't help myself only to blurt out that someone had just walked out of the bedroom. We continued on with our conversation without commenting any more on the subject.

Mom and I both know that there are ghosts at her place and it seems they are starting to become a bit more bold. I just had to speak my truth and so making the comment seemed to help let me air what I was seeing. The ghosts continued to come in and out of the room every once in a while as white smokey images and I began to ignore them again. Eventually we both retired from the long day leaving them to do what ghosts do. Whatever that is when we are not there in the living room with them.

Photo by Ana in LA 

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